In order to get your friends to stop and think about the mental trap they have been led into by Jewish Christianity and other propaganda, we have prepared a set of leading questions. It should be instrumental in not only exposing their gullibility, but also realizing how their minds are cluttered with archaic superstitions. In short, it should serve as an initial antidote in the long process of detoxifying the mind of long accumulated garbage and debris.

Here are some pointed questions you might ask:

1. Did you once believe in Santa Claus?

(a) Where did you get such an idea?

(b) How long has this concept been kicking around?

(c) Is Santa Claus real, or just a figment of the imagination?

(d) When did you stop believing in Santa Claus?

(e) What made you change your mind?

(f) Were you angry at the kid who set you straight?

(g) Should you have been?

2. Did you once believe the story about the Easter bunny laying Easter eggs?

(a) Where did you get the story from in the first place?

(b) Do you still believe that story?

(c) As a thinking adult, don’t you think it would be childish gullibility to persist in believing in such fantasies when the evidence of the real world has long demolished such myths?

(d) As a child, were you gullible to believe in such fantasies?

(e) Do you think it is good for adults to remain as gullible and superstitious as a little child?

3. Do you believe in spirits or ghosts?

(a) If so, where did you get your first conceptions about spirits?

(b) Have you ever seen, heard, felt or smelt any spirits or ghosts? Has anybody else that you know personally?

(c) Could you describe precisely what a spirit is, what it does, where it resides, etc.?

4. Do you believe in evil spirits, demons, lucifers or devils?

(a) If so, have you ever seen, heard, felt or smelt any? Has anybody else you know?

(b) If you believe in evil spirits, from where did you get your first impressions of them?

5. Do you believe in holy ghosts, holy spirits, angels, etc.?

(a) If so, where are they?

(b) Have you ever seen, heard, felt or smelt any? Has anybody else you know personally?

(c) If not, how do you know they exist?

6. In India there are hundreds of millions of people who believe cows are holy. A large number also believe rats are holy, monkeys are holy, snakes are holy.

(a) Do you believe there is any evidence to substantiate such beliefs?

(b) If not, how do you explain their persistent belief in such nonsense for thousands of years?

(c) Do you believe that such superstitions have been beneficial or harmful in solving the real problems of the world?

(d) Would you say these people were gullible and superstitious to believe such nonsense?

7. Do you believe there are gods or spirits looking over your shoulder directing your destiny?

(a) Have you ever seen, heard, felt or smelt any? Has anybody else?

(b) Do you believe they are keeping track of your every move, every word?

(c) Do you believe that they can and will throw you into a fiery lake of sulphur and torture you in all eternity if you cross them up?

8. Hundreds of millions of Mohammedans claim their Koran is a “holy” book written by “Allah” through their prophet Mohammed.

(a) Do you believe this is true?

(b) Do you believe it is a big hoax?

(c) If the latter, how do you explain hundreds of millions of Mohammedans believing such a hoax?

(d)Do you believe they could be gullible?

(e) Could it be possible that millions of people have been deluded for thousands of years?

9. Several million Mormons believe their book is “holy” (the Book of Mormon), and that it was written by god through his latter-day prophet named Joseph Smith.

(a) Do you believe the Book of Mormon to be true?

(b) Do you believe it is “holy”?

(c) Do you think it is a great big hoax?

(d) How do you explain millions of Mormons “believing” in it?

(e) Is it possible that millions of Mormons have been deceived and deluded for more than a hundred years?

(f) Did you know there is an abundance of solid evidence that the Book of Mormon was plagiarized (by Smith) from an earlier fictional novel called Manuscript Found written by Solomon Spalding?  (We have more about this in a future chapter.)

 10. Do you believe the Christian bible is holy?

(a) Do you know who wrote it?

(b) How do you know?

(c) What do you know about the honesty of the people who are credited with writing it?

(d) Is it possible that the Christians have been deceived and deluded about their “holy” book as the Mormons and the Mohammedans have about theirs?

 11. Do you believe the Jews are god’s chosen people as the bible says?

(a) If so, how do you explain the fact that they don’t believe in Christ, nor the New Testament, haven’t for 80 generations, and don’t today?

(b) How do you explain the contradictory claims of the Old Testament versus the New Testament that (a) the Jews are god’s chosen people, and (b) we are all equal in the eyes of the lord?

 12. Do you believe in hell?

(a) If so, isn’t this the most horrible, fiendish concept ever conceived by either man or spirits?

(b) Do you know of anybody that has ever been there to bring back a meaningful report about it?

(c) If not, how do you know it exists?

(d) If you believe it exists, just where is it located? How do you know?

 13. Don’t you think the idea of burning, roasting and barbecuing people for all eternity as a form of punishment is the most horrible, heinous, macabre, fiendish, cruel and idiotic concept ever invented by evil minds?

(a) Would you punish your own children by hellish torture if they didn’t believe your mythical story of Santa Claus as they got older and more sensible?

(b) Don’t you think any spook in the sky, holy or otherwise, would be extremely cruel and fiendish and idiotic for inflicting such horrible punishment on “his children” for not believing a collection of garbled myths without furnishing some meaningful evidence?

 14. Do you believe it possible that like the Mormons, Mohammedans, Brahmans, and thousands of other existing religious cults, you too might be hoaxed, deceived and deluded in gullibly accepting the “spooks in the sky” story about “pie in the sky when you die” or “fry in the sky when you die”?