Stranglehold Total. If there are still any lingering doubts in anyone’s mind as to the brutal, iron-clad control exercised by the Jews and/or Israel over the affairs of the United States (and the world) let me describe one more flagrant outrage.

Slavish support of Israel. Without a doubt since the founding of the bandit state of Israel in 1948 the United States has been its staunchest ally, showering it with financial aid, military hardware and equipment and flooding the United States and the world with pro-Israel propaganda, claiming Israel is our only true ally in the Middle East, the bulwark of our Middle Eastern policy and a lot of other lies. Now we would think that Israel would be mighty grateful for all this lavish support, which, after all, has done nothing for the United States but drain our resources and antagonized our relations with the whole Arab world. After all, the Arabs have large quantities of oil which we need, and we used to be on friendly terms before Israel came along. Israel, on the other hand, has had nothing to offer but incessant trouble and aggravation and incessant demands for more aid. With “friends” like that, who needs enemies?

Casus Belli. Historically a deliberate attack on an American ship has been a cause for war.The sinking of the Maine in Havana harbor precipitated the Spanish-American War of 1898. The sinking of the Lusitania in 1917 was excuse enough for Woodrow Wilson to push the United States into war against Germany (although there was no proof whatsoever that Germany had done it. Actually historians point the finger at Britain as implementing an effective ruse to bring the United States into the War on their side.) Now let us see what happens when our “staunch ally” Israel, attempts to pull off such a dastardly sneak attack, but was caught in the act.

U.S.S. Liberty standing by. The U.S.S. Liberty in 1967 was an ultra-modern billion-dollar reconnaissance ship, fitted with highly expensive and sophisticated electronic gear, similar to the U.S.S. Pueblo which the United States tacitly allowed to be hijacked by the North Koreans in 1968. As the Six-Day Israeli-Arab War of territorial expansion (by Israel) was in progress, the U.S.S. Liberty, an unarmed ship, was standing by in the eastern Mediterranean observing.  It was clearly marked and was flying the American flag. Since, like the “Pueblo” it was unique and one of a kind, any military observer would have no problem in the slightest recognizing it for what it was — an unarmed United States reconnaissance ship.

Viciously Attacked. On a clear bright day, on June 8, 1967, in broad daylight, the U.S.S. Liberty was suddenly and viciously attacked by Israeli warplanes and torpedo boats in a deliberate, well-planned and coordinated action. The attack lasted for nearly two hours, and the intent clearly was to send her to the bottom of the Mediterranean with not a survivor left aboard to tell about it. Once sunk, the idea then was ostensibly to blame the Arabs for the belligerent attack. Despite napalm bombs dropped on deck, despite repeated machine-gunning of the crew on board and their life rafts, despite torpedoes launched at her by the Israeli torpedo boats, miraculously the Liberty did not sink. But of the 300-man crew aboard, 34 American service men were killed and 171 wounded, many of them seriously burned from the shower of napalm bombs the Israelis inflicted on the unprotected ship.

Treacherous “Ally”. This should give us some idea of how “grateful” our “staunch ally” in the Middle East is for the years of slavish support we have lavished on that treacherous snake-in-the-grass. But let us now witness the treachery and reaction in Washington and the “American” “free” press.

Help cut off. Seven minutes after the two-hour attack began the Liberty sent a call for help to the U.S.S. Saratoga. Attack planes from the Saratoga could have been there in ten minutes, and such help would in almost any case in the world have responded automatically. To show how intense and how tight the Jewish stranglehold is, the White House (President Johnson) quickly intervened and ordered that no help be rendered by the Sixth Fleet standing by in the Mediterranean. Can you imagine that? Despite desperate pleas for help from an unarmed American vessel under heavy attack for nearly two hours, the American navy was told to turn its back and look elsewhere.

No outrage. Did the “American” press cry shouts of outrage? Hardly a whisper. The matter was quietly suppressed. “Our” president, “our” congress, “our” State Department never so much as officially reprimanded Israel for this outrageous and unprovoked act of war. It meekly accepted Israel’s blatant lie that it had made a “mistake” (some mistake!) in identity. That would be like making a mistake in identifying the Empire State building, bombing it and saying “sorry, we mistook it for an Arab objective.”

No demands for restitution were made, none offered by Israel. The relatives of the dead and wounded were told to keep their mouths shut and some were threatened with bodily harm if they talked. Such is the power of Israel and the Jews over American government, the press and even individual citizens.

Suppressed to this day. Nor was this a temporary situation limited to the Johnson administration. No succeeding president has dared bring up the “Liberty” affair, not President Nixon, nor Ford, nor Carter. On the contrary, the shower of money (billions every year), military aid, and praise and approbation for Israel continues unabated. So also does Israel’s unrelenting aggression upon her Arab neighbors, causing continual crises for the United States, antagonizing the Arab world on whom we depend on oil, driving up the price of our oil, and endlessly draining the American taxpayer.

Can you imagine what an outraged hue and cry would have ensued if some other country, say Germany, had perpetrated such an attack? But Israel? It can get away with multiple murder, any day, any year.

Iron-clad Control. Yes, the stranglehold by the Jews is total, is vicious and very real. As I pointed out in the previous chapter, the headquarters for Jewish treachery and treason is right here in Washington D.C. and New York, right here in the United States. Until we, the White Race, have the guts and the determination to organize and throw these vicious parasites off our back, treachery, betrayal and eventually genocide will be our fate.