Let us use our muscle! WE ARE NOT HELPLESS


The White Race is not using even 1 percent of its tremendous resources. Properly organized and harnessed, our potential is beyond comparison. 

A tourist was traveling through the Ozarks. As he stopped in front of a ramshackle dwelling, he heard a hound dog howling banefully as if in considerable pain. Somewhat perplexed, he asked the nearby hillbilly the question: 

“Why is that dog howling?”

“Because he is sitting on a burr”, nonchalantly replied the hillbilly.

“Well then, why doesn’t he get up and get off of it?”

“Because he’s too lazy”, drawled the native. 

The moral, if any, of this story is that the hound dog could easily end his misery and stop howling if he would only make the effort to do the obvious. 

The White Man today is in a similar position. Although the problem may be somewhat more complex, the solution is as obvious as that of the hound dog. He could easily get out of his misery and stop howling if he would only have the guts and the will power to make the total effort. He has the means. He has the power. He has the overwhelming resources with which to do so. He has the preponderance of numbers over that of his basic enemy, the Jews. Strangely, he is not using even one percent of the resources available to him to do the obvious. 

Let us examine this strange phenomenon and chart a course of action to solve the problem. 

* * * * *

First, let us summarize the miserable position the White Race unwittingly finds itself in today. When we take a cold, hard, realistic look at our overall situation we find that despite all the talents, energy, intelligence and other extraordinary gifts with which Nature has so lavishly endowed the White Race, it could hardly be in a worse position. 

So let us take stock — let us sum up our assets and our liabilities. Let us do so honestly and fearlessly, though the truth may hurt. 

* * * * *

Ask any White Man why he allows himself to be taxed to death; why he allows his children to be bussed around like so many cattle; why the niggers are taking over city after city; why we are subsidizing Israel and 126 other hostile foreign countries; why the Jews dominate our finances, news media, government and just about every other nerve center of power, his reply will be of a whining, helpless nature. He will howl like the hound dog sitting on a burr. It will go something like this: 

“There is nothing we can do about it. The Jews have all the money. I have a family to feed. If I say anything I’ll lose my job. You can’t buck the establishment. You can’t fight city hall. There is nothing we can do about it.” 

This is the standard reply. It is nothing more than a common, most shameful cowardly cop-out. You hear it all the time. It is all wrong. It is, I repeat, a shameful, cowardly cop-out, an excuse to avoid coming to grips with reality. Like the hound dog sitting on the burr, the White Man is howling, but too stupid to get off the burr. He is either too stupid, or too lazy, or too cowardly. Take your choice. In any case, he continues to howl, but won’t get off the burr when obviously he has the means to do so. 

The question screams to high heaven: Like the hound dog sitting on the burr, why in hell doesn’t he get off of it?

In order to resolve that question we will go down the line. A, B, C, D, and E until we have the answers.

Let us go back to what we said we were going to do — let us take stock. Let us first of all assess the situation we are in. 


1. The first glaring fact to stare us in the face is that although the White Race genetically is still holding all the trump cards, it is a dying species; not only endangered, but dying. Yet with all its intelligence, very few of its members are aware that our race is on the road to oblivion, and the overwhelming majority act like they couldn’t care less. 

2. The White Man, who at the beginning of the 20th century, was regarded as the undisputed lord of the universe, is now running from his inferiors. He is running before inferior scum, the mud races, despised, scorned and heaped with contempt. Joining in this attitude and fully collaborating with his inferiors, the mud races, is the White Man himself. 

3. The White Man, who over the last several centuries (in fact, going back to Ancient civilizations) harnessed the man power of his mud-colored slaves, now is himself the world’s foremost slave, carrying all the parasites of the world on his back. 

4. Not only is the White Race shrinking while the populations of the world’s mud races are exploding at an unprecedented rate, but the White Race itself is being mongrelized and dragged down into a shameful, ignominious cesspool of miscegenation. What a disgraceful way to go! Not only is the White Man not going out in a blaze of glory, but he is shamefully ending his existence on this planet with an apologetic whimper. 

5. The White Man is actually groveling before a treacherous but totally inferior enemy — the perfidious Jew. Not only is the Jew inferior in all major categories of productivity, creativity, art, science, intellect and other attributes of civilized man, but he is also vastly inferior in numbers. Yet the White Man not only tolerates the Jew, but through Christinsanity, actually engages in Jew worship, fears the Jew, panders and toadies to him in a way to turn an honorable man’s stomach. Similarly, he now will fawn over some stupid nigger, paying lip service to some crude ape as if the ape were now the master of the man. 

6. The White Man no longer is conquering and occupying new territory on this planet. In a direct reversal to the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, the White Man is now retreating like a wimp and allowing the niggers and other mud races to invade and occupy his home territory. Like the hound dog sitting on the burr, he makes no effort to correct the situation, but merely whimpers. 

7. The White Man is being robbed of his own inherent and greatly superior culture and is adopting the jungle-bunny “culture” of the African nigger, relentlessly being slopped on him by the aggressive Jew. Again, no resistance from the White Man. 

8. The White Man is being financially robbed, looted and pirated on a scale never before observed in the history of civilization. Overwhelmingly, it is the working White American who produces for, and subsidizes the parasites of the world. He carries all the scum and freeloaders of the world on his back.


1. Basically, the reason is similar to that of the hound dog who is too lazy to get off the burr, but of course, the White Man’s situation is much more complex.

Inherently, the White Man is not lazy, but as he is being frustrated and stymied at every turn by “the system”, he is becoming increasingly more so. When he sees the niggers, Mexicans and other parasites on welfare (for which the White Man’s labor provides) he resigns himself to the attitude — why should I work? And throws in the towel. 

2. Increasingly, as the White Man’s position is relentlessly undermined, the average White Man has reached a state of hopelessness and despair. He is confused. He no longer sees a solution. He is to the point of desperation.


It is the proud and glorious mission of The Church of the Creator to bring the White Man back to reality by (a) bringing home to him the gravity of the situation and (b) bring about a reversal in the attitude and thinking pattern of the White Race. We must make the White Man realize that he is by no means helpless; that he has the power and the potential to shake off his parasitic enemies and again take charge of his own destiny! In fact, the power and the potential of the White Race, once organized for its own benefit, is so awesome that it staggers the imagination. Consider the following facts:

1. The White Man outnumbers the Jews, his prime enemy, by a ratio of 30 to 1, fairly formidable odds, by any standard I would say. 

2. Although the White Race is rapidly shrinking and the mud races mushrooming, nevertheless, the White Race still has a membership of 500 million from which to draw its strength, organize its awesome potential, and begin upgrading its gene pool. 

3. The major trump card the White Race has, however, is this: Without the White Race the parasitic Jew would be nothing. He would be helpless to even so much as to structure a viable society, or to feed himself. Without the White Race subsidizing the niggers and other mud races, they, too, would be nothing. Their numbers would rapidly shrink and stabilize where they have always been – on the dire edge of hunger and starvation. Without the food and other subsidization being unwittingly transferred from the White Race to the mud races (through Jewish manipulation and White stupidity) there would be no population explosion, no ominous threat from the mud races. 

On the other hand, the White Race does not need the Jews or the mud races. On the contrary, it will be a thousand times better off when it gets these parasites off its back, cleanses its own ranks of traitors and takes charge of its own affairs. As soon as the White Race takes hold of its own destiny it will blossom forth into new dimensions of grandeur such as the world has never seen before. 

This is the glorious advantage the White Race holds, and no other race can ever take its place. 

This is the bottom line and the sooner we realize it, the better. 

In order that the White Race may realize its tremendous potential, it must get back to reality, to the Laws of Nature, which are unbending and eternal. 

It is the mission of The Church of the Creator to bring this about. In so doing, I want to bring home some basic attitudes, some fundamental realities. 


1. Power and survival go hand in hand. Nature does not favor the weak, the stupid, the poor in spirit, the meek and any other creatures with biblical weaknesses. Nature favors the strong, the swift, the keen, and relegates the misfits to the scrap heap of evolution. 

2. Power is not something that is granted by a third party. It is an attribute that the movers and shakers of this world grasp into their own hands by sheer aggressiveness and will power. It is fought for and earned, and only held as long as the holder has the will and the energy to do so. 

3. For centuries the “moral” White Man has been programmed (through Jewish Christianity) to shun and fear the obvious fact of Nature – that might is right – and that Nature has only one basic morality – SURVIVAL. Behind the traditional mind derailment of this important fact has been our archenemy – the Jew. He has been more clever at mind-manipulation than any other species that has ever lived. 

4. Like the dog stupidly sitting on the burr and howling, why has the White Race tolerated all the atrocities, abuses and indignations heaped on him by the Jew? Is the White Race merely lazy, or stupid, or cowardly, or has its collective mind been hopelessly manipulated beyond possible recovery?

This is a long question, but I will try to briefly answer the imponderables as I see them. 

Undoubtedly, that the White Race would tolerate such outrageous atrocities at the hands of a parasitic inferior is not only strange, but a shameful blemish on our racial character. It must be examined, exposed and exorcised like a cancer. The Church of the Creator will use every means at its disposal to do so. We cannot rest until the power of the Jews is broken, until we get this parasite off our backs and the White Race again takes charge of its own affairs. 

5. In follow-up of the above, the White Race, like an alcoholic or drug addict, must first of all frankly and openly acknowledge, then identify the disease. We must openly admit: our White society is sick – we are the victims of Jewitis. 

6. Having recognized our malady, we must take a page from the Jew himself. We must learn to scream loud, long and publicly. We must learn to scream like a banshee and kick like a country mule whenever we consider ourselves affronted by our enemies. Whenever we believe an indignity, an abuse, or an atrocity has been heaped upon us, we must never again ignore it, or suffer it in silence. We must let the world know! More to the point, we must arouse our White Racial Comrades and organize them into action. Never again will we suffer alone, or in silence. We will use our muscle, we will organize, utilize our resources and take the offensive. We have the power! We must use it to the hilt. 

7. We must no longer be a “closet racist”. We must come out loud and clear and aggressively claim our rightful heritage. 

8. We must unstintingly take our predominant place in Nature’s scheme of things, and that place is at the top. Nature has ordained it, we must claim it. We are entitled to it, and Nature has offered it to her elect. Nature does not ask: Were you fair? Were you charitable? Were you humble? Were you sweet about it? Nature has only one yardstick: Does your species have the will to survive and aggressively utilize its full potential to that end? If not, oblivion is the exacting penalty. 


The White Man is not utilizing even one percent of his available resources. Did I say one percent? That is way too high. He is not even using 1/10 of one percent, not even 1/100 of one percent. In fact, he is utilizing a million times more of his resources to collaborate with the Jew in the destruction of the White Race than he is in helping to save the White Race. This must stop! 

I look at the morning paper and read an item in a Denver, Colorado paper about ski resorts. It says on Page 78, that three ski resorts are planning to expand their facilities. CRESTED BUTTE is planning to spend more than 200 million dollars on a second ski mountain. PURGATORY is breaking ground for a 250 million dollar village at the foot of the mountain, and TELLURIDE is making way for a 30 million dollar village and ski gondola. 

Now to me, this is a lot of money. But, let us get the picture into proper perspective. The article goes on to say that of the 13 major “destination” ski areas in the state of Colorado, the three mentioned above are the least known, and they want to change that situation. In other words, the three least known ski areas of 13 in the state of Colorado alone are going to spend an additional 480 million dollars to expand and become better known. But that is not all. Colorado boasts of a total of not less than 30 ski areas inside its borders. 

To further get the picture into perspective we must realize that there are also all kinds of ski facilities in the states of Vermont, New York, California, Utah, Nevada, Maine, Pennsylvania and several other states. So 480 million dollars spent on expanding 3 minor facilities is only a drop in the bucket in the ski industry of Colorado, not to mention in the United States, not to mention Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Austria and many other White countries. 

Let us focus the picture by stating that the ski industry is only one of several extravagant sports for the White Man, an indulgence, something he did little of 50 years ago, and would not suffer in the least if he had never discovered this healthy pastime in the first place. Now don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against skiers or skiing. In fact, I did some of it myself when I was a kid in Canada, and I think it is great. 

What I am trying to do is compare our resources, how we can throw millions and billions into non-essential channels, yet squeal like a stuck pig when asked to participate in such matters of life and death as the survival of the White Race. Let us examine how much of an effort we are making in that direction. 

Alright, let me think of how many millions we are spending to assure the survival of the White Race, the survival of civilization and the future opportunity of our progeny living in a compatible world. 

Did I say millions? Most of the contributions we get are in terms of $5, $10, $25 or sometimes $100 or $200. When we get a $1,000.00 contribution to help build the School for Gifted (White) Boys, that is a news item, an event to be highly commended. 

So there you have it. When it comes to the ultimate priority items such as saving the White Race from ignominious disaster, the White Man cries poverty, but nevertheless, when it comes to expanding ski facilities, night clubs, Disney Worlds, beach resorts and other indulgences of fun and games, why no problem, the sky is the limit. 

But! Some cop-out artists will exclaim, the Jews have all the money. It is they who are spending these vast sums and it is they who are controlling these palaces of pleasure. 

Not so, my friend. They may be controlling it, but it is really the White Man who is supplying all the resources. Without the White Man catering to the Jew’s ski resorts, night clubs, watering holes and what have you, the Jew would not be in business. Not only does the White clientele supply most all the business, but it is also the White Man’s labor that builds the Disney Worlds, the Vails, the Crested Buttes and every other constructive endeavor on the face of the earth. 

It is we who have the brains, the manpower, the muscle, the resources to build and run the world. It is time we realized this. It is time we smashed the controls out of the hands of the Jews. It is time we utilized the tremendous resources in our hands and at our disposal and channeled them to our own benefit. It is long past time. 

Every human achievement has some ideological spark plug behind it that acts as a dynamo, a driving force. 

How did the Jews get their power? How did the Communist movement get the tremendous drive to engulf most of the modern world? How did the Catholic church do it? The Mormon church? The Mohammedans? 

When we examine each of these we find that there was an ideology, a creed, a belief, that polarized and fueled each one of these (and numerous other) movements. In each there was a creed that a number of followers embraced, around which they polarized, organized and generated the power to move the world. Whether such belief was based on reality, or on a lie, or a fictitious concept, hardly seemed to matter. They all had a core around which they polarized, organized and set things in motion. 

The White Race in its 6,000 years of civilization, has never had such a core to polarize around that concerned the White Race as such. Never, that is, until a little over a decade ago, when CREATIVITY appeared on the scene. 

Remember, everything that is good and constructive on the face of this planet was done by the White Race. Remember that without the White Race the Jew would be nothing. Without subsidization by the White Race, the niggers and the mud races would be nothing. We have it all. Now let us do the sensible thing and channel our resources to our own use, to our own benefit. Let us first of all stop subsidizing our enemies. Let the Jews, niggers and mud races fend for themselves. They will soon wither on the vine and no longer pollute our world. To that, we of The Church of the Creator say: GOOD RIDDANCE! 

Now let us get down to business and get the job done. Tell yourself again: we have the brains, the muscle, the intelligence, the numbers and the resources to do the obvious: get the goddamned parasites off our back once and for all and take charge of our own affairs. We now also have the creed, the program and the racial religion to polarize around and move the world. We must utilize what we have and do the obvious: TAKE CHARGE OF THE WORLD. 

The CHURCH OF THE CREATOR has provided the Bibles and the religion to change the course of history, and for once in the White Man’s direction, for the White Man’s benefit. 

There is still much to be done, but with your dedicated help they will be done. The most important step, now that we have all the parts of the movement put together, is to promote the hell out of it. We now need the GREAT PROMOTER, a man like Hitler, to do the job. I have said it before and I will say it again: there are at least 10,000 young men in the United States that have the genius to do the job, young men that are less than half my age and are just reaching the prime of life. 

It is our duty to find the GREAT PROMOTER. Help find him! We will find him. 

In the meantime, distribute, promote, speak out and organize. Distribute our new flyer by the hundreds and by the thousands. Distribute this paper. You have the tools to do it with. Don’t just sit on a burr and howl. We Creators have little use for the DEPLORE AND LAMENT crowd. Become an activist. Become a mover and a shaker. 

It has been said that one machine can do the work of 50 ordinary men, but no machine can do what an extraordinary man can do. 

Be an extraordinary man, and then let us harness all the White Man’s resources, modern technology and machinery to amplify our extraordinary creativity. In that way, in no time at all we can and we will build a Whiter and Brighter World for ourselves. 

So go to it! Remember, there is No Substitute for Victory, and there is No Substitute for the White Race!

* * * * *

Only by building a better race of people can we build a better world, and only the White Race can do it. Help build a Whiter and Brighter World.

* * * * *

Ask not what CREATIVITY can do for you, but ask what you can do for the WHITE RACE. Do Something Meaningful. Distribute 100 copies of RACIAL LOYALTY each month.

* * * * *