I am Honored (I think)


It seems I have the dubious honor of being listed in the ADL’s Handbook of their most hated enemies. So I am flattered. A man is not only to be judged by his friends, but also by the enemies he keeps. Here is what they have to say about me in “A Handbook: Extremism on the Right”: 

Ben Klassen, 63, was born in the Ukraine and emigrated with his family to Mexico, to Canada, and eventually to the U.S. He is a semi-retired real estate salesman who settled in Florida in 1958. Klassen initially came to media attention in 1966 when he was elected a member of the lower house of the Florida State legislature. He campaigned against busing and the federal government. One month after his election, he was introduced at the John Birch Society’s eighth annual birthday dinner in New York by the Society’s founder and leader, Robert Welch. 

In the late 1960’s, Klassen was active in the John Birch Society. Indeed, he opened and ran an American Opinion bookstore to distribute Birch Society literature. However, he subsequently had a falling out with the Birchers over the purported controllers of the alleged international conspiracy to destroy the U.S. He has called the Birch Society “a smokescreen for the Jews.” In 1967, Klassen ran unsuccessfully in the Republican primary for the Florida State Senate. In 1968, he was Florida chairman of Presidential candidate George Wallace’s American Independent Party. 

Klassen went on to found The Church of the Creator in 1973 and to publish a book entitled, NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION, a 511-page anti-Jewish and racist tome promoting White supremacy. In it he proclaimed: “We completely reject the Judeo-democratic-Marxist values of today, and supplant them with new and basic values, of which race is the foundation.” In 1981, Klassen published a sequel to NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION called THE WHITE MAN’S BIBLE. It proclaims, among other things, “To hell with the niggers, to hell with the Jews.” 

In addition to his books, Klassen has from time to time published other anti-Jewish and racist materials. Since mid-1979, he has mailed to individuals around the country, unsolicited, copies of an anti-Federal Reserve booklet entitled, “The Brutal Truth About Inflation and Financial Enslavement — The Federal Reserve Board — The Most Gigantic Counterfeiting Ring in the World,” which bears the name of The Church of the Creator, of Lighthouse Point, Florida. It charges that “the Federal Reserve Banks are owned, lock, stock and barrel, by a criminal gang of International Jewish Bankers” and adds: “The Federal Reserve owns the U.S. Government and manipulates it tike a puppet, solely for the interests of this avaricious international gang of Jewish jackals, who control the world, its money, and its economy.” 

Klassen concludes his anti-Semitic booklet by declaring: “Now that you understand the Jewish program of piracy, looting and enslavement by means of the Federal Reserve and money manipulations, now get the rest of the story and the program of The Church of the Creator by reading the White Man’s Bible: NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION.” 

In May, 1982, the Associated Press reported that Klassen was supervising the construction of his church, The Church of the Creator, in the community of Mulberry in the mountain area of western North Carolina. Klassen said that Mulberry, located less than three miles from the Georgia-North Carolina line, was chosen for the church site because Florida had become too dangerous. He declared: “I think South Florida is due for a lot of turmoil when bloody fighting breaks out.” Klassen added: “Actually, I expect the financial collapse of the entire country, and blood will be flowing in the streets.” 

In January, 1983, the Franklin (N.C.) Press, the newspaper serving the Mulberry community, reported that construction of Klassen’s church appeared to be completed. Beneath a photograph of the Church, the Press, in part, noted: “Klassen, an avowed White supremacist from Lighthouse Point, Florida, who owns land in Macon County, said he plans to use the Mulberry site as a center to disseminate his pro-Hitler, anti-Jew, anti-Negro and anti-Christian literature.” 

The only thing that irks me is that they keep calling me a salesman. I haven’t been salesman for anybody for 37 years, but have been in business for myself practically all my adult life. So, put that in your pipe and smoke it, ADL, and be sure you correct that little tidbit in your computers in Tel Aviv also. 

* * * * *