Unwarranted Feelings of Guilt. No other race has been so bedeviled by feelings of guilt as has the White Race. In no other race has such a useless idiosyncrasy been so deeply ingrained. And no other race has suffered more tragic consequences from this pathological weakness than has the White Race. The Jews have seen to that. Not only did they recognize this strange debility in the White Man thousands of years ago, but from ancient times the Jews have amplified it, exploited it, and capitalized on it to the hilt.

Emphasized by Christianity. The major influence in exacerbating the guilt-complex in the White Man has been his religion, Christianity. The Jews in their mortal war against the Romans recognized the chink in the armor of the Romans, and gave the Romans a religion that drove a powerful wedge into that crack to split it wide open. The Christian religion, invented by the Jews in order to destroy the Romans, placed heavy emphasis on guilt. We are all supposedly carrying the guilt for the “original sin” — Eve taking a bite of that funny apple (horrors!) and we have all supposedly been black-balled ever since.

Worthless Sinners. But it is in the New Testament that the guilt complex really reached its apex. We are (again, supposedly) all “born in sin,” as I have heard many a preacher thunder.We are all worthless, no-good sinners from the word go, and the only thing that can save us from hell fire is the blood of the lamb, the Savior, Jesus Christ, etc. Having this line of thought pounded into us at Sunday School, in the church from early childhood, the average White Christian consciously or subconsciously grows up with a heavily damaged self-esteem that often borders on neurosis. As a result, it is most easy to persuade such a person to bend over backwards to give his enemies every possible advantage in order to expiate his own feelings of guilt.

White Race Feeding the Worthless Mud Races. Nor is the campaign to load the White Man with guilt any less in the temporal world. Anyone reading the Jewish press, magazines, or watching T.V., or listening to the radio will be told again and again, seven days a week, how the White Man is responsible for the plight of the shiftless niggers; of Eskimos; the inebriate Indians; and every other dumb and stupid creature on the face of the earth. This despite the fact that the White Man is feeding most of the world, produces more food than all the mud races combined, despite the fact the mud races outnumber the White Race in a ratio of twelve to one.

Softening up the Germans. No matter what the issue, Jewish propaganda can turn it into grist to add to the White Man’s feelings of guilt. When I was in Germany in the late 60’s I talked to some of the young people. The one issue that cropped up again and again was that the Jewish press made them continuously uneasy. It kept pointing the finger at them, kept accusing them of being racists, of killing six million Jews, of starting wars, of being an “outlaw” people, of being “militarists,” and endlessly heaping accusations and feelings of guilt.

The end result, as the Jew very well knows, is to soften up such victims. By making their enemies feel guilty, the victims will have a tendency to over-compensate and do stupid things that will make it easier for the parasitic Jews to again sink their tentacles into the host nation, and the process of Jewish take-over repeats itself.

Should be Proud Instead. Now the Germans had nothing to feel guilty about. They had done much of which to be proud. The fact that under the leadership of Hitler they were able to purge the Jew from out of their own society was an historic distinction of which they could and should have been mighty proud. Few other nations had succeeded in doing so as thoroughly with little or no bloodshed as had the Germans. For this they should feel proud, not guilty.

Jewish Lie. As far as killing six million Jews, this, of course, is a dastardly Jewish lie, invented after the end of the war in order to cultivate world-wide sympathy for the real culprits, the Jews, and to lay the groundwork for further aggression in Palestine and elsewhere. We have already gone into the Six Million Lie in greater detail in a previous chapter and there is no need to repeat it here. The point is, it is a fraudulent accusation and the German people have no reason to feel guilty. In fact, even if they had decimated the Jewish population by six million, they would have done the world a tremendous favor, and hardly evened the score in retribution for the tens of millions of our White Racial Comrades the Jews have been responsible for killing in Jew-instigated wars over the centuries.

Highly Commendable. As far as being militaristic and warlike, the Germans can be mightily proud of their valor and dedication. They fought against overwhelming odds in defense of their race, their nation, and their country, and superbly so. Yet anyone studying the history of Europe over the last several centuries will find that the Germans have been involved in far fewer wars than the English, or the French, for instance.

In short, the Germans had and have nothing to feel guilty about, and much about which they can feel proud. But it is propaganda — manipulated by Jews — that makes the difference. As Hitler said, propaganda can make heaven look like hell, and hell look like heaven.

Giving Free Advantage to a Vicious Enemy. Unfortunately, we White people have had and still have today, an inordinate tendency to have baseless feelings of guilt. We must overcome this weakness. Because of it we have time and again allowed ourselves to be disarmed by our enemies and allowed them, yes, even encouraged them, to destroy us.

Senseless Guilt Feelings Weaken our Resistance. We must have done with this nonsense, a weakness inculcated into our very nature by means of a treacherous religion. We CREATORS take the position that:

  1. We shun all feelings of guilt. We strive never to feel guilty about anything.
  2. We believe that in the battle for individual survival and the survival of our race, Nature tells us that any means is morally justified. Survival is all-important, nothing else matters. In the matter of survival of our race, we take the firm position that any means justifies this end, and no price is too high.
  3. We are convinced that our present “moral code” is suicidal. We believe it was derived from the prevailing Christian religion, a religion that was foisted on us by our enemies, the Jews, in order to destroy us. 
  4. We repudiate the whole Christian moral code in total and establish our own moral code based on the eternal Laws of Nature.
  5. The basis of our moral code is whatever will promote the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. 
  6. In short, what is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin.

* * * * *

The Fairness Neurosis. We now come to a characteristic allied to the guilt complex to which the White Man is prone. This is his proclivity to be fair, even to his enemies. How many Western movies have we seen in which the hero faced up to the villain and gave him an “even break”, both drawing for their guns at the same instant and may the best man survive. Nor was this kind of chivalry confined to the Western plains. We see it in the duels of honor both in Europe and America, in the “jousting” and the sword duels in the Age of Chivalry and on down through the centuries.

Fairness Unknown to Mud Races. In no other race is this idea of fairness to be found. If an Oriental conspires to wreak vengeance on his enemy, the idea of giving him an even break never enters his mind. He calmly deliberates whether it would be best to use poison, a knife or a pistol in the back of the neck as the most expeditious means of doing him in. Chivalry, pangs of conscience, an even break, fairness, are the least of his considerations.

Not so the White Man. He is wracked with feelings of guilt, of being fair to his enemy, and having compassion with the underdog, although that underdog may later turn on him and destroy him. So which is the right course to take?

Nature has a Clear Answer. Again, as always, we CREATORS go back to the Laws of Nature for our answers. And Nature tells us loud and clear: to hell with fairness, to hell with pangs of conscience, to hell with feelings of guilt. Nature says: take care of your own.

Nature does not tolerate fairness or compassion. Let us face an obvious fact: There is no justice, no fairness as we understand it, in Nature. If Nature had organized its scheme of things in a way that every creature had to be fair to every other creature, the whole system would soon break down. No living creature would survive for long. Birds would stop eating worms and insects. They would soon starve. Coyotes would stop catching rabbits and other prey. They would starve. The big fish would stop eating the little fish and the whole food chain would break down. Lions would stop killing zebras, cats would stop catching mice. Need we say more?

Survival First Priority. It is very important that we, the White Race, get this point straight. If we are going to survive and prevail over our ever-increasing horde of enemies, we must throw overboard the suicidal Christian morality with which our enemies have saddled us and instead pay strict attention to the Laws of Nature. And in this respect Nature tells us loud and clear — the number one priority is survival of your own species — take care of your own.

Fairness to Enemies is Foolish. Therefore in a world of exploding mud races manipulated by our arch-enemies, the Jews, we had better observe the Laws of Nature rather than stupidly coddle a useless and suicidal morality of “fairness” towards our enemies. Nature has given us more than our share of assets and weapons with which to defend ourselves, but they will be of little benefit if we fail to take advantage of them. In the coming harsh struggle for survival we are going to be put to a severe test. Trying to “deal fairly” with enemies who are hampered by no such niceties is needlessly putting ourselves at a lethal disadvantage.

No Compassion Shown when Whites were Killing Whites. It is very strange when the White Man is at war with another nation of his own White Racial Comrades such as the British and the French fighting the Germans, suddenly all this nonsense of “fairness” is out the window. In World War II cities of the White Race were mercilessly bombed wholesale. Civilian men, women, children and babies were killed by the tens of thousands. Fifty thousand were killed in Hamburg in one night. When the city of Dresden was fire-bombed by Allied (White) pilots towards the end of the war, no mercy, no fairness was shown. On the contrary, a vicious brutality was displayed that is unsurpassed in the annals of warfare. In two days of relentless fire-bombing, the beautiful city of Dresden was utterly destroyed, and between 350,000 and 400,000 helpless men, women and children were burnt to a crisp. This despite the fact that the war was practically over. Dresden had no military value, and the entire operation was nothing more than a Jewish indulgence in vengeful cruelty.

Why the Tremendous Compassion for Niggers? Yet when it comes to the problem of sending the niggers, who are a real threat to our survival, back to Africa, then the White Man is all heart and blubber. Why is this? The answer is Jewish propaganda. As we said before, propaganda makes the difference.

So let us make our position clear. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR take the position that Nature has laid down over the ages to every creature: take care of your own, regardless of the cost, regardless of the consequences to our enemies. In a matter such as this we must have no thoughts about price. We must do whatever it takes and gladly pay the price. To accomplish our goals is a tremendous bargain at any price.

Expect no mercy from our enemies. As we proceed in our struggle for survival against the hordes of Jews, niggers and mud races, let us not be deceived by any shackles of Christian morality such as compassion, guilt, and fairness to our enemies. Our enemies are not going to be fair to us. They are not going to have any compassion for us, and they are not going to be handicapped by pangs of guilt as they go about destroying us. Why should we?

Hard Realism is Our Position. We must therefore dispense with this artificial nonsense that has been our downfall in the past, and take a hard realistic view. Let us openly admit we have no intention of being “fair” to the niggers. We just want them out of our land and ship them back to Africa. We don’t want to be “fair” or compassionate to our foremost enemy, the Jew. We want to destroy their power, get them off our back and take charge of our own destiny, whatever the cost, whatever the means. Let us remember the lessons from the wars of survival between Carthage and Rome. Let us also remember what happened to the Romans when they adopted the creed of Christian morality fed to them by their enemy, the Jews. They sank into the oblivion of extinction, never to rise again.

Our Eternal Creed. We CREATORS have but one morality: What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue. What is bad for the White Race is the ultimate evil. Let us always remember this. Let us not be deceived. Let us keep our eye on the main target: The Survival, Expansion and advancement of our Own Great Race.