New Information. Since writing NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION, there are two chapters in that book which I wish to reinforce and update with certain additional information that has come to me. The first is the chapter on use of the Latin language, and the second is the chapter on Mormonism.

* * * * *


Conclusion Reinforced. I do not by any standard consider myself a linguist, although by the time I was eight I had (of necessity) already learned enough of the rudiments of four languages to be able to speak them. I also acknowledge that by no stretch of the imagination can I be considered a Latin scholar. However I do feel that I have the good sense to be able to recognize a good thing when I see it without necessarily being an expert on it. Latin is one of those good things and my appraisal of selecting Latin as the coming universal language for the White Race has not changed. It has in fact been strongly reinforced in the ensuing years as I discussed this with other White Racial Comrades, Latin scholars and White racists.

Jews killed Latin. For the last quarter of a century in accordance with the Jewish program of always “killing the best,” Latin has virtually become a “dead language,” despite the fact it was for almost two thousand years the supreme language of the world, and no man of erudition could claim such without being well versed in Latin. Today our Jewish Universities have dropped it as being a prerequisite even in law or medicine.

Unique Opportunity. This gives us a unique opportunity to completely overhaul and perfect this great language while it is in this present state of limbo. Whereas Latin was, and I believe still is, the greatest of all languages, nevertheless it has inherent in it many imperfections. These are probably fewer than in any other language, but they are still there. We could greatly improve upon the structure of the whole language, should we set our mind to it.

Needlessly Complex. There are in Latin, for instance, five declensions, six conjugations. There are irregular nouns, heterogeneous nouns, heteroclite nouns, Greek nouns, and then there are exceptions to all of them. There are irregular verbs, there are irregular pronouns. Some of the words are needlessly long and cumbersome. The cardinal numbers after ten become somewhat clumsy. The whole grammatical structure and syntax is far more complex than need be.

No Purpose. Now I realize that all this can be (and has been) overcome by repeated drilling, drilling, drilling. But why need pointless complications be thrown in when they serve no purpose? For instance, why do we need five declensions when one would do just as well? It has been charged against the Chinese (for instance) that they froze in their cultural advancement because their writing and language were so complicated. Whether this is true or not, I can’t say, although my theory is that they were upgraded 4,000 years ago when the White Man moved in and dramatically raised their cultural level, but were stagnated when the White genes were diluted in a sea of natives over the centuries. But that is another story.

Conciseness, Accuracy. The point is in today’s exploding era of communications, the conciseness, explicitness and accuracy of language is more important than ever. Certainly the present existence of a Babylon of languages amongst the White Race is a tremendous handicap. It is a needless roadblock in communications between our White Racial Comrades all over the world. It is also a source of friction and divisiveness within countries, as in Canada and Belgium, for instance, and many other countries. It is a source of friction and divisiveness between countries. So my conclusion that we inaugurate a universal language for the White Race throughout the world is even stronger today than when I wrote NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION.

Take Advantage of the Opportunity. My additional suggestion is this: Now that Latin is practically a dead language (thanks to the Jews) we have a unique opportunity to revamp the language, revise it, streamline it, modernize it, to include all the new words (such as radar, television, airplanes, etc.) that the Romans did not have and make a highly functional and practical language without necessarily stripping any of its beauty. Being practically unused, such a change would cause very little or no disruption.

Latin Sine Flexion. I understand that a similar effort has already been made in the earlier part of this century, and that a simplified Latin called Latin Sine Flexion has been developed. However, I have been unable to get any further information on it at this point and have no idea who did it or how well it has been done. Regardless, I believe such an important undertaking should be a major and thorough undertaking and not superficially done.

Commission of Scholars. My idea is to call together a convention of scholars similar to the commission that gathered in 1611 and hammered out the King James Version of the English Christian bible. They did an excellent job considering the material they had to work with. With the wealth of scholars and linguists we have available today and with the added experience of communications and multitude of languages, it should be a tremendously rewarding accomplishment. Even modern computers can be utilized and brought into play. Out of such a convention I would expect would come a comprehensive Latin Dictionary similar to our big Webster, which would then be the authorized text. Also structured would be a comprehensive Latin grammar that would rigidly lay down the final rules to be followed henceforth, clearly, simply and logically.

A Permanent Language for the White Race. The end result should be a smoothly organized language, modern yet based on the original classic of all times. It would have a grammatical structure that would not be plagued with unnecessary complexities, or complications, exceptions or ambiguities. It would be the finest language of all times, scientifically designed for the modern age, yet carrying with it all the traditions, beauty and culture of Ancient Rome and the intervening culture of the White Race.

* * * * *

Change to Metric System. While we are talking about a universal language for the White Race, I want to also suggest that we in America adopt the metric system of weights and measures as promptly and expeditiously as is possible. I think it is absurd that America, the foremost technical nation in the world, should still be lumbering along with the old clumsy and antiquated British system of lbs. and inches. I think the Jews are deliberately delaying the changeover as long as possible just to throw further roadblocks in our foreign trade and our internal progress.

Benefits Everlasting. Again there are those who argue the cost and the disruption of the changeover would be prohibitive. This argument is not valid. Other nations have managed to do so handily. Like the operation of shipping the niggers back to Africa, it would be a one time cost, but the benefits would be everlasting.

Even 40 years ago when I was studying engineering in college I urged the professors to help push the changeover and wondered out loud why we were still plodding along with such a clumsy system. It is hard for me to believe that now in 1980 we are still stuck with it.

A Better White World. What a universal metric system would do for the White world in science and commerce, we hope that a universal streamlined Latin language will do in communication.

* * * * *


Who wrote the Book of Mormon. The second chapter in NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION that I have recently come upon with some additional relevant information, is the one on the Mormons. When I read the Book of Mormon and briefly reviewed it in NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION, I expressed my puzzlement as to why Joseph Smith would dream up such a dreary, long-winded and far-fetched history about some non-existent people as he did in his book. The whole story was so wild and improbable, and, as far as I could tell, served no useful purpose, moral, ethical, inspirational or otherwise.

Chronicled in Recent Book. It was only in the last year that a supporter of our church sent me a book called “Who Really Wrote the Book of Mormon?” It was written by three scholars and researchers, one of whom, Wayne L. Cowdry, is an ex-Mormon and a direct descendant of Oliver Cowdrey. The latter was one of the six founders of Mormonism. The early Cowdrey was also a scribe who took dictation from Joseph Smith himself when he was supposedly translating the golden tablets with the aid of his magic rocks “Urim and Thummim.”

Explain much about origins of “sacred books”. These three modern gentlemen have gone into a considerable amount of historical research about the sacred books of the Mormon church, which besides the Book of Mormon include “The Pearl of Great Price” and “Doctrine and Covenants.” The story they tell about how the Book of Mormon came to be written is highly interesting, in fact, far more exciting than the Book of Mormon itself. It goes a long way towards explaining how Joseph Smith latched onto the story of such strange people as the Jaredites, of the Nephites and the Lamanites and the whole strange, motley crew. The modern story of the origins of Mormonism also goes a long way towards answering the question that, until now, remained unanswered in my mind.

Written by Solomon Spalding. The answer is that Joseph Smith did not write the Book of Mormon at all. The original story was written as a piece of fiction, as a historical novel, by a man named Solomon Spalding (1761-1816). At the time he wrote his manuscript Spalding was a retired Congregationalist minister, already in poor health and in somewhat bad financial straits.It was his hope that by turning to writing he would be able to sell his stories and thereby help the family finances.

Manuscript Found.His first attempt was an experimental novel called Manuscript Story. Before he even completed it, he abandoned this first attempt and used what he had learned from it to prepare a new novel called Manuscript Found. This he completed and tried to sell to a print shop in Pittsburgh (where he lived at the time) in order to help pay off some of his mounting debts.

Not Worth Printing. Unfortunately for Spalding, the print shop, (called Patterson’s Print Shop) did not see enough commercial merit in his manuscript to warrant risking their money for the printing of it. They offered to print the manuscript if Spalding would pay for it, but Spalding did not have the money. So it just lay there for years. Spalding in the meantime died, October 20, 1816.

Enter Sidney Rigdon. It so happened that there lived a young fellow by the name of Sidney Rigdon in the area who had a friend that worked at Patterson’s Print Shop. Somehow Rigdon got hold of the manuscript, took it home and read it. Rigdon dabbled in religion, and at one time was ordained a Baptist minister, but it was short-lived. He was excommunicated on October 11, 1823, for teaching irregular doctrine. During this time he met Joseph Smith. Rigdon then joined the Campbellites and preached his own version of their message for a while.

Joseph Smith. In 1823 Joseph Smith was a youth of 18 who was given to some strange antics and had a somewhat unsavory reputation in his community. He was uneducated, uncouth, poorly dressed. Since his early childhood he had had a reputation for telling wild and weird stories, sometimes with a great deal of conviction. He also had a reputation for being given to visions and for digging in the nearby hills at night trying to find buried treasure. He had several scrapes with the law and on March 20, 1826 he was convicted of a charge that he had used fraudulent means (glass-looking) to defraud money from a victim named Peter G.  Bridgman.Because of Smith’s early peculiarity of seeing “visions” in glass or stones (or so he claimed) he was known as a “Peepstone Gazer.”  One other thing Smith had a reputation for even as a teenager and young man — and that was that he was an aggressive womanizer, a trait that persisted strongly to the end of his 39 years.

Rigdon, Smith Join Forces. Such were the characteristics and reputation of the future founder of the Mormon religion, when he came in contact with Sidney Rigdon. The latter, who was an unstable preacher and a religious zealot, was already in possession of Spalding’s Manuscript Found and had entertained some wild ideas about using it as the basis for a new religion.  Into this conspiratorial circle entered four more men.  One was Oliver Cowdrey, an ancestor of one of the authors of the modern book “Who Really Wrote the Book of Mormon?”Another was Martin Harris, who financed the first printing of the Book of Mormon in 1830, an accomplishment the real author, Solomon Spalding, could never afford.

Founding of the Church of Latter Day Saints. Evidently, the chemistry of the group was just right. Whether the idea of formulating a new religion out of Spalding’s manuscript originated with Rigdon or with Smith, or whether they conspired jointly, is not clear, and it doesn’t really matter. It was decided that Joseph Smith, because of his glibness of tongue, should be the holy man. On this flimsy and fraudulent basis, the stolen novel of Solomon Spalding, who intended it only as fiction, was the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints officially founded on April 6, 1830 and incorporated later that year.

Dictating from behind the curtain. In the prior year Joseph Smith sat behind a curtain and supposedly with the aid of his “magic rocks” was translating a non-existent language from non-existing “golden plates” dictating to one of his scribes.  He had good reason to sit behind a curtain, since he was only reading from Spalding’s “Manuscript Found,” making a few Biblical improvisations here and there, but basically following the text. These dictated notes are now in the Mormon archives as original sacred scriptures, with the scribe (who took the dictation) for each segment duly noted. There is one segment, however, which is designated as “scribe unknown.” The modern authors of “Who Really Wrote the Book of Mormon?” after much research and use of handwriting analysts and experts have shown that these pages were actually part of Solomon Spalding’s original text in Spalding’s own handwriting. Evidently Joseph Smith got tired of dictating from the manuscript and just threw it in “as is.”

* * * * *

Jewish Influence Creeping In. When I wrote about Mormonism in 1972 it had a world membership of approximately three million. In the short ensuing eight years it has grown another million and a half to four and a half million. I am still convinced that the church and its people are superior to most Christian churches, not because of its fraudulent creed (Christianity is even more so) but because of the programs it has pursued since its founding. However the Mormon church now too is becoming more and more riddled with Jewish influence.

New Revelation: Race Mixing. At the end of 1973 President Lee died and Spencer W. Kimball became the new president of the Mormon church. In June of 1978 a funny thing happened to President Kimball on his way to the Temple. He had a new “revelation” from the Lord that reversed prior revelations to the earlier fathers of the Church. The Lord revealed to him that niggers were now good people and should be included as eligible for the priesthood of the Mormon Church. Thus another racial barrier was battered down by the stroke of a pen and with it vanished the Mormon’s most significant barrier to racial mongrelization. I wonder why the good Lord in all his wisdom failed to see the light on this issue a century and a half earlier when he was dispensing visions contrary to this to Joseph Smith and the early founders.

Money, Power and more Temples. In any event, the Mormon Church is by now raking in billions, fleecing its people even more effectively than most churches with its strict tithing system. It owns a tremendous complex of tax-free business establishments — department stores, banks, ranches, canneries, vast tracts of land, income properties and much more. It is building huge, elaborate new temples in the same way that the Egyptian Pharaohs harnessed their slaves to build gigantic but useless pyramids, and for about as much reason. As I am writing this in May of 1980 I have before me a newspaper clipping that says the Mormon church in celebrating its 150th birthday is “revealing” plans to build seven new temples all the way from Buenos Aires, Argentina; to Papeete, Tahiti; to Nuku alofa, Tonga; to Apia, Western Samoa.Mormonism has not only gone international with a bang, but it has also gone multi-racial. It has now embraced a new potential of nearly four billion mud people among whom it can proselytize.

No Defense against Jews, Race Mixing. In any case, it is no longer a defense against race-mixing. To read its literature it has a special sweetheart kinship with the Jews, proudly chronicling how much they have in common, since both have had a history of so much persecution, haven’t they?

Conclusion. It is my conclusion that like the Christian churches, Mormonism is now under covert influence of the Jews and has no further defense against them, or against race-mixing. It is, in fact, fleecing its members and actually aiding and abetting the Jews in the same pattern as its Christian cousins, only perhaps doing it more efficiently.

Peculiar Similarity. It is my further observation that there is a peculiar similarity between the drug peddlers and the spook peddlers. Both are selling escapism (from reality) for cold, hard cash. Take away the cash incentive from either racket and both the drug peddlers and the spooks-in-the-sky peddlers would be out of business in short order.