Immediate Goals. In the beginning of this book we set forth our overall long range goals for the future of the White Race and the world we live in. Now that in the intervening pages we have blueprinted our creed, program and philosophy for the next million years, I want to set forth some of the practical and immediate goals of organization that we must accomplish.

Rapid Dispersion. Our first and most difficult step is expanding our membership and getting copies of our two White Man’s Bibles into the hands of our White Racial Comrades. It is extremely important that we do this as quickly as possible. We consider the initial goal is to distribute ten million copies of our WHITE MAN’S BIBLE. This is a most urgent first step — dispersion. As I have stated any number of times before, this would be the biggest bargain the White Race ever purchased for itself. When we consider that we undoubtedly spend more in half an hour subsidizing the niggers and other parasites than those ten million Bibles would cost, you can appreciate the overwhelming small price we would pay.

Bargain at Any Price. But regardless of the cost, we must pay the price. It is a phenomenal bargain at any price. It is a matter of life and death.

Promote, Distribute, Organize. Therefore I urge each White Racial Comrade that reads this book to immediately become an ardent promoter and distributor of this, the White Man’s Bible, of which NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION is one half. This is the first big step and it is tremendously important. Once we have ten million copies dispersed we can consider the battle tide in our favor. The more dispersion we achieve the more impossible it becomes for the Jew to reverse the tide. But time is of the essence. Then, as you gather similar concerned and willing activists about you, form a small church group. Do this as soon as you can, even if there are initially only two or three of you, form a group, hold weekly meetings, distribute the books and expand. This is a must. Before we can exert any muscle or influence we must have members.Forget about legalities, incorporation charters, etc., until you have a fair sized group, say twenty or thirty.

Become A Minister. We ordain ministers and grant ministerial certificates. Whoever is best fitted to lead the group should be selected as minister. This may, or may not, be the same person that started the group, but in any case the one with the best leadership qualities should become leader of the group and hold the ministerial title.

Memberships and Charters. As the group grows you can apply for and we will grant a charter to such group as being affiliated with the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR. Even before such a charter is taken out, each and every member should apply for an individual Membership Certificate and Card. These are granted to any good White Racial Comrade that has read our Bible and made a small donation towards the Church. These memberships are issued from the central headquarters of the church only.

Building Creativity Centers. Once we have laid this much of a foundation we want to build a CREATIVITY CENTER at our headquarters. As the branch Churches in the individual communities grow, and as each one of them acquires the numbers and financial resources to do so, they too should endeavor to build Creativity Centers in their own towns, cities or communities as membership and resources permit.

Encompass Community Activities. Here is what we envision in a Creativity Center Complex at our main headquarters, although not all components of the complex need necessarily be in one geographic location. For example, the Creativity University may, and most likely will, have a campus entirely on its own.

In any event here are some of the components, to be expanded, added to (or some left out) as we now envision it:

  1. The Religious Center, the main edifice of which we will call the White Temple. This will be our main meeting place and also the heart of our organizational center. Nearby we also plan to have a seminary for the training of our ministers and religious leaders.
  2. Recreational Center. On the same grounds as the main church we want to have excellent recreational facilities for our members to enjoy themselves. This hopefully will include tennis courts, a swimming pool, bowling alleys and any other activities that the members can afford and deem necessary. Among the latter should be a gym that will serve to improve the health and vigor of our members.
  3. Health Center. Since we promote Salubrious Living as an important aspect of our religious program, we want to augment the gym and recreational facilities with a store where organic foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds can be purchased.

We also want to have a Health Spa where members can be supervised during longer fasts and advised on what foods to select in order to avoid chemical poisoning on the one hand, and build up their health, on the other. We also want to have on hand a selection of the best books furthering the education on Salubrious Living.

  1. Social Center. Since we envision the Church as encompassing the whole spectrum of living we deem it very important that it also become the social center of the White community. Whether or not separate buildings are erected for this purpose or whether the White Temple is the center is a matter of economics. In any case we should have a large hall in which we can carry on such activities as square dances, religious pageants, concerts and diverse cultural activities. We want to have something interesting for everyone, and make joining not just a banding together for survival, but to also make it fun and an interesting adventure.
  2. Educational Institutions.  These may or may not be on the same grounds as the main religious complex. In most cases the higher institutions, such as the colleges and universities will not.

Racial Awareness. We not only want our children to get away from niggers, race-mixing and Jewish brain pollution, but we also want to instill in them race consciousness and pride of race from the time they are toddlers. Therefore we want to build our own schools for them, starting from kindergarten. We want to have our own teachers, White leaders who are not only free from Jewish indoctrination, but on the contrary, instilled with White racial pride and awareness and well versed in the philosophy of CREATIVITY.

This we want to carry on through the elementary schools, the high schools, and last of all the universities.

Vocational Training Important. Also, we want for our young people a school in which they can learn a useful trade or vocation with which they can earn a good living. This latter is very important to us. We believe in placing more emphasis on learning as a useful and practical training for life, rather than a sophisticated accumulation of useless information, much of which is irrelevant to the real business of living.

Value Judgment. We CREATORS believe that education should serve a much broader function than just the cramming of diverse information into the heads of our young people. We believe it should (a) lead to astute value judgment, a category in which present educational facilities are almost completely bankrupt, (b) such value judgment should place emphasis on character building, racial pride, importance of our previous historical heritage and the importance of upgrading our gene pool, (c) training for marriage and rearing a family, (d) training for being a productive member of our White society and being able to earn a good living, (e) cultural appreciation and familiarity with the finer arts.

6. Financial Centers. These would be oriented in such a way that they would help our members be more successful financially. This would include any number of aspects of trade and commerce, among which the following would only be a few of the main ones:

(a) Job Placements for our members.

(b) Credit Unions where our members can deposit their savings at the best possible rate, and at the same time borrow money when they need to. We mean to take the financial business away from the parasitic Jews who have monopolized it from early historic times.

(c) We may also carry on our own system of exchange, such as Trading Coupons. This is an involved subject and more study of it will be made.

(d) Exposing Jewish Businesses and professions so that we will be able to blacklist and boycott them. Also boycotting foreign-made goods from such alien mud races and countries as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.

(e) Cooperating in throwing all business opportunities to our own members. For example, doing business with a building contractor, or a real estate agent, or a hardware store, etc., who are members of our Church. There is nothing new or immoral about this. The Jews and the Mormons have been doing this for centuries. It is a very effective means of bolstering our own and we mean to use it. It is called teamwork.

7. Political Action Groups. Whereas this will be separate from the church itself, it will nevertheless be a very important phase of our activities until such time as we wrench control of our destiny — governmental, financial, cultural, religious and every other aspect — from out of the slimy hands of the Jewish network. Therefore we must organize, build a power base, expose our enemies and eventually seize control of our government. Until we do, none of our other major problems such as inflation, unemployment, race pollution, communism, foreign aid give-aways, the drug problem, invasion by aliens (Mexicans, Haitians, Jamaicans, etc.) or a myriad other problems will ever be solved. I repeat — until we get control of government none of these problems will be solved. We will be on the outside looking in. We will only be a dispossessed majority, dwindling into a persecuted minority.

Control of Our Own Destiny. So let me repeat: in order to achieve the great and beautiful goals we cherish, we must wrest control of government out of the hands of our enemies and take charge. Before we can ever do that, we must take all the intermediate steps in between as first goals. These, as I have stated repeatedly, are first of all building up our numbers and organizing our racial church organization.

Start with Basics, Start Now. We go back to square one. We need you. Study this intense religious program. Distribute our White Man’s Bible to your White Racial Comrades by the hundreds, and if you can possibly afford it, by the thousands. Become a card-carrying member of the church. Organize your own church group and become a minister.

Multiply this by ten million and we are well on our way to complete victory.