Naive. Up until the time I wrote NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION in 1972 my attitude towards the Medical profession was similar to that of the average layman — high respect for their “scientific knowledge”, and hopefully expecting new “scientific breakthroughs” as time went on. I was as naive as the average yokel about “medicine.”

Slow disenchantment. My disenchantment came about slowly. Like the discovery of the religious hoax regarding the “spooks in the skies” mythology, it took years to unravel the hoax perpetrated on a confused and befuddled public in the field of “medicine”. My disenchantment probably started or at least given a further boost in about 1975 when I read a book by a British doctor called “The Medical Go Around, or why Doctors are so Useless”.  In it he told the story of his own experiences in futility. When patients came in with an ailment, they expected the doctor to “do something”. Since in practically every case that came in he was unable to know what to do, the obvious “do something” was to prescribe a pill, a tranquilizer, potion or patent medicine. It wouldn’t cure anything, but the patient felt he had gotten something done.

Medicine injurious. In most cases the “medicine” was worse than useless. Not only did the “medicine” not cure anything, but usually it made the patient sicker with continued use, and often a habitual dependent on a drug, sometimes a doctor-induced drug addict. 

That was the beginning. But that doctor did not, by any means tell me the whole story.Since then I have read probably a hundred more books on the subject of “Modern Medicine” and come to some profound and far-reaching conclusions, mostly very disturbing conclusions.

Medicine a Fraud. To sum it up in a nutshell, it is my irrevocable conclusion that modern medicine is a huge multi-billion dollar fraud. There is no “medicine”.  There are only drugs, alien and unnatural to the human body that addict, poison and often kill. There are no “miracle drugs”. The whole drug approach is fundamentally wrong. The orthodox medical approach of surgery, radiation and drugs, which we will call by its proper name of cut, burn and poison, does much more harm than good.

Iatrogenic. Did you know that 40% of all illness and deaths in the United States are iatrogenic, that is, caused by the treatment dispensed in the hospital or by the doctor? Did you know that when doctors went on strike in Canada, the number of deaths fell sharply? That when the doctors went on strike in Israel the same thing happened? Did you know that doctors themselves are sicker than the average person that never goes near a doctor? That the number of drug addicts among doctors is disproportionately high, as is the number of suicides?

Dominated by Jews. It has also come to my attention that the medical profession, like the legal profession in this country, is totally dominated by Jews. Not only are they in charge of the A.M.A. at the top, but, practically every medical association at the local, state and county level is dominated by Jews. Not only is the number of Jews in the medical profession (as in the legal profession) disproportionately large, but the ethics and thinking are Jewish. This Jewish thinking is permeated and perpetuated through the medical schools themselves, where it all begins. Needless to say, the medical schools themselves are heavily weighted with Jews.

Money not the answer. As in the Jewish approach to solving inflation, the problems of “poverty”, the educational crisis, crime and the many other political and economic foibles foisted on us by the Jewish establishment, the more money we spend on solving the “health problem,” the worse it becomes. The more money we spend on “research,” on drugs, or cancer, or hospitals, the sicker becomes the population.

Fighting Effects, Not Cause. Why is this? It is because the typical Jewish approach to most problems is fighting the effects instead of going after the cause. Let me illustrate. Suppose you had a gang of pyromaniacs loose in a city setting fires at random. The city then decided to spend more money on the fire department, doubling, tripling, or quadrupling the force and the money. But the pyromaniacs are not sought after and they merrily go out on their way setting ten times as many fires as the firefighters can ever hope to put out, and the city continues to burn, no matter how much money is spent on firefighting. The final epitome of the fire department solving its problem of having all those phones ringing to report fires, would be to cut the incoming lines. That would solve the problem of ringing phones.

This, in substance, is the typical approach of suppressing effects rather than eliminating the cause.

Suppressing symptoms, Aggravating the Malady. The same attitude prevails in the medical profession. If you have a headache, take a pain killer. It does not solve the problem as to what is causing the headache, but it will smother the symptoms, temporarily, that is. In the long run the painkiller will further poison your system, and contribute to more severe headaches. So the patient takes more and stronger pills and the headaches get worse and the patient becomes more sick, more poisoned.

Go to the cause. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR in our whole approach to all our problems go to the root of the problem. We first of all want to find the cause and then eradicate the cause of a problem, whether the problem is one of race, or economics, or health, or whatever. We are past the stage of playing games with symptoms, and being hoaxed into the belief that if you can ameliorate the symptoms you are contributing to the cure. Usually in all phases of life just the opposite is true.

Drugs never cure. Yet this is exactly the approach on which the whole philosophy of “Medicine” is based. Find a “medicine,” a drug, a poison, that will “cure” the ailment. The truth is there are no such drugs and there never will be.  No matter how many billions of dollars the profession spends in “scientific research” trying to find a miracle drug to “cure” cancer or arthritis or heart disease, or whatever, none such has ever been found and none ever will.

All drugs are poison. Let me repeat all “medicines” are drugs, are chemicals alien to the human body, are poisons. It doesn’t make much sense that if a perfectly healthy body will become sick from taking these drugs (cancer chemotherapy drugs or any other) that a sick body which is already overloaded with toxins, will become well from taking these same drugs.

Only the body can heal. We take the position that only the body (a wonderfully constructed mechanism) can do the healing.  All we have to do is give it a reasonable chance, instead of poisoning it further with drugs.  The chance the body is seeking is(a) a rest to enable it to throw off its overload of toxins. This is accomplished by fasting about which we will say more in a separate chapter, and(b) building up its resources (once it has thrown off the toxins) with nutritious foods. This is basically accomplished by eating raw fruits and vegetables, with modest amounts of nuts and grains. We will also elaborate more on this in a later chapter.

* * * * *

Search endless and futile. The search for “cures,” for the elixir of life, for the fountain of youth, for miracle medicines, is older than recorded history. In all that time not a single “cure”, “miracle drug” or elixir has ever been found. None will ever be found. Yet the belief and the search goes on, just as the superstitious belief in “spooks in the skies” goes on. The strange thing about these “cures” that were heralded with great acclaim ten years ago or twenty years ago have been replaced by new “cures” which will be replaced by others.

Valium top addictive drug. Remember the excitement and fanfare about tranquilizers twenty years ago? Remember how it was advertised as the “wonder drug” of the century? Remember how it was hailed as a great breakthrough — a blessing to mankind, allaying the stress and strain of living, alleviating nervous disorders and in general making mankind happier?

Well, let us look at what one of these wonder drugs, Valium, the most prescribed, has accomplished. Here are a few of its achievements.

  1. It has sent more addicts to the hospital than heroin. In a survey of more than 800 hospital emergency rooms and 94,000 drug abuse incidents, the Drug Enforcement Agency found Valium the No. 1 drug of abuse.
  2. It is the most prescribed drug in the country (1975), wholesale sales totaling 132 million dollars a year. The overwhelming number of abusers and addicts were the result of doctors’ prescriptions, many of them middle-class housewives.
  3. Valium is addictive and establishes a dependency. Withdrawal symptoms are similar to those produced by barbiturates and alcohol. Convulsions, tremors, abdominal and muscle cramps, vomiting and sweating may result if the addict abruptly stops taking the pills.
  4. Taken with a martini (which many a middle-class husband or wife may do) it compounds its effects and becomes highly dangerous.

Such are the results of just one of the thousands of highly touted “wonder drugs”. It has cured nothing, but has addicted hundreds of thousands, yes millions, and sent many to their deaths.

* * * * *

Drugs never cured anything. Let me analyze a little further this basic approach of “medicine”, the orthodox mainstay of the medical profession.

Besides numbing the pain, just what is a drug supposed to “cure”? Has any drug ever been found that “cured” constipation? Indigestion?  The common cold? Boils? Gastritis? Hives? Pimples? Cancer? Or “cured” anything?  Has any drug ever been found that was any more effective than the hocus-pocus of the first African voodoo doctor?  Not that I can recall.  Will any honest physician anywhere claim that he has knowledge of a single “medicine” that is a cure for even the simplest ailment from which mankind suffers?

Yet the drug stores of the world are groaning under the load of “cures” that do not cure. Doctors across the nation every day are writing millions of prescriptions for  “medicines” that are not worth a tinker’s dam, most of them harmful, dangerous and poisonous. I remember when our daughter was a year and a half old, had gotten up early and consumed the better part of a bottle of “baby” aspirins. We almost lost her and had to have her stomach pumped.

* * * * *

Search goes on. Despite the fact that a dispassionate analysis of the medicine racket reveals that no drug has cured anything, that yesterday’s “wonder drugs” are relegated to today’s scrap heap, the frenzied search for new drugs goes on at a multi-billion dollar pace.

Money, Greed, Jews. The gullible public wildly believes in “cures” and drugs more frantically than ever. Many still have the same religious faith in their doctors as the primitive savage has in his witch doctor, and for equal reason. It is totally unfounded. But the world is still thickly dotted with multi-billion dollar research institutions whose business is not only to come up with fraudulent new drugs, but more to the point — to put up a “scientific” front and sell the gullible public on their fraudulent hocus-pocus.

Behind it all lies the same major motive as selling the “spooks in the sky” idea, or any other racket — money, money, money.  Drugs cost little to produce yet sell at a high price per milligram. And behind most drug companies, pharmaceutical companies are Jews, Jews, Jews. They would sell strychnine, arsenic and cyanide in pill form to the general public and recommend they take one with each meal if they could make money and get away with it. In fact, not only the drug business, but the whole medical profession, county, state and national, is top-heavy with Jews.

* * * * *

Summation. There is much more to be said on this subject of debunking the fraud of medicine and we will return to parts of it in other chapters. But for now let us sum up.

1. All medicines are drugs, are chemicals hostile to the human body, are poisons.

2. Drugs do not cure anything.  At best they paralyze, numb or sedate, offering only “temporary relief” from pain or discomfort.

3. All drugs have “rebound” effects or harmful side effects, poisoning the body and overloading it with toxins, usually worsening the very malady they are claimed to help.

4. Many drugs are addictive or cause a state of dependency.

5. The mystical belief in “modern” medicine is as unfounded as that of a savage in his voodoo approach.

6. The mystical belief in today’s doctors is as unfounded as that of the savage in his witch-doctor.

7. The basic approach of orthodox medicine today, founded on the fraudulent belief that drugs cure, is an unmitigated hoax.

8.Only the body itself can heal, given a proper chance.

9. The age-old frenzy of finding “new cures”, “miracle drugs”, etc. are a tremendous snare and a lucrative racket. The main driving force behind it is money, and behind this greed and avarice in large part, are the Jews.

* * * * *

Clearing the ground. As I have stated previously, before we can go on to building a constructive philosophy, it is first of all necessary to demolish all the superstitions, garbage, clutter and shibboleths that have derailed us in the past. This we have attempted to partially do in this chapter and we will return to it later. Since we CREATORS are more interested in constructively building than in demolition, we will proceed directly to what the answer is to “orthodox” medicine, a philosophy that has failed utterly and miserably, and left our people sick and degenerate.

A Better Answer. Since we CREATORS are intently dedicated to building a better world, a better race and a better society, we are intently interested in the health of our White Racial Comrades, for only with healthy, energetic members can we build such a society and a better world. In the next chapter we will plunge directly into the subject on building super health. It is called Salubrious Living, Nature’s way.