All Wise, All Knowing. We have already established in the previous chapters about the Jewish version of creation that the lonesome spook who supposedly created all supposedly was all-wise, all knowing, never made a mistake, knew the course of events forwards and backwards, and everything was completely under his control. Not a sparrow falls from the roof — not a hair from your head, but he wills it. He sees all, knows all, controls all.

Total Control, Total Responsibility. Under such a super smart creator and such flawless control, you would expect that everything would hum along like clockwork and work out just perfect. Furthermore, with total knowledge, with total control, we would assume also goes total responsibility for the consequences of what he, this super-spook, created, manipulated and controlled.

Calamitous Mess. Strangely, according to this idiotic Jewish literature, we are wrong on all counts. First of all, things did not run smoothly. One blooper after another piled up. It finally became such a calamitous mess that the creator of this catastrophe decided to drown all his “beloved” children and start all over again. Secondly, he didn’t accept any responsibility for this mess, but blamed it all on us dumb clucks, because we turned out so “sinful.” This is like an airplane designer who claims he is the greatest designer in creation, but all his airplanes crash.He then blames the stupid airplanes for his shortcomings in its design.

Doubletalk. How do the double-talking clergy get around this obvious contradiction? How do they explain the all-powerful, all-wise, all-knowing, formerly lonesome ghost running into so many snags, and being repeatedly angered and frustrated by his top creation, namely humanity?

Lopsided “Free Will”. The explanation is stupid, contradictory and asinine, but their gullible and uncritical flock have submissively accepted it. Here is how it goes: This lonesome spook in an ecstatic charade of great magnanimity and generosity saw fit to give us “a free will.” He gave us freedom of choice. It just so happens, (why, nobody has explained) that this “free will” was somewhat lopsided. In fact, it was extremely slanted. It was all weighted to the side where we had a pathological preference for “sinning.” The dice were extremely loaded against us. As a result we turned out no good, and were a perpetual thorn in the side of our “loving” creator. It also turned out that he was a wrathful and vengeance-prone creator. And since he had complete control, he decided to drown all of mankind like a bunch of miserable rats.

Now, a few new questions pop up in this Jewish rendition of history of how it supposedly all started.

Obvious Contradiction. The first question is — how can you have billions of people wandering around on the face of the earth, exercising their “free will,” making their own decisions, taking charge of the course of events and of history, and at the same time this all-powerful super-spook who knows all, sees all, be in complete control? This is a complete contradiction. Either we have freedom of choice to exercise our “free will” and the course of events is completely out of the super-spook’s control; or the super-spook is in complete control and we have no control (and therefore no choice, and no responsibility, either) of and for our actions. You can’t have it both ways. Either he is in complete control and we are just a bunch of helpless robots and have no “free will” or responsibility for anything, or, we do as we damn well please and the all-wise, all-powerful spook is hardly in control of anything.

Deliberately Designed the Way We Are. Secondly, since we are supposedly the product of his creation, including the “free-will” we are supposedly endowed with, why didn’t he slant that “free will” with the inclination to be good instead of heavily slanting it towards the side of us wanting to be “sinners?” After all, he knew what he was doing, knew in advance what the consequences would be, everything supposedly developed according to plan. How does it happen then that we turned out so badly? He must have deliberately designed us the way we are. Why is the designer without guilt or responsibility, and the designed product solely guilty and responsible for all?

Cock-and-Bull Story. When we ask these questions we must remember that there is not a shred of evidence for this whole strange cock-and-bull story about how it all started with a lonesome spook six thousand years ago. It is merely an ignorant Jewish version of a mythical attempt to explain the universe, a universe about which they knew very little. It was written perhaps 2,500 years ago; written by ignorant Jewish scribblers whose real origin we will never know. It can only be taken seriously if a reader of such trash is gullible enough, superstitious enough, and has been thoroughly brain-polluted with such tripe from early childhood.

* * * * *

But let us move on and further explore the adventures, bloopers and blunders of the all-wise, all-knowing, all-seeing as this Jewish version unfolds.

Bible with Precise Dates. Among several, I have a thick copy of the King James version of the Jewish bible that was printed around the turn of the century. It is replete with all kinds of doctored maps of kingdoms that never existed, artists’ versions of biblical scenes that never happened, pictures of people that never lived. It has a whole raft of indexes divided into dozens of different categories such as what verses should you read when you need comfort, when you’re afraid; when you need patience; and a dozen other categories. It has an index of the list of plants, grains, etc., in the bible; a list of musical instruments and the verse and chapter mentioned. It is indexed and cross-indexed.

No More Dates. But the most amazing thing is that it is loaded with dates at the top of each column on every page. Whereas nobody really knows what year Lot fornicated with his daughters, (or whether Lot ever existed) this book has dates for everything. At the turn of the century, people were still so overawed by this Jewish claptrap that the publishers of this book still had the nerve to invent and attach specific dates to each event. Since it is a lot easier to disprove something if you are specific, and less so if your claims are nebulous, subsequent publishers have long since abandoned the practice of putting arbitrary and fictitious dates on mythical and fictitious events.

The Great Flood. Of particular interest is the date of that horrible cataclysm, the Great Flood. It is dated in the year 2348 B.C. Strangely, when we resort to authentic histories of those times such as Egyptian history, we find no mention of such universal flood. Egyptian dynasties and civilization existed long before that date and carried on through for thousands of years after, with hardly a hitch, and the desert sands of Egypt were as dry then as they are now.

* * * * *

Saved Noah the Drunkard. We said that in the “Great Flood” which supposedly lasted 40 days and 40 nights he drowned all his children like so many rats. Well, he was not really that cruel. In his great compassion and magnanimity, he saved Noah and his family, because Noah was “good.” Out of all those millions that drowned, you would think that this Noah would have to be a most exemplary character. But not so. He was a drunken lout, and then there is some hocus-pocus about his son Ham “who saw him in his nakedness” while Noah was drunk.Evidently Ham did something to him “in his drunkenness,” and when Noah awoke he cursed not only Ham but all his descendants and the land of Canaan, of which Ham supposedly was the “father.”

Not Much Sense. This was the select family that was saved from the flood that wiped out everybody else. Why in “his infinite wisdom” he picked this bunch of reprobates to survive and be the progenitors of the next batch of people is hard to understand. However it is fairly self-explanatory as long as we remember this is only a Jewish story, written by a gang of ignoramuses, and it doesn’t necessarily follow much rhyme or reason.

Infatuated with the Jews. Next we will look at the emergence of the Israelites, of how this Jewish god became insanely infatuated with this perfidious tribe of reprobates, and how he dedicated his favors, time and energy to their affairs, to the detriment of all others. The rest of the Old Testament, more than 900 pages of it, is devoted to this parasitic tribe.  Why not? After all, they wrote this stupid diatribe.