Since historically both governments and other organizations have often experienced problems and turmoil when it comes to change in leadership, I believe it is of major importance that such change of power at the top be clearly delineated at this time. Too often, as witness the succession of Emperors during the classic Roman Empire, such change of power resulted in rivalry, bloodshed and civil war. I therefore believe that as Founder of the Creativity movement, it is vital that I set forth a set of guidelines for the future, so that such transfer can be made as smoothly and painlessly as possible and thereby eliminate any disruptions in the continuity and effectiveness of the movement. 

Based on the experiences of history, I believe that the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR could well benefit from both past mistakes and successes. I believe the lessons of history show that the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR could function best under the following basic guidelines: 

1.(a) The organizational structure should be based on the Leadership Principle as set forth in NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION and re-affirmed in THE WHITE MAN’S BIBLE. I believe that such type of organization has proved itself to function best throughout history, as is proven by the tremendous accomplishment of Rome under the Emperors, the longevity and continuity of the Catholic Church, and the tremendous efficiency and achievements of the Third Reich under Adolf Hitler. There are many other examples. 

(b) The Pontifex Maximus is the supreme leader and head of the organization. He not only has the responsibility of carrying out the policy the Church must pursue within the creed set forth by our basic Bibles, but he also has the responsibility of selecting and appointing the staff and personnel. He has supreme authority and is responsible only to the White Race itself. 

2. As a corollary to the above, the organization as a whole strives to practice White Racial Teamwork at all times. Such teamwork will be under the leadership of the Pontifex Maximus, as set forth in our Bibles. The goal at all times must be the golden rule — what is in the best interest of the White Race. 

3. The term of office for the Pontifex Maximus will be one decade, ten years, and the transfer of power will be every decade, on the decade. 

4. Since the leadership and responsibility of such high office is of extreme importance to the welfare of the White Race, it is also extremely important that such person selected must be highly qualified. He must be highly trained, of the finest mental capacity, a superb leader of men, highly dedicated in his loyalty to the White Race and the principles of Creativity, and furthermore, at the peak of his mental and physical capacities. I therefore suggest that our leaders be younger than has been the custom in the Catholic Church or in political life in general. Instead of selecting men in their fifties or sixties, I suggest that the most creative, energetic and productive years are around the age of 35, and with a 10 year tenure would end at around 45, although this age bracket is not absolute, and could vary upward within 5 or 10 years. 

Due to the strenuous demands of this highly critical office, I believe that a man of great energy and genius, after having given his all to the White Race for a period of 10 years deserves being retired with honor and replaced by a new, younger man with fresh ideas and energy. In this way, we will not allow the office to degenerate into the lethargy and senility that has plagued so many monarchies of the past, as well as the Catholic Church to the present day. We want to keep the office and the leadership dynamic, energetic and forward looking, at all times promoting the best interests of the White Race. 

5. In order that we have a large pool of such men to select from we must set up a special Leadership Training School. The beginning of such school will be a Creativity School for Gifted Boys, which we intend to set up in the next year or so. Starting with young geniuses, we will then have further Leadership Schools. Finally, their training will be further advanced by having such young men showing organizational and leadership talents in actual administrational positions. It is from the trained and gifted that we intend to build our organizational structure. 

6. The actual selection of the Pontifex Maximus will be carefully made by a College of Electors, a body of Elders consisting of approximately 300 men. These men will be individuals of high renown, who have demonstrated by a working lifetime their notable ability, their dedication to the White Race and also outstanding contributions to the church in past deeds and actions. Electors will be selected by the Pontifex Maximus himself, or a committee that he sets up for that purpose. They will be appointed in a manner similar to the United States president appointing members of the judicial system or of the Supreme Court. Their tenure will be for life. 

They will meet on an annual basis to confer not only on training and selection of the future leaders, but also to suggest basic policy, and to tender such advice and suggestions as they see fit to the Pontifex Maximus. As the end of the decade nears, they will meet in special convocation to make their selection for the next great leader, which will never be from one of their own numbers, but from the pool of trained and gifted younger men available from the specially trained group mentioned previously. 

7. Should a Pontifex Maximus die in office, or be removed due to disability, then a special convocation of the Electors would be called immediately to replace the Leader. 

8. Such a leader would serve out the term of the decade. Should he serve less than five years, he would be eligible to be re-elected (by the College of Electors) for a full ten year term, but not necessarily be entitled to such as a matter of succession. 

9. Should the partial term amount to more than 5 years, such Pontifex Maximus would then be automatically ineligible for re-election, having rendered his best years and contributions during that span of office. 

* * * * * 

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