We are going to talk about one of the most pervasive arguments the Christians have been able to muster over the centuries. Although the “logic” of their argument is pure deception, it has been surprisingly effective in convincing the unsuspecting yokels that their “heaven” and “hell” are for real, or how else can you explain the presence of this universe, which undoubtedly is real. 

Their argument goes something like this: “There must be a God. How do you explain the presence of this world? If God didn’t make it, who did?” As simple as that. They leave the average yokel nonplussed and confused. He, too, hasn’t the foggiest idea as to “how it all started”. Since he doesn’t have an answer, unwittingly and by default, our nonplussed yokel yields to the (supposedly) superior logic of the (even more) confused Christian. 

In this dissertation we want to examine this fallacious argument, take it apart, expose it, and blow it to smithereens. Why? Because it is phony, childish and without the faintest tinge of merit. It is based on no logic, nor does it have the slightest shred of evidence to back it up. It is another case of non-sequitur. It has no more logic to it than saying since you don’t live in Timbuktu, therefore you must live in London. 

Let us start by looking at our vast universe, about which we know a great deal, but for better or for worse, a great many mysteries still remain, and always will remain, unsolved. In fact, the number of mysteries of this vast and unfathomable universe will always outnumber those solved by our limited human mind in a ratio of a thousand to one, a million to one, or a billion to one. Who knows? 

Now, the fact that the vast majority of the mysteries of this fascinating universe will forever remain unsolved does not particularly dismay me. We CREATORS are not even slightly concerned about it. Why should we be? We don’t need to solve all the “mysteries of the universe” in order to function properly, lead happy and productive lives and carry on the noble role that Nature has destined for us, so why worry about the vast unknown? 

Looking at this vast and fascinating universe, science has discovered (and increasingly so in recent years) that the universe is so vast that whereas it staggers the imagination, yet we are incapable of really grasping the immensity of it all, the complexity of it all, nor its beginning (if any) or its ending (if any) nor even its primary purpose. 

So let us state a simple fact. Nobody knows how it all started, or if there ever was a start. Nobody knows its ending, or if there ever will be an ending. Nobody knows the purpose of all these billions of stars, billions of galaxies, and the tremendous quantities of energy radiating back and forth through the vastness of unlimited space. 

I repeat: NOBODY KNOWS. I don’t, you don’t, the preachers don’t, the scientists don’t, and least of all, the ignorant Hebrew tribesmen of ancient Palestine who wrote the Jewish-Christian bible. In fact, these superstitious mind-scramblers were so ignorant about the universe they didn’t know the earth was round, nor did they know the earth revolved on its axis, nor did they know that it travels in a yearly orbit about the sun. Today, every schoolboy is aware of these elementary facts. 

Today science has amassed an astounding accumulation of facts about this complex universe. Amazingly, the acceleration of the speed at which science is discovering new facts about our fascinating universe boggles the mind. Ominously, this scientific knowledge is now so far outstripping our social structure to control this vast accumulation of knowledge that it very well may spell the destruction of mankind, and what is even of more concern to us CREATORS, the survival of the White Race. 

Briefly, we do know this much about our world and our universe. The earth is round. It spins about its axis daily. It moves in a slightly elliptical orbit about the sun yearly. The sun has a mass approximately a million times that of our planet earth. The sun is only one star in our saucer shaped galaxy, which consists of approximately another 200 billion similar stars. Our galaxy, which is called “The Milky Way”, is only one of billions of other such galaxies, the total number of which is completely unknown since even with our most powerful telescopes we can only(!) see a distance of approximately 10 billion light years. What is beyond that nobody knows. Whether there is a limit to “space” nobody knows, and frankly I am not going to lose any sleep over it. 

We also know that our sun and its planetary system “evolved” about 5 billion years ago, and that we are now about halfway through the life span of our “sun”. In another 5 billion years or so the sun will be a cold cinder and all life on this earth will undoubtedly have vanished long before that time. 

So how did it all start? The Christians ask. Who made it in the first place? I have already overwhelmingly answered these questions. In saying that the vastness and complexity of this universe is completely beyond the comprehension of the limited human mind says it all. That nobody knows the answer to these or billions of other mysteries of this universe, and probably never will, is also obvious. So let us accept that, because that’s the way it is. 

Now let us get back to the tricky question the dishonest and deceptive Christian network uses repeatedly to confuse, entrap and swindle its gullible victims. Implied in these questions (of how did it all start and who made it all in the first place) are several implied conclusions, none of which is justified by evidence. The question of how did it all start implies that there was a start, a period in time when there was absolutely nothing, a complete void. According to the garbled Christian story as childishly told in Genesis, this changeover when all hell broke loose, happened very recently, in fact, a mere 6,000 years ago (4,004 B.C to be exact). This, of course, is nonsense as any schoolboy with even an elementary knowledge of geography, history, astronomy or geology can testify.

Let us look at reality, rather than unsubstantiated Mother Goose type of fairy tales invented by Jewish scribblers. 

Let us, for instance, stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon in Arizona where it is ten miles wide and a mile deep. After we have overcome our awe of its sheer beauty as well as its immensity, our eyes and our common sense are bound to tell us that it took a long, long time to erode such a vast gorge. It certainly wasn’t done in a week, or a year, or even 6,000 years. Scientists calculate that it took at least 60 million years. 

Now there is a vast difference between 6 thousand and 60 million years. The difference is in a ratio of 10,000 to 1. So the ignorant Hebrew premise of a 6,000 year old earth is pretty stupid. Now of course, the earth was there a long, long time before the Colorado River started eroding through the rock strata. Walking down the trail on the south side of the Canyon wall, as I have done, an observer can’t help but be impressed with the thousands of individual strata of rock that lie one on top of the other. Each one was formed by an ocean or a body of water laying down its sediment and then receding. Most of these processes also took millions of years each. We are now looking at time spans which add up to not only millions but billions of years. All this makes the figure of 6,000 years by the Hebrews look pretty silly by now, don’t you think? 

Now let me ask you — if you were standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon at the place it was ten miles wide and a mile deep and you held a book in your hand which said, “The Grand Canyon at its widest is so narrow that you can step across it.” — which would you believe, your eyes or the stupid book? Let me point out that the gap between 6,000 and 60,000,000 is just as wide as that between the length of one step and the reality of the 10 mile gorge across the Grand Canyon. 

Now let us briefly turn to history for further exploration. The Jewish-Christian bible says that there was a universal worldwide flood which according to Biblical scholars occurred in the year 2,348 B.C. (I have a big old bible that actually has that date at the top of the page of the Flood story). Now any scholar of Ancient History is aware that the Egyptian civilization flourished nicely at this time, predated 2,348 B.C. many centuries, moved unnoticed through the supposed 2,348 B.C. flood and its desert sands were just as dry before, during and after this date. If anybody drowned at this time there strangely is no record of it in authentic history. 

Now let us move on into the field of astronomy which had already been extensively explored by the ancient civilizations such as the Greeks and Phoenicians. As we all know, it was vastly augmented by the invention of the telescope by Galileo in the 17th century and tremendously advanced by our more recent marvels of steel and glass. So powerful are these modern telescopes that we can now see into space and identify galaxies ten billion light years away. Imagine! These galaxies who themselves are moving away from us at half the speed of light are sending signals to us via light waves that left 10 billion years ago! When we consider the distance of the moon from the earth takes light only 1.5 seconds, to travel the distance spanned by light in 10 billion years is completely beyond our comprehension. Is 10 billion light years the outer limits of our universe? Not likely, but we have no idea. Such is the immensity of the universe. Quite a different story from that envisioned by the ancient Hebrews to be a few twinkling lights to adorn the night for us earthlings. 

Anyway, from the above, we have strong further evidence that the universe is older than a mere 6,000 years, and consists of more than a few twinkling lights adorning our nightly sky. 

We can, of course, also delve into the study of paleontology, of the millions of species of life that have come and gone and left their fossil remains in the geological strata of rock. If so, volume after volume would tell us the same story — the 6,000 years beginning is a fraudulent lie. 

When did it all begin? First of all, it has to be shown there was a beginning and for that neither the Christians nor anyone else has the slightest scintilla of evidence. If there was no beginning, isn’t it kind of silly for somebody to ask you to explain “how it all began”? 

I said earlier that in their tricky questions the Christians implied two conclusions, both of which were false. When they ask you “If God didn’t make it all, who did?” there is a distinct conclusion that some “who” had to do it, as if we were pursuing some “whodunnit” in a detective story. A “who” implies a person, and they are telling you only a person with a mind like a human being could do such a complicated job. This mind, like that of a human, only much smarter, they have dubbed “God”. This God, who, although not really human, supposedly is a spirit whose mind works like a human mind, only is much superior. This inverted child-like reasoning, too, has not the slightest foundation either in history, or reality, or logic. 

In the first place, if, again, we look back on the geological development of the earth and the development of life on it, we find roughly the following sequence. The sun started to coalesce into a fiery ball and spin off its various planets approximately five billion years ago. Life started forming about 2.7 billion years ago, beginning with the lowly one-celled amoeba. Fragments of the skeletal remains of man’s primitive ancestors have been found dating back as far as 1 million to 3.5 million years, depending on what we accept as an ancestor. Man’s civilization dates back no further than 10 thousand years. Now if we were to relate all this to a time scale of a 24 hour span on a clock, and we equated the existence of the earth to a 24 hour span, then man’s existence would be equivalent only to the last 5 minutes of those 24 hours and man’s civilization would occupy only the last one-tenth of a second. 

So we see that thinking, civilized man as such, occupies only a fleeting instant of time in the geological time scale of the Planet Earth, and the earth itself is only a speck of dust in the vastness of our extremely complex universe. So how does this relate to a “who” similar to man that had to start it all and make it all? Well, it makes a “who” a pretty ridiculous and insignificant cog in the whole scheme of things. The very idea that an extremely smart “who” was incontrovertibly the founder, instigator and creator of this vast universe is completely unfounded and extremely ridiculous. We have it all backwards. We humans are a development and a passing phenomenon of Nature, a very small, fleeting and insignificant phenomenon at that, when weighed against the vastness of the universe and the eternity of time. 

But, say the Christians, God is not a human, he only has human form. He is a spirit, a ghost and “with God all things are possible.” A spirit? A ghost? 

So let us examine further this idea of a spirit or a ghost. When you try to pin down such fictitious concepts, whether it be with a preacher or some other spook peddler, as to just what is a spirit or a ghost, the answers become strangely vague and extremely confusing. When I ask them such questions as: does a spirit have shape? their answer is, it has the shape of a human being. How do they know this? Well, they assume it. Have they ever seen one? No. Then I ask further: Does a spook have any weight? Does it have any brains? Nerves? Muscles? Vocal chords? Eyes? A heart? Blood vessels? Bones? Where do they reside? What do they do throughout the centuries? Do they eat? Sleep? Fly through the air? Pass through walls? Are they composed of atoms? Molecules? What laws do they operate by? Do they live forever? Are they the same as souls? Just where is such a vast accumulation of souls stored? 

If a spook-loving Christian thinks he has the answers to all or any of these questions, the next question is this: How does he know? How does he know anything about spooks? Has he ever seen, heard, felt or smelt any? What evidence does he have? And the obvious answer to all these questions is he has absolutely no evidence whatsoever. He “knows” absolutely nothing. It is all merely childish superstition, unsubstantiated hearsay, mixed in with a strong dose of gullibility and a wild imagination. Since there is no evidence, anything goes. 

I once had some fun with a spook-loving Zen. Although he was White, he had been to India and had his mind polluted with a lot of Oriental garbage. One of his “beliefs” was that not only do people have “souls”, all animals do as well. So I started questioning him. Do dogs have souls? Yes. Horses? Yes. Rats? Yes. If all animals have souls, why not birds? They have “souls” too. What about snakes and reptiles? They, too. What about insects? They, too. Mosquitoes? Yes. Then why not the trillions of germs, bacteria, viruses? By this time he was too confused and at the end of his rope. But he still clung to his “all creatures have souls” theory, not having the slightest evidence for his claim, or the foggiest idea what a soul is, or what, in fact, he was talking about. 

Which brings up the question — if you don’t know what it is, isn’t it silly to claim that it exists? 

So what is a soul? A spirit? A ghost? A spook? Nobody has the foggiest idea, really, nor do they have the slightest shred of evidence that what they can’t define exists. So, we might as well call it “Quantity X” instead of God. So why do we attribute such miraculous powers to “Quantity X” — super wisdom, the magical powers to just saying hocus-pocus fliederbush, and lo, there was light, lo, there was heaven and earth, etc. Isn’t this rather silly? Yes it is. It is stupid as hell. 

We CREATORS take the sane and sensible view that Nature (not a conglomerate of spooks) is real; that we ourselves are a creature of Nature, endowed with certain unique characteristics; that like all other creatures of Nature we live, reproduce and die; and in the long term, all life on earth will phase out even as our source of all life and energy, the sun, dies out and becomes a lifeless, cold cinder. 

Furthermore, we believe that it is a thousand times more constructive to face reality and live the natural life Nature has programmed for us than to fly in the face of Nature into an artificial and unreal dream world. It is far better to accept Nature’s Laws, to observe them and understand them and utilize them for the benefit of ourselves, our families and our race. We CREATORS will have no truck with all this superstitious nonsense of spooks, souls, gods, demons and all the rest of that silly garbage that is a holdover from our primitive and ignorant ancestors. These silly aberrations of the mind have not helped solve our problems, but on the contrary, have aggravated and exacerbated them, until we find ourselves in the mess we are in today. And that mess is overwhelming, culminating in the dire and imminent extinction of the White Race itself. 

We CREATORS make a clean sweep of all this spook garbage and throw it overboard. Instead, we go back to sane, logical understanding of Nature itself. We let Nature be our teacher, and Nature tells us loud and clear that our first duty, our first concern is the survival, expansion and advancement of our own kind, our own precious White Race. We CREATORS make this the heart of our new religion, which is really as old as life itself. It is, in fact, Nature’s Eternal Religion. 

* * * * *