What are “The Others” here for? According to the “Christian Ethic,” our main purpose here on earth is to “help others.” What “the others” are here for, it doesn’t say. The idea is to be a good Joe, to be charitable, “sell all thou hast and give it to the poor.” After all, if you worked hard, used good judgment, skimped and saved, didn’t spend most of your waking hours guzzling booze in a bar, and by the dint of prolonged hard labor and self-discipline, you managed to accumulate a fair nest-egg, why, you should feel guilty. In the first place, you were “more fortunate,” secondly, “the Lord blessed you,” and thirdly, you owe it all to that Super-Spook in the sky, who gave it all gratis to you undeserving sinner in the first place.

Niggers Not Our Brothers. So, if your “less fortunate” nigger “brother” (and we are all God’s children, aren’t we?) is dumb, lazy and shiftless, irresponsible and happens to have a few peculiar idiosyncrasies leaning towards drunkenness, gambling, dope, crime and uninhibited sex, why, be a good chump, be compassionate towards the poor bastards! There but for the grace of God go you, the preachers will tell you. You just happen to be “more fortunate” than your “less fortunate brother,” and only by the grace of God. Therefore it is your beholden Christian duty to help the poor, useless, miserable crime-ridden wretch.

Treacherously Preying on our Guilt Complex. The above is pretty well the standard song and dance that plagues the conscience of the average, befuddled White Racial Comrade. Not only do the churches, the preachers, and the religious institutions preach this abominable line of garbage, but this same theme is constantly dinned into our ears by press, poster, radio and T.V. The Jew-controlled government is telling us the same thing. Any number of Jew-prompted charitable organizations are soliciting us relentlessly by mail, radio and T.V., to send CARE packages to the orphans in Korea, or Pakistan, or send money to the starving masses of India, or send money to the Indians of New Mexico. Every day the message GIVE! GIVE! GIVE! is impinged on the mind of the gullible White goyim. I even remember receiving a solicitation in the mail to send money to help drill wells in Africa for some stupid tribe that wouldn’t know what to do with it if it had one.

Huge Rackets. Most of these “charitable” programs and mailings are organized by the Jews. When the money so garnered is traced to its ultimate destination, it is found that anywhere from 70% to 95% stays in the pockets of its fraudulent collectors who “appealed” to your “humanitarian” frailties. In other words, charities by and large are huge organized rackets, preying on the unsuspecting, on the gullible, and the soft-headed. The Jews are using two of the oldest tricks in their bag: making you feel guilty, and making a buck.

Organized by Jews. Now, it is not solely the objective of this chapter to expose most “charities” for being the sleazy rackets they are. That is not where the major damage lies, although that damage is massive, and probably runs to over forty billion dollars a year to the White Racial Comrades of America alone. This is just from voluntary “charity.” We are not even counting the untold billions the Jewish government forcibly takes from us harassed taxpayers to “give” “foreign aid,” aid to underdeveloped nations (?), military aid, welfare aid at home, and the thousands of other foreign and domestic give-away programs the government indulges in.

Forced Charity by Government. Nor is it the purpose of this analysis to list the thousands of ways the White American taxpayer is fleeced by voluntary and involuntary charity. We don’t have the space here. Fifteen years ago I bought a book that lists ten thousand Government Aid programs that you might be “eligible” for. The book weighs more than five pounds. Since that book was compiled, I’m sure our Jewish government has vastly expanded and added to those programs.

Tremendous Damage. Nor is it solely the purpose of this chapter to emphasize the damage all these “charitable” programs do to the helper, whether such help is voluntary or forced on him. We have already seen that such damage is considerable, and is either a deceptive racket, or outright piracy.

Charity Destructive to both Helper and Recipient. No. The main point of this chapter is to explore the moral basis of the whole idea of “helping the needy” and show that the damage to the recipient of such aid is even more crippling and devastating than to the giver, and that this type of philosophy in the long run always destroys both helper and recipient. It destroys people, it destroys countries, it destroys economies and, most significant of all, it is destroying the White Race by (a) increasing the hordes of parasitic mud races, and (b) by turning even its own members into ever-larger masses of dependent free-loaders.

Nature Never Subsidizes Adults. We go back to the Laws of Nature, the original source of all wisdom and good sense. We find that among the birds, bees, and animals charity is pretty well limited to nurturing and aiding the young offspring (only their own!) until they are capable of fending for themselves. A mother bear will nurse its cubs, will teach them how to escape danger, scrounge for food, recognize its enemies and many other basics. The cubs love this situation of mother providing all, taking all responsibility. By the time they are two years old, the cubs are almost full grown. They have become freeloaders and overly dependent on mother, and they like it that way. They haven’t the slightest inclination of changing their life-style.

Mother Bear Knows Best. Mother bear, who instinctively is programmed to perpetuate the species, knows that the time has come for her cubs to shift for themselves. Although it is perhaps an emotional trauma for her, she does what she must. She sends her cubs up a tree as she has often trained them to do in times of danger. When, after a while, they start to come down, she growls at them repeatedly and tells them to stay up there. Deliberately, she leaves them up a tree and walks out of their lives forever.

On Their Own. Finally, the cubs come down, but mother is gone. They are hungry, but mother is not there to nurse them, nor find berries. They are on their own for the first time.

Necessity Best Motivator. Initially, this is a major crisis for the young bears. But as hunger prevails, they start to search for food, and, after considerable effort, find, to their surprise, that they are capable of coping with the situation without mother. They rapidly develop into capable, self-sufficient adult bears, ready to find mates and get on with the job of bringing in the next generation.

Aid Stops at Maturity. In one way or another, this process is followed by every species in Nature. We know that birds build nests, lay eggs, are extremely conscientious in protecting that nest, keeping the eggs warm, and finally, when they hatch, they spend every waking hour bringing food — worms, insects, etc. — to their young hatchlings. When the latter are old enough to fly their nest, however, the parent birds more than nudge — they literally push them out of the nest and urge them to learn to fly on their own.

Such is the logical sequence of Nature. Aid and nurture the fledglings until they are capable of taking care of themselves. Then all aid stops.

Nature’s Culling Process Essential to Survival of Species. But what happens to the so-called “unfortunates” that are either crippled, too weak, lazy or shiftless to make a go of it?

Nature is cruel to such misfits. It ruthlessly culls them out and they fall by the wayside. Nature goes further than that. Even those that are capable of fending for themselves, but are a little below par in speed, strength, alertness, etc., are the first victims of their natural enemies. For instance, in a herd of deer which might be under constant surveillance by a pack of wolves or coyotes, it is the weak, the slow, the sickly that are food on the table for the varmints. In Africa, say in the Serengeti Plains, a herd of zebras will be continually culled by a pride of lions. By such means, termed culling the herd, Nature keeps up the quality of the herd, the quality of the breed, the quality of the genes, thereby fitting the species for survival and up-breeding of its kind.

Eliminating Genetic Defects. Many species go further and have additional internal means of culling out the weaker and the misfits. A crippled or misshapen buffalo calf will be mercilessly butted to death by other calves. Cruel, you say? No, not really. Instinctively, they are doing the herd a big favor. By culling out the deformed calf before it matures and reproduces they are saving the herd and countless future generations from the proliferation, multiplication and perpetuation of more defective species. Instead of imbedding the genetic defect in the gene pool of the herd, they are taking the kindest and most sensible action possible — culling it out of the herd before it reproduces and multiplies the defect. They are thereby upbreeding the genetic quality of the herd and ensuring its future survival.

Charity and Subsidization Destroys. Were they to employ the stupid Christian ethic of helping and subsidizing the deformed calf, future generations of the herd would then most assuredly have a higher and higher percentage of crippled, deformed calves which would have to be subsidized into maturity to reproduce more cripples, misfits and deformities. It does not take a great deal of brains to see the end result of such a program of “charity.” In not too many generations, the whole herd would be on its way to degeneration and oblivion. Even the predators, whose livelihood, after all, depended on the survival of a viable herd, would hardly be too happy about such an idiotic suicidal program.

Stupid Self-destruction. Nor do we find one single instance in Nature of where a whole species voluntarily and charitably says to another species inferior to it: “Since you are weaker than we are; since you are unable to cope; since you are stupid; since your members are diminishing, our hearts bleed for you. We will, therefore, hold back on the increase of our own and make room for your species. Furthermore, we will work harder than ever, turn over the fruits of our labors for your benefit, subsidize you and help you expand and crowd us from off the face of the earth.”

Only the White Race. No, there is no known creature that dumb, except one. That lone, stupid exception is the White Race, who, strangely, in all other respects, is the most intelligent creature on the face of the earth.

Suicidal Christian Concepts. Let us further explore the White Man’s “Obsession with Compassion” and his suicidal propensity for charitable suicide.

Imbued with the ethics of Christianity, foisted on him by his arch-enemy, the treacherous Jew, the White Man proudly and stupidly espouses such principles as love your enemies, turn the other cheek, sell all thou hast and give it to the poor. Above all, the White Man, again thanks to Jewish propaganda, feels so terribly guilty about his superiority and success, when he should be justifiably proud.

Naked for Fleecing. As a result of this horribly misguided philosophy the White Race stands naked and defenseless before the rapacious Jew, the deceitful Jewish network that went to great lengths to feed the White Man this suicidal poison in the first place. The obvious results are that over all these centuries the Jew has been able to rob, fleece and pirate the White Race to his heart’s content with little or no resistance from his much more (potentially) powerful victims. So well has the Jew done his job, that he has even enlisted large numbers of the White people themselves in helping the Jewish program of piracy.

Looted as No Nation in History. It has been said, and justifiably so, that the United States, who, theoretically, has never lost a major war, or fought a war that it could not easily have won, has been looted of more wealth and substance since (theoretically) winning World War II than all the losers and victims of military disasters combined throughout the millenniums of history.

Promoting an Explosion of Mud Races. While through this outrageous Jewish piracy the White Man is drastically impoverished, even greater damage is done by subsidizing, expanding and proliferating an ever-increasing horde of sub-human mud races. And this is the whole idea of the Jewish program. By utilizing the White Man’s technology, the White Man’s productivity, the White Man’s medicine, the White Man’s ability to produce food and the White Man’s creative genius in every other field, the Jew is deliberately promoting a population explosion of the White Man’s inferiors, the White Man’s enemies, the likes of which the world has never seen. It is the Jew’s avowed objective to flood the world with niggers, Melanesians, mulattoes, Chinese, Puerto Ricans, Jamaicans, Mexicans, and all the other inferior sub-human mud species, while deceitfully telling the White Race to feel guilty about the population explosion and hold back on its own. And this is exactly what is happening — the mud races are exploding at a collision rate while the White Race is deliberately conned into shrinking its own. It does not take a mathematician to draw a picture of our future — we are being phased out like the dodo and the dinosaur, and thanks to the Jewish program of genocide, being supplanted by the parasitic scum of the earth.

A World Flooded with Subsidized Parasites. And what is the White Man doing about it? He is working ever harder and harder trying to feed the ever-increasing hordes of inferiors. He is having fewer children, many couples none, while the niggers and other mud races are having a field day, living off the fat of the White Man’s labor. Worst of all, they are multiplying like rats. While both the White Man and his wife are holding down jobs, the niggers and other scum are drawing welfare, and having babies, multiplying, spreading out in territory, taking over every large and small city in America. In the meantime, the White Man is fleeing to the suburbs, to the country — but not really lifting a finger in his own behalf. An insane case of the superior fleeing before the inferior.

Suicidal. As we said before, there is only one creature dumb enough to accept the idea of holding back on its own and subsidizing an inferior species to crowd it off the face of the earth. That is the White Race.

Jewish Catchwords rooted in Christianity. All this is done in the name of those treacherous catchwords — “charity”, “compassion”, “humanitarianism”, which the Jew has foisted on the sickly Christianized brain of the White Race. At the root of it all is the treacherous Jew and his damnable Christianity, the most deadly poison to which only the White Race seems susceptible.

Subsidizing the Communists also. By dangling these catch-words in front of the gullible White goyim, the Jew has the White Man subsidizing not only the niggers and mud races all over the world, but the White Man is sending huge quantities of aid to all his other enemies — he is subsidizing communist Russia and all her satellites, he is subsidizing the bandit state of Israel, he is subsidizing the mulattoes of Mexico and South America and a total of more than 120 countries throughout the world.

At home the White Man in America is carrying the load of a huge “defense” budget of over a hundred and twenty billion dollars — a figure that a few years ago would have been viewed as an astronomical figure for our total budget. Yet the only visible enemy that such a huge “defense” seemingly could be directed at — namely communist Russia — is continuously being propped up and subsidized by the same power — the United States. Without the enormous aid from the United States, communist Russia would have collapsed long ago and would collapse today. (We have already gone into this further in the chapter on Russia, Israel and the United States.) What a gigantic rip-off on the White American taxpayer!

Demoralized Productive Whites. Now let us examine what all this charity, aid and welfare is doing even to the White Man himself. The nigger has long ago learned the idea of: why work when the government will subsidize him for free? All he has to do is breed and feed and let the “‘government” support him. The average White couple, each year carrying a heavier and heavier burden of parasitic free-loaders on their back and seeing the shiftless niggers reaping the fruits of their labors, are in ever increasing numbers throwing in the sponge and themselves going on welfare. They see the niggers multiplying, moving into the White neighborhoods and they ask: Why should we work? More and more the White Man is succumbing to the poisonous bait of also becoming a demoralized free-loader, his incentive ruined.

Producers Shrinking Ominously. As the Jewish power-structure pushed the “welfare” idea further and further — “free” Medicare, a “guaranteed” minimum wage whether you work or not, “free” education, subsidized this and subsidized that, the ranks of the producing White workers are rapidly shrinking and the hordes of free-loaders increasing ominously. Since we know that nothing in this world is free, and that Nature has decreed that only eternal struggle is the price of survival, we are collectively headed for a catastrophic collapse.

Death of the White Race. The Jews have planned it that way. They are hoping that the main casualty will be the White Race. Every program is aimed in that direction. As the White Race perishes, the over-expanded mud races, too, will starve by the billions, having killed the goose that laid the golden egg. But by that time it will be too late. The White Race will be gone. It will have been decimated by declining birthrates, secondly by mongrelization, and finally, the remnants slaughtered by overwhelming hordes of enraged and starving mud races, egged on by the diabolical Jew.

Such is the Jewish plan for the destruction of the White Race. 

What can we do about it?

Solution: A Program for the White Race. First of all, we must go back to the fundamentals of Nature, which is the heart of our religion, CREATIVITY.

  1. We must realize first and foremost that the survival of our own race — the White Race — supersedes any and all other goals in importance. We must look at all issues through the eyes of the White Race and the White Race alone, as we have expounded in other chapters.
  2. We must realize that we are not here to help others, least of all the scum of the earth, but to help ourselves.
  3. We must realize that only by hard struggle on our own behalf can we survive and build a better race.
  4. We must realize that only by building a better race can we ever build a better world. The two goals merge together.
  5. We must clearly recognize our enemies and treat them as such.  We have gone into enough detail about this idea as to who our enemies are in other chapters that we need hardly repeat it here.
  6. We must realize that such words as help, charity, compassion, humanitarianism, aid to the needy, etc., are Jewish catchwords designed (a) to fleece the White Man and; (b) transfer the White Man’s hard-earned substance to the niggers, the mud races and the free-loaders, and (c) thereby destroy the White Race.
  7. We must realize that most of today’s charity is promoted and channeled by the Jews and goes to the benefit of Jews, niggers, mud races.
  8. We must realize that unselective and indiscriminate charity is not a virtue but is extremely destructive to the White Race.
  9. We must never participate in any charity that benefits our enemies.
  10. We must aim our aid, charity, contributions, to benefit the White Race as a whole and be careful that even among our own kind we are not aiding and abetting those that could and should help themselves.
  11. We must realize that by subsidizing those that are capable of helping themselves we are encouraging them to become free-loaders, we are thereby not really helping them but undermining their ability to become independent, useful members of our White society.
  12. We can render the most useful aid by teaching our White Racial Comrades how to best help themselves and fend for themselves. This applies especially to our own offspring.
  13. We must realize that encouraging parasites at the expense of the productive group rapidly expands the parasites out of control and destroys the producers. This unfortunately is the course we are now pursuing and it obviously leads to the collapse of race, economy and civilization.
  14. The thrust of our endeavors must, therefore, be just the opposite: encourage and increase the productive base and discourage, decrease and cull out the incapable, the useless and the free-loaders. Only by so doing can we build a stronger, more capable race and a better world of tomorrow.

Racial Teamwork is The Answer. The above, like every other guideline, must be used with discretion, good sense and good judgment. The whole idea is to build a better, happier, healthier, more viable White Society, and at the same time, breed a superior race, the superman and beyond. This does not mean that we do not plan to take care of our aged, those needing medical attention, financial aid to start families, financial aid to those moving into new territories, educating the young and many other essentials of a collectivist society. All this we are capable of taking care of very well. In fact, as explained in NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION in a chapter entitled “Racial Socialism,” we CREATORS promote and emphasize racial teamwork, working together, and organizing our White society collectively in such a way that the most benefit is derived to both the society and the individual. In this process we must not confuse the idea of working together with the idea of dividing the society into free-loaders and producers.

Encourage and Expand the Producers. What we are saying is that we should stop encouraging the parasites, the free-loaders at the expense of the productive citizen. We should de-emphasize welfare and encourage productivity. We should stop spending more money per year on an insane criminal who is a bane to society, than what the average man supporting a family can earn. We should stop spending more money on a mentally defective child (who has now been elevated to the “exceptional child” status) than we do in educating our bright young geniuses. We should stop trying to extend longevity and using artificial means of keeping old, senile people alive long beyond the stage they have degenerated into a vegetable. We must realize every means possible of decreasing our welfare population, our insane asylums and other dregs of civilization. This we must do, no matter how loud the Jews and the bleeding hearts may scream.

Parasites in White Race Unnatural, Unhappy. When working, producing and being useful, the White Man is most happy and healthy. When he becomes a useless burden on society, he rapidly deteriorates physically, mentally and morally. The objective is to make it possible for as large a segment of our White population to contribute as possible and make and keep them useful and productive.

Teach Children Responsibility Early. This idea should be expanded at both ends of the age spectrum from what it is now.

Children should be taught useful work instead of a lot of useless and often destructive theory. They should be eased into their life’s work at a much earlier age and taught being responsible for their chores or work. They should be made to feel they are contributors from an early age. Unlike the sudden traumatic transition employed by the mama bear of making the changeover in one day, our children should be eased into the position of responsibility from an early age and their self-dependency encouraged and nurtured over many years. There is nothing wrong with. the idea of children working. I did it on a farm and benefitted from it.  For those do-gooders that raise the specter of child-labor and the abuses of the Industrial Revolution, we can dismiss out of hand. We are not interested in overworking or abusing anybody. In fact, we CREATORS are in the forefront of not only protecting our children, but making sure their proper development towards adulthood and responsibility is not arrested in the deleterious manner of the “perpetual student” of today.

The Elderly would rather be Busy. As far as the older segment of the population is concerned, we CREATORS believe that retiring people at the age of 60 or 65 and sending them out to pasture is a most cruel and destructive idea. When a person is no longer needed or useful, he loses his self-respect, and his REASON FOR BEING. Much valuable time and talent is lost to our race by suddenly cutting off capable and willing individuals from their life’s work. The argument that thereby we are making room for the younger generations is a sham argument and will not stand up. In a properly organized society, like Hitler’s Germany during the 1930’s, there is always more work to be done. The more people are usefully employed, the happier they are and the greater the productivity. There are always more roads to be built, more harbors to be built, more homes, more schools, new territory to be developed, and so on. In a properly organized society such as we envision there will never be a lack of jobs or unfinished work.

Could Contribute More to the White Race. One other line of endeavor the older people could and should especially concentrate on instead of idleness, drinking or chasing a little white ball around the country club, is promoting the best interest of the White Race. By spending much of their time at the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR and leading the younger generation to racial advancement, by dedicating their excess wealth to the promotion of the best interest of the White Race, they could work wonders in making themselves more useful and their lives more interesting, meaningful and rewarding.