Government Structure not the Problem. So far in our creed we have mentioned the overwhelming importance of government in effecting our lives and the survival of our race. We have, however, said little about what kind of White government, per se, we desire as the government of the future, once we have disposed of the Jewish pestilence.

There are several reasons why we have not elaborated on governmental structure and do not intend to, neither in this book, nor in NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION.

  1. The subject of government is a comprehensive subject in itself and would require several books to adequately cover.
  2. The White Race is the most capable race in all history in regards to governmental organization. The art of government, per se, is not an unsolved problem for our race. The Romans effectively and efficiently solved that problem two thousand years ago. They capably ruled a world-wide empire. Although that empire was finally, after a thousand years, broken up and dismantled, it was not due to any deficiency in governmental organization as such. It was mainly due to two other factors: (a) The illustrious Roman race itself died out due to failure to reproduce, and (b) the intrusion of Jewish Christianity. I repeat — the demise of the Roman empire was not due to deficiencies of their laws or governmental organization. The only real problem was, and remains, gaining control and keeping control from out of the hands of the parasitic Jew. This is not a problem of governmental structure so much as proper philosophical and religious attitude towards our race. This is why the emphasis of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR has been concentrated on a strong racial religious creed. To repeat — our first and foremost problem is not the art of government but first of all straightening out the White Man’s thinking.
  3. In modern times a textbook example of A Model Government was demonstrated for us in Hitler’s National Socialist Government. It was the most constructive, creative, most beloved and most efficient government the world has ever known. If we want to re-learn the arts of government, all we have to do is study their organizations and use it as a point of departure for further improvement.
  4. We are not dogmatic about government structure per se and regard it not as a cast frozen in concrete for all time, but a viable, growing organism that is subject to change and improvement as time marches on.

Since, however, the future social structure of the White Race as we see it will be integrated and combined with its religious creed, there are several fundamental ideas we want to make clear.

Best Interests of the White Race. As we have said several times before, we are not interested in labels for the type of society we live in. We are not interested in defending any particular label that has been used in previous governmental or economic systems, whether it goes under the name of democracy, republicanism, socialism, capitalism, the free-enterprise system, or whatever. Most of these ideas were invented by Jews and utilized by them to exploit and destroy the White Race. So let us state a fundamental creed on government from the point of view of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR:

We are only interested in that kind of organized society that will best serve the interests of the White Race.

Broadly, this kind of organized society embraces not only government, but also religion, education, genetics, economics, health, science and technology, environment and every other factor that influences the welfare of the White Race.

Basic Prerequisites. Having laid down these broad principles, we CREATORS envision further the following prerequisites for a viable, efficient government most beneficial to the best interests of the White society of the future:

  1. Such governmental structure must be imbued from top to bottom with the racial point of view — i.e., what is best for the White Race.
  2. As we have pointed out in NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION, any meaningful organization must embody the Leadership Principle.
  3. The creed and philosophy of the government must not be divergent from our religious outlook. On the contrary, religion and government must be so harmonized as to blend into one and the same function, namely serving the best interests of the White Race. Since this is so, the organizational structure of both will dovetail to where the two are indistinguishable.
  4. We regard the whole of this small planet earth as the one and only home of the White Race and it is our long-term goal for the White Race to settle and inhabit all the worthwhile areas of this planet. Our purpose is therefore to project a world-wide program, not on a narrowly divisive nationalistic point of view where one White nation is pitted against another. It is therefore in our interest to help (a) each nation free itself from the Jewish pestilence, and (b) once we have succeeded in doing so, collaborate with each other in colonizing and settling those benign and beneficent areas of this Planet Earth.
  5. Just as we deem a universal system of weights and measures (namely the Metric System) as of major benefit to all our White racial society, so also do we deem a universal language (namely Latin) as a major benefit in uniting and facilitating communication with our people on a world-wide scale. Since tremendous advances in technology, communication and travel are making this a smaller and smaller world, we foresee the day when the world-wide White society will also benefit from having a universal medium of exchange, rather than a multiple Babylon of shifting currencies.
  6. The one facet of government the Romans did not solve effectively in the Imperial form of government was the matter of succession. The transfer of emperors was neither well planned nor smooth. Nor were the best-qualified men destined to succeed. Too often succession was accomplished only after bloody civil war.

Succession Can Be Solved. All these difficulties were unnecessary. We have no reason to discredit the Leadership Principle because this problem was not solved by the Romans. There were several important reasons why it was not solved at that time:(a) By the time the Empire was established the Jews were already a major disruptive force in Rome. (b) Soon thereafter the Jews began promoting Christianity, which further speeded up the disintegration of Roman society. (c) After the first century A.D., the Roman race as such was practically extinct, replaced by the alien offspring of slaves.(d) Similarly, only a handful of the first Emperors were Romans, the rest of them were all foreigners.

As a result of a multi-racial, mongrelized society, the advent of Christianity, and the Jewish disruptive influence, the Empire never had a chance. No form of government would have. As I have stated before, it is impossible to govern a polyglot, multi-racial society. It is a wonder it lasted as long as it did.

Succession Problem can be Solved. We must not assume that because the Romans failed that the problem of orderly succession is unsolvable. The Jews have solved it in their Protocols and it is only a matter of applying commonsense.

In the future White society we must take great pains that the Leader at the top of the government is not only the Most Gifted and the Best Qualified man available, but that such a man has been Thoroughly Trained over a lifetime for this great and exacting job. He must also be highly imbued with dedication to White Racial Loyalty. We therefore suggest that the following steps be taken:

(a) A number of specially gifted young men are selected to be trained in a special school in government. This is to be a continuing program.

(b) A permanent body of elders (similar to the College of Cardinals) is empowered to select the Leader (but not from their own numbers).

(c) The terms of office be specifically delineated, for example, one term be limited to a decade, and such leader serve one term only. In this way the best energies of a select Leader can be devoted at the prime of his life, without the people having to suffer the afflictions of unenergetic senility that so often stigmatized the monarchies of the world.

7. Finally, we see a worldwide White government as being inevitable. 

Worldwide Teamwork. This is neither far-fetched nor radical. The fact is the Jews have it now, only we don’t realize it. They are governing, exploiting and destroying the White Race under the direction of a one-world Jewish government right now as this is being written, and have been more or less, for centuries.

We do not regard such a one-world government as an unsolvable problem, but one of evolution. Before we can construct such an organization productively, there are many steps in between that will need to grow and develop. But in the long run, with the development of science and technology, with dwindling natural resources, it is inevitable that the future world, inhabited exclusively by the White Race, will be organized along the lines of a unified worldwide government.

Such a government again must be organized along the guidelines set forth in this chapter, dedicated to promoting the best interests of the White Race.