Hebrews Extremely Ignorant. When the Semitic Hebrews wrote the Old Testament some twenty-five hundred years ago these primitive desert tribesmen were so ignorant they did not even know the earth was round. They were only aware of their own small area in the vicinity of Palestine. Their conceptions of the stars, the earth and the universe as a whole were extremely crude and limited. The earth supposedly was “created” only a short thirty-five hundred years earlier and was the center of the universe, with the sun, moon and stars existing primarily to serve the creatures of the earth. More to the point, all was for the benefit of “God’s Chosen People,” the Jews, who wrote this fairy tale for their own particular self-aggrandizement.

A Fresh Outlook for the White Race. Let us now leave the Jewish concocted Old Testament and the Jewish concocted New Testament that has sent White Christian minds reeling off into orbit to a world of fantasy and madness. Let us leave it before we ourselves get infected with this virus. Instead let us take a fresh, sober look at reality and the universe in which we live. In particular we CREATORS are more interested in this unique Planet Earth, our home and the only home we will ever have. Let us particularly concentrate on how we can make it a better world to live in, and particularly for the White Race.

So let us stand back a distance and take a fresh clean look at this vast and limitless universe and then set a course for the White Race to follow for the next million years.

Telescope Widened our Perspective. With the invention of the telescope by Galileo in 1609, a vast new universe in the skies opened up. It served to confirm the earlier intelligent observation of Copernicus and Kepler that the earth was not the center of the universe, but that the earth and other planets revolved around the sun. Mankind’s thinking thereby slowly shifted from the geocentric idea (with the earth as the center of the universe) to the heliocentric idea (that the earth and the planets revolved around the sun).

The invention of the telescope did much more than that. As telescopes became bigger and better to the 500-ton steel and glass marvels we have today, modern scientists opened up a new universe so vast and exciting it staggers the imagination.

Fantastic Universe Opened Up. They discovered that those little lights whose sole function had been thought to adorn our night skies for the Jews were really huge suns in themselves.

They discovered a universe of galaxies, of super stars, of red giants, of white dwarfs, of quasars, of pulsars, of neutron stars, of “black holes” and many other phenomena so fascinating and so vast that we cannot begin to cope with it here. The point I wish to make here is that we live in a universe so vast, so complex that our finite little mind can only grasp a small segment of that vastness and only solve a small portion of the myriad mysteries of the universe.

Our Planet Earth Our Only Home, Now and Forever. But let us try to establish our own place in Nature’s scheme of things. Our Planet Earth, our only home now and forever, is about 7918 miles in diameter. This is huge, but at least our mind can roughly grasp this dimension.Our sun, which is approximately 93 million miles away, is approximately 865,370 miles in diameter and has a volume of more than a million times that of our earth. Light traveling at 186,282 miles a second takes less than a second and a half to travel between the moon and the earth, but it takes 8.3 minutes to travel from the sun to the earth. The astronomical unit for the measurement of distance is the light year, the distance light travels in a year, about six trillion miles.

Space Travel Idiotic Distraction. Having established a few of these rudimentary basics, let us try to faintly grasp the vastness of the universe by crude comparisons. If the sun were reduced to the size of a pinhead, the nearest star would be 26 miles away, although measured by light years it is only 4.3 light years away. Our sun is only one star in our own galaxy called the Milky Way. Although on a bright night the best we might do is see about 2000 stars with the naked eye, actually there are 200 billion more stars in our own galaxy. Some of these (like Antares) are so huge that they would take in a ball of reference larger than the orbit of Mars about the sun.

Ten Billion Other Galaxies. A galaxy is a grouping of stars, often spiral shaped and somewhat flattened like a saucer.  Our own galaxy of some 200 billion stars is approximately 100 thousand light years in diameter. It is believed that out there in space there are probably another 10 billion galaxies of various shapes and sizes, some smaller, some larger than our own. The light from some of these galaxies that is visible through our most powerful telescopes left some eight billion years ago. At 182,282 miles per second, would you like to calculate the distance in miles?

* * * * *

Let us Concentrate on Reality: our Planet Earth. Having vaguely tried to chart the immensity of the cosmos, we now come back to that tiny speck in the universe we call our planet Earth. Since this book is written from the point of view of the White Race, let us get back to earth and acknowledge one tremendously important fact: to us this tiny Planet Earth with its accompanying source of energy, the sun, is a million times more important than all the other stars and galaxies combined. Just as the White Race is unique and wonderful in Nature’s scheme of living creatures, so this planet Earth is uniquely and wonderfully designed for the habitation of the White Race and other competing creatures. We will not find another friendly and hospitable planet in our own solar system. In fact at this point in history we have no evidence whatsoever that life exists on any other planet. The most likely prospect was Mars, but a space ship successfully landed there in 1976 showed no evidence of any kind of life, intelligent or otherwise. If we traveled at rocket speed to the nearest star 4.3 light years away, it would take at least three hundred thousand years. Before embarking on such a long Odyssey we wouldn’t even know if that particular star had any planets, hospitable or otherwise. Chances are a billion to one it would not have a habitable planet.

Space Travel Completely Idiotic. So let’s face it, neither we or our descendants will likely ever migrate to another “friendly” planet. Nor, despite all the science fiction stories to the contrary are we likely to be visited by “little green men” from outer space. This small floating space ship flying through the cosmos is our one and only home. It is the only friendly and benevolent environment for us in this whole wide universe, the vastness of which we have vainly tried to sketch. Whether there is “intelligent life” on some distant planet, revolving around some distant sun in some distant galaxy is only of academic interest to us. Neither we nor our descendants will ever reach it. Any way you look at it, for better or for worse, we can consider ourselves stuck with our dear and beautiful Planet Earth. It is the only home we will ever have and we had better make the most of it. Before we go dashing off to find some new planet from which neither we nor our descendants could possibly return for the next 600,000 years, let us, the White Race, be more practical. Let us make more secure the tenuous toehold we now have on this Planet Earth. In this last quarter of the twentieth century that tenuous toehold is rapidly slipping and in serious jeopardy. We are seriously threatened with survival by a parasitic species of “mankind” called Jew. While the genius and ingenuity of the White Race is looking far out into the skies of the universe, few either seem to understand, or are willing to learn, of our treacherous enemies, the Jews and the other mud races that are bent on the destruction of a rapidly shrinking White Race right here on our one and only Planet Earth.

Expand our Race on Earth. The lesson to be learned? It is extremely simple.

Before we, the White Race, waste a tremendous amount of time, money and energy “exploring outer space,” let us keep a sense of proportion, let us keep our feet on the ground, let us face reality. Rather than be wasting our energies in space (like the obsession with spooks in the sky during the Dark Ages) let us spend that same energy making sure that first of all the survival of the White Race is secured. Then let us expend our tremendous energy in expanding the White Race on the remaining hospitable land areas left right here on our dear old Planet Earth. For instance, it would be a lot easier, more practical and profitable to move the useless niggers off the beautiful Caribbean Islands and settle this paradise with our own White Racial Comrades, than strike out into void space hoping to find “friendly” territory on some planet of some star that it would take us a million years to reach, if such even exists.

I repeat, let’s be realistic. Rather than look towards empty space for expansion, let us first of all take advantage of the benign and benevolent areas right here at home, on our one and only beautiful floating space ship, our own dear Planet Earth.

Fifty Billion Better Spent Shipping Niggers Back to Africa. The White Race of America spent some 50 billion dollars (or more) on “putting a man on the moon” and bringing back a few useless moon rocks. If America would have spent that same 50 billion dollars instead in promoting its own best interests in moving niggers to Africa and colonizing the vacated real estate, we would have been a thousand times better off. It would have been a thousand times more productive in the interests of the White Race, the only interest we are concerned with. Let us therefore forge ahead, build our own creed and program and shape our own destiny, right here on earth, the one and only environment for which the White Race was designed. It is ours. Let us make the most of it.