Do Something Meaningful for the White Race


Become an Ordained Minister of The Church of the Creator 

Organize Your Own Church Group 

In Issue No. 10 of RACIAL LOYALTY, we suggested that every CREATOR become a Reverend, that is, an ordained Minister of our Church. We listed a number of advantages in doing so, both from the individual’s point of view in being effective, and also from the Church’s point of view. 

Briefly recapitulated these advantages are: 

1. It bestows a prestigious title on the individual that has been respected by the government, by the courts, and the world at large for many centuries. 

2. It carries with it certain legal and moral advantages, which our enemies have been quick to take advantage of for years in legal, moral, and fund raising issues. 

3. It is definitely a tool and a weapon that we, too, can and should utilize. 

4. It provides the mantle with which you can establish your own church group and be much more effective in building a permanent and growing base in your area. 

So why not do it? 

For further information see Issue No. 10 of RACIAL LOYALTY. If you have already donated as much as $40.00 in the past, you are already qualified to apply without any further donation. (However, we can always use all the help we can get). 

But anyway, do something meaningful and do it now. Apply today! 

* * * * *

Remember, there is no substitute for victory and there is no substitute for the White Race!

* * * * *