CREATIVITY readily accepted. In revealing the Jewish conspiracy to the uninitiated, it is most encouraging, even surprising, how many of our good White Racial Comrades will readily accept the philosophical view of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR. Whereas the Jews have seen to it that our people have a thousand different and divergent views about race, religion, and the world in general, nevertheless when CREATIVITY has been given even at least a minimal hearing, most people will react favorably. In fact, many will admit “You know, I’ve felt that way for years, but I have never really thought it through and never have I had the whole picture presented to me so clearly.”

We now have a Positive Program. Some people upon understanding the situation are psychologically given a shot of adrenaline and are ready to do something. For the first time they have seen the whole picture. For the first time, the pieces fit together and for the first time they have been given positive answers instead of more riddles. For the first time they have been given a constructive and dynamic program as to how they can join with the rest of the five hundred million White people of the globe and clean up the sorry mess the Jews have perpetrated on all of mankind.

Challenged to Action. Now that they know the problem and they know the answers to the problem, they are challenged to action. They are faced with obligations that they can no longer avoid. They can no longer plead ignorant to a matter of life and death, and to do nothing is a serious indictment weighing on their conscience. To be aware of the conspiracy and do nothing about it is to become an accomplice in the crime.

Cop-out for Cowards. There are several cop-outs, unfortunately, to which the White Race is sorely addicted. It seems throughout history when the trials and tribulations of mankind become worse, more and more people turn to religion as an escape from the unpleasant realities of life, in the same way that others seek escape by drowning their problems in alcohol, or dope, hallucinatory drugs, or whatever. All these are an escape mechanism, an escape from the real world into a world of fantasy, and none of these cowardly escapes solve the problem. They result, of course, in just the opposite — they compound the problem and generally make it much worse.

Plead Hopelessness. However, since we have devoted considerable attention to religion and the evils of Jewish Christianity in other chapters, it is not necessary to repeat it here. In this chapter we are concerned primarily about those good White Racial Comrades who are neither spook-chasers nor drug addicts, but seek to avoid facing the realities of the Jewish menace by pleading hopelessness.

Your House is on Fire. The situation of being told of the worldwide Jewish conspiracy and their program to commit genocide on the White Race is similar to a man nonchalantly sitting in a bar nursing his drink. Along comes a messenger in great excitement telling him his (the drinker’s) own house is on fire. No longer can the man in the bar sit there indifferently and peacefully continue with his drink. Drunk or sober, he is jolted into a position where he must get concerned! He must take action! Like it or not, he is involved! His own house is on fire!

You are Involved. It is the same way with every White Man and Woman on the face of the earth.  Once they have been informed of the dire jeopardy of the White Race, of the vicious Jewish conspiracy, of the war for the mongrelization and extinction of the White Race, they are heavily involved. The world is on fire, like it or not! Every one of us now has a painful (but glorious) obligation to enter into that battle. We now have the urgent responsibility of becoming activists to save our children, our civilization, our country, our homes, and yes, our very own skin. It is a duty we cannot shuck. Having read this book no one can any longer plead ignorance. Like the man in the saloon, you now know. You must act.

The Last Alibi. In their ingenuity to avoid responsibilities, the average cowardly yokel has one last alibi in an effort to cop out, to try to avoid entering into the battle. It goes something like this: “I agree with everything you say. I am convinced the Jews are an unmitigated evil and are in control of a worldwide power network to destroy us. I am aware that the niggers are multiplying like rabbits and we will eventually have wall-to-wall niggers in this country. I am aware that the Mexicans are flooding into this country by the millions and have practically taken over California, Arizona, New Mexico and other southwestern states. I am aware that the Cubans, Haitians, Chinese, Vietnamese and millions of other mud races are converging on this country like a swarm of locusts.”

Not Too Late. “But” (and here comes the inevitable “but” to grease the skids for an ignominious cop-out) “isn’t it too late? What can we do about it? The Jews have all the money. They are in control of the news media, in control of the schools, in control of the government, the churches, and every other nerve-center of power. There is nothing we can do. We are helpless.”

Our Potential Power is Tremendous. Wrong. We are not helpless. There is a hell of a lot we can do about it. It just simply takes guts and energy.

Will to Survive. It is a matter of will. It is a matter of determination. It is a matter of guts. The coward can always dream up a thousand excuses as to why it would be better to capitulate than fight. The coward can have all the guns and ammunition in the world at his disposal, but if he doesn’t have the guts and the will to fight, all those weapons will be completely useless to him.

Must Use our Awesome Power. The White Race today is in a similar position. Despite the fact that if has a preponderance of ammunition and firepower in its hands, it lacks the will to fight, the will to survive. The Jews, what with Christianity and other “humanitarian” propaganda, have, over the centuries, done such a thorough job in castrating the White Man of his will to survive that he acts like a docile steer. He would rather dismally succumb to the Jewish horrors of the future, than rouse up his ire in holy vengeance and rise up to destroy his tormentors.

No Time to Lose. If this drags on much longer the White Man will actually be in a hopeless position to fight back and survive.

In a Leaky Rowboat. The White Race today is in a position similar to that of a man in a leaky rowboat out in the ocean. He is five miles off shore and there is a gentle breeze pushing him further off shore. At present the leak and the wind are such that if he bailed and rowed, bailed and rowed, he could make it back to the shore. The longer he sits there and contemplates his fate, the lower his boat sinks and the further the wind blows him off shore. In short, the longer he dawdles, the slimmer are his chances. If he had any brains at all, there is really nothing much to contemplate, since he only has one choice. His only chance is to row and bail like hell, and head for the shore, the sooner the better, the quicker the better. His very life depends on the urgency and vigor with which he pursues his salvation — heading for the shore. There is nothing to be gained in philosophizing as to why his boat is leaking, as to why he got into this stupid situation, or in wasting any time speculating on what are his odds in reaching the shore. All these are only a disastrous delay and waste of time! There is only one thing to do — bail and row and head for shore.

Time for Drastic Action. The situation is exactly the same for the White Race of today. That we (or our traitorous representatives) have gotten ourselves into an idiotic mess, of that there is no doubt.  Once you know this, then there is no use in wasting further precious time pontificating about it. Like the man in the leaky boat, time is running out on us! The longer we dawdle the more precarious becomes our position. The time has come for action! We will either act now or we and/or our children will pay dearly for our dalliance and cowardice. You have no choice but to become committed and Become An Activist. It is either now or never.

Now that you are convinced that you have neither an alibi nor a way out, other than blood, sweat and tears, the next question to alibi out, will be “What can I do about it?”

You Already have the Answers. I am glad you asked that question, although if you have read this book so far, and have read NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION, and will read the rest of this book, you already know the answer. In CREATIVITY we have the total solution, the final answer, the ultimate creed. By becoming a member of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR, helping to organize and promote our creed and program, you are doing the most direct, the most effective and the most constructive thing you can do to save your family, your country, your civilization, and your race.

Do It Now. To briefly spell it out again, you can and must do the following:

  1. Read and study both NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION and the WHITE MAN’S BIBLE so that you yourself are thoroughly familiar with our creed and program.
  2. Spread the word to every White Man and Woman you possibly can. Sell, loan or otherwise distribute the White Man’s Sacred Books. Get them into the hands of as many White Racial Comrades as possible. It is the least you can do. Our initial goal is to place 10 million copies into the hands of our White Racial Comrades. (But this is only the start, the break-even point.)
  3. Next, organize a small Church group and start recruiting members. Hold regular meetings. Don’t worry about legalities, organizational structure, incorporation, charters or whatever. First, get started. Then we will get to the charter and legalities.
  4. Grow and expand.  Help to build a worldwide organization.

Get Started. We are Powerful. This in short, is the starter. Once you get started, the sky is the limit. Remember the Jews don’t have it all their way by any means. For one thing we are better fighters than they are. We are more intelligent. We are creative, productive and self-sufficient in our own right. We don’t need the Jews, the niggers or any other mud people to survive and prosper. In fact we would be ten times better off if the world were rid of all the parasitic mud people, and inhabited by White people only. The Jew, on the other hand, is a miserable parasite and needs the White Race to bleed and feed upon, or he will perish. And last but not least, we the White Race outnumber the Jew at least thirty to one. How many more advantages do you need? For a further catalogue of our advantages read again the last part of the third chapter in this book,“Recognizing Our Enemies.”  Become an activist!  Become a White partisan!

Jew sitting on a Powder Keg. Remember the Jew is sitting on top of the world today, but he is also sitting on top of a precarious powder keg that could explode any minute and blow him into smithereens. He is where he is because he has had the will and determination to be aggressive and the White Race is where it is because it has lacked the will and has meekly allowed the Jew to desecrate and undermine its will to survive.

We Must Fight!  We Must Win! Now is the time is to get our ramrod up and fight! We have no other choice. It is a matter of will! Remember the man in the leaky boat. Remember also that anyone who knows about the Jewish conspiracy and does nothing is an accomplice to the crime.

Triumph of The Will. In CREATIVITY we have the fighting creed to re-affirm the White Man’s triumph of the will as heroically demonstrated by that greatest of all White leaders — Adolf Hitler. So let us get into the fight today, now! You have no alibi, no other way out, White Man! It’s Either Fight or Die!