We believe that the highest Law of Nature is for each creature to use all and any means necessary for its own survival. The end justifies the means. This is the highest law of the universe and supersedes any local, state or national laws enacted by any government, whatever its nature. The White Race, being the elite of Nature’s handiwork, furthermore proclaims as the core of its religion, CREATIVITY, the inalienable right to survival, expansion and advancement of its own kind. It not only proclaims this as a fundamental right, but a sacred duty, and will defend this right by any and all means at its disposal.

This Belief is Unshakeable and will never be considered as negotiable.

Part of our Religious Creed. In order for the White Race to further protect itself from a hostile government and power establishment, the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR proclaims the following beliefs as part and parcel of its religious creed, all of which are fair, legal, reasonable, and basically in conformity with, and guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America.

Article I. Members of our church are forbidden to contribute any aid whatsoever, financial or otherwise, that will, or might be used, for the destruction of the White Race, or for the weakening of the White Race, or in any way against what we consider the best interests of the White Race. We consider any taxes levied where such monies, either all or in part, are to be used against us, as immoral, illegal and a violation of our fundamental constitutional rights, against our religious beliefs as well as overriding the highest Law of Nature. We view similarly any drafting of our young men to fight and kill other White people as a damnable outrage, and a violation of our religious, human and natural rights. Similarly, any other demands imposed upon us by any self-proclaimed authority that is against the best interests of the White Race we consider null and void and in violation of all our fundamental rights, religious, constitutional, moral and natural. No member of the White Race need obey such demands and will be considered nothing less than a traitor to the White Race should they do so.

Article II. We feel absolutely no obligation in giving charity to our enemies, nor will we tolerate being forced into contributing involuntary charity and giving support to all the indigent and indolent peoples at home or abroad. There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that demands it. Never have the people of the U.S. been allowed to vote on the question of whether they were willing to subsidize all the scum of the earth with so-called foreign aid, and we are sick and tired of being perpetually fleeced and robbed, for the benefit of the parasites of the world. We the White people of America are adamantly against all foreign aid. We repudiate subsidizing the scum of the world, whether they be our communist enemies, or the niggers in Africa, or the mud people of India, or any other place. We also repudiate the subsidizing of the scum and the indolent in this country in order that they may breed more prolifically and thereby crowd the White Man from out of his own country.

Article III. We are painfully aware that the Federal Reserve Board is a Criminal Gang of Counterfeiters owned and operated by hostile international Jewish bankers. We fully realize that the paper money they produce is bogus money, counterfeit money, and their total operation is wholesale piracy on a vast scale, a means by which they are stealing the White Man’s real property with worthless paper. We repudiate this fraudulent and unconstitutional scheme of wholesale robbery, and reserve the right to utilize script or trading certificates amongst our own members.

Article IV. As we have stated in Article III, we are keenly aware that the Federal Reserve System is owned and operated by a powerful gang of foreign bankers and criminals, basically Jews, who have usurped the powers of the Congress and are violating Article I, Section 8, Par. 5 of the Constitution of the United States. They are issuing bogus money that has no legal standing and is backed by absolutely nothing of any value. In short, it is nothing other than worthless counterfeit paper. Since the federal income tax laws are supposedly based on schedules of real dollars earned, which are defined by the Constitution in terms of gold and silver, and since said counterfeit money is not real money at all, therefore we take the moral and legal position that our members have earned no income under the law, and therefore owe no income tax whatsoever.

Article V. Since the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution forbids any government agency, or any court of law, from forcing any person to bear witness against himself, or self-incrimination, we therefore refuse to sign any document, tax return, affidavit, deposition, or any other written statement, or give oral oath, which later, by reason of mistake, or error, or giving false information, or whatever, that may be used against us on a charge of perjury.

Article VI. We repudiate the participation in and any contribution whatsoever to, any “social security” system administered by government, whether it be Federal, State or local. The present system is fraudulently funded, is rapidly going bankrupt and is no security at all. It is stealing money from the White people under false pretexts.  Furthermore, most of the young people now contributing by government compulsion will never get their money back, and most of them will get absolutely nothing back. We view this as another program whereby the Jewish-controlled government is robbing the White working people in order to subsidize the blacks and other parasites. The White Race will take care of its own by other means.

Article VII. We believe that we have the fundamental Right to Freedom of Choice in the kind of medical treatment we wish to follow. Our bodies are our own. We will not be dictated to by the Jew-dominated American Medical Association, or any other closed shop union, or any group of any nature, including the government itself, that seeks to impose their “orthodox” medical treatments upon us, whether it be for the treatment of cancer, or any other ailment.

Article VIII. We do not believe in vaccinations or inoculations of any kind, and, based on exhaustive study, we believe they do more harm than good, if any, as witness the treacherous swine flu vaccinations of the winter of 1977-78. We will not tolerate our children being subjected to such dangerous and harmful abuse as a prerequisite for attending school, or on any other pretext.

Article IX. Nor will we tolerate any governmental body forcing our children to attend schools of any kind where they are forced to be indoctrinated in ideology and teachings that are alien to our own creed. Therefore we consider any schools that promote or practice race-mixing, or teach that all men and all races are equal, that the Jews are God’s chosen, as all being alien to our creed and hostile to the White Race itself, and as such to be shunned by our children.

Article X. We strongly repudiate the idea that either we, or our children, are wards of the state. We believe that children belong to the parents, and not the state. It is the parents’ right, privilege, prerogative and duty to bring up their children in their own ways and in their own beliefs and not in some dangerous race-mixing alien philosophy of Marxism and Mongrelism imposed by a hostile Jewish government. We consider ourselves as masters of the government, not slavish wards of the government. If the government is not our servant, then it is our tyrant, and therefore a hostile force to which we owe no subservience or loyalty whatsoever. Our children are ours and we will tolerate no Jewish alien government to forcefully take them away from us and indoctrinate them with doctrines we deem poisonous to us and ours.

Article XI. We recognize the face of the enemy. Since the present government of the United States is robbing the White taxpayers in order that they may squander our hard earned money for the benefit of the Jews, niggers and mud people all over the world; since said government has shown a repeated criminal proclivity in favor of said Jews, niggers and mud people and demonstrated repeated hatred and discrimination against the White people, we therefore consider the present occupants of the government as hostile to the White Race and our sworn enemies.

Article XII. Through a careful study of history, we have come to the considered conclusion that the Jews in accordance with [the] teachings of their Talmud have been waging a deadly and relentless war of debilitation and genocide against all other races of the world for the last several thousand years. We therefore consider the Jew as a deadly and implacable enemy and declare everlasting war on the Jews, a war to the finish, until we have expelled them from all the lands inhabited by the White Race.

Article XIII. The Second Amendment clearly states that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” This statement is broad, sweeping and unequivocal. When it states this right “‘shall not be infringed,” it clearly means just that and any law that restricts that right is clearly an infringement. The more than 10,000 Federal, State and local gun laws now on the books are clearly infringements of the Second Amendment. We therefore deem them as a violation of our constitutional and civil rights. We deem them as criminal acts against the Supreme Law of the land, and rightfully so. We regard any official that tries to enforce such unconstitutional laws as part of a criminal conspiracy engaged in disarming us, enslaving us and violating the Constitution itself. We regard any “official” participating in such a criminal act as an accomplice in a crime, and therefore himself a criminal. We must remember that the Bill of Rights was basically formulated to protect the people from a heavy-handed and tyrannical government, and for the government itself to now attempt to nullify and violate those protections is not a legal act, but a crime against the Constitution and against the people itself.

 We CREATORS therefore deem any government that violates the Constitution, violates our civil rights, as nothing more than a band of criminals. A FREE PEOPLE IS NEVER UNARMED AND AN UNARMED PEOPLE IS NEVER FREE. We must never forget that any compromise that weakens us or weakens our ability to defend ourselves will only make the struggle that much harder in the future. We must also remember that there is nothing the Jews fear more than a mobilized, united and armed White Race. Guns are our last resort, if necessary. We CREATORS therefore must never, never, never give up our guns or the right to bear them, come hell or high water. Militant resistance is our only defense.

Article XIV. We reserve unto ourselves, our church and our religion all rights, privileges and immunities enjoyed by any other religion or religious group, or denomination, as guaranteed by the First Amendment. This includes freedom from interference of any governmental agency in the affairs of our church, the nature of our creed, or the handling of our financial affairs.