The Mongrelization of America. We have shown in the previous chapter the awesome power of Jewish money and how it has enabled this perfidious race to capture the government, the news media and every other nerve center of power. Now let us examine the treacherous deceptions the Jew is using here in America in order to mongrelize us, the White Race, in order to force-feed and pump the black blood of Africa into the veins of White America.

Slave Traders Mainly Jews. Over three hundred years ago, when the Jewish slave trade began dragging the black African into America for pecuniary gain, the Jew already knew how he was going to use the nigger to mongrelize the new White civilization burgeoning in this new land of promise. While he was making a huge profit dealing in black flesh, he knew even then that later generations of his race could and would use this black poison to destroy the White Race.He knew this because he had been doing this very same thing throughout history, especially in Ancient Rome!

Reconstruction Period — Niggerization of the South. During the aftermath of the Civil War the Jew launched a tremendous power drive to mongrelize the White blood of the South. This cruel, pointless war between the White people of the North and the South, instigated by the Jews, wreaked havoc on the South. Backed by the military arms of the (White) North, all White Southerners were declared rebels, disenfranchised. The stupid niggers who had no experience in government, had never voted before, were ignorant and illiterate, they alone were given the vote. Soon the courts, the legislatures and other trappings of government were staffed with dumb, ignorant niggers, most of whom could neither read or write, but whose actions were completely manipulated by Jewish carpetbaggers.

Jews stole White Man’s property. The Jews now proceeded to not only take over the governments of the White South, but steal their property as well. Overriding all this thievery and chicanery was a ferocious program of race-mixing in which White women on the streets were assaulted by the niggers with no protection whatsoever from the law. The mongrelization program failed mainly due to the rallying battle of the Ku Klux Klan. By the 1880’s the southern states had driven the nigger from power and the White Man reclaimed his courts, legislatures and government. The Jew still remained in the background in the nerve centers of power, unbeknownst to most of the “emancipated” Whites.

New Drive. In the early 1900’s the Jew launched a new program for the mongrelization of the White Man, under the guise of the communist party. This time it was aimed at the entire United States with the spearhead being aimed at the deep South.

Mongrelization Blueprint. Here is the blueprint as laid down by Jew Israel Cohen in his book entitled “A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century.”

“We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the Whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist party. In America, we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the negro minority against the Whites, we will endeavor to instill in the Whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the negroes, we will aid the negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions, and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige the negro will be able to intermarry with the Whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

Three pronged program. Basically the program is to instill hatred among the niggers for the Whites — the “Kill Whitey” obsession; at the same time promote “love” and “brotherhood” for niggers among the Whites; instill a paralyzing guilt complex in the Whites to the point they would stupidly do anything to placate the nigger.

With government, money and the weapons of propaganda in the hands of the Jews, the battle is on.

All Out Drive. A ferocious onslaught is being made by the Jews to mongrelize the races in America in this generation. Everything possible has already been done to mix and integrate housing, but even this is not fast enough. The Jews know that in order to get interracial marriages accepted and get them in progress, they have to start with the school children at an early age.

Relentless Drive. The virulence of the Jewish onslaught varies with the times and opportunities. Like a deadly virus, it lies in wait for the right conditions to again flare into full epidemic. When after the Civil War the drive to mongrelize the White South failed, the Jewish network recouped and laid plans to create those proper conditions. Therefore, during the period roughly between 1880 and 1950 the drive to mongrelize the White Race seemingly abated, but secretly preparations went on at a fever pitch. Then at the beginning of the second half of the twentieth century it blazed into full virulence again, with some Jewish leaders predicting that within another generation or two, no more White babies would be born.

* * * * *

The Weapons Used. Let us look at some of the means and methods with which the Jews are pushing integration, race-mixing and mongrelization, all of which spell the death of the White Race.

  1. Legal Maneuvering — using the Congress, the Supreme Court and the Executive. If we examine the tens of thousands of laws congress passes each year, the decisions of the Supreme Court, and the actions of the U.S. president, we will find that the overwhelming majority of them are such as to (a) benefit the niggers and the mud races, (b) increase the tax load on White productive citizenry and work towards the White’s detriment, (c) promote race-mixing and inter-racial marriages, (d) work towards the numerical increase of the niggers and mud races and (e) towards the numerical decline of the White people.
  2. Busing our Children. This program is a tyrannical power drive to mix black and White children at an early age to promote inter-racial marriages. It is effectively taking hold in the minds of our young, and it is becoming more and more commonplace (especially in the bigger cities) to see a black buck nigger walk hand in hand with a White girl.

That the White parents tolerate their most precious possession, their children, to be bused against their will, is a sign of how far the White Race has fallen into the clutches of the Jews. Half a century ago they would have revolted and hanged the culprits for such an outrage. They should do so today.

  1. So-called Open-housing Laws. The Jewish police state has cowed and coerced realtors, builders and landlords to opening wide the door to niggers although they are not wanted and although they realize that niggers will ruin their property values.

 When it comes to choosing, selecting or appraising real-estate of any kind, but especially residential properties, the one silent but over-riding factor is: niggers. The questions spoken or unspoken, are: Are niggers in the neighborhood? How far is it from nigger town? Are niggers moving in this direction? How long before the niggers might get to this area?

Yet the real estate commissioners of each state, the Housing and Urban Development Administration in Washington, and the Justice Department, are extremely harsh and tough in demanding that the question never be discussed in public, and demand that any filthy nigger be allowed to move into any neighborhood he wants to, although they know it will depreciate and doom the neighborhood as soon as the first nigger moves in. Although our justice system is lenient and permissive to the point of idiocy in dealing with criminals, murderers and rapists, they are tough and unforgiving towards any White who bucks the integration process.

When recently the question of “Open Housing” was put on the ballot in a referendum in California, the people voted against it 2 to 1. This despite massive Jewish propaganda attempts to put it across. Did the people get their “democratic” wish to ban “Open Housing?” Hell, no! The controlled State Supreme court simply declared the referendum unconstitutional. The White population should have risen to a man and hanged these despicable traitors.

  1. Welfare Programs. Today’s welfare programs are becoming a free-loader’s paradise and a tax-payer’s nightmare. They are so designed that the niggers can now loaf and ride on the backs of the working White People with the full support and encouragement of government agencies. Hence the niggers who are dumb, shiftless and lazy by nature gladly take full advantage of our generosity. This “generosity” gives them ample time to breed, to indulge in crime and alcoholism. Furthermore, with the aid to Dependent Children and other programs, breeding and welfare has now become a way of life with an ever-growing segment of the nigger communities. As a result, black females 14 or 15 years of age start having children without the benefit of marriage. By the time they are 35 they may have produced anywhere from six to fifteen little black bastards all being subsidized by working White taxpayers. The mothers see every additional baby as an increased bonus in the welfare check, so all restraints are thrown overboard. Meanwhile, the working White couples, whose taxes are approaching out-right confiscation, have few or no children at all.

It does not take a mathematical genius to predict the future of such a situation. It is just as the Jews planned it — flooding the country with black parasites and shrinking of the White Race into oblivion.

  1. Taxation. As anyone knows, you can’t collect taxes from people on welfare, but these taxes have to come from those people who still have the decency and the ambition to work and produce. Since the government is encouraging the niggers to go on welfare rather than work; since an ever larger percentage of the niggers are convinced they are better off on welfare than even trying to work; and since the total nigger population is growing by leaps and bounds, it is only logical to expect that our welfare rolls are growing by leaps and bounds. This, in fact, is what is happening.  Not only are most of the niggers on welfare, but an ever larger number of Whites are throwing in the towel, and they too are getting on welfare.

White Couples Squeezed to Breaking Point. Somebody has to pay for it, and as we mentioned, it is a shrinking group of working White couples, whose taxes on food, gasoline, housing and a thousand other categories has gone up alarmingly in the last few decades. Add to this inflation, the Federal income tax, often State income tax, and in some cases, city income tax, it is getting to the point where it is almost impossible for the average White couple to make ends meet. On top of this load is the ever increasing factor of inflation. As a result in many households both husband and wife work, having few or no children of their own, unwittingly subsidizing the increase and proliferation of the blacks, the latter having government money and plenty of time to breed.

We are now the Slaves. So history has made a complete turn-about. Whereas the niggers were originally brought in as slaves (by Jews) to work for their White masters, the Whites are now the slaves working and subsidizing the black scum under the tutelage of the Jewish slave masters.

  1. White Guilt Complex over Population Explosion. The population of the world is now increasing at an explosive rate. This is a fact and it is being hammered into our brains incessantly by the Jewish news media. Since the White people are usually more conscientious to the point of being guilt-ridden, they respond by having one or two child families, or none at all. The niggers, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and other mud races on the other hand, being shiftless and irresponsible, just let nature take its course, breed to the limits of their indulgence, and what with easy welfare checks, couldn’t care less about the population explosion.

Mud Races exploding, White Race shrinking. What the Jew is cleverly concealing in his population explosion propaganda and Zero Population Growth drives is that it is exclusively the mud races all over the world that are exploding at an unprecedented rate and that the White Race is actually shrinking into extinction. By concealing the racial facts of the case the Jews are accomplishing exactly what they set out to do — expand the mud races and shrink the Whites into oblivion.

  1. Churches and religion. Centuries before our “Founding Fathers” inserted that ill-fated idiocy of “all men are created equal,” into the Declaration of Independence, Christianity was already preaching the same nonsense, and laying the ground-work for the Jewish program of race-mixing. By preaching we are “all God’s children,” we are “all equal in the eyes of the Lord,” the White Man’s thinking was softened up to accept the mud races as his “brothers.” Today the Christian churches have radically stepped up their race-mixing drive and have made it the most aggressive plank in their whole program. Not only do they always and invariably lend their moral support to all Jewish race-mixing drives, but allocate a large portion of their budgets for all kinds of charity drives and programs aimed at helping niggers in Africa, Indians in New Mexico, Koreans and Vietnamese on the opposite side of the world and a hundred other programs to subsidize the prolification and increase of the mud races. Worse still, they also promote a number of programs to bring Vietnamese, Koreans and other mud children into the United States to increase the mongrelization of our land. Many such orphans are adopted to affluent White homes through the misdirection of the churches, only to grow up and marry into White society.

Preach “Kill Whitey.” While the White Christian churches are preaching brotherly love and aiding and abetting mongrelization and the guilt complex upon their White supporters, the black churches are doing just the opposite. The nigger churches, aided and directed by the unseen jewish hand, are preaching kill Whitey and organizing the niggers in programs of how to increase and take over the political power structure.

  1. Vicious, Direct Program by the Federal Government of Importing Alien Mud Races. In the chapter on the War with Mexico, I have already detailed at some length how the Mexicans are swarming over our southern borders by the millions with little or no opposition from the Federal government. The fact is the Federal government is encouraging this massive invasion, and is taking an active hand in deliberately importing the riff-raff not only from Mexico, but from all over the world.

Even using our Navy and Coast Guard. It has the Navy scouring the Indian Ocean picking up Vietnamese (boat people) and bringing them to the United States. Several hundred thousand of these vicious creatures have been brought in by boat and airplane and dispersed and “re-located” all over the United States. In 1980 Carter proclaimed an “open arms” policy to Cubans and the Coast Guard, instead of stopping it, helped the massive invasion by rescuing hundreds of small boat flotilla ferrying them across the straights of Florida.

Similarly, Chinese, Jamaicans, Haitians and the other scum of the world have been deliberately, actually aided and imported into the United States by the strong arm of the Federal government itself and at the expense of, and to the detriment of the White American taxpayer.

  1. Organizing the nigger vote. The churches are by no means the only institutions promoting Black Power and organizing the niggers in the political arena. The Jews either directly through governmental sponsored and financed civil rights programs, such as Community Action Programs and hundreds of others, are directly pushing the nigger to register and leading him to the polls. Then by means of splitting the White vote on the one hand and Jewish and black collaboration and solidarity on the other hand, the Jews have managed to “elect” one black mayor after another in cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta, Detroit, Cleveland, Washington, D.C. and countless other cities, small and large. With it usually go the police force and a host of other civil service jobs that are then staffed by a host of stupid, incompetent niggers.

The Whites on the other hand, instead of standing their ground and organizing racial solidarity of their own, foolishly flee to the suburbs, often abandoning their homes and investments they have built up over a lifetime.

  1. Racial Discrimination against Whites in jobs, loans, immigration, and other categories by official government coercion.

(a)According to all the “civil rights” arguments, the government claims all it is trying to do is give the “minorities” (meaning mud races) equal opportunities and equal rights. The government claims it is color blind, and there shall be no discrimination in any activity because of race, color, religion or creed.

Deceptive Lie. The Jewish controlled government is putting forth a blatant lie. Every law, every decision, every activity by our so-called color-blind government is loaded against the White Race and favors the mud races. In Washington, that pest-hole of Jews and niggers, a qualified White applicant is passed over for an unqualified nigger in the majority of cases. They call this “filling the quotas” system. Another tricky catchword the Jews have invented is called “affirmative action.” It blatantly means favoring niggers and other mud races over Whites, regardless of qualifications.

Need Whites to get work done. The only reason the White secretaries and other staff are hired at all is because somebody has to get the work done; no matter how many niggers they hire, it still would not get done. The net result is where one White secretary could have competently taken care of a job, three more incompetent niggers are hired, and then another White secretary is needed to untangle and undo the mess these jungle bunnies create by being in the office in the first place. As a result, it now takes five salaried people, three niggers and two Whites, to do a job that was more competently handled by one White — all in the name of “equal opportunity.”

(b) Not only is this prevalent in government jobs, but government is laying heavy-handed coercion on private industry to hire blacks, fire Whites. This, too, is all done under the guise of the minority quotas and “guide lines.”

(c) Similar oppressive discrimination is applied against White applicants to medical schools, law schools and universities in general. A black gorilla that can hardly read and write is admitted, while a brilliant White student with high grades is rejected. The black gorilla is then pushed through and given a degree, although he is no more educated or qualified than his gorilla cousins in the jungle.

(d) In starting up a new business the government Small Business Administration will generously lend money to Cubans, niggers or Puerto Ricans, although they know the risk is tantamount to throwing the money down a rat-hole. However, if you are White it is next to impossible to get any such loan.

  1. Discrimination against Whites in Immigration. The same discrimination prevails in allowing immigrants into the United States. Whereas in the previous hundred years the Immigration Department favored White immigrants from Europe (because America was deemed to be a White country), in the last few decades it has swung heavily the other way. Now Whites are kept out, but Cubans, Mexicans, Phillipinos, Haitians, Chinese, Hindus and all the rest of the scum of the world is flocking into the United States with the full sanction of the Jew-controlled Immigration Department. Not only are the mud races and the scum flooding into our country by the millions legally, but even more are flocking in illegally. Mexicans, who have one of the highest birthrates in the world, but can’t feed themselves in their own country, are flooding across the border by the millions, and our Jewish government is making only a sham, half-hearted attempt to keep them out. Nobody knows how many illegal aliens there are now in the United States, but it is reliably estimated there are over ten million illegal alien Mexicans alone.

Jews have Special Status. Jews can come in here legally or illegally at will from all parts of the world. They even have the special privilege of having dual citizenship with Israel, a privilege granted to no other country and no other people.

Above are a few examples of how “our” government favors blacks and muds, and discriminates against Whites, all the while hypocritically preaching equal rights for all.

  1. Niggers promoted in Sports and the Entertainment Industry. In the private sector, especially in sports and entertainment, the niggers are heavily favored over Whites. This, too, is not too surprising, since the control of sports, television, radio, movies, the record industry, the theater and other aspects of the entertainment industry are almost totally dominated by Jews.

Israel Cohen spelled it out. Let us go back to the beginning of this chapter and recall what the Jew Israel Cohen said in his blueprint of the early 1900’s: “— we will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige the Negro will be able to intermarry with the Whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

Instant Celebrities with the Jew-tube. There you have it. Promote the niggers, have them mongrelize the Whites, deliver America (and the rest of the world) into the hands of the Jews. As a result of this insane program, a dumb nigger without talent, thanks to the Jew-tube, can become an instant celebrity. All the Jews need to do is turn on their tremendous publicity machines, and presto! instant nigger super-star. Usually the Jews call these niggers not just plain stars but super-stars! Their own, the Jews, are treated the same way, but with even greater fanfare.

 Disgusting Degeneration. As a result we have a number of untalented black gorillas, male and female, and a passel of Jewish clowns filling our entertainment media. We should hardly be surprised that the movies, T.V., theaters, sports and other entertainment have degenerated to the low level of pornography and trash we find today.

  1. Appointing niggers in Law Enforcement and Armed Services. Just as the White population in the South for two decades after the Civil War was without civil protection from niggers, Jewish carpet-baggers and other criminals, so the power establishment today is pursuing a course of staffing the law enforcement agencies, police departments and the armed forces with more and more black niggers. They are planning for the day when race rioting will finally break loose, and all the arms of physical force will be in the hands of our mortal enemies, the niggers directed by their Jewish masters.

Also use Appointive Powers. Just as the Jews use their money and propaganda machines to help elect black mayors, congressmen, senators and other elected officials, so also do the Jews use their appointive powers to appoint and select nigger policemen, nigger judges, and staff the army, navy and air force with niggers. Not only are these agencies getting blacker and blacker, but promotions up the line come faster and easier for blacks, and ability is no criterion.

Preparing for Racial War. The Jews are fortifying those arms of force that are critical in case of civil insurrection with niggers. They know the day of reckoning will come, and when it does they want to make sure the Whites will be in no position to wrest control by force but hopefully will be shot down like dogs by the black animals.

  1. Black crime and warfare against the Whites. While the White Christian churches are mentally and spiritually disarming the Whites by preaching brotherly love, the Jews join in this deceptive practice with all the propaganda means at their disposal. At the same time, the Jews organize the niggers via civil rights groups, the Muslims, and even Christian churches, and pour on the hate for Whitey. The government even funds and sponsors programs (such as C.A.P.) that do the same thing — preach black hatred for the White Race.

Breeds Killers. All this has had its desired effect and almost every nigger in the world is filled with intense hatred for the White Race. As a result some of the more unbalanced and demented niggers get so rabid they go out and shoot, stab or otherwise kill Whites, with no provocation, and usually picking their victims at random. These are not isolated cases now and then, but happen daily, and most often the victim is a young White woman or mother.

Crimes seldom solved. These crimes usually go unsolved, partially because there was no motive or connection between the assailant and the victim, and partially because the police departments are getting more and more indifferent about solving such crimes.

Ultimate Goal. This is a deliberate act of racial warfare designed by the Jews to decimate and/ or mongrelize the White Race. It is being accelerated at a slow rate until it will gradually be stepped up into full-fledged warfare when the Jews are ready. While Whitey stupidly goes on preaching “brotherly love” and doesn’t know that he is a target for genocide, the Jews and the niggers are under no such illusion. They mean to kill Whitey, and feverishly pray and prepare for the day when they can slaughter every White man, woman and child, just as they did in San Domingo 180 years ago, or in the Congo 20 years ago, or in Rhodesia today.