Need to be Rational. Since the White Race harbors so many misconceptions about the above subjects, and since our thinking has been so confused by means of the alien religions foisted on our race, it is essential that we of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR clarify our position on these basic subjects of eschatology, as listed in the title above.

Positive Approach. It is not our purpose to dwell on the morbid. On the contrary, it is our purpose to look at life and death in a rational, fearless manner and thereby clarify our thinking. It is our intention once and for all to clear the cobwebs from our minds and to lay to rest all the morbid fears, superstitions and myths that surround death and the so-called “hereafter.” In so doing we will then be more capable of concentrating on the positive aspects of living the good life.

Live the Good Life. Let us briefly re-state our position on attitudes about life and then leave the subject in this chapter, since our whole book concerns the subject of how to live a better and more creative life. Therefore let us repeat: We are only interested in the White Race living the good life, the quality life, the fullest life, here on this Planet Earth, the only place we have ever lived or ever will live. We want members of our noble race to enjoy life, to live in such a way that they contribute to the survival, expansion and advancement of our race. We don’t want them unnecessarily worrying about non-existent spooks, demons, fiery pits, torture chambers in the hereafter, or any other hocus-pocus that so much garbage has been expostulated about. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR don’t believe in all this hocus-pocus about the next world, and rightfully so, because in at least 5,000 years of recorded history that these crazy ideas have prevailed, not a single shred of worthwhile evidence has emerged to substantiate such lunacy.

Forget about Space. So let us start with broad fundamentals — the immense universe we live in, in which life such as on this earth is an extremely rare phenomenon and is perhaps unique to this earth alone. In any case, as I have stated in the previous chapter, it is so rare that it would take us at least 300,000 years to get to the next possible area that might harbor life, namely the nearest star, four light years away. That it might have planets that had a friendly environment similar to earth is so extremely unlikely we might say it is less than a billion to one. For us to then wander off looking for other stars etc. is so far-fetched that we might as well forget about it.

Planet Earth Unique. So let us nail down a reality. This floating space ship called earth is a rare and unique phenomenon and the only home we will ever have. It took 3.7 billion years for life to evolve to the stage it is now at, and it is only the last small fraction of that time that the White Race has emerged. It was only due to an extremely unique set of circumstance that life evolved at all, and an extremely unusually stable set of circumstances that allowed life to survive this long after it did get started. Had the orbit of the earth been more elliptical, had the temperature of the sun varied more than a few percentage points during all that time, had we not had such immense bodies of water to moderate our climate, such a benign and voluminous atmosphere, and just the right combination of a million other variables, there would not have been any life at all. Remember, it is now pretty conclusive that there is no life on the moon, or Mars, or Venus or Jupiter or any of the other planets in our solar system.

Concentrate on This World. This earth is perhaps one in a billion billion and perhaps the only place in the whole universe that harbors any life at all. In any case if there are any other forms they are millions of years out of our reach and neither we nor our progeny will ever migrate to these “other worlds,” I assure you. Similarly I feel certain that no advanced creatures from outer space have ever reached us, nor will they do so in the future. The immensity of the space in the universe overwhelmingly precludes any such possibility.

So let us forget all that nonsense about “outer space,” and concentrate on living in the only world we will ever have — our dear old planet earth.

* * * * *

No Spook World. So far we have been talking about other worlds in the real universe, namely some distant planet circling some distant star, and even perhaps in some other distant galaxy. Let us now turn to that other fantasy about which mankind has been so fascinated for ages — that “other world” consisting of demons and gods, spirits and ghosts, angels and lucifers and all those other imaginary spooks too numerous to mention.

Mental Plague. For reasons hard to conceive, our ancestors have been unduly frightened, cowed and fascinated by the world of spirits and spooks for thousands of years. The Egyptians as far back as 5000 years ago were largely guided and dominated in their actions, morals, customs and laws by their belief in the supernatural. Undoubtedly they were by no means the first, but since they created the first major White civilization their beliefs and superstitions in the netherworld strongly influenced succeeding civilizations and generations to this very day.Especially influenced were the Jews, who even then were a parasite on the backs of the earliest great White civilization.

Based on Ignorance and Superstition. It was namely from the Egyptians that the Jews conceived the ideas of immortality of the “soul,” life in the after-world, the “one-god” idea from Akhenaten, (Egyptian Pharaoh circa 1350 B.C.) and a host of other ideas that they used so effectively to mold their Hebrew religion. In turn these ideas were then foisted with a vengeance on the White Man when the Jews perpetrated Christianity on the Roman civilization they fanatically wanted to destroy.

We repudiate such nonsense. We have been hung up on these non-existent spooks to this very day. The CHURCH OF THE CREATOR strongly repudiates all this superstitious Jewish nonsense. We have no belief in, nor do we put any credibility whatsoever in any supernatural phenomena, or in any spooks, or life in the hereafter, or any other such hocus-pocus on which Christianity was founded and has flourished.

* * * * *

Fear of Death exploited by Religious Charlatans. So much for the non-existent supernatural world. We now come to the subject of death, which is very real, but about which, too, our people harbor so many illusions, mainly because of the many religious misconceptions foisted on us from the hangovers of our barbaric ancestors. As a result, death is a subject that is irrationally treated with fear and ignorance. That fear is further exploited by the religious charlatans to gain wealth and control over their victims.

Let us therefore go back to the Laws of Nature so that we can put this whole subject in its proper perspective. Nature tells us that all living things die and that death is a part of living. People, like all other creatures are born, live their life, and die. It is the normal course of things. Since it is inevitable, there is no point in worrying about, nor letting its inevitability mar the joy and creativity of living. And since we CREATORS do not believe in heaven and hell, immortality or life after death, we are freed of worrying about the imaginary “hereafter.” We are relieved of that nagging hang-up, as Shakespeare puts it, “Perchance to dream. Ah there’s the rub, for what dreams may come thereafter must give us pause.” No, we have dispensed with that nonsense and can better concentrate our thoughts and our energy on living in the here and now, the only life we will ever experience. We do not need to waste our efforts on speculating about immortality or eternity.

Nothing is Forever. Eternity. That is a mind-boggling word that is as vast as the universe itself or the idea of unlimited space in the universe. We CREATORS have little concern for it. As far as our interests are concerned, we are more modest in our ambitions. We realize that nothing is forever. We may blueprint a plan or a religion that our race can live by for the next million years, perhaps even ten million years. But forever? No. Even our prime source of light and energy, the sun, in the next five billion years will run down, and eventually turn into an ice-ball. But long before that our species will most certainly be extinct, as probably will all other life on earth.

Concerned about Real Problems. But that is so far in the future, we need not concern ourselves about such vagaries. Whereas the Christians keep babbling about eternity, (about which they know nothing) they undermine and neglect the far more important issues of the real world in the present day. We CREATORS take a much more modest approach. Whereas we have no concern whatsoever for the time in which our sun might become an ice ball, we are very much concerned about the survival of our race, especially in the present generation, probably the most critical period in the history of the White Race in the last 100,000 years. We are acutely aware that in order to survive we must first overcome our deadly enemies, of which the tribe of Judah is No. 1. CREATIVITY plans to prepare and organize for this battle, as we have set forth in most of the pages of this book. But we go further than that. We also set forth a plan and a program for the up-breeding and constant improvement of our race, a program and a creed the White Race can live by for the next million years.

But eternity and immortality? No. We leave such pointless pursuits to the babblings of the stupid Christians.

* * * * *

Only When and How. So much for the idea of “forever.” We realize that Nature has decreed that death is inevitable for all living creatures and as we have stated before, it is part of living. We CREATORS accept it as such and have no quarrel with Nature.

There are only two aspects of dying to rationally consider, namely when, and how.

Life Oriented. First of all let us consider the When. Our philosophy, as we have stated before, is life-oriented. We are interested in having the best life possible — productive, interesting and useful. We also want to pursue happiness, but it is my observation that when happiness is deliberately pursued for its own sake, it is most elusive, and those people lead the most rewarding lives who do not deliberately pursue happiness for its own ends, but rather those who have useful and meaningful goals in life and energetically and intelligently pursue and try to fulfill those goals.

Pursue Goals. We come back to the question — when is the best time to die? Ideally it would be when we have accomplished our life’s goals, when our bodies are physically worn out, and we have lost interest in living. In practicality, however, those three conditions hardly ever come at the same time. Usually our goals are never completed, but our bodies do run down, sooner or later. And anyway, usually death comes at a time not of our own choosing. But in many lives death could be terminated at the will of the person himself, or herself, should the conditions so warrant. We will have more to say about this subject later.

A Time to Die. Suffice it to say that there are certain conditions under which we CREATORS would prefer being dead over extending a miserable situation until Nature took its merciful course. I personally would not prefer to drag on an existence in which I was hopelessly and terminally ill, in which suffering was the regimen of the day. I would prefer to end it voluntarily and quickly. I would not prefer to live on, growing old, feeble and senile, spending months, even years vegetating uselessly in a nursing home, being cared for like a mewling infant. No, I would never let it come to that. I would end it quickly and cleanly long before that.

Euthanasia Preferable. One of the most senseless tragedies of modern day civilization is the ever increasing numbers of our aged whose life is artificially extended by life sustaining machinery long beyond their normal years, vegetating away like a rotting vegetable in some nursing home. I believe this is utterly cruel to the aged themselves and even more so to their surviving relatives. Euthanasia would be a far more merciful and humane solution than to subject such people to such a humiliating end, an end that is sometimes years in coming. No, I will not suffer such indignity before I die. I would much rather die sooner, at a time when I still possessed my faculties and the ability of making my own decision as to when to end it all, in dignity and at my own proper time.

Prolonging Misery Pointless and Cruel. There are conditions other than ill health and senility that would induce me to prefer death over continuation of life under intolerable conditions.

I would rather be dead than be locked up in prison for a life term, or even a long term. I prefer death to being a slave. I would prefer death to living under humiliating and disgraceful conditions. I would even prefer death to being a cripple, or being severely handicapped, such as being blind or lying in an iron lung.

* * * * *

Present Philosophy Cruel. When Julius Caesar was asked how he preferred to die, he answered “Quickly.” The worst possible way to die is a slow painfully agonizing death, such as terminal cancer. There are many other slow and painful ways of dying, and millions of people suffer agonizingly to the bitter end, not only until they die a “natural” death, but in thousands of cases the agony is deliberately prolonged unnaturally by their doctors and their families by means of “life supporting mechanisms,” by means of drugs, or other artificial means.

Ethics at Fault. Why is such an insane course pursued? Basically it goes back to our Christian ethics, to our outmoded legal structures and to the Hippocratic oath of our medical profession. All of these combine to say in essence — we must prolong life, any life, no matter how miserable or useless, as long as possible, by whatever means, at any expense. How stupid! How cruel!

To Die in Peace and Dignity. Recently I read about an old man in his late seventies, who was paralyzed, who was in dire agony, who desperately wanted to die, but was kept alive by a life support machine. Although he could hardly speak he implored his attorneys to go to court to have the court order the machine to be unplugged, so that he could die in peace. It took several months. It was only after delayed verdicts of yes and no, after thousands of dollars of medical bills, after thousands of dollars of legal fees, before he could finally get that damned machine turned off. If the poor old man had not been completely paralyzed he would have done the job himself in a minute.

But such are the idiotic contradictions of our befuddled and confused present-day society. Euthanasia is considered a terrible word. No person has the right to take another’s life, in fact not even his own, we are told. Both the courts and our ethics say so. Yet our government thinks nothing of sending hundreds of thousands of our finest young men in their prime — in their late teens or early twenties — half way around the world to a stinking jungle like Viet Nam where they know tens of thousands will be brutally killed. In actuality 60 thousand were killed, for absolutely nothing, and 300,000 were wounded, maimed or crippled, and similar numbers came back addicted to drugs or emotionally crippled. That the treacherous government can do legally and morally, and have no compunction about it. No great moral outcry is raised about such atrocities. But when it comes to those areas where the old, the senile, or terminally ill, who would be glad to have a dignified end to their misery, then all hell breaks loose. All the bleeding hearts come forth and cry about the dignity of human life, the inviolability of life, quote the Christian bible and find a hundred other reasons why such things as euthanasia are unthinkable.

Suicide Not Dishonorable. We CREATORS take a different view of life and death. Like the ancient Romans we believe that under certain circumstances suicide is an honorable way to die, rather than live on in shame, humiliation, or captivity. We go further than that. We believe it is an honorable and dignified way to die for any other of a number of reasons, such as having come to the decision that life is no longer worthwhile. After all, we had no hand in deciding when and if we were to be born. Surely we have every right to decide when and if we should die, and who is better qualified to make that decision than every person for himself.

Death can be a Blessing. We CREATORS believe that death is man’s greatest blessing when it cancels a life wracked with suffering and stripped of its meaning, and that useless prolongation of such suffering is not a compassionate act. Nature has a solution for everything and there comes a time in every man’s life when death is the final, the ultimate, and the only solution.

* * * * *

Euthanasia Not New. The Greeks had a word for everything. Euthanasia derives from the Greek “eu” meaning “good,” and “thanatos” meaning death, literally meaning a “good death.” In the modern sense, it means mercy killing.

During the Golden Era of ancient Greek civilization, the Greeks realizing the realities of living, suffering and dying, already practiced mercy killings. History tells us that in the Greek islands the aged and incapacitated, having no purpose in life, would attend an annual festival to drink a pleasant tasting wine, containing a lethal poison, which would induce a merciful death. Participants had to be approved by the Senate.

No Stigma. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR do not recommend this method. There are many easier and less dramatic ways today of inducing a merciful death. The point we want to emphasize about the Greek approach is there was no stigma attached to mercy killing, but rather it was regarded as the sane, merciful thing to do, which it was.

Confused by Christianity. Since then, especially with the advent of Jewish Christianity our social thinking has not progressed — it has regressed. Like in all other areas, Christianity upset the rational thinking of its victims, confused them inextricably with their spooks in the skies obsession and blocked the way to every sensible solution.

* * * * *

Inevitable in All Times, All Ages. People throughout the ages have died from a host of other causes than old age. They have died in battle, they have been murdered, they have been executed, they have died in plane crashes, in automobile accidents, and a thousand other ways, many long before their life span had run its normal course, if there is a “normal” course.

What are the better ways to die? And what are the poorer ways to die?

Heroic Death. As we have stated in NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION in the chapter on Horatius at the Bridge — “How can a man, die better than facing fearful odds for the ashes of his fathers and the temple of his gods?” This is the glorious death, the heroic death, and we believe that there is none better. I believe it is much better fighting and dying for a noble cause in the face of your enemies (and taking some of them with you) than dying a pointless death, no purpose, no reason, aiding no cause. I believe one of the worst ways of dying is at the cruel hands of your enemies without even having a chance to fight back and inflict retribution. Even such, if it is a martyr’s death that inspires vengeance and retribution on the enemy (such as the stand at the Alamo) it can be considered a hero’s death and win the acclaim and adulation of our peers.

In any event, dying a lonely obscure death, without point or without purpose is not one of the better ways to die. If such end was preceded by prolonged pain and suffering, it has all the essentials of a real tragedy. Better by far it would have been to end it all long before such dire straits ensued.

* * * * *

Morality of Killing. This brings us to the morality of killing itself. As soon as we bring up this subject the average yokel will immediately quote the Christian bible — “Thou shalt not kill” as one of God’s commandments. This, of course, originates from the much-touted “Ten Commandments” of the Jews, which a mythical Moses supposedly brought down from the mountain from the Jewish Yahweh himself.

Hypocrisy of the Jewish Religion. The facts of history are that man has been killing his fellowmen since long before the dawn of civilization, and the Jews themselves have probably been the most vicious killers of all time. No sooner had the mythical Moses read the Ten Commandments to his followers than he got up on the stump and exhorted and incited his bloodthirsty tribe of scavengers to go after the land and property of the Canaanites, to kill, slay, put to the sword every living thing that breathed. Jehovah himself had so commanded.

So much for the high tone of the ethics of the Jews, the Jewish Old Testament, the Ten Commandments and the whole god-damned Jewish-Christian bible.

Now let’s get back to reality, the history of mankind, and the Laws of Nature.

Nature Condones Killing. Starting with the latter first — Nature condones killing as the natural course of survival of most species. If we look at the chain of life in the sea, we find it starts with the microscopic diatom. But from there on out it is eat or be eaten. The smallest fish are eaten by the bigger fish who in turn are eaten by their superiors and so on up the line. In order to stay alive and multiply, practically all fish, mollusks, snails, or what have you, eat some other live creature, and in order to do so they kill daily, the sum total running into billions of creatures killed and eaten each day. In the animal world the story is the same — coyotes kill and eat rabbits and varmints, lions kill and eat zebra, etc. Even birds kill and eat worms, mosquitoes and an infinite variety of other insects. Some birds such as eagles, hawks and owls also include other smaller birds, and rodents on their menu.

Integral Part of Life. Without pursuing these examples ad infinitum, we can clearly conclude: Nature overwhelmingly condones the killing of other live creatures. In fact it is such an essential part of the life system that if all creatures suddenly adopted the stupid moral of “thou shalt not kill” practically 99% of all species would shortly starve to death and become extinct.

Story of Mankind. Now let us get back to “mankind.” Has mankind in any age, in any civilization, under any religion, ever seriously believed in not killing (his) fellowman?

The Answer, taken from the pages of history is overwhelmingly, no, it has not.

Old Testament A Bloodthirsty Document. Certainly the Jews who claim to be “God’s Chosen,” have not. If you read the Old Testament, no sooner had Adam and Eve been created, but their son Cain slew his brother Abel. Going from there on down through Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, and on and on, we find “God’s Chosen” killing, killing, killing, not only their enemies by the thousands, but the much touted patriarchs like Solomon killing his own brother, David killing his son Absolom, and the “Lord” standing by choosing them as his special pets. In fact, in most of the battles the Lord was egging them on, ordering them to kill, steal and plunder, with his explicit blessing.

Jewish God Drowned Mankind. Going back to the pre-Israel love affair the Lord had for the Jews, we find the great wise and loving God himself drowning every one (that he himself had created) in the Great Flood, except Noah (the drunk) and his family.

So we can hardly say that the Jewish Christian bible does not condone killing. It is so full of crimes and killing and is one of the most bloodthirsty books ever written.

The Romans. Moving on into history, the Romans dealt harshly with their enemies, as in the case of Carthage, where they leveled the great city to the ground, slew all the male inhabitants and sold the women and children into slavery.

Eternal Warfare with Advent of Christianity. The Christian era that followed was not any better. It was worse. During the Roman era we had, starting with the reign of Emperor Augustus, two hundred years of relative peace and prosperity — the longest the world has ever known. It was called Pax Romana. But when Christianity destroyed that magnificent Roman Empire, we have had nothing but wars, upheavals and killings ever since.

Bringing this down to the 20th century we have had the biggest upheavals and mass killings of all times. We have had World War I, in which millions were killed; we have had the Russian Revolution in which the Jews murdered at least 30 million White Russians. In China, the Chinese communists murdered a reputed 60 million of their own. We have had World War II in which more millions were killed, and we have had wars ever since. All this was done by Christian nations, or communist nations who were supposedly advanced and civilized, if those terms have any meaning.

Civilized or not, Killing Prevailed. We could belabor this point further, but it would be redundant. The facts of life clearly show that Nature itself condones killing, and bases its main life system and food chain on the larger fish eating the smaller fish, larger animals eating smaller creatures of all kinds, etc. Uncivilized peoples such as the Indians, were constantly warring and killing each other; the biblical Jews made killing and pillage the basis of their religion. The Christians continued and enlarged upon this procedure and even went so far as to burn their own members if their beliefs did not quite coincide with the power structure of the church. And so on to the major wars and mass killings of modern times as we have cited above.

No, without a doubt Nature and mankind have always practiced killing their own kind or other creatures, despite the fact the hypocritical Jews and Christians claim that it is against their religion.

We are Realists, Not Hypocrites. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR are not hypocrites. We openly state that some people need killing, that killing has always been with us and will always be with us.

White Race has been Killing the Wrong People. Now, unlike the Jews, we CREATORS are neither bloodthirsty, nor do we like killing. We would like to see a lot less of it going on. What sets us apart from the Jews and Christians is that we are not hypocrites. We flatly state that killing per se is not a sin but a necessary action of any race or society that has the will to survive. The important distinction we want to make is this: The White Race in the past has either condoned, or allowed, or participated in killing the wrong people. It has participated in having our best people killed (such as our best young men at the prime of their life) and been frantically paranoid about “saving” (really, merely prolonging) the lives of those who are a menace to our White society, or are a burden, not only to our social structure but also to themselves. In both instances, they thereby are not only pulling down the foundations of our society, but also injuring the quality of our gene pool.

Must be More Selective. The thing that we emphasize is that we must be extremely selective about whom we kill. For instance, executing a criminal that has committed wanton murder is a good act, (not a sin, as Christians would infer). It cleans up our society and purges the dregs from its body. Let us remember this: any organism that fails to excrete its refuse, soon dies.

Killing our enemies, too, is under certain circumstances a necessary measure for the survival of our own race. Therefore we condone it, and it, too, is no sin in our religion. (Remember the Jew’s Jehovah advocated the same idea and prodded the Jews like crazy to kill everything that breathed.)

Back to Basics. The key to all the above again goes back to the core of our religion CREATIVITY, namely: What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin.

This is the final yardstick of the discretion we must keep in mind in all these matters, and it and it alone is our moral guide.

* * * * *

Laying It On The Line. There is one other aspect of life and death that is of special significance to us CREATORS, and that is the matter of risking death, deliberately laying your life on the line, when necessary, if the cause is important enough. It has been said that a coward dies many deaths, a brave man dies but once.

Resolve Weakened. We CREATORS take the position that in order to protect what is yours, it is necessary to be willing to fight for it, and if necessary, to die for it. There is, of course, nothing new about that idea, people have been fighting and dying for hearth and home, or for an idea for thousands of years to various degrees. It is the degree to which this idea is being weakened in today’s White society that is cause for concern. In today’s materialist Jewish world the White Man’s ideals are being blurred and confused. Such ideas as sacrifice, honor, courage, appear less meaningful than they were even a generation ago, especially weak when we compare the present drug-popping generation with our robust ancestors that fought Indians and pushed the frontier ever westward.

All Life is a Risk. Therefore let me remind my White Racial Comrades of these realities: In order to live at all it is necessary to risk death every day, no matter how safe you would like to play it. In order to accomplish anything, in order to enjoy life, it is necessary to risk dying.When you step into an airplane you have decided to take a calculated risk that you might get killed in a crash. When you get in a car and drive down the freeway, you have decided to take a certain risk. When you decide to go skiing, you have decided to take a calculated risk of breaking some bones, perhaps even your neck. You have accepted that and go ahead and enjoy the skiing. If you were unwilling to take such risks you would automatically eliminate yourself from many accomplishments and many pleasures. In fact it would be impossible to live and enjoy a full life without risking that same life repeatedly.

Strange Ambiguity. Evidently most of our White Racial Comrades are willing to take a number of these risks that are inherent in the hazards of modern living without giving it much thought. It is when it comes to standing up and fighting for our natural rights of survival as a race, even talking about it, that most White people strangely enough, turn into jellyfish and cowards. I find this especially strange when some men I have talked to that were death-defying fighters in World War II and repeatedly risked their necks on numerous missions, yet when it comes to confronting the Jewish peril they become whimpering cowards.

Cowards Lose All. At this juncture let me state an historic age-old axiom: He that would save his life must be willing to risk it. He who would defend his freedom, must be willing to risk his life to defend his freedom. He that would protect his race, his heritage, his family, must be willing to lay down his life if necessary to do so. If he is not willing to do so, he will lose all, including his life.

The Ultimate Stake. The process is similar to that in a poker game. The man who is ready to raise the stakes to incredible heights will be able to out bluff the timid soul with a low limit and the former will walk off with the pot. It is similar in life, and especially in the matter of our race. If we are going to protect our interests, our right to territory, our right to survive, we are going to have to fight. In order to fight and win it means laying your life on the line. Any race that is not willing to do so is going to be out bluffed and pushed around by those who have the superior will and courage.

Regardless of Risks. This fact of life is as old as history and as basic as life itself. When I was writing NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION I was admonished not to do so — the Jews would get me. I replied, maybe so, but I’ll damn well write it anyway. I was willing to take that calculated risk and put my life on the line. I am willing to do so again (and even more so) in writing this, THE WHITE MAN’S BIBLE. In order to build this movement there is going to be blood shed and some of it will be ours. It is inevitable. That is a price we must pay, and pay it willingly.

The Best Way to Go. But then let’s look at it rationally and philosophically. In the first place, we all know we have to die sometime anyway, one way or another. How much better to risk our life fighting for our great cause and triumph over our enemies than appease the miserable Jews and in the end ignominiously die a sniveling coward at the mercy of the treacherous Jew. That is by far the worst way to die. In concluding this thought let me quote a little jingle whose origin I have forgotten:

“No man prevails when freedom fails.

The best men rot in filthy jails,

And those who cried ‘Appease! Appease!’

Are hanged by those they tried to please.”

We Shall Overcome. So let us learn this lesson and learn it well: you cannot run away from life and play it safe. Only by facing up to life’s problems and meeting them head on can you prevail, overcome those problems, and live the full life.

* * * * *

Philosophical View. In conclusion, we CREATORS take a realistic and philosophical view of death. We regard it as natural and as a part of living. We neither fear it nor brood about it.Instead we concentrate on the business of living, taking death into our calculations only in our planning as to how we can best utilize our allotted time. We want to enjoy life, without being hedonistic. More importantly, we want to live a productive life, an interesting life, a meaningful life in the fabric of our race.

No Regrets. When our time is up, we accept that fact also without any regrets, having played our part, for better or for worse, we are confident we will be able to negotiate the blending back into the environment just as successfully as all our previous ancestors have done. We have no fear of a horrible and tortured “hereafter,” but regard it as a peaceful void, no pain, no stress, no strain, exactly the same as the millions of years we were not around before being born.

No Desire for Eternal Life. Whereas the Christians eulogize about the rhapsodies of “eternal” life (about which they know nothing) we have no desire for such nonsense, since such could become a horrible and unbearable bore after a few thousand years (or maybe a week) even under the best of imagined of promised circumstances. What could be worse than agonizing boredom without end! The only immortality we possess is that which Nature allows us in renewing life through our children, on into countless future generations. But as I have stated before, nothing in life is forever, and we accept that. In fact, we much prefer it that way.

Philosophy of the Noble Romans. My own philosophy largely parallels that of the Ancient Romans, whose way of life was noble and heroic. In this respect I think it is only fitting to close with a quotation from Marcus Tullius Cicero, who wrote in his charming essay “Concerning Old Age” the following: “Just as apples when they are green are with difficulty plucked from the tree, but when ripe and mellow fall of themselves, so with the young, death comes as a result of force, while with the old it is the result of ripeness. To me, indeed, the thought of this ‘ripeness’ for death is so pleasant, that the nearer I approach death the more I feel like one who is in sight of land at last and is about to anchor in his home port after a long voyage.”