We need Both for Survival

In issue No. 13 of this book (P.13) I mention briefly the need for the CREATIVITY movement to step up its efforts for both dispersion and polarization. As I explained briefly, these two terms may seem contradictory, but they are not as far as strengthening and insuring the survival of our White Racial movement is concerned. In fact, both are highly essential if we are to build a solid worldwide structure, if we are to survive and expand. 

It is our determined goal to do exactly that. We are not only determined to survive, but we intend to build our movement and expand it onward to worldwide proportions. We are categorically committed to expand the CREATIVITY creed and philosophy until it becomes the universal property of all the White peoples of this Planet Earth. Not the meek, not the niggers, not the Jews, not the mud peoples, but our goal is that the White Race shall inherit the earth — all of it. In order to do so we must build and grow, until Creativity embraces the support and leadership of all the White peoples on all the continents. To do so we must, first of all polarize around the creed of Creativity — the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. Secondly, we must have dispersion of organizational units — nuclei of organizational activity scattered all over the world — tens of thousands of them. 

In order to understand this seeming contradiction best, all we need to do is study the long and turbulent history of the Jewish race. Since this miserable but tenacious race has survived in an unbroken continuity for a longer time span than any other race, religion or nation, we would do well to study their history for the underlying characteristics that have enabled them to do so. 

We Creators have done just that, and more. We have not only studied their history but we have dissected their inherent structure to examine the nature of the beast. We have gone further. We have taken out those basic characteristics that contributed to their astounding success and incorporated them into our own religion – CREATIVITY. In short, we have taken several pages out of their book and applied them to our own movement. We make this statement without any reservation or apology. If the enemy has superior weapons that have proven vastly more effective, our policy is not to shun the obvious, but instead to face reality and learn from it. 

One of the basic ingredients of Judaism is RACIAL LOYALTY. We realize what a key factor this is to any race, movement or organization. Where does your loyalty lie? That is the bottom line. To the average Jew there is never a doubt. It belongs to his race, to Judaism, to Israel, all of which are polarized into one central faith — Judaism. We Creators realize what a powerful motivating force is racial loyalty, and not only have we named our organizational periodical RACIAL LOYALTY, but we preach it repeatedly. Why? Because loyalty to the cause is the first ingredient of success to any movement. 

The bottom line is: HOW MUCH DO YOU CARE? 

Strangely, whereas his race and historical cohesion is the prime motivating force in the life of the average Jew, the average White Man or Woman is hardly aware that they are the fortunate members of Nature’s Elite — the White Race. It is the overwhelming goal of the Church of the Creator to make each and every member of our race intensely aware of this most significant reality and to polarize this awareness into the one and only basic religion of our race. And there is no better way to polarize this awareness than incorporating it into a religious movement. This has worked wonders for the Jews, it has worked wonders for the backward Arabs when polarized under the Moslem religion. It has even worked miracles for the mongrel niggers of America that have embraced their Black Muslim religion. History also has many other lesser examples, but the above will suffice to drive home a point we of the Church Of The Creator have been expounding repeatedly, and that is this: The White Race has been fumbling and floundering miserably because it never had a racial religion of its own to rally around, to polarize its tremendous potential, and to inherit the world. Christianity certainly has not done so. On the contrary, it has confused and fragmented the White Race as nothing else in its history. 

Now in CREATIVITY we have such a religion to polarize around — full blown, comprehensive and complete. We now must organize and polarize all our scattered, confused and polyglot legions around the world. Once we do the Jews and the muds will be a problem of only minor proportions. 

So much for polarization. Since I have expounded on this issue repeatedly before, I will not pursue it further in this dissertation. But what about the need for dispersion of organizational units? Isn’t this a contradiction of polarization? 

No, it is not. Again let us look at the survival of the Jews over the many centuries and learn our lesson. 

If you will read again Creative Credo No. 35 in the WHITE MAN’S BIBLE entitled “Unrelenting Warfare Between The Parasitic Jews And Their Unfortunate Victims” you will see that the Jews owe their survival to the fact that they were dispersed all over the world. But here is the key: Wherever they settled they immediately organized Jewish centers of one kind or another – synagogues, political organizations, defense leagues, or whatever. They all served the cause of their race, helped to inspire racial loyalty and racial cohesion, and made organizational plans for their defense and for the take-over of their enemies. (We must remember that whoever their unsuspecting hosts were, the Jews regarded them as their enemies.) 

Now despite the fact that the Jews took all these measures for their own protection, advancement and survival, due to their inherent obnoxiousness, their hosts did discover the dangerous threat posed by these parasites, and repeatedly throughout history turned on them, killed them and/or drove them out. 

But – and here again is the key – when driven out of one city, dukedom or country, their racial/religious cohorts were ready to receive them and help them recoup, and in a few years they were not only back, but also in control again of the very country that had expelled them a generation (or less) earlier. 

A glaring example in modern history is how Germany drove out the Jews, how they shifted to the United States, utilized the resources of their host country to destroy Germany and in short order were not only back in Germany, but again in full control. When I say full control, there is hardly a country in the world that the Jewish tyranny is more unrestrained than the Jews in wreaking vengeance on their former nemesis. 

But we don’t need to look at Germany as the only example. If you will read again Creative Credo No. 35 of the White Man’s Bible you will find it happening over and over and over. 

Their persistent tenacity and survival is basically due to two major tactics: Religious polarization around their race, and secondly — dispersion. 

We of the Church Of The Creator must also learn this lesson thoroughly, and we have. That is why I have been urging repeatedly and persistently that our members wherever possible become ordained ministers and form church groups of their own in their area. This is a must, and it is tremendously important. 

I ask you this question (and I am sure it must have crossed your mind): What would happen if our headquarters here in North Carolina got wiped out? It could happen. Would that be the end of our movement? 

NO. It need not, it cannot, it must not, and it WILL not. CREATIVITY now represents a powerful idea, a supreme loyalty, a vehicle that is urgently needed for the survival of a great race. Having been spelled out and detailed in our basic books, the idea is now in the hands of tens of thousands of our racial comrades, any one of which, if he or she set their mind to it could (and must) organize their own center and spread it to the rest of the world. 

As Voltaire has said — “There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come” — and for the White Race, the CREATIVITY FORCE is the instrument for its own survival, redemption and resurrection. It is now in the hands of the great White Race, and its own powerful possession. 

But to insure its spread and survival, this idea must rapidly be dispersed, mobilized, organized and polarized. The more we do so and the quicker we do so, the more secure will be its survival and the more rapid its expansion. 

Just as any Christian preacher can take the Jewish Christian bible and start his own church and build his following and congregation to whatever size he has the energy and ability to accomplish, so, too, can any CREATOR build a church and congregation to any size he aspires, with or without the help of our headquarters. And I strongly urge that every Creator aspire to do just that. The more such local units or groups we have spread out all over the United States, Canada, Europe and all over the world, the stronger, the more secure we will be and the faster the growth of our movement will be. We here at headquarters will do all we can, but this is a massive worldwide movement, and the greater the effort, the more widespread the participants, the better the results. Remember, we will build this only with massive White Racial teamwork and for this we need you in your area to do your part. 

Not only must we build a multiplicity of Church Of The Creator centers, but we must also develop a multiplicity of effective, competent leaders. This will of course, go hand in hand with the springing up of the thousands of church groups. These must all be coordinated, mobilized and effectively brought into play to bring about WHITE RACIAL TEAMWORK and also as described in Chapter No. 7, Part II of NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION, “The Leadership Principle”. We must adopt the “wolf pack” system whereby we have a backup of an unlimited supply of leaders ready to serve. If one gets shot down, another is there to take his place. If he too falls, there is another ready to take over. 

Such leaders can only come from experience and testing in the field. Only by proving their merits in actually building their own organizations can such leaders be recognized. These must then further be mobilized into a “chain of command”, and organized by areas, districts and divisions. In building the SCHOOL FOR GlFTED BOYS we are building the base from which the qualities of future leaders can be identified, oriented and trained. Just as Rome was not built in a day, so our organization, too, will not be built overnight. But time is of the essence and we must push the program into becoming a reality with all deliberate speed. 

There is one other move that we must make with all deliberate speed and that is the dispersion of huge quantities of our THREE BASIC BOOKS in a multitude of warehouses or storage places all over the country. We must disperse our inventories in every major city in the country, from Los Angeles to Boston, from Miami to Seattle, and all areas in between. 

This, too, is in good keeping with the policy of dispersion, so that no matter where a catastrophe may strike, we have reserves to draw from, not just a handful of storage areas, but hundreds. 

We must think big. We may start small but we must think in terms of totality — the whole country, the whole world. We must also plan to have the basic books translated into the major present White languages of the world, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and at least a half dozen others. 

The best way to start implementing this dispersion of reserves is for those of our members that have the finances to buy and warehouse several hundred copies, to do so as soon as possible. Write us for special prices on quantities. 

Dispersion and Polarization — that is the answer. Let us learn from history, let us above all learn from the history of the Jews. We can do a lot better than they ever could. They are merely a minority of parasites. We are CREATORS who need none of the mud races for our welfare or survival. On the contrary, the sooner we get all the parasites and freeloaders off our backs, the sooner we will be in a position to build that Whiter and Brighter World that is the cherished goal of every Creator. 

Also, remember the bottom line, if we don’t get our act together, if we don’t get the White Race organized, mobilized and polarized — the consequences of our criminal negligence will be catastrophic. For a glimpse of our coming fate, read what happened to the defenseless men, women and children that were incinerated at Dresden. Read again the horror story of how the Jews incinerated hundreds of thousands of helpless White men, women and children in a matter of two days. (P. 93 Nature’s Eternal Religion, “The Murder of Dresden.”) That was not a holyhoax, but a real holocaust, perpetrated mostly on White women and children. A similar fate awaits all of the White Race, either piecemeal, or in a sudden thunderclap. Read again “Let Us Make Hay While The Sun Shines” in the first chapter of this book. Remember – there is no evading or avoiding the issue. We either mobilize our resources and save ourselves from a universal “Dresden” or reap the consequences of our cowardice and negligence.

* * * * *

Let us now rally around CREATIVITY and polarize it into the mighty BATTERING RAM we must have to smash the Jewish menace.

* * * * *

Whereas Adolf Hitler united the German people, it is the sacred goal of the Church of the Creator to unite all the White peoples of the world into one mighty religious movement.

* * * * *

A fate similar to Dresden is what the Jews have in mind for all the goyim, especially the White Race. Don’t let it happen. Organize, polarize and mobilize.

* * * * *

There will never be a better time to get our act together than NOW. We will not get a second chance.

* * * * *

Do something meaningful for the White Race. Become an Ordained Minister of the Church of the Creator and start a C.O.T.C. group in your area.