How About a Cupid’s Corner?


For sometime now I have been thinking about starting a sort of Pen Pals or Dating Service in our church paper. After all, the Second Commandment of our Sixteen says, “Be fruitful and multiply. Do your part in helping to populate the world with your own kind. It is our sacred goal to populate the lands of this earth with White people exclusively,” and if we are going to do just that, then it behooves the good male and female Creators of this world to get together. 

Now in today’s world of polyglot peoples and race-mixing this is not so easy to do. With all the liberals, Christians, kooks, kinky-sex and race-mixing, it is not easy to find a sane, healthy, White Racial Comrade of the opposite sex. 

Therefore, why not start a Cupid’s Corner, where our members can place a short letter telling about themselves and their preference in starting a correspondence with another Creator of the opposite sex? What finally triggered me to mention this is a letter I received from Canada, which is reprinted below. (We didn’t charge him! But we will accept any and all contributions for whatever reason! We need all the help we can get!) 

Anyway, what do you think of a Cupid’s Corner? We would appreciate hearing your opinion. 

Here is the letter: 

To the Editor:
Since I have 4 teenage daughters, I want you to give my daughters a chance to find Creative husbands. Therefore, please print the following ad in your next two issues of RACIAL LOYALTY: 

Alberta farm family of German descent with four teenage daughters wants friendship with farm or bee-keeper family with unmarried son in the twenties. Please write: FRIENDSHIP 18, P. 0. Box 400, Otto, North Carolina, 28763 USA.

Please mail me the bill for this ad. 

Sincerely yours, M. K.

* * * * *

Never succumb to fear. It will cost you your soul.