Nutrition is The Key. Both positively and negatively, it is what we eat, and what we avoid eating that has a tremendous impact on whether we are a sick, walking zombie, or a dynamic, healthy CREATOR, brimming with energy and optimism, and feeling on top of the world. It is proper nutrition and the avoidance of the junk foods, artificial additives and chemical poisons that makes the difference.

More study needed. This subject is of tremendous importance for the future survival and well-being of the White Race. Since our approach is based not only on the Laws of Nature, but also the results from exhaustive scientific studies, we are certain that we are on the right track. But I want to add that the study of nutrition, thanks to the road-blocking tactics of the huge drug-chemical-medical complex, is still in its infancy, and much study and research need still be done to refine the art for our future full utilization.

Changeover will take time. Similar to our goal of conversion from all the polyglot languages of the world in which the White Race of today is fragmented to the ultimate goal of a universal Latin language, so too the nutritional change-over may take a generation or two. But regardless of how long it takes, the ultimate benefits will be so tremendous, we must plunge full speed ahead. Fortunately for our Creative Super Health program, which we call Salubrious Living, each CREATOR can start now and gradually modify his or her own eating habits at their own speed. Unlike the transition to Latin, we do not need to wait until the White Race has grasped the reins of power and its own destiny into its own hands. You can start today and within six months be in vibrant super health, and thereby not only help yourself, but also speed the day when we will regain total control of our own destiny.

Basic Rules. In the past whenever I visited a doctor, not once was I ever asked what I ate, nor advised what I should eat. Yet the answer to maintaining excellent health is really extremely simple. Three short rules give the essence:

  1. Eat only raw foods in their natural state, basically fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts.
  2. Get plenty of physical exercise, preferable the kind that rev up the heart and lungs. Among these are jogging, tennis, swimming and similar activities.
  3. Stay away from man-made chemicals of all kinds. This includes alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, sugar, preservatives, insecticides, narcotics and drugs of all kinds, whether prescription or non-prescription. (For the Total Program, review again the 14 points under Salubrious Living.)

Raw Foods. It has been said, and correctly so, that man is the only animal that, before eating, first ruins his food by cooking it. It is strange indeed that of the millions of species of animals, birds, fishes and insects, man is the only creature that applies intensive heat to his food, thereby ruining in large measure the nutritional value of the large varieties of food Nature makes available to us. Yes, it is strange indeed that man, Nature’s most intelligent animal, should be so stupid in this most essential factor affecting his health.

Cooked is Unnatural. To most people it will seem strange not to cook our food. Eat it raw? Yes, that’s what every other creature does, and there is nothing strange about it. Somehow we have gotten into this abnormal habit of cooking everything to death, and it is not good for us. As I said earlier, we ruin the nutritional value of our food.

Every Creature eats Raw Food. Nature through the millenniums designed our ancestors to eat raw foods, like every other animal, bird, fish or whatever. Somehow we got off onto this harmful tangent, and we have been bringing our children up to do likewise ever since, believing it is the only way to live. If we had been brought up the natural, healthful way of dining on raw foods, I’m sure that we would think it bizarre and ludicrous to go to so much trouble to ruin the taste of our food, ruin the nutritional values, and eat a dead, cooked ersatz of the original. It has been habit, custom and early training that have steered us onto this unnatural aberration, not common sense, or even good taste.

Live Foods Best. The best foods you can eat are live foods, fresh and uncooked. Modern technology has devised a number of other harmful processes of destroying food and making it an attractive looking piece of junk by means other than heat. Some of these are: pickling, smoking, shredding, homogenizing, pasteurizing, freezing, salting, grinding, adding preservative chemicals, adding artificial colors and a host of other artifices and devices, everyone of which renders the raw natural food into a mere shadow of its former self, often making it a completely useless piece of junk, and sometimes outright poison.

Has all the Nutrients. When we eat a raw fruit like an apple or a banana, or a raw vegetable like a carrot, or a raw nut like a walnut or pecan, it has in it all the nutrition that we need, carbohydrates, minerals, proteins, fat and other goodies that we haven’t yet even analyzed. More important, it has all these in the proper organic form that our digestive system can digest and our cell metabolism can utilize. But that is not all. It also has all the vitamins in it in live form, the natural form that our bodies can make the most of. Furthermore, every live food has built into it its own enzymes, a very important factor in its proper digestion, so that our digestive system can properly process the nutrition we are eating.

Has the Right Combination. Nor is this all. In its raw natural form these all come together, and they all come in their proper proportion. We never need worry whether we have too much potassium driving out the zinc, or whether some of the B vitamins are missing and sabotaging the other B vitamins, or a hundred other imbalances that artificial foods inherently have.

Nature has Whole Foods. In Nature we always have whole foods, and we have them in balance. This is of vital importance. Any further “processing” we do, such as cooking, shredding, homogenizing, canning, etc., only reduces the nutritional value of the food from its original raw state into nothing more than junk food.

An illustrative example. Let me illustrate this with a rather far-out example. Supposing you were to buy an expensive luxury car, say a Cadillac. Its primary purpose is to give you transportation, and hopefully in comfort and luxury. Now supposing an essential part is missing, say one wheel. Or supposing the key is missing, or the distributor. Or supposing the whole motor is missing, or it has no steering wheel. Or supposing there is no gas in the tank.

Under any of these conditions, it is an incomplete package, and it will not run. It will not give you transportation. For all practical purposes an incomplete Cadillac is a piece of junk. It is the same thing with food. An incomplete food is not useful to the body.

Now let’s take that same Cadillac again and start out with a completely functioning, smoothly running car. But let us “process” it like we do our complete raw foods. We can “cook” it, shred it, compress it, pulverize it, homogenize it, etc.

Apply heat. Supposing we applied heat to the Cadillac and melted it down. We would still have all the original materials, more or less, but what good would a melted down Cadillac be? It certainly would not provide transportation. It would be a heap of junk.

Compress it. Or supposing we shredded it. Or pulverized it. We would still have the original “ingredients” but it would certainly no longer be a working model of a luxury car.

Ruin foods the same way. And so it is with our complete natural foods with which Nature supplies us originally in such excellent form. When we cook them, can them, shred them, pulverize them, homogenize and pasteurize, we destroy an intricate, ideal working combination that Nature has put together. We turn it into junk. Our bodies have the utmost difficulty processing the junk, and the cells have great difficulty metabolizing the incomplete “nourishment” when it reaches them via the circulatory system. As a result we have an increasing number of metabolic diseases — cancer, diabetes, ulcers, hypoglycemia, heart disease, and a host of others.

Must use Proper Fuel. Let us go back again to the analogy of the Cadillac. Suppose its motor is designed for the use of high-octane gas only. But supposing we fill the tank with diesel fuel instead. Will the motor run smoothly? Would the motor stay in good shape for long? No. It wasn’t designed for diesel fuel. Let us consider one more variant. Suppose we fill the tank with proper octane gas and then also add a cup of sugar to it. What would happen? We would have a badly gummed-up motor in short order. The motor was not designed for diesel fuel nor could it tolerate sugar in the fuel.

Bodies, too, must have Proper Fuel. And so it is with our bodies. True, Nature in her infinite wisdom has made our bodies much more flexible in the fuel we use and much more resilient in getting rid of incompatible poisons and other garbage we stuff into our digestive systems. But there is a limit to the extent we can abuse our bodies, and we pay the price for it. Like the Cadillac, our bodies function best when we supply it with the proper fuel, and keep out harmful additives and poisons.

What the proper fuel is. And that proper fuel or food is this — raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. Any processing destroys much of the nutritive values and converts it into something else. Any additives like preservatives, artificial coloring and a host of other chemicals to “enhance shelf life” are poisonous and our body has great difficulty throwing them off.

Poor nourishment. For years America has prided itself in displaying the wealth of choice in our plush “super-markets”. We have patted ourselves on the back that we are the best fed and the best nourished country in history. This simply isn’t true. Outside of the fruit and vegetable stands, most of the rest of the food is highly processed, adulterated, loaded with chemical poisons to extend shelf life and enhance its eye appeal. It is by and large junk food, not fit for human consumption.

Poisonous Sprays. Even with the raw fruits and vegetables you are not “home safe”. Most of these have been sprayed with poisonous insecticides, or waxed to give better eye appeal, and/or grown with artificial fertilizer, which, as we have explained in another chapter, produces a product of inferior nutritive value. The best answer to the fruits and vegetable problem as we have pointed out in the Chapter on Organic Farming is to raise organically grown produce.

Frugitarian Diet Our Goal. These are the goals we are striving for in order to have a healthier more energetic White Race. Some of these goals are short term and some are long term. One thing I want to emphasize is that we must not lose any time in training our children in the habit of eating raw, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. For those of us older people whose habits are more inflexible, the least we can do is to revise our eating habits in such a way as to approach nearer to the ideal. The more we do so, the better we will feel, and the longer we will live.