Cupid’s Corner


There has been considerable interest among our members in taking advantage of our CUPID’S CORNER in finding an ideologically compatible life’s partner for themselves, and we have received several inquiries regarding what ground rules should be followed. 

1. Give most of the basic statistics — age, sex, weight, height, blonde, brunette, etc. 

2. Brief details about job, hobbies, interests, talents, sports, education, etc.

3. Preferences about the partner with whom the writer would like to correspond. 

There are some of the items you might wish to cover in the initial letter, but it is not necessary to go into too much detail. Keep the letter short. The objective of such an inquiry is, we hope, marriage and the founding of another White family. We are not interested in publishing merely the pen pal type of letter, nor those suggesting a live-in relationship. We are interested in aiding and abetting Commandment No. 2 of our Sixteen. 

Send the letter (preferably along with a picture of yourself) addressed to Cupid’s Corner, c/o RACIAL LOYALTY, P. 0. Box 400, Otto, North Carolina, 28763 and we will publish it. We will then forward all (proper) responses on to you, and from there on out you are on your own. Good luck! 

* * * * *

Remember — in the ruthless struggle for survival, winner takes all. Nature does not even award a booby prize for second place.

* * * * *

Only by breeding a better race of people can we build a better world, and only the White Race can do it. Help build a Whiter and Brighter World.