It was six men of Indostan,
To learning much inclined,
Who went to see the elephant,
(Though all of them were blind,) 
That each by observation
Might satisfy his mind.

The first approached the elephant, 
And, happening to fall
Against his broad and sturdy side, 
At once began to bawl:
“God bless me! but the elephant 
Is very like a wall!” 

The second, feeling of the tusk,
Cried: “Ho! what have we here,
So very round, and smooth, and sharp? 
To me ’tis very clear,
This wonder of an elephant
Is very like a spear!” 

The third approached the animal, 
And, happening to take
The squirming trunk within his hands, 
Thus boldly up he spake: 
“I see,” quoth he, “the elephant 
Is very like a snake!” 

The fourth reached out his eager hand 
And fell about the knee:
“What most this wondrous beast is like, 
Is very plain,” quoth he; 
“Tis clear enough the elephant 
Is very like a tree!” 

The fifth, who chanced to touch the ear, 
Said: “E’en the blindest man
Can tell what this resembles most: 
Deny the fact who can, 
This marvel of an elephant 
Is very like a fan!” 

The sixth no sooner had begun 
About the beast to grope,
Then, seizing on the swinging tail 
That fell within his scope, 
“I see,” quoth he, “The elephant 
Is very like a rope!” 

And so these men of Indostan 
Disputed loud and long,
Each in his own opinion
Exceeding stiff and strong,
Though each was partly in the right, 
And all were in the wrong! 

~John Godfrey Saxe 

Editor’s Comment: 

We Creators believe there is a moral in the above poem, and for the White Race, an important lesson to be learned. 

To me, the six blind men of Indostan tragically represent the ten (or twenty) thousand White, mostly Kosher Konservative, organizations that are seemingly trying to “save the country.” Each one has a favorite or pet approach, an approach that is by and large fragmentary, half hearted and totally ineffective. Most of them not only do not have the slightest solution to the problem, they don’t even know what the question is. 

Let me categorize some of these thousands of groups: 

1. Those that are fighting “Communism.” This is the most popular pastime and millions of man-hours and tens of millions of dollars have been spent in this seemingly noble but probably pointless pursuit. The foremost in this category is the John Birch Society, of which I was once a gullible member. I recall Robert Welch proclaiming after their 100th monthly bulletin, that before another 100 had been issued the war would be over, either “communism” would be totally crushed or we would be hopelessly lost. Well, since then not only another 100 but 200 issues have been published and neither event has culminated. Communism certainly is not “crushed,” but is now more virulent than ever. Nor do we Creators for a moment believe that now all is lost. On the contrary, our conclusion is that the Birchers and their kind were deliberately misled, fighting communism but protecting and running interference for the real culprit, the international Jewish network. But the Birch Society is not the only Jew promoted outfit misleading and deceiving its members and the White Race. There are thousands of others, some sincere, but merely naive, some not so sincere, but using the same format to prevent the White Race from ever coming to grips with the real issues, the real culprit, or ever finding the real solution, until it is too late. 

2. Another group that is even more widespread, more powerful and more persuasive, is the Christ is the answer! (to what?) outfits as exemplified by the Jerry Falwells, Oral Roberts, Carl McIntyres, and the whole unsavory crew of electronic spook peddlers. Not only do they swindle our White Racial Comrades out of billions of hard earned dollars by peddling Jewish Christianity, but their influence is a thousand times more powerful. And with very few exceptions, they are pro-Israel, pro-Jew and anti-White. I have heard it said before Menachim Begin launched his murderous campaign in Lebanon that he checked with “Jerry” as to whether the Christian groups would back him up and “Jerry” reportedly gave him a loud, enthusiastic affirmative, all the way. Undoubtedly, the Christians are the best “friends” the Jews have ever had in their vicious program for the destruction of the White Race. 

3. Then there are the constitutionalists, who noisily bleat that all we have to do is “enforce the constitution,” and insist that it be done. Insist? To whom? Our Jewish government? They are the force in charge and have utilized and manipulated the constitution to enforce race-mixing, school busing, foreign aid and giveaways, and every other criminal outrage and activity that has been perpetrated on a hapless and confused White Race.

Enforce the Constitution? That approach is about as remote and effective as telling the fox to watch the henhouse. 

4. Another group that sees only part of the picture but is probably more effective than the rest is the tax resisters. They are doing some real damage to the criminal group known as “our government”, but as such, this tactic will not win the war. The Jews and their Federal Reserve can and do print all the counterfeit money they want (which is colossal) and would still be in control of our government, our news media, our schools and every facet of our life even if they did not collect a penny in taxes. So this is not the answer. It is only a fragmentary irritation. 

How much does the Jewish-Communist government in Russia depend on taxes for total control of its victims? 

5. Another category of good but fragmentary groups are those that fight for the Second Amendment — to make sure that the Jews don’t take our guns away from us. We Creators support such groups 100 percent and it is terribly important that we never, never let these miserable Jewish miscreants disarm us. I repeat, we support the gun groups all the way, but it in itself is not the answer. Like the six part picture of the elephant, it is only part of the picture, not the solution. After all, we have had our guns for three hundred years, but the Jews are relentlessly driving on, enslaving, mongrelizing and destroying the White Race, nevertheless. 

6. There are the Survivalists. They seek survival mostly only for themselves in a crumbling and crashing world. This too, does not solve our long term problem of getting the Jew off our backs. Rome crumbled and the Jew survived. Russia crumbled and the Jew became its master. Individual survival is not the answer. White Racial Teamwork is. 

So there, in essence, we have the Six Blind Men of the White Race, everlastingly pontificating about the problem, but never really getting the whole picture in focus, very similar to the six surveyors of the elephant. As a consequence, the White Race remains confused, divided and ineffective. 

There are a number of other groups I should list such as the various Klan groups, the splintered and fragmented Nazi factions, the White Supremacists, and various combinations of the first six categories I have already mentioned, and some that are even outside those categories. But by and large, every one of them, like the Six Blind Men of Indostan, they see only part of the picture, and furthermore, for the most part, they are either only fighting the symptoms or a fragmentary segment of the problem. None of them address the main issue that has stood there as an impervious road block to the problem for almost 20 centuries. And that issue is Jewish Christianity. It has stood there, hostile and defiant and has prevented the White Race from ever coming to grips with the real problem, the real solution of building a dynamic Racial Religion of its own. 

CREATIVITY IS THE ANSWER. The CHURCH OF THE CREATOR, on the other hand, takes in the whole picture: Race, religion, government, superstition and gullibility, money and finance, culture, health, nutrition, environment and, in fact, every aspect of our society that affects the survival and welfare of the White Race. We not only base our creed and program on logic, common sense and the experience of history, but also on the Eternal Laws of Nature. We encompass the Whole ball of wax. 

Furthermore, we have learned from success. From the Jews themselves, who have been the most successful survivalists of all time, we have taken note of what made them the powerful battering ram and controllers and manipulators of mankind. The fact is that they have a RACIAL RELIGION and fanatically practiced RACIAL TEAMWORK and RACIAL LOYALTY for all these years. 

Now we the White Race have a powerful, meaningful, all encompassing Racial Religion of our own. With all the advantages we have over the Jews, we can now not only beat them at their own game, we can do a thousand times better. 

This we can do and mean to do. We see the whole elephant. We have the total picture. We take in the whole ball of wax. We were never more serious. We can do a thousand times better than our Jew and mud race enemies. Not only can we overcome our enemies wholesale, completely and devastatingly, but we can then proceed from there and build a beautiful Whiter and Brighter world for ourselves. 

So lets get busy!

* * * * *

Sign in our Library: 

The West was not won with a registered gun.

* * * *
Force Prevails 
When Reason Fails.

Word grenades included in Issue No. 3:

There is nothing secret about the program of the Church of the Creator. We mean for the White Race to survive at any and all costs. Anyone who is against the survival of the White Race is our avowed enemy without any further equivocation.

* * * * *

Our minimum goal is to get the Jews off our backs and wrest control of the White Man’s destiny back into our own capable hands. From there on out, the sky is the limit.

* * * * *

Christianity is a Jewish mind scrambler that has confused the hell out of the White Race for over 1800 years. Join the White Man’s Religion. Become a Creator.

* * * * *

In our eyes, there is nothing more despicable and repugnant than a traitor to his or her own race.

* * * * *

Are you a full time activist or a part time dabbler?