Expanding Creativity: Foreword

The Church Of The Creator was founded in 1973 with the publication of NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION. This first book established the creed and program of our religion, CREATIVITY, and laid out its basic goals and principles. Since then two more BOOKS have been published by the Church Of The Creator, namely, The WHITE MAN’S BIBLE (1981) and SALUBRIOUS LIVING (1982). 

These three books we regard as the Basic Books of our movement, and the cornerstones of our religion. If nothing further were ever added, they would stand as fully completed, covering essentially every aspect of our creed, our program and our aspirations. They are to our White racial movement what the Bible is to the Christians, the Koran to the Mohammedans, and the Talmud to the Jews. 

However, CREATIVITY is a young and dynamic movement. It is growing not only in the numbers of its adherents, but also growing in the scope and breadth of its philosophical horizons. It has a whole world to conquer for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, and it is not standing still. 

In June of 1983 we published the first issue of our monthly periodical RACIAL LOYALTY, thereby expanding into new territories, covering new ground and reaching out to new supporters. 

RACIAL LOYALTY was the conveyor belt by means of which we also expanded our program, our creed and our philosophy. Every month included articles that stated clearly some fundamental positions the church took on many vital issues, and at the same time delineating goals of far reaching ramifications. 

These, too, have become part of our creed and program, solidifying our original base and building further thereon. We have thereby broadened the horizons of our creed and expanded the scope of our activities. 

This book is a compilation of the key articles written by me and published in RACIAL LOYALTY, starting with Issue No. 1, June, 1983, and ending with Issue No. 12, July, 1984. 

We have put all these articles together in book form so that they may be conveyed on to future generations as a permanent part of our record, rather than leaving them as a loose and vulnerable collection of newspaper archives. Within the next 12 months we hope to publish another book that will be a compilation of the continuing articles, most of which have already been written. 

However, considerable growth and activities have ensued in areas other than the publication of periodicals, booklets and literature. We have moved dirt, we have built buildings, and we have expanded our physical base in many ways. For the record and for posterity, we have set forth some of the highlights of those continuing activities between 1980 and 1985. The “Chronology” immediately following picks up where the FOREWORD of The WHITE MAN’S BIBLE left off. 

Church Of The Creator 

Chronology of Events, 1980-1985 

In 1980 we published The WHITE MAN’S BIBLE and in the FOREWORD of that BOOK we related a brief history of The Church
Of The Creator since its founding in 1973. The following is a continuing sequence of landmark events between the publication of the 1980 book (copyrighted 1981) and this book (1985). 

July 20, 1980. Bought a used A M Varityper Typesetting unit to start typesetting the manuscript of The WHITE MAN’S BIBLE. 

October 8, 1980. Signed an agreement with Albo Printing Co. in Miami for printing and binding of the book. The WHITE MAN’S BIBLE. Made a $5000.00 down payment. 

February 10, 1981. Albo Printing finished printing of 20,000 copies of The WHITE MAN’S BIBLE and delivered them to our warehouse in Pompano Beach. 

September 4, 1981. Met with Billy Sanders, builders, and went over preliminary plans and ideas of a church building. Asked him about an architect. He recommended Jack Patton, of Franklin. 

September 8, 1981. Had initial meeting at the cabin with Jack Patton, the architect, to discuss design of Church building. 

September 11, 1981. Met with Lance Coalson of Rose Printing Co., Tallahassee, Florida and drew up a contract for printing a new book, SALUBRIOUS LIVING. The contract was signed and I made a substantial down payment. Two weeks later attorneys for Rose Printing Co. (owned by Jews) returned all of the manuscript, the contract and enclosed a refund check for the entire amount. Their objection: racial overtones in Chapter 22. This, despite the fact I had made it a point to bring this to their attention from the very beginning. 

October 13, 1981. Went to see Universal printing of Hialeah, Florida, to arrange for the printing of 25,000 copies of SALUBRIOUS LIVING. 

October 19, 1981. Made arrangements with Jorge Diaz of Kendall, Florida for typesetting the text of SALUBRIOUS LIVING. January 26, 1982. Went over final plans of The Church Of The Creator building with architect Jack Patton. 

January 29, 1982. Picked up the first two cartons (2×36) of Salubrious Living at Clayton bus station. These were the first completed sample copies. 

February 9, 1982. Huge truck with 20,016 copies of SALUBRIOUS living arrived at our cabin in N.C., and the books were promptly unloaded into our private garage No. 2, during a heavy downpour. 

March 9, 1982. Met with the builder, Billy Sanders and finalized bid on contract for church building. 

March 10, 1982. Met Billy Sanders on grounds of building site at 8:00 A.M. and broke ground for the World Center Building. At 10:00 A.M. the heavy equipment arrived and started excavating. 

October 9, 1982. Met with Reverend Tim Gaffney to discuss possibilities of hiring him as our first Hasta Primus. Picked him up at Asheville Airport, and had him stay for a day. 

December 4, 1982. Signed contract with Compugraphic, Inc. for purchase of several expensive pieces of typesetting equipment for printing of future newspaper. Compugraphic promised delivery of the equipment by the first of the year. 

December 11, 1982. Church building officially completed. 

December 28, 1982. Reverend Tim Gaffney arrived at 3:30 P.M. to start his job as of the first of the year; his wife to follow a month or so later. 

January 1983. Repeated delay in the delivery of the typesetting equipment by Compugraphic, Inc. Problems seem to be developing between Reverend Gaffney and his wife, who is Catholic. By this time she has evidently made up her mind (at the urging of her priest) that she will not come to North Carolina. 

February 27, 1983. Reverend Tim Gaffney returned to Schenectady and we were without a Hasta Primus. 

March 8, 1983. Global Van Lines finally arrived at 7:00 P.M. and delivered six large packages of Compugraphic equipment. Unloaded until 10:30 P.M. Part of the delay in receiving equipment: for some strange reason it had originally been addressed to South Boston. To make matters worse, after unloading, the driver of the truck drove up to our crossroads at the cabin to turn around, got stuck in the cow pasture, where he stayed all night. He had to be pulled out by a wrecker service next morning. 

April 1, 1983. My wife and I drove up from Lighthouse Point, Florida in two cars, the station wagon and the VW Rabbit, with two large sections of the insignia sign (each 4×8) fastened to the rack on the roof of the station wagon. This being Good Friday we could not find any overnight motel accommodations. After a short (1 hour) rest, we drove on up all the way to the cabin, arriving at 6:00 A.M. completing a 750 mile trip. After this trip we started putting together the first issue of RACIAL LOYALTY over the next few weeks. 

April 4, 1983. Gene Schweigert from Compugraphic arrived and gave us lessons on the operation of the typesetting equipment over the next three days. 

April 12, 1983. Now the real fun begins. Started typesetting on copy for the June issue of RACIAL LOYALTY.
April 19, 1983. Made arrangements with Dixie Printing in Franklin, N.C. for the actual printing of RACIAL LOYALTY. 

April 25, 1983. Finished layout and paste up of RACIAL LOYALTY and took all six sheets (12 pages) to Dixie Printing for a run of 15,000 copies. 

May 8, 1983. Reverend Richard Becker arrived to take position of new Hasta Primus. 

May 11, 1983. Mailed out first set of RACIAL LOYALTY (June edition). 

June 15, 1983. At 1:45 A.M. an unknown gang of 3 criminals hurled a Molotov cocktail at the church and fired a shotgun blast at the insignia of the church. The criminals were never apprehended, and the authorities only made a half-hearted effort to find the culprits. 

June 24, 1983. Signed closing papers for sale of home in Lighthouse Point, Florida. 

June 28, 1983. Allied Van Lines picked up all our belongings at our former home in Lighthouse Point and my wife and I left the house at 9:15 P.M. We drove to Fort Pierce and stayed at the Holiday Inn overnight. 

June 30, 1983. Arrived at N.C. cabin at 1:30 P.M. 

August 22, 1983. Reverend Rick Becker left to resume his post graduate classes in Greenville and Keith Williams was placed in the position of Hasta Primus. 

October 14, 1983. Ground breaking for School for Gifted Boys. Doyle Byrd started moving dirt with his heavy equipment. 

October 22, 1983. Keith Williams and I started building of foot bridge between the church and school. 

October 25, 1983. Foundation poured for school. 

February 11 to 22, 1984. My wife and I took a trip to Egypt. This resulted in two articles about Egypt in Racial Loyalty —April and May, 1984. 

March 5, 1984. Deeded 20 adjoining acres to the church. 

April 10, 1984. Keith Williams replaced by Reverend Charles Messick as the new Hasta Primus. 

April 25, 1984. Started planting trees (6 peach and 6 cherry) along path to school (Leadership Lane.) 

July 12, 1984. Installed computer for addressing of mailing lists, for membership status and other filings. 

December 5, 1984. Flew to Orange County Airport, (Calif.) and met with Tom Metzger to record video tape “Race and Reason” about Creativity and the Church Of The Creator. 

January 15, 1985. Began typesetting copy for this book, EXPANDING CREATIVITY. 

February 16 to 26, 1985. My wife and I took a ten day trip to the Hawaiian Islands. This resulted in an article on race-mixing and the Mormons, published in the April issue of Racial Loyalty. 

March 15, 1985. School building finished. Busy installing (National Sanitation Foundation approved) kitchen equipment, all very expensive; also building bunk beds, desks, lockers and getting other details together for opening on July 6.