Fasting Effective. In our program of Salubrious Living, the process of fasting is an extremely important adjunct. It is undoubtedly the safest, fastest and most effective means the body has of restoring itself back to health. It is not a cure-all, but it is amazingly effective for a wide variety of ailments that plague the human race. Strangely enough, the orthodox medical profession which takes the drug approach towards treating “disease”, has been persistently stubborn in ignoring the evidence regarding Nature’s most effective therapeutic remedy, fasting.

Opposed and Ignored by Medics. Strangely enough also, although its healing values have been known for centuries, the general public is largely unaware of fasting’s marvelous powers of healing. This, in large part can be blamed on the medical profession in toto, who have made their cut, burn and poison approach to “curing disease” into what amounts to a religious cult; despite its repeated failures, despite the fact that it has proved to be totally ineffective and totally useless. I will go further than that.  Statistics show that 40% of all deaths and ailments are iatrogenic, that is, directly caused by the dangerous treatments administered in hospitals and by doctors themselves.

Nature’s Therapy. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR reject the so-called orthodox medical approach of cut, burn and poison and turn instead to Nature’s therapeutic and benevolent means of healing. This means is the fast.

Civilization cause of Degenerative Diseases. Civilized man today is beset with a wide variety of pathological, systemic and degenerative diseases that are practically unknown among primitive peoples. Among these are: senility, cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, ulcers of the stomach and elsewhere in the digestive tract, colitis, diarrhea, constipation, nephritis, asthma, the common cold, hay fever, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, migraine headaches, nervous disorders, insanity, arthritis, eczema, pimples, and a host of others.

Why is this so? Why does civilized man with his high technical skills of medical treatment and wide variety of foods to choose from suffer from a host of diseases of which the primitive savage is practically free?

Processed Foods the Culprit. The answer by and large lies in our way of life, but mostly in the overly-processed and chemically poisoned foods we eat. The truth of the matter is we here in America are the most overfed and undernourished people in history. Not only that but the burden of poisonous chemicals we carry in our body is beyond the ability of the body to cope with. Our bodily system has developed over hundreds of thousands of years and changes extremely slowly. The onslaught of cooked, processed foods with all their inherent contaminants is something relatively new in the long history of our systemic development, something our bodies are not designed for, and therefore incapable of throwing off. The result is most of us are walking around with a toxic overload that is making us sick, miserable and destroying our health and energy.

Drugs and Pills Aggravate the Situation. And more pills, medicines and drugs are not the answer. In fact, they are a large part of the problem, only adding to the toxic overload, and further poisoning our already overburdened body. When you listen to all the highly touted medicines and palliatives advertised on television, you will note again and again the ever-recurring refrain “temporary relief from.” That is all they are — “temporary relief” (perhaps), only a palliative, but they never cure anything, never remove the cause of your headache, your constipation, your asthma, or whatever. In fact, after the supposed “temporary relief’ they intensify your ailment by loading your body up with more toxins and poisons, and you are more sick, more overburdened with toxins and poisons, and more dependent on the sleeping pills, tranquilizers, nose spray, or laxative than you were before you started taking these nasty chemical poisons that are totally alien to the body. The more you take of these palliatives, the more you need, and the sicker you get. It is a vicious rat race ending in debility, broken health and finally death.

Drug Approach Basically Wrong. This whole “drug” approach that is the basis of the orthodox approach of today’s modern medical profession is fundamentally wrong from its inception. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR repudiate that concept in its totality. Of all the tens of thousands of pills, medicines, drugs and chemicals that have been so highly glorified, touted and advertised over the last hundred years, there is not one that has cured anything. But all of them, and especially collectively, have done a great deal of harm. They have poisoned our people to the point where most people, starting with the young, are walking around with a toxic overload, a load beyond that with which they are able to cope. The result is the host of systemic and degenerative diseases I mentioned earlier.

All Medicines are Poison. Let us never forget — a medicine is a drug, is a chemical, is a poison. Our bodies were never designed to cope with such chemicals. They are alien to the body — they are poison.

Overfed, Undernourished. How did we ever get into this vicious rat race? It all begins with the unnatural, highly processed food we eat.  Whereas we pride ourselves on our glorious supermarkets, of being the best fed nation on earth, the fact is our highly processed foods have been largely stripped of all their natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes, leaving a barren mess of garbage that our bodies cannot use, leaving us with a mess of empty calories that will make us fat, but leave us woefully undernourished. To add insult to injury most of these beautifully processed foods are not only stripped of essential nutrients, but are highly loaded with preservatives, additives, artificial flavoring, artificial coloring and a host of other chemicals. To mention a few: mono sodium glutamate, calcium phosphate, gum arabic, sodium nicotinate, stilbesterol (in chicken and beef) and always sugar, sugar, sugar. The end result is we are fed foods that look great, taste good, are beautifully packaged, but are essentially stripped of their vital nutrients and loaded with chemical poisons. We are eating synthetic, plastic foods, foods that are crippled, and poisoned, resulting in crippled and poisoned people.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements are no answer. We CREATORS shun all processed foods, pills or extracts. This includes the vitamin, mineral and enzyme supplements that health faddists love to buy in the so-called “Health Food” stores. All vitamin, mineral and enzyme pills are intensively processed, whether they be labeled organic or synthetic. As such the body cannot use them and they add absolutely nothing to the natural nourishment of the body.  On the contrary, they add to the toxic overload that the body is working so hard to reduce.  Therefore we reject all such compressed supplements as artificial, processed junk food of no value, but actually harmful to the body.

 A Good General Rule is that any substance, whether it be onions, garlic, cod liver oil, or Vitamin C pills, that you cannot sit down and make an entire meal of, enjoy and easily digest, is not good food for the body, even if taken in small amounts.

This is purely an exclusionary rule, and by no means implies that every “food” that can be eaten as a whole meal, without digestive problems, is good food.  For instance, you might be able to eat a whole meal of white bread, or of cheese, or chocolate bars, and enjoy it without immediate digestive problems. But they are not necessarily good foods. In fact, all three mentioned are the worst of junk foods.

Even Savages Eat Better. It is a shameful fact that the primitive savages, untouched by civilization, whether in the South Seas or in Africa, eat much better, more nutritious food than does the civilized White Man today. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate the primitives at about 5, whereas we are far down the scale at about 2.

So that is where it all begins — the cooked, over-processed, plastic food we eat. As a result we are undernourished, overfed and loaded with toxins beyond the ability of the body to throw them off. It is a long recognized axiom that any organism that is unable to excrete its waste, dies.

The Answer. Since I have gone into the subject of nutrition, the hoax of medicine, and the evils of pollution in another chapter, I won’t belabor this subject further in this chapter. Rather, recognizing the unhealthy mess we are in, the question is — what can we do to get back to normal, salubrious health? How can we unload the body of the burdensome toxins?

The Answer Is Fasting.

* * * * *

Let us dwell on the word “cure” for a moment and further try to clarify its meaning.

No cures for anything. I have already stated that we make no claims that fasting is a “cure-all”. I will go further than that and flatly state that it does not “cure” anything. In fact there is no such a thing as a “cure” for human ailments anytime, anywhere, other than death itself. As long as the body lives you can no more be cured of an ailment any more than you can be cured of being run over by a Mack truck. To be cured implies that you will never again be susceptible to that ailment, be it cancer, or heart disease, or whatever. The truth is there is nothing that can make you immune from future ailments. No matter how healthy you might be today, if you subject your body to abuses, wrong habits and bad food, you will become sick again and your old ailments will return in force.

Fasting allows Body to Restore Itself. Therefore we shun the word “cure” in our discussion. What we do claim about fasting is that it is the fastest, most effective natural way the body has of recuperating and restoring itself back to health from a wide variety of ailments, some of which I have mentioned, and many more that I have not. I do claim that it is far superior to the orthodox medical approach of cut, burn and poison. It is far superior to the drug approach that is the darling of the medical profession. Whereas the fasting approach to restoring health is a natural, therapeutic, healing process, the “orthodox” drug approach is harmful, devitalizing and in itself contributes to the poisoning and toxification of the body.

Yes, we of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR do not claim fasting to be a cure-all, but we do claim that it is a thousand times superior to the “orthodox” medical approach of cut, burn and poison.

* * * * *

Fasting Detoxifies, Revitalizes. To the average layman, fasting is synonymous with starving. “Go without food for two or three weeks? I’d starve to death.” Not true. Not true at all. There is a fairly clear line of demarcation between fasting and starving. Most of us could go for a month or more and not even begin to cross that line. If you are overweight you could go much longer. (All this should, however, be in a clinic under supervision). Most of us would come out of such a fast revitalized, rid of many of our pet ailments, allergies, headaches, constipation, or what have you. In fact, chances are excellent that you would come out of the fast stronger, healthier and much more energetic than you were before going into the fast, after a suitable period of eating and rebuilding.

Relatively Safe. Under proper supervision the danger of starvation or dying while fasting are minimal. It is, in fact, much less dangerous than the average stay in a hospital.

Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, who has probably done more to advance the hygienist movement (which we call Salubrious Living) than any other man, states that over a period of more than 45 years he has conducted thousands of fasts and no one under his care has ever died of fasting. Some of these fasts ranged from a few days to as long as ninety days.

Fasting means total abstinence from food of any kind, drinking only moderate amounts of pure water, preferably distilled. We hear of people going on “juice fasts” or “water fasts” but these are misnomers. If someone is drinking only fruit juice they are not on a fast, but on a juice diet. If they are on a “water fast,” it would imply they are abstaining from water, which they are not. In our terminology a fast means just what I said — abstaining from all food, but drinking distilled water.

Fasting is a Natural Healing Process. In the animal world animals fast not only when they are sick, or wounded, but also in many other instances of their natural life cycles. One example is during hibernation.  Some animals fast during the mating season. Some during the nursing period. Some birds fast while their eggs are being hatched. Some wild creatures will fast when taken into captivity. Animals survive fasts during periods of drought, snow, cold or long periods when game or food is scarce without any harmful effects. Fasting is a natural process in the animal kingdom. Mankind too, has been practicing it for thousands of years. It is only in recent medical history that it has become less known, probably due in no small part to the efforts of the medical profession itself in suppressing this natural restorative.

When a person fasts, several constructive benefits result. Weight reduction is one of the most obvious, but it is only an added dividend to the many other beneficial effects.

Draws on Reserves. When the body fasts a process called autolysis takes place. The normal body provides itself with a store of nutritive materials that are put away in the form of fat, bone marrow, glycogen, muscle juices, lacteal fluids, minerals and vitamins. When a person goes on a fast, the body draws on these reserves to nourish its functioning tissues. As this reserve is used up, the body loses weight. The amount of weight it can lose before these reserves are used up is considerable. It is when these reserves are used up that starvation begins.

Thorough House Cleaning. The body is very selective in the order in which it uses these reserves, starting first with the fatty tissues. In so doing, it also begins a thorough house cleaning process during which it throws off all the accumulated poisons and toxins that have gathered in the cells over a long period of time. Because of the extra energies used in digestion during normal periods of eating, and because such foods continually load the body with more new toxins, the body has been unable to do its detoxification program efficiently.

Body Detoxifies Itself. During fasting all this changes. Rest is a necessary adjunct of fasting. All the body’s energies can now be concentrated in a cleansing process and detoxifying its entire system. In this process its healing powers are greatly enhanced. Tumors are absorbed, ulcers, sores and irritated tissues are healed. Toxins and poisons are excreted. During the rest and abstinence from food the body is relieved of its digestive drudgery. It can finally get around to using all its energies towards this cleansing and healing process and put its house back in fine order.

* * * * *

Benefits of Fasting. There are many good reasons for fasting, and restoring the body back to health from the numerous diseases we mentioned earlier in this chapter is reason enough. But even in the absence of specific diseases there are essentially four good reasons why it is beneficial for most people to periodically undergo a fast in order to build up their health, to ward off future ailments, and to just feel better.

  1. One of the most obvious is weight reduction. Overweight is the most common problem in America today. It is the beginning of the cause of any number of ailments. As I have stated earlier, we are a nation of overfed and undernourished people.

Unquestionably, fasting produces the safest and most effective means available for weight reduction. But I want to add that weight reduction is by no means the sole reason for fasting. It is only an extra benefit derived in restoring the body to salubrious health.

  1. The second benefit can be termed physiological compensation — conserving its energy for the healing process. When food is being taken in, a large amount of energy must be expended in its digestion. Much blood must be diverted to the digestive organs and the healing process is delayed or neglected. In fasting all this energy is now diverted to the healing process and the system can concentrate on getting its house in order.
  2. The third reason is to secure physiological rest, a recuperative process not unlike a bear in hibernation. During the fasting process, there being no new food taken in that has to be digested and metabolized, the whole system gets a much needed rest, a reprieve, a chance to restore.  The digestive system, the glandular system, the circulatory system, the nervous system, the respiratory system all get a reprieve, a chance to rest. All this has a therapeutic and healing effect, giving the body an opportunity to restore itself.
  3. The greatest benefit of all is the extraordinary effectiveness of the fast in the process of detoxifying itself. Dr. J. H. Tilden, the founder of the famous Dr. Tilden’s Health School in Denver and who has written several books, says, “After fifty-five years of sojourning in the wilderness of medical therapeutics, I am forced to declare without fear of successful contradiction, that fasting is the only reliable, specific, therapeutic eliminant known to man.”

Dr. Herbert M. Shelton says “Nothing known to man equals the fast as a means of increasing the elimination of waste from the blood and the tissues.”

As the fast progresses, retained wastes are thrown out of the body and the system becomes purified. Relief of irritations occur. The body becomes rested and recuperated, and in short, the body is detoxified and restored.

* * * * *

 When should a person fast? Basically there are two situations.

Health broken down. When the bodily health, for any number of reasons, is already broken down, a long fast becomes imperative. This may be anywhere from a week to six weeks or more. Such fasts should be taken in a clinic under the supervision of a Hygienist.

Sluggish. The other situation is when a person is not specifically sick, but feels sluggish and run down. A fast of four days to a week can work wonders. Such fasts should be undertaken after reading a good book on fasting, or consulting with, or under the guidance of, a Hygienist, at least, the first such attempt.

Routine maintenance. Many Mormons fast one day a week as a routine observance of their religious practice. This has good merit both for keeping down weight and also in its therapeutic value. Many people who are into fasting routinely fast one week a year, just in order to maintain good health. In any case, occasional fasting has many solid benefits of which weight reduction is only the most obvious added dividend.

Breaking the Fast Important Step. One very important aspect of fasting is breaking the fast slowly. Proper breaking of the fast can determine whether the fast will be beneficial or not. After a fast, food should be taken selectively, and at first in very moderate amounts. Many Hygienists recommend breaking the fast by drinking orange juice or other fruit juices in small amounts and at regular intervals, then gradually adding solid foods until the regular diet is resumed. This is where the expertise of the Hygienist is vital. As a rule of thumb, for every four days of fasting one day of gradual “breaking of the fast” is needed. For example, if a fast lasts for twenty days a period of five days of gradual dieting will be required to again resume a normal eating schedule.

Wealth of information available. However, this chapter is not designed as a comprehensive treatise on fasting, but only to point up the benefits to be derived from this most effective of all therapeutic and restorative processes known to man or animal in Nature. I strongly suggest that before entering into fasting for any length of time beyond a few days, our members thoroughly verse themselves in this process or place themselves under the guidance of a good Hygienic clinic.