School for Gifted Boys


We need your support! 

Last month we disclosed that the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR was seriously contemplating a long cherished project — namely building a School for Gifted Boys on our acreage. Our plans in this most important project are beginning to jell and we have now reached the stage where we have a tentative plan for the structure. 

By the time you receive the next issue of RACIAL LOYALTY we expect we will have broken ground. It is our objective to have poured the concrete slab and foundation, and erected the block walls before the winter weather sets in. 

I want to emphasize again how important this endeavor is. From this small beginning we hope will emerge the brilliant leaders of the White Race of the future. From this beginning we hope to expand to a School for Gifted Girls, a High School for the children of our members and finally an entire school system from Kindergarten through the College and University level. 

Can it be done? Of course it can. Certainly the White Race has the resources, the intelligence and the need to have an educational system apart from the Jew polluted establishment. What is to stop us except our self-imposed handicaps. Read again the lead article on Page 12. Read again the lead article on Page 1. 

We need your support! Only lack of it can stop us. Send your contribution to the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR Building Fund. We will do our part, but we need your contributions to do a job that needs doing. Why not do something meaningful NOW that will have beneficial ramifications for the future of our Race and movement?

* * * * *

Help Build!

We must not get into the rut of merely rehashing the problem endlessly. Let us instead direct our energies constructively towards solving the problem by building a massive White Racial movement. CREATIVITY is the solution.