If It Works, Go Do Thou Likewise


Last week we received a letter from a young man in South Florida who had written a letter to the editor of a paper in his area. His letter is published under BRICKBATS & BOUQUETS. On the same day as his letter arrived there were three different orders for NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION, each order accompanied by a check. Each succeeding day we received one or more orders for a total of eleven at this writing. Here is the text of the letter he wrote to the editor: 

At one time I was very confused as to why Christianity is so divided against itself into so many factions (denominations). 

I was also very confused by all the apparent contradictions between the various denominations. 

I say was, became I found one book that exhibits the whole confusing situation better than a thousand Jerry Falwells could ever hope to. 

The names of many church publications have appeared in your newspaper during the past year (I don’t object to that) and so I am hoping you will find it in your heart to mention my favorite book. 

The title of the book is “NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION”. It is based on the laws of Nature, fact not fiction, logic not fear. It is a thinking man’s book not meant for people who are content with superstition, spooks and threats of hell-fire and damnation. It is for those who refuse to toe the line and buckle under. 

The author of the book is Ben Klassen, the price is $5.00 and it can be ordered from The Church of the Creator, P. 0. Box 400, Otto, North Carolina 28763. 

The Church of the Creator is not a cult. It is merely a vehicle for the promotion of factual information. The book is a real mind-blower, not for the squeamish. 


I believe that is a good model letter, and what’s more important, it evidently is effective in contacting and bringing in new people into our movement. So we say — if it works for somebody else, why not utilize the same formula in your area? 

Actually, this is an excellent time to put forward this particular issue what with “Prayers in Schools” being hotly debated up and down the land (really an idiotic issue, when the White Race is slowly being murdered) what better time to let the world know that all this contradictory confusion and nonsense has finally been cleared up in your own mind? True, there will be some editors that won’t print the price, name and address, but apparently since it’s a religious issue some will. 

So we work on percentages. And remember, you are not limited to writing to the editor of your one and only local paper. You can send the same letter to 5, to 10, to 50 different papers throughout the country, and many people do. 

So why not get busy, get yourself a list of newspaper names and addresses and write a similar, or even the same letter. (The $5.00 price is acceptable to us). But hurry, before the Jews get into the suppression gear and pass the word to their lackeys not to print your letters.

* * * * *

Only a better people can build a better world. Without an uncontaminated White Race, this is unthinkable.

* * * * *

Remember the Alternative — It is the fiendish obsession of the Jewish Establishment that no more White babies be born. Remember — that is the alternative to CREATIVITY.