We Never Had It. Recently the spook-loving Christian churches ran a promotion campaign utilizing bumper stickers declaring “I found it!” The idea behind it was that you were supposed to ask what it was they found, and then they would have their opening to tell you about their mythical circumcised Jew who supposedly died on the cross and so on, ad nauseam. Soon a rash of comedians got into the act running bumper stickers saying “I lost it!” Then the Jews, always alert to opportunity, put in their bid with a bumper sticker saying “We never lost it!” followed by their star of David.

We Lacked Identity. This little incident tells a lot about the Jews and their opposites, the White Christians. Whereas the Whites confusedly banter back and forth, never really knowing what they have lost or found, the Jews know who they are, know their identity, are aware of their deadly mission and have pursued it for the last several thousand years. They “never lost it” in the first place.

Racially Confused. If you ask the average White Man, woman, or child what they are, they will be confused and perplexed by the very question. Whereas the Jew is very much aware of his Jewishness, and fiercely loyal to his race, the average White Man is in a complete vacuum. Even the dumb niggers are very much racially aware and dedicated to their own kind. Whether nigger, Jew or Chinaman, each is highly aware of their racial identity and their every act is influenced towards benefiting their own kind. Of all the races of mankind, in none does that loyalty towards race burn more fiercely than in the Jew.

Most to Lose. Of all the races of mankind, none is less racially aware, less racially oriented, more stupid and naive about race and religion than is the great White Race, the race which has the most to be proud of and the most to lose.

Effects of a Bad Religion. Why this is so, is hard to understand, but undoubtedly the long years of Jewish mind manipulation and the effects of Jewish Christianity over the last seventeen hundred years have had their crushing effects. The average White yokel doesn’t know who he is, what his identity is, where we are heading, or what major group he identifies with. He is rootless, without aim and purpose, drifting aimlessly like flotsam and jetsam in a sea of Jewish propaganda.

* * * * *


Great Need. Everyone needs a sense of identity, who they are, and where they belong.

Most people belonging to the White Race have been robbed of this precious heritage. They have been robbed of their heritage by a flood of Jewish propaganda, starting with Jewish Christianity.

Roots and Heritage Give Meaning. The feeling of having a personal identity, of having a particular niche in an established society, of having roots in the past, of having a great heritage of long standing and an important stake in the future, is a cherished consummation greatly to be desired. This is what gives meaning and purpose to life. It is something of great value that every White man, woman or child must realize early in life. That identity is the exciting realization of belonging to the great White Race, the epitome of Nature’s wonderful creation.

Pride is Important. Everyone needs a niche in this world, to have a place in the intricate framework of the universe, to know who they are, where they came from, and to be proud of their own unique heritage, in short “to belong.”

* * * * *

Misplaced Loyalty. When pressed further about what he is or where his loyalty lies the average White American will say he is a Catholic, or a Presbyterian or an American or his parents were Scotch. When referring to loyalties he might answer to his country, or to the constitution, or to the American flag. Never does it occur to him that his greatest heritage, his basic identity, is the fact that he is a member of the great White Race, and that he should be mighty proud of it. It is race that counts. That is the sacred aggregate of attributes that Nature has imbedded in our genes over the millions of years of evolution. All other attributes such as language, nationality, religion, etc., are artificial, are of comparatively recent vintage, and can be changed several times during a lifetime. However, what Nature has implanted into our genes is a most precious accumulation of building and selection that Nature has endowed in us exclusively, and no other. It is absolutely unique and irreplaceable.

Divine Seed. It is a priceless treasure of which we the White Race are the divine bearers and only we hold in sacred trust. We alone are the bearers of the divine seed.

Extremely Jealous of Their Breed. On the island of Jersey lying in the English Channel the natives have evolved the world famous breed of milk cows named after the island. So jealous are they of protecting the purity of the breed that no cattle of any breed may exist or be imported to the island. Not even other Jersey cows may return from other parts of the world in order that their own breed will not be infected with disease, or possibly contaminate the purity of the native breed. On the neighboring island of Guernsey where the famous Guernsey cattle are bred, the same set of laws apply for their breed.

Blind to Their Own. It seems strange indeed that the White Race, which is most cognizant of the laws of good breeding and will staunchly guard, promote, improve and foster the breeds of cattle, horses, dogs and cats is so criminally blind about protecting its own great racial heritage, Nature’s Finest.

* * * * *

Loyalty: A Key Issue. The question as to where our first loyalty lies is a key question for the survival of the White Race. Each species of Nature is loyal to its own herd, its own flock, its own pack. The musk-ox is loyal to its own herd against the attack of wolves. The wolf is loyal to its own pack. The Canada goose is loyal to its flock and usually posts guard sentries when the flock is feeding. The Jew is fiercely loyal to his race. He cares absolutely nothing whether he is a citizen of England, France, Germany, or the United States. He is frantically, eternally, loyal to the Jewish race and since 1948 to “Israel,” although he may never even have set foot there. It is this fierce loyalty to his race that has enabled the deceitful and parasitic Jew to survive for the last five thousand years, longer than any other race extant.

Vital Lesson. Why can’t the White Race learn this one crucial lesson? Why can’t it learn its racial identity and practice racial loyalty to its own? Surely, with the great priceless gifts that Nature has bestowed upon the White Race and the White Race alone, surely, with the outstanding intelligence it possesses as a monopoly, surely, it would recognize its unique position in Nature’s scheme of things and fanatically fight to preserve and protect its great and glorious heritage, a wonderful heritage that is imbedded in its very genes. Even the dumb goose is smart enough to protect its flock.

Race and Religion The Key. You would think the White Race would be the most fervent about protecting its own kind because it obviously has the most to protect, and the most to lose if it does not. But, strangely, when it comes to the area of race and religion the White Race, as we have stated so many times before, is the dumbest creature on the face of the earth.

Victim of Subversion. Why is this so? Does the White Race not have any herd instincts or racial instincts? Yes it does, but they have been treacherously suppressed and subverted by Jewish propaganda over the last two thousand years, and the most powerful tool the Jew has been able to wield is his skillful use of the Christian religion he first foisted on the Romans.

Deluded Fools. Of great help to the Jew have been not only the Christians, but their close cousins, the Kosher Konservatives, most of whom are well meaning but completely deluded fools. Like in all his other endeavors, the Jew, in his pursuit of the destruction of the White Race, could not do it alone without the help of White racial traitors.

* * * * *

Misplaced Loyalties. According to the Kosher Konservatives our first loyalty lies to: (a) the (Jewish) God, (b) to our country, (c) to our flag and/or (d) our great, wonderful constitution.

 We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR reject all these artificial loyalties that the Kosher Konservatives, perfidiously aided and abetted by the Jews, have set forth for us to pledge our loyalty. We reject them in toto and declare loud and clear: Our Loyalty belongs to Our Race, the Great White Race.

We will explore and analyze why the goals of the Kosher Konservatives have been false and why they have always failed us in the past.

  1. The Idea of: Fear God, Love God, Trust God, Loyalty to God. As stated repeatedly in this book, the whole spooks-in-the-sky idea is a terrible fraud. It is a cruel hoax that the con-artists have utilized for thousands of years to manipulate and fleece their superstitious and gullible victims. We CREATORS repudiate this silly nonsense and do not believe in the existence of any supernatural beings, ghosts or spooks. We do not believe it because in all these thousands of years not a shred of evidence has turned up to support it. For us to pledge our loyalty, our trust or our allegiance to a non-existent phantom, is a hoax conjured by the Jews. We further are convinced that this whole spooks-in-the-sky business was invented by our mortal enemies, the Jews, as a tool with which to destroy us. The success with which they used it to destroy the great Roman race and their empire should be a bitter, but meaningful lesson to us.
  2. Loyalty to “Our” Country. This too is a treacherous fallacy, unfortunately indulged in by some of our finest White Racial Comrades. In the first place, a “country” is a matter of changing geographical lines, occupied by people who also are continuously changing in racial makeup, as well as changing political control. Loyalty to “country” basically would mean a simultaneous loyalty to the people who inhabit it, the real estate encompassed by its boundaries, and above all its government, no matter how treacherous the latter might be. (For instance, should the Russians be “loyal” to their treacherous communist government?) Furthermore, a “country,” any country, is a temporary, artificial entity, continuously changing, and whose governments, in the past have treacherously betrayed the best interests of the majority of those people it has elected itself to govern. There are few exceptions to the latter, and the only one that we care to name as an exception is Hitler’s National Socialist government of 1933 to 1945.

No Loyalty to a combination of Enemies. The question we, the White Race, must ask ourselves, is this: can we be loyal to “our” country despite the fact that it is being over-run with niggers, Jews and other mud races whose main objective is the destruction of the White Race? Can we feel loyalty to a government that is hostile to us, is predominantly Jew controlled and is conniving and conspiring with our enemies to rob, fleece and finally exterminate us and our White Racial brothers? Only an idiot or a traitor amongst us could feign any loyalty to such a treacherous gang of scoundrels as now govern “‘our” country known as the United States of America. No! We owe no allegiance or loyalty to any such vicious combination whose first and foremost program is the mongrelization and final liquidation of the White Race.

  1. Loyalty to the Flag. Here again we are being trapped into deceptive thinking. A flag is only a symbol. That symbol is only as good, or as honorable, or dishonorable, as the idea it symbolizes. Many countries have changed their flags as the conceptions of what it originally represented changed. When the Jew-controlled communists took over Russia in 1917 they changed the flag to red with their hammer and sickle on it. When Hitler finally cleansed Germany of Jewish control and influence and gave the German people a sound, healthy racial philosophy, they adopted the Swastika as the symbol of their national flag to proclaim the change. Even Canada changed their flag recently without any major pangs.

Does it Represent the White Race? How honorable is the Stars and Stripes?

Ever since its inception, over two hundred years ago, the Stars and Stripes has fluttered over our White Racial Comrades when they were fighting either a useless war, destructive to themselves, or were completely on the wrong side.  The only two exceptions are (a) when the U.S.  cavalry was fighting the savage Indians and (b) when it drove the mongrelized Mexicans south and took over such territories as California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

Most U.S. Wars Destructive to White Race. Other than that, the Stars and Stripes flew over multiple idiotic, ignoble, Jew-instigated wars. One horrible, shameful example of such was the senseless slaughter called the Civil War, in which the Union Army flew the Stars and Stripes. This war, purely instigated by Jewish propaganda and money, pitted one group of Whites labeled “the South” against another group of Whites labeled “the North” in one of the most cruel and senseless slaughters in history. The loser was the White Race and the benefactors were the Jews and the niggers.

Mostly Jew-instigated Wars. No, we owe no particular loyalty to such a flag that during most of its crucial history has symbolized Jewish wars, Jewish control and by and large, treason to the White Race in times of major conflagration. When we, the White Race, again regain control of our destiny we will want to inaugurate a new flag to symbolize and commemorate that great event.

  1. United States Constitution Not Holy. Now we come to that much-vaunted and over-rated American constitution. How good is it, and what has it done, not for the Jews and niggers, but for the White Race? Whom is it helping more, the White Race, or the Jews, niggers and the multitudes of the mud race that are invading and flocking in by the millions to destroy this once great land built by the White Man?

The Kosher Konservatives, the Right Wingers, even the Jews, will remind us of our “great” Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and proclaim that it alone is responsible for the greatness America has achieved. They tell us that it is because of our unique and wonderful Constitution that we in America have a standard of living higher than that of any other country in the world. It is because of our Constitution — the “greatest freedom document conceived by the mind of man” — they tell us, that we enjoy our many “freedoms.”

False Security Tied to a Delusion. This is a major fallacy — a false sense of security the White Race has been deluded into that does not mesh with the realities of history. In my previous book NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION I have already treated in detail how the Constitution has not saved us from Jewish takeover and never will. It would be constructive to read the chapter Your Loyalty — A Sacred Trust again since I cannot overemphasize how extremely important it is to have our sense of loyalty to the White Race as our number one priority.

Flaws in the Constitution. Since I have already thoroughly reviewed the flaws of depending on “Our Constitution” to do the job in the chapter mentioned, I believe it is cogent to summarize those reasons here.

  1. It did not recognize the importance of the Leadership Principle, but instead incorporated the “republican” idea of divided powers.
  2. It did not polarize around the most important issue of all, race. In fact it doesn’t even mention it.
  3. It let stand the fraudulent swindle loudly proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence that “All Men Are Created Equal.” This was, of course, sheer hypocrisy, since the Founding Fathers themselves did not believe it, and most of them owned slaves.
  4. The Constitution incorporated the idea of separation of church and state as if the Church members were a different set of people who lived in a different world not subject to earthly laws. This is as stupid as the “spooks in the sky” swindle itself with which unfortunately too many of the Founding Fathers themselves were imbued.
  5. The Constitution unfortunately did not heed Benjamin Franklin’s sage advice to keep the Jews out of this fledgling republic that the White Man was building from auspicious beginnings. Franklin made a moving speech on this subject which I have set forth in NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION.  It would be well to read it again. Had the Founding Fathers only heeded this one sagacious piece of racial advice — to keep the Jews out of America — it would have done more good than all the other articles put together.

* * * * *

Basic Reality, Basic Loyalty. So let me reiterate: neither the spooks in the sky swindle, nor “country” oriented thinking, nor the flag, nor the Constitution is going to save the White Race from the Jewish program of mongrelization and enslavement. Let us not kid ourselves. As I have stated in an early chapter, the biggest fool is the fool who fools himself. We are only fooling ourselves if we think along the lines of these artificial substitutes. We must remember that the United States has been around for only a little over two hundred years, Germany for a little over a hundred years, but the roots of the great White Race as a growing, viable organism go back to more than a million years. That is where our loyalty really lies.

Racial Awareness. In order to survive and prosper the White Race must completely change the orientation in its thinking. We must stop thinking in terms of artificial props. We must think in terms of Race. We must become race-conscious, racially aware. We must stop thinking in terms of divided loyalties and limited territories. We must think in terms of the total planet earth, and that the great White Race is destined to become its lord and master and sole human inhabitant. While the stupid Christian Bible tells us the meek shall inherit the earth, Nature tells us just the opposite — the strong, the quick, the intelligent, in short, the great White Race shall inherit the earth.

Learn from Nature. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR are in harmony with Nature. We believe in natural law. We believe that in our genes lies the greatest potential Nature has created and Nature tells us to survive, advance and expand to the limit of our abilities.

This Natural Right and Obligation transcends all others.

We CREATORS mean to develop that potential. In so doing we stress racial loyalty — loyalty to the White Race — as the key to that program.

To impress this point further on our White Racial Comrades we give notice that we will draw a sharp line of demarcation between those who are loyal to our race, and those who are traitors to our race.

Fate of Traitors. Today, when race traitors, the chabez-goi fronting for the Jews, are having a field day; when selling the White Race down the river to our enemies is the order of the day; when catering and kow-towing to the niggers and the mud races is the routine vogue of the times, we lay down this warning: the day will come when the White Race will again regain control of its own destiny. When it does, those traitors still living will be brought to account for their treason.

Most Heinous Crime. Historically, the penalty for treason has been death. Even our U.S. Constitution defines the crime of treason (the only crime so defined) as “giving aid and comfort to the enemy.” Whereas the constitution has long been abandoned by our now Jewish power structure, and whereas traitors to both the country and to the White Race now are the government, we CREATORS regard treason to our White Race as an even more serious and heinous crime than treason to our country.

Every Man Must Take a Stand. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR mean to put every White Man on the spot as to where they stand in relation to their loyalty to their race. We mean to put them in a position where they will have to declare loud and clear their loyalty to the White Race by deed, word or action, or be publicly branded as a despicable traitor for all time. We take the same position as Christianity does — “He that is not for me, is against me.” We consider those that are not for the White Race are against us, and we will make no bones about pointing them out and identifying our enemies, loud and clear. There will be no “‘Mr.  Inbetweens.” We regard anyone who has been alerted to the crime being perpetrated on the White Race and will not lift a finger in its defense is a miserable person. We regard such persons as accessories, accomplices to the crime. We regard them as traitors.

Day of Reckoning. We repeat, we will draw a sharp line. We can hardly spell it out any clearer. Let those traitors to our race who are now flagrantly playing the Jew’s game with immunity and impunity take heed and tremble. The Day of the White Man, the Day of Reckoning, will come.

Fight for Survival. We are fighting a merciless war of survival. Our enemies are well organized and armed to the teeth with every trick and strategy the cunning mind of man has been able to conceive over the ages. The White Race is disarrayed, disorganized and wandering aimlessly like a babe in the woods in a world that is beset with dangerous and lethal booby traps. We must therefore rally ourselves, organize ourselves and arm ourselves with all the weapons at our disposal, which are really phenomenal if we would only bestir ourselves.

Discard Roadblocks. We must also rid ourselves of false ideas, weaknesses and other deadwood and debris that have for so long paralyzed and immobilized our awesome power and potential. In the next chapter we will examine two such weaknesses we have been burdened with, expose them, and throw them overboard.