1. Would you buy a used car from a salesman who was so loose with the truth that he described his own funeral and expected you to be gullible enough to believe it (as does Moses)?
  2. Supposing you stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon at the place where it was ten miles wide and one mile deep. You had a book in your hand that said, “The Grand Canyon at its widest is so narrow you can step across it.” Which would you believe — the printed page, or the physical fact of Nature before your eyes?
  3. Similarly in reading the “printed word” which says that the world is only (approximately) six thousand years old, but again, looking at the Grand Canyon, your common sense tells you it must have taken millions of years for the river to have eroded such a massive canyon out of the thousands of rock strata. Which would you believe, the “printed word,” or your eyes and your common sense? (Geologists estimate it took at least 60 million years to carve the Grand Canyon and several billion years to lay down the rock strata through which it cuts.)
  4. If God is so anxious to “save” everybody from hell, why did he create hell in the first place?
  5. If the devil is the root of all evil in this world and “the next,” why did God create the devil in the first place?
  6. Did he make a mistake?
  7. If he did make a mistake, why doesn’t he correct it and just simply kill the devil? After all, he is all powerful, so it shouldn’t be any problem. Or is he in cahoots with the devil? Furthermore, he didn’t hesitate to drown all the human beings (except one family) in the Great Flood, which according to Bible scholars occurred in 2348 B.C. So why doesn’t he eliminate the devil once and for all and get to the root of the problem?
  8. Could the devil continue to exist and carry on his nefarious trade without the collaboration, cooperation, and assistance of the all-powerful God?
  9. Are God and the devil in cahoots?
  10. How do you explain the fact that the Bible tells us (in the Old Testament) over and over again that the Jews are God’s Chosen. Yet the Jews don’t believe in Christ or the New Testament and are therefore, ipso facto, doomed to go to hell. This has been going on for 2000 years and eighty generations.  How do you explain this?
  11. So why would God have such a schizophrenic preference for the Jews and yet send them all to hell?
  12. Why would God have such extremely bad taste as to prefer such scurrilous criminals and reprobates as Abraham (peddled his wife off as a prostitute even at the age of ninety), David (a murderer many times over, committed adultery with Uriah’s wife and had Uriah treacherously murdered), Solomon (owned the world’s biggest whorehouse) Judah (fornicated with his daughter-in-law).
  13. Do you deem it proper to glorify these repugnant scoundrels and hold them up as examples to your children in Sunday School?  (Remember they were God’s favorites.)
  14. Would you be proud to have such people as your father, or brother, or ancestors?
  15. What is supposed to happen to all the billions of people, good, bad and indifferent, who lived before the year 1 A.D. and therefore never heard of Christ? (According to the Bible, there is only heaven or hell in the hereafter, and only those who believe in Christ can be saved from hell.)
  16. What about the billions of people — blacks, Chinese, Hindus, Polynesians, etc., who live and die in the present age and never heard of Christ?
  17. Can you think of a more sadistic, horrible, monstrous, diabolical idea than creating a huge, fiery lake, or pit of molten sulfur, and then torturing people in all eternity in such excruciating pain without the mercy of allowing death to end it all?
  18. Could you LOVE a monster who would create such a horrible place of torture and create billions of creatures to put into it?
  19. Couldn’t God foresee what he was doing?
  20. Couldn’t he have done it different?
  21. Couldn’t he stop it all even today and release all his victims?
  22. Why doesn’t he do it?
  23. Isn’t the very idea of “man” having a “free will” in direct conflict with the idea that God planned it all, knows everything forwards and backwards and controls it all?  Either our actions, our “free will” is out of God’s control or it isn’t free. If it is in God’s control, then it isn’t free and we can’t be held responsible. If God isn’t in control, then the Bible is lying when it claims “not a hair falls from our head, or a sparrow from the roof, but he wills it.” You can’t have it both ways. How do you explain this?
  24. If Christians really believe that getting to heaven is so wonderful, why do they so desperately cling to life and utilize every means of medical and scientific assistance (for which they profess such contempt and disdain) to prolong life to the bitter end?
  25. Do you really believe such tall tales as (a) the Israelites walked through the dry bottom of the Red Sea? (b) Jonah lived in the belly of a whale for three whole days (all that acid and no air) and was spewed up unharmed? (c) Joshua could make the “sun stand still” for a day so he could kill more enemies? (d) and a host of others?
  26. Would you believe your own father if he told you such wild tales happening to him?
  27. If the Great Flood is supposed to have happened in the year 2348 B.C. or thereabouts, how do you explain Egyptian (and other) history extending back to at least 6000 years in a continuous chain with no dampening or interruption at the supposed time of the Great Flood?
  28. Could it be the “written word” is lying to us?
  29. If God (and Christ) are so anxious to save (from hell) all the billions of people he himself created, why doesn’t he make a personal appearance to this world, say every decade or so? This would certainly be more convincing than a lot of contradictory claims on the printed page. If he could hop back and forth between heaven and earth at the time of the Israelites and had time for such nonsense as wrestling with Jacob all night, why can’t he, and why doesn’t he, make a personal appearance to the much more numerous world of today?
  30. Despite its claims to the contrary, Christians and the Bible are in direct conflict with science, especially geology, which tells us the world has been around for several billion years, with astronomy, with biology, geography, the study of fossils, authentic history as derived from other books and sources. Which do you prefer to believe — frivolous and unsubstantiated claims, or massive and detailed evidence accumulated by science over many centuries?
  31. Unless the White Man changes his thinking soon, America (and the world) is going to degenerate to a mass of criminal black savages. Are you indifferent about your children and grandchildren being engulfed and swallowed up into such a hopeless and depraved world?
  32. Does Christianity have any solution for this coming catastrophe?
  33. Do you believe in ghosts, gremlins, spirits and spooks? Is there any evidence for such?
  34. Are you superstitious and gullible?
  35. Is there any more merit for believing in your set of spooks, (angels, witches, devils, holy ghost, etc.) than the Hindu believing cows are holy, or the savages of Africa believing in witch doctors, evil spirits, etc.?
  36. Have you ever seen any of the spooks in the sky you profess to believe in?
  37. Just what sky do they reside in — over Australia, Africa, Boston or where? How many million miles away are they?
  38. If you have never seen them and you don’t know where they are, how do you know they exist?