Follow Your Dream

A friend of mine recently told me that his (Christian) minister had delivered a sermon on the subject, “How to Sin Effectively.” I was rather intrigued by the title, and although I have no idea what the gist of his sermon was, I presume that he was suggesting that if you are going to “sin” at least get the most pleasure or benefit out of it. This would be sound advice, if that is what he advised. 

In any case, we of The Church of the Creator suggest that course of action in most effectively utilizing your financial assets. Right at the outset many of our readers will undoubtedly interject with “Wealth? What wealth? I don’t have any wealth.” 

Well, I am speaking of the collective wealth of the White Race, and although in financial assets it is exceeded by that of the parasitical Jew (only because we were dumb enough to allow them to rob us blind) we are in many respects the most wealthy race on the face of the earth. Potentially we could own it all, and rightfully we should. But even as it is, we do have a tremendous amount of physical and financial assets. There are among our race many financial giants. To name a few: The Hunts of Texas; the Fords of Detroit; the late Howard Hughes; the Coors of Colorado; the late J. Paul Getty; the DuPonts of Delaware; the Rockefellers of New York and elsewhere (no, they are not Jews, merely Jewish stooges); the Astors and the Vanderbilts, who after eight or nine generations of hedonist dissipation still own massive wealth; there are the MacArthurs, one of which owns MacArthur’s Milk, and the other the late insurance tycoon, John MacArthur, whom I met personally and tried vainly to enlist in the White Man’s cause before his recent demise at the age of 82. He left a fortune of over a billion. Then there is the billionaire shipping magnate, K. Ludwig, whose assets are reported to be in the billions. 

These are just a few of the better known public figures who are White and whose fortunes range in the hundred million to a billion category. The good news is that any one of them could easily bankroll the CREATIVITY movement over the top in a few years and forever break the Jewish death grip on the White Race. 

This is a most encouraging thought and just as we will find the Great White Promoter (See RACIAL LOYALTY Issue No. 10) so too, sooner or later, will we find the Great White “Angel”. 

Then there are countless other White millionaires in the 100 million category whom I have not listed, who are not so well known to the public, but they are in the wings, nevertheless. I repeat, they are numerous. Added to the above, there are a host of other White tycoons who have made multimillion dollar fortunes in electronics, in computers, in beer (August Busch), in construction (George Steinbrenner), in real estate (MacArthur), in insurance and in a host of other endeavors. As I have said in RACIAL LOYALTY No. 9, we are not helpless. Wealth is power if used effectively. 

The main point of this article is that we have not been using the tremendous wealth at our disposal effectively. On the contrary, we have been dissipating it stupidly, yes wantonly, and not for the benefit of the White Race, but rather overwhelmingly to aid and abet our most treacherous enemies, enemies whose insane obsession is the destruction of the White Race. 

It is the object of this dissertation to thoroughly analyze this strange situation, to suggest a sane and constructive course of action and to so utilize and channel the tremendous wealth and power of the White Race that it will serve our own best interests. We want to break the Jewish stranglehold on the White Race, no matter what the cost, and again become masters of our own destinies. 

The key to the solution is a matter of attitude. In this respect the White Race has been led around by the nose by its own most destructive enemy, the piratical Jew. To solve the problem, we must first of all change the White Man’s basic attitude towards money and wealth itself. We must explode the Jewish attitude that wealth is an end in itself, but rather that it is only a powerful means. It is the end towards which this means is channeled that we must clarify. 

In this respect, I am reminded of a story that my daddy told me at least 50 years ago. It is so old that I have forgotten the details, but I have not forgotten the essence. If my memory serves me right, it concerns a system the British in India utilized in catching wild monkeys, in which they placed visible chestnuts in a fixed trough. Over this trough they had a barrier with holes just barely large enough for the monkey to slip its hand through in order to grasp the nuts. However, once it had the nut in its hand and closed its fist, it could not retract it through that same hole and it was stuck. Of course, the monkey could open its hand and let go of the nut, and make its getaway. But somehow they were either too stupid or too greedy to do so, and remained trapped. In the end they lost not only their nut, but also their liberty. 

Similarly, the White Man of today, by being either too stupid to utilize his wealth for his own best interests, or too crassly commercial to let go of it, is losing both his nut and his liberty. He is squandering and dissipating his wealth and power wantonly and foolishly. This is a major calamity and we will pay dearly for this insanity. Let me therefore suggest a few simple, basic guidelines as to what you as an individual can do, whether your fortune is modest or tremendous. 

GUIDELINE No. 1: Realize that money is power. It is a means, not an end in itself. DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH WITH WHAT YOU HAVE. This is the first and most important step. 

GUIDELINE No. 2: Don’t hoard your money to leave to heirs. Spend it on your most cherished goal or goals (whatever they are) while you are still alive. The most ideal (but probably unattainable) situation would be to have made millions, but die broke, having spent it all wisely, while still alive, on the goals that were most important to you. (This reminds me of a joke about the rich uncle’s will, when opened, read: “I, John Smith, being of sound mind and body, spent every dime of it while I was still alive.”) 

These guidelines are simple as A B C, but they are tremendously important, and I am going to cite a few glaring examples of well-known people who were financial wizards, highly intelligent, but when it came to utilizing their tremendous wealth effectively, they were stupid as hell. 

Case A. HENRY FORD. As we all know, old Henry was a mechanical and financial genius. He left a fortune of several billion, most of which went into the Ford Foundation. He intended it to be used for philanthropic causes of rather nebulous description. Little did he realize that after his death that his vast fortune would be utilized to destroy every principle he stood for. But history shows that is exactly what happened. In short order it fell into the hands of his enemies, the Jewish establishment, whom he bitterly opposed during most of his adult life. The Jews have ever since been shrewdly utilizing Henry’s vast fortune to promote communism, the destruction of free enterprise, to promote race-mixing and the mongrelization of the White Race, to promote international wars and revolution, to promote the state of Israel, to increase the Jewish stranglehold, and in general, every cause that was abhorrent to Ford himself. 

In the early 1920’s he did start exposing the Jewish conspiracy, and not only was he well aware of it, but well informed, having spent (a mere) five million dollars researching it. Had he followed through and used the bulk of his vast fortune while he was still alive and in control, he could have built a White racial movement fifty years ago. Instead, he backed off, concentrated on building up a bigger and bigger fortune, only to have the fortune fall into the hands of his enemies to be utilized to destroy everything he stood for. 

Case B. HOWARD HUGHES. He was undoubtedly a technical and financial genius of the first caliber. He left a vast fortune. To whom did he leave it? Apparently he left no will, because he didn’t care about anybody or any cause enough to designate an heir. His near billion dollar fortune was dissipated in legal fees (the lawyers were his biggest beneficiary) and finally distributed to some distant relatives, none of whom cared for him, or he for them, during his lifetime. 

Did he enjoy his fortune during his own lifetime? I doubt it. He said he didn’t and I believe him. He was forced into becoming a recluse and an eccentric, shuttling from hotel to hotel, country to country. He did not have a normal family life, nor did he leave any known offspring. What a waste! What the man lacked was what I point out in Guideline No. 1. He had no meaningful purpose in life. 

Case C. A young man in Fort Lauderdale was left a fortune by his grandfather who had made it in the insurance business (not MacArthur). This young fellow, spoiled, brash and hedonistic, took to fast cars, fast women, alcohol and drugs. He smashed up in an accident or two and had his driver’s license lifted. After that he was involved in another accident in which he killed three teenagers, including the 16 year old daughter of a doctor I knew. After many legal battles and altercations with the law, the young man died of an overdose of self-administered drugs at the age of 23. 

Did his grandfather do him a favor by willing him a fortune? Not really. More to the point, it contributed to wrecking his life. 

Case D. Again, in Fort Lauderdale, we have another case similar to the above. It concerns the son of a furniture magnate worth tens of millions. The son’s life ended at an age similar to the previous case, and just as tragically. Being brought up in the lap of luxury, he was spoiled, arrogant and insufferably obnoxious. He married a beautiful girl and they had two children, but they were not happy. In fact, they were quarreling incessantly, and one night when he threatened to kill her, she pulled out her gun and shot him dead. He was only 25. The court absolved her as having done so in self-defense.

Did his father’s money make him happy? Obviously not. It was, in fact, the cause of his early destruction. 

Case E. TOMMY MANVILLE. Except perhaps for the younger generation, most of us have heard of Tommy Manville, who was heir to the Johns-Manville asbestos fortune. The most notable thing about Tommy is that he had twelve wives. He led a meaningless, insecure and dissipated life. Was he happy? I don’t know, but I doubt it, and suspect that he had a low opinion of himself. Did his inherited fortune do him good or did it undermine his ability to become a man of purpose or ability? I would say that it contributed in making a derelict of him and utterly destroyed his self-respect. 

Alright, we have had sufficient case histories for the time being to draw some significant conclusions. 

1. Money does not make people happy. 

2. Subsidizing young people and bringing them up in the lap of luxury is counter-productive and usually interferes in the natural development of building character and self-confidence. Let me add here that self-respect and self-confidence are extremely important. 

3. Individuals who inherit rather than make it on their own are usually incapable of handling money, managing their affairs and building a meaningful life. 

4. As in Nature, eternal struggle is the essence of life, and to deprive one’s children of that struggle is to seriously undermine their future ability to cope with building a worthwhile life of their own. 

We can sum up these four points into:

GUIDELINE No. 3: Leaving your life’s earnings to your children is not necessarily a constructive choice, from either their point of view, or yours. 

Let me move on from the negative to the positive. It is my conclusion that giving your children every luxury and putting a silver spoon in their mouth does not necessarily make them happy, but can easily be their undoing. By so doing, you are robbing them of the most important lesson in life: that struggle and hardship make the man, or the woman. 

If I have learned any one thing in life it is this: I would much rather be poor when young and wealthy in later life, than the other way around. In fact, I thank my lucky stars that for the first thirty years of my life, my family, and I personally, were as poor as a church mouse. However, at no time did I feel deprived or destitute. I have been on my own since I was 19, and when my dad died, I inherited nothing. Nevertheless, I managed to put myself through college and make my own way. By the time I was 30, I managed to go into business for myself, and although the road was rough, it was a continual although erratic upward climb from thereon out. Never again was I to be on the edge of poverty. I will make another observation. I would sooner be rich than poor, not so much because I want to live in the lap of luxury, but it enables me to do what I want to do. And at this stage, what I want to do more than anything ever in all my life is to work for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. Therein now lies my whole satisfaction, my whole purpose in life. 

I repeat — Money is power. A vast fortune is a lot of power. It is a criminal act to dissipate it pointlessly, as most of our White Racial Comrades are doing. The next question we want to consider is what is the right move financially to make regarding your children. If leaving them your life’s savings might do more harm than help, should you invest it in giving them a super education? This is an important question, and not easy to answer. Let me cite another case history. 

Case F. I have a good friend who is now 70 years old. He apparently has leukemia and does not expect to live too much longer. He worked hard all his life trying to do the right thing by his family, by his country, and account to his own conscience and self-respect. He is a model citizen and served his country proudly in WWII. He reared three fine intelligent sons and gave them the best educations. All have university degrees (one has a Bachelors, one a Masters, and one a Ph.D.). As the years went on and he became more and more aware of the Jewish conspiracy, he finally realized (too late) that he had fought on the wrong side, that he had fought for the benefit of the Jews and to the detriment of the White Race. He now feels he has been betrayed by the very country for which he “proudly fought.” His sons are now all professional men with families of their own, but having been processed and programmed by a Jew-oriented university (Berkeley in the 60’s), they now totally disagree with him philosophically and with his understanding of what is going on in the world today. Politically and racially they are totally alienated from their father, who scraped and sacrificed to send them through all those expensive years of “education”. In desperation he asked me, “What is there for me to fight for if even my own children are alienated and on the side of the enemy?” It is a tough question, but there is an answer to it for other parents. My answer is this: rather than sending our children to Jew-oriented universities to become enemies of the White Race, that same money might well be spent far better in investing it in the future of the White Race. After all, what future do our children have in iron-clad Jew-communist countries like Russia, Poland, Cuba, etc. even if you left them millions. The answer is none. In fact, when Castro took over in Cuba, those with wealth ended up as dishwashers in Jewish hotels in Miami Beach. Those were the luckier ones. The others were stood up against the wall. So, my next guideline is this: 

GUIDELINE No. 4: The most effective use you can make of your wealth is to invest it in the future of your own race. 

How can you do this? Well, in just the same way as the Jews do it. True, they get the goyim to carry most of the freight if they can, but nevertheless they shell out, and shell out heavily of their own money as well in every Jewish cause they believe will help promote the survival, expansion and advancement of their own race. The Rothschilds spent hundreds of millions of their own money setting up the state of Israel. Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb and Company spent 20 million dollars of his own money training Trotsky and his 3,000 Jewish cutthroats and then sending them over to Russia in 1917 to topple the Czar and set up Jewish communism. The Rosenwalds (of Sears, Roebuck) have been, and still are, spending tens of millions promoting race-mixing. All this, and much, much more, is done for the cause of the Jewish race, by millions of Jews. 

Why can’t the White Race do the same? After all, some White Racial Comrade who is worth say, 5, 10, or 50 million dollars can’t possibly spend anywhere near that amount sensibly on himself or his family. He or they can only eat so much food, wear so many clothes and utilize so many rooms of any house. Any man that is worth 100 million dollars could comfortably give away 95 or 98 million dollars to the cause of the White Race and still not suffer in the slightest in living a full and affluent life. The surplus represents only so many useless digits on a balance sheet that do nothing for him personally except probably beef up his ego. But ego or no, if the White Race goes down the drain (as it is now headed) the wealthiest will be the first to go down with it. Strangely, it is the very wealthy who have the most to lose if the White Race is destroyed and would suffer the least if they threw the bulk of their wealth into the cause of the White Race. Strangely, it is they who are the deafest in listening to reality. But sooner or later we will get through to some who are willing to see the light. We must make sure we do. 

In the meantime, there are millions of White Racial Comrades in the middle class, and even in the lower financial brackets who are potentially our staunchest supporters, some of them giving until it hurts. We say more power to them! 

If all this sounds like a call for support of the CREATIVITY movement, well, my friend, you are so right. We solicit your support and we need all the help we can get. But let me quickly add that all the above advice is completely valid no matter what White Racial movement you prefer to support. It is valid even if you want to support none, but if your cherished goal is to blow it on wine, women and song, the key idea is spend it wisely while you’re alive. Don’t hoard it for heirs or for the hereafter. In the first place, the heirs will probably neither appreciate it, nor deserve it, and in the second case, you can’t take it with you. In fact, it probably won’t be any good to you, or your children, or anybody else in a few years. Remember, Cuba, etc. So use it now and use it effectively. 

In summation let me briefly recapitulate: 

1. Make a cold and sober decision as to what goals are most important to you in your life. 

2. Don’t hoard your money to leave to some heirs. Spend it on your own cherished goals while you are alive, and in control. 

3. Leaving your assets to your children is not necessarily in the best interests of either your children or yourself. 

4. The best and most enduring investment is in your race. Remember — money is power. Your money is your power to follow your own dream. Don’t let some scurvy bandit talk you out of your dream or take it away from yon. You earned it, you deserve to spend it as you see fit. 

Exercise your options to do what you want to do while you still have control of your own assets. You can’t take it with you, but even while alive the Jewish IRS or other thieves can take it away from you. Therefore, I say: take action now and utilize your wealth effectively while you still can. FOLLOW YOUR DREAM NOW. No one knows what tomorrow brings, but by investing in the White Race you will be investing in the best future possible.

* * * * *

There is no group in the world that is more productive than the White American Taxpayer, nor is there any other group that is more flagrantly looted and pirated.

* * * * *

We, of The CHURCH OF THE CREATOR, have not the slightest interest in saving and uplifting “HUMANITY” with all its niggers, scum and parasites. Our entire goal is: the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, period.

* * * * *

Plough money back into your own race. It’s the best investment you can make for your own future and that of your children. 

* * * * *