Both Healthy, Normal Emotions. There is no subject about which more hypocrisy is displayed than the subject of hate. We CREATORS take the position that love and hate go together as two sides of the same coin, and that every normal person in order to function properly and realistically meet life’s problems must have the capability to feel and exercise both emotions.We believe that to suppress the emotion of hate towards your enemies is as abnormal as to be unable to love your wife, your children, your race and those near and dear to you. Every normal person loves and hates, and anyone devoid of either emotion is mentally sick.

Christian Hypocrisy Extreme. In no group is this hypocrisy more evident than in the Christian teaching, and in no teaching are these two basic emotions more perverted than in Christianity. Whereas Christianity puts on a great charade of love, that it is a religion of love, a religion of tolerance, we find in its teachings and its practice something else again.

Christianity Brutal to its Enemies. Probably in no religion was the demented obsession to persecute, torture and destroy those who would not knuckle under more fanatic than in the history of the Christian religion in its ruthless warfare to convert, subjugate and/or stamp out any and all remnants and vestiges of all other religions. We have already enlarged upon this in our chapter “Thumbscrew and Rack.”

Constantine Arch Example. Christianity received its biggest boost when in the fourth century A.D. the Roman Emperor Constantine embraced Christianity. He was a strange and most cruel man. By any standard, he was an insane criminal. In order to become Emperor he murdered his rivals, since he himself had no legitimate claim to the throne. After he became Emperor, he murdered thousands more in cold blood, including his wife and his own son.

Intrusion of Oriental Religions. By the time Constantine became Emperor in 313 A.D., the Roman Empire was a multi-racial, polyglot empire, embracing many peoples and many religions. One of the outstanding original characteristics of the Roman Empire had been its genius for organization and its ability to assimilate a multitude of different cultures, races and religions. Whereas it imposed its Roman law up to a point, it was extremely tolerant in allowing the conquered peoples to retain their customs and practice their own religions. Rome itself was infested with a wide variety of religions. Its own set of state gods and goddesses — Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Neptune — were actually adaptations from the Greeks. By the time of Constantine these gods were becoming somewhat jaded, and many mystic Oriental religions were beginning to make serious inroads.

Christians Defied Authority. Two of such Oriental rivals were Mithraism and Christianity, with Mithraism leading, especially among the soldiers. As we stated before, the Romans for centuries had been extremely tolerant toward all religions. There is no truth that Christians were sought out and persecuted by the authorities for practicing their religion. It was only when they violated the state law that they were prosecuted for breaking the law, just as any other criminal. It was their constant defiance of authority that brought Christians into conflict with authorities, not their religion. Even this was highly exaggerated by later Christians who ultimately became the sole renders of history by having exterminated their rivals.

Christianity Ruthlessly Destroyed its Rivals. Suffice it to say that when Constantine officially adopted Christianity, this cruel, murderous tyrant made Christianity the sole state religion to the exclusion of all others. When Christianity got the upper hand with the support of the military power of the Emperor to back it up, it immediately showed its ugly claws. No longer was love and tolerance the practice. It immediately set out to destroy and stamp out any and all rivals with treacherous cruelty and iron determination.

Branded Honest Differences as Heretics. This intolerance, cruelty and determination to stamp out its rivals lasted for the next 1500 years and is still practiced in some of the backward countries where Catholicism has exclusive domain. During the Middle Ages, better described as the Dark Ages, when Christian fanaticism ran rampant, not only did the Church persecute unto death any rival religion, but it cruelly ferreted out its own members for burning and torture, should anyone deviate in the slightest from the official line. So severe was the suppression of free thought and speech, that during the Inquisition, which lasted many centuries, hundreds of thousands were burnt at the stake. Many millions more were tortured by thumb-screw and rack, or left to rot and die in filthy prisons. Their crime? They were “heretics,” believing in Christianity, but disagreeing with the church authorities on some minor hair-splitting issue.

Christians Fanatic in their Hate. So much for Christian “love” and “tolerance.” I believe we have shown that of all religions, none were more fanatic in their hate than Christians, excepting the Jews, Christianity’s inventors. We have already examined their revolting means of torture more fully in a previous chapter. We have made it clear that contrary to their hypocritical claims, Christians and Christianity itself practiced hatred, torture and intolerance, not only on their enemies, but also on their own members. In this chapter we want to make overwhelmingly clear the basic differences in the attitudes towards love and hate between Christianity and the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR.

We only Hate our Enemies. That basic difference is this: Christianity tells you to hate those who are near and dear to you, and to love your enemies. CREATIVITY says just the opposite: “hate your enemies and love and protect those that are near and dear to you — your family, your friends, your own race. CREATIVITY also teaches to love yourself. You cannot love others if you yourself feel unworthy and unimportant. We believe our teaching of loving your own kind and hating your enemies makes a hell of a lot more sense than loving your enemies and hating yourself and your own kind.

Christians told to Hate their Friends. In Luke 14:26 Christ purportedly gave this insane and hateful advice: “If any man come to me and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren and sister, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.” Can you think of anything more idiotic? Anything more hateful? Yet in Matthew 5:44 he admonishes “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you and pray for them that spitefully use you and persecute you.” How stupid can you get? We CREATORS reject such insane and suicidal advice and are determined to teach just the opposite.

Great Energizers. In combination, love and hate are the greatest energizers in the world. It is like the dynamics of an electric motor where you have two opposite magnetic polarities required, (namely, the North and South poles) which in combination create a push-pull effect. It is this attraction and repulsion of the two polarities that make the motor spin and produce power. So it is with love and hate. You can’t hate something unless it is a threat to something you love, and you can’t protect that something you love unless you are aroused to hate and anger towards that threat. How many times in your own life were things simply at a standstill, and it wasn’t until you got “mad” (at yourself, or others) that the fur began to fly and things finally got done? Practically every important movement in history was engendered by the Love-Hate, Push-Pull Dynamics of Human Nature. To quote a few: the American Revolution — hate for the British, love for America; Hitler’s National Socialist movement — hate for the Jews and traitors, love for the German people, and the most durable of all — the Judaic religion — hate for all Gentiles, loyalty to the Jewish race.

Love Your Own Kind. The White Race, too, must develop those characteristics that are already imbedded in its healthy instincts for survival — love for its own great people, and hate for its enemies, the mud people. Until and unless we harness this gigantic energy for our own best interests we will never extricate ourselves from the Jewish stranglehold in which we now shamefully find ourselves.

Protect Your Own, Destroy Your Enemies. In summary, we CREATORS believe in following the Laws of Nature as are manifested in our good healthy instincts: to love our own kind, protect them from our enemies. In short, to promote the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. Secondly, to hate and destroy our enemies in order that they will not overrun and destroy us. We believe the idea of loving your enemies as set forth in the Sermon on the Mount is one of the most dangerous and suicidal ideas ever uttered in speech or writing. It is utterly insane. To rob the White Man of his ability to hate his enemies is as deadly as giving him poison. It is as suicidal as de-toothing and de-clawing a tiger, then throwing him back in the jungle to fend for himself. Defenseless, such a tiger would soon die.

Expunge Suicidal Ideas. Similarly, encumbered with such a suicidal idea as loving your enemies, the White Man is at a terrible disadvantage in a hostile world of mud races who now outnumber him twelve to one, and are rapidly increasing their advantage. We must always remember that such suicidal advice was given us by our treacherous enemies, the Jews, in order to destroy us.

Summary: We go back to the basic Laws of Nature: Take Care of Your Own, Love your Own. Hate your Enemies, Destroy your Enemies. The Law of Survival of your own kind is the Highest Law of Nature and Transcends All Others. Let us never forget this.