Creativity School for Gifted Boys


An Historic Beginning

The CHURCH OF THE CREATOR is happy to announce that we have broken ground for our upcoming school for gifted Boys. On October 14, the bulldozers started clearing and leveling the site, and on October 25, the foundations were poured for the building itself. 

We believe this is a small, but historic beginning for planting the seed and creating the nucleus of what will be a tremendously far ranging program of education, orientation and enlightenment for the White Race. 

From this small beginning will, over the years, emerge a full-fledged program for the resurrection and redemption of not only our youth, but of the White Race as a whole. From this nucleus we hope will blossom forth a complete educational system, kindergarten, elementary and high schools; technical and trade schools; and also centers of higher education such as colleges, universities and centers of scientific research. 

When we laid the foundation for our 2,460 square feet school in October, we also laid the foundation for a system that will bring forth the future leaders of the White Race. We are committed to bringing out the best that Nature has bestowed on her finest, and this school is only the beginning. 

Help support this great enterprise. You can do two things: 

(a) Send financial contributions to help build our first school and 

(b) Start looking for prospects for two week sessions for next summer. 

We need both. 

Spread the word. Do your part. Perhaps you could sponsor some bright deserving boy, even though not of your own family. Think of how much time, energy and money you have squandered over your lifetime helping the Jewish establishment destroy the White Race. Do you want this to continue? 

If not, help build the Creativity School for Gifted Boys. Don’t let our future generations become burned out zombies, or drug ravaged slaves to the Jews. 

There is a 200 yard foot path between the school and the church. We intend to make this path a thing of beauty and pride. For every Creator that contributes $1,000 or more, we will plant a tree along the path with a plaque in their honor. Will you be the first?