As we have seen from a previous chapter, the Jews have been so extremely obnoxious throughout history that they have been kicked out repeatedly in almost every part of the world by their long suffering hosts.

Now Jew Heaven. One glaring exception is the United States of America. This Jew-ridden country now hosts more of these malignant parasites than can be found any other place in the world. It is veritably Jew-heaven, the new JerUSAlem, and the White gentiles are being looted and ravaged by their Jewish masters at will. After the virtual destruction of Germany in World War II, the United States became the prime target for weakening and undermining its power, and finally total mongrelization as we have shown in the preceding chapter.

Henry Ford’s Exposure in early 1920’s. To trace the influx and rise in power of the Jewish plague in America is a long story and we do not have space to fully go into it here. It is well documented in other books, most of which, however, the average American has never seen. One of the earliest and best exposures was a series of articles written and/ or sponsored by Henry Ford, Sr., the automobile genius, in the Dearborn Independent. This paper, a Ford company house organ, published a weekly series between 1920 and 1922 on what Ford called the “Jewish Question.” It was the most penetrating and thorough history, analysis and exposure of the Jewish conspiracy that had been done anywhere in the world up to that time.

Jews tried to steal Ford’s Empire. In building up his amazingly successful automotive empire, Ford found after World War I that a group of mysterious manipulators were trying to steal his company. Having the ingenuity and the resources to do it with, he commissioned a group of detectives to undertake an investigation to find who the culprits were. He found they were a combination of Jews conniving to steal from him that which he had built over a life time.

Investigated the “Hidden Hand.” Since Ford had been highly concerned about the senseless ravages of the Great War (W.W. I), and had through launching the “Peace Ship,” and other activities, unsuccessfully tried to bring it to an earlier end, he had already become aware of the “Jewish hand behind the scenes” in political dealings. He then set about to make a thorough investigation of the whole Jewish problem on a world-wide basis. He hired a number of competent investigators and spent several million dollars to put the findings together.

Exposure of Jewish Programs and Power. The result was a series of articles in Ford’s newspaper, The Dearborn Independent. It repeatedly compared the program set forth in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (we have exposed the Protocols in NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION) with what had been going on and was going on at the time. It is still going on today. The series was compiled into an abridged book called The International Jew. It has been translated into a dozen languages, and published all over the world by several other publishers.It is still one of the outstanding classics of all time in exposing the world-wide Jewish conspiracy and demonstrating how “The Protocols” are the Jewish master plan for the enslavement of the world.

Howling Jews threatened Ford. This exposure immediately set the Jews howling with fury. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that throws the Jews into greater turmoil than having the truth told about them.

 They immediately threatened, screamed persecution and brought all their other defensive and offensive weapons to bear on Henry Ford to stop him from publishing the truth. Not the least of these weapons were commercial boycott, financial pressure, smear, character assassination, physical threat and ridicule. Nevertheless, the articles were published in their entirety. The whole series can now be obtained in books of four volumes from the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR.

Ford buckles under. Such were the repercussions of the exposure, the Jews were relentless in hounding Henry Ford for a retraction even long after the series was ended. By 1927, the American Jewish Committee instituted a million dollar damage suit against him. Under the pressure of all the threats, including one of actually running his car off the road and sending Ford to the hospital, Ford finally settled with the Jews. He “signed” a retraction (actually signed by one of his employees in Ford’s absence), recalled unsold issues of “The International Jew,” and apologized. It is said that Mrs. Ford’s pleadings were the deciding influence.

Exposed the Protocols. Be that as it may, the continuing effect of Henry Ford’s exposure of “The Protocols” and the machinations of the international Jewish network had far-reaching effects that significantly influenced history. The most important impact is that we still have all the gathered information today. It is alleged that the National Socialist Party during the 1920’s in Germany made it one of their major textbooks and the book had considerable influence on Hitler’s thinking.

Missed a Golden Opportunity. Henry Ford had the opportunity to found a strong meaningful movement in the United States for the salvation of the White Race against the Jewish onslaught. He had the prestige, the financial wherewithal, and with his millions of loyal dealers and customers, the manpower to do it with. He failed to do so.

In analyzing why, we can only speculate that he did not have the burning zeal of the fighter to do so, nor did he have the personality, nor the background to become a racial fighter such as Adolf Hitler. Ford was first of all a genius in the field of machines and production. That was the main zeal in his life. Nor was he the philosopher in depth to really understand the solution to the Jewish conspiracy. By 1927, Ford was 64 years old, surrounded by wealth and commerce, a situation that is not conducive to becoming a crusader against the Jewish monster. We do not fault him for not becoming the figure-head himself. However, having the wealth, the means, the knowledge and vast organization, he missed a golden opportunity to place a younger firebrand at the head of such a White movement, who could have carried the ball, with Ford supplying the financial and organizational support.

Why No Movement Resulted. In any event, he did not do so, and no meaningful independent organization developed from it in the United States. The ground was fertile and it had been prepared, but it did not develop into an organized movement. It therefore behooves us to analyze why. Some of the reasons are in the approach and conclusions inherent in “The International Jew.” Let us list them.


  1. Ford saw the conflict as one between two religions — Christianity and Judaism.
  2. He saw the Jewish threat one of destroying Christianity and thereby our Christian civilization, rather than recognizing civilization as a creation of the White Race.
  3. He saw Christianity as a permanent force for good, which it is not.
  4. He saw Christianity as the White Man’s cherished religion, ignoring the fact that the Jew invented it as a poison with which to destroy the Romans, and the White Race in general.
  5. He confused the identity of the White Race with Christianity.
  6. He was as confused about where our loyalty belongs as the rest of the goyim. Instead of stressing loyalty to the White Race, he failed to realize Race as the point of polarization and the permanent value. Instead he kept talking about Christianity versus Judaism, a pointless contest.
  7. He never suspected the real objective of the Jewish conspiracy — the destruction of the White Race — a crucial error in his whole premise. Instead he kept talking about their attacks on Christianity — not realizing that the Jews concocted Christianity in the first place and that it has been their most potent weapon in the destruction of the White Race for the last 17 centuries.

Wrong solution to the problem — because he either did not understand or acknowledge the issue of Race, he suggested several solutions, all of which are either useless or inadequate.

  1. He suggested all we have to do is expose the problem. This is not enough.
  2. He suggested that the Jews clean up their own house, and probably would do so if enough of the rank and file Jews knew what was going on. This is a ridiculous idea. It’s like asking rattlesnakes to stop acting like rattlesnakes, fleas to stop acting like fleas, maggots to stop acting like maggots and Jews to stop acting like Jews.
  3. He promoted the idea of live and let live, and that we use the Constitution of the United States to reform the Jews by legal means.  This, too, is ridiculous for the same reasons as the preceding point.
  4. He reverted to the Jewish approach that has beclouded the White Christian’s mind for centuries. It is this: That the bible is unquestionably true and the font of all wisdom; and that (according to his interpretation of the bible) the Jews are not the descendants of Israel. He claims the Christians are the real Israelites and the Jews are descendants of Judah. Both these fallacies have not the slightest foundation in historical fact and have been a means of confusing the White Race for a dozen centuries. It is the modern day British Israel hoax all over again.
  5. The church and the government must be Christianized and Americanized. These are, of course, naive and pointless “solutions.”

Christianity and “Americanism” have confused White Man’s Thinking. It is Jewish Christianity that demented our thinking in the first place and aided the Jew in getting us into the mess we are in. As far as Americanization is concerned, just what is “American?” The niggers, the Jews, the Indians, the Mexicans and a host of other mud races in this country, too, are “American.” So which of these conflicting cultures should we follow? As I have pointed out in a previous chapter, a polyglot society has in it the seeds of its own destruction. The idea of “American” is totally inadequate and a dangerous snare which the Jews themselves use to deceive us. They use the term “American” to mislead us into whichever direction it best suits them at the time. This they can do because the term has a hundred different and conflicting meanings, and the Jews convince their victims to do whatever they wish them to do all in the name of “Americanism,” or in the name of “humanity” or “brotherhood,” or whatever catchword best suits their treacherous purpose at the particular time.

The Real Solution. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR have an altogether different approach. We realize what the Jew has known for over three thousand years that race is the underlying issue in the struggle for survival on this Planet Earth. By forging an uncompromising racial religion (as the Jews have done early in their history) we mean to polarize and co-ordinate the energies of the White Race, to organize the White Race and harness its awesome power in order to demolish our mortal enemies once and for all. In a matter such as this we must have no thoughts about the price. We must do whatever it takes and gladly pay the price. The accomplishment of our great goals is a fabulous bargain at any price, and failure to do so an unmitigated and colossal tragedy.