Most U.S. Wars Costly and Pointless. The United States has fought many wars in its short history of a little over 200 years. Most of these wars were tremendously costly in lives, money and material and most of them were not in the best interests of the American people. On the contrary, most of them were ghastly, stupid wars in which the United States even when “victorious” came out a bad loser. One of the most destructive, insane and devastating was the Civil War fought between 1861 and 1865. Others were W.W. I, W.W. II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and others that plunged the country into terrible financial indebtedness to the Jews and made the United States and the world a worse place to live in.

Constructive and Beneficial Exception. One of the most notable exceptions was the Mexican War fought between 1846 and 1848. At this time the Jews were already manipulating the financial affairs of our country and frantically fomenting the coming Civil War. But their control over the basic drives and instincts of the people was far from what it is today. (They didn’t have television in those days.) At that time in history the American people were exuberant about the idea of conquering a continent and the idea of “Manifest Destiny” to span that continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific with the White Race was still an exciting dream.

Fortunately at this time the United States had a quiet, unpretentious, yet determined president who was one of our greatest — James K. Polk. As can be expected, subsequent Jewish history has given this great man very little notice, and even less credit. Yet his short 4-year regime was one of the most productive and significant in the history of our young republic.

Nation Distracted by the Slave Issue. This is all the more remarkable since his era was one in which it seemed no president could come to grips with any vital problems. Between the period of 1837 and the election of Lincoln, every issue, no matter how disconnected, ended up in a pro or con hassle about slavery, an issue the Jews were fomenting vociferously to drive the young nation into civil war.

President Polk a Man of Action. Polk managed the issue as “a plague on both your houses” and doggedly went about his business of successfully achieving his historic objectives.

In short summary these accomplishments were (a) the annexation of Texas on December 29, 1845; (b) whipping the entire Mexican nation (with its background of nearly 300 years of Spanish civilization) and occupying its capital, Mexico City; (c) by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo acquiring the present territory of New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho; (d) by another military action taking the state of California; (e) by purchase and negotiation with Great Britain acquiring the “Oregon Territory”, which includes the states of Washington, Oregon and the northern part of California.

Expanded White Man’s Territory by half. Thereby Polk in his short term acquired in total the western third of America’s 48 [states] and established its final southern, western and northern boundaries. All this in the middle of a period when other “great” politicians were tearing the nation apart with the Jew-concocted slavery issue. Not bad for a “forgotten” president, a president whose memory we CREATORS will rekindle in the hearts of our race.

 But let us go back less than a decade before Polk’s time. The War with Mexico really began in 1836 with a heroic drama at a small mission on the San Antonio river. It was called the Alamo.

* * * * *


Remember the Alamo! Mexican history began with the conquest of the Aztec empire by Cortes in 1521. Although the Spanish Conquistadors had a good two hundred years head start over their Anglo-Saxon rivals to the north, there was this difference: The Anglo-Saxons drove the Indians before them, took the land and married White women. The Spaniards on the other hand exploited the land for gold and silver, enslaved the Indians and intermarried with them. In the end the Indians absorbed the Spaniards, reduced the population to a mixture of mongrelized mestizos, (with Indian genes predominating) and reverted into one of the more backward countries in the western hemisphere. Over the centuries the inferior Indian genes by sheer numbers conquered the Spanish Conquistadors.

Mexican Independence. In 1810, while Spain itself was under Napoleonic occupation, the Mexicans revolted. After more than ten years of anarchy, killing, banditry, warfare and mayhem, Spain finally recognized Mexican Independence. The mongrels were on their own.

Anarchy Rampant. During the quarter century between independence in 1821 and the beginning of the Mexican War in 1846 Mexico had had more than 40 different “governments.” Although the Mexicans copied the American Constitution, revised and re-wrote it a dozen times, anarchy and revolution was the norm rather than the exception.

Up for Grabs. Although rights to the vast area of Texas had been relinquished to Spain by a U.S. treaty in 1819 in exchange for Florida, the rugged frontiersmen of the 1830’s never accepted this “sell-out.” They regarded it as belonging to the White Race by natural right and in the path of westward expansion. “Manifest Destiny” belonged to them. By 1835 there were approximately 30,000 White settlers in the area commonly known as Texas. The Mexicans claimed the area as theirs, but at best their claim was weak. Actually the land was up for grabs. The Anglos regarded it as a natural extension of a nation moving West. The Texans were ready to declare independence.

Punitive Expedition by Santa Ana. Into this picture stepped the cruel, flamboyant and treacherous Mexican general — Santa Ana. In the game of musical chairs, by intrigue, brilliant military feats and deception he was by 1836 the undisputed dictator of Mexico. When the Anglo gringos refused to bow to their tax collectors and recognize Mexican domain over Texas he was going to teach them a lesson. Starting out with an army of 6,000 men in the winter of 1836 he marched north, with the avowed intention of subduing and/or driving before him and killing every White Anglo settler in Texas. First he had to subdue the small Texan garrison at San Antonio de Bejar.

Patriots and Adventurers. Most of the 182 Texas volunteers that held San Antonio were there almost by accident. Jim Bowie, of frontier fame, arrived there less than a month previously with a small group of some 30 men and orders from Sam Houston to blow up the Alamo. This order he promptly disobeyed and decided to stay. Colonel William B. Travis, only 27, arrived there with a group of 25 men about two weeks after Bowie. He too had orders to blow up the Alamo Mission so it would not fall into the hands of the Mexicans. His orders came from “Governor” Henry Smith of Texas, one of two warring political factions. Like Bowie, Colonel Travis, too, disobeyed those orders and decided to stay. These two groups, joined the small contingent of 104 men already there under Colonel James Clinton Neil, who left shortly due to illness. What with other departures altogether there were now 150 men at San Antonio.

To this mixed group, few of whom were soldiers in the regular sense of the word, must be added the presence of Davy Crockett, Indian fighter, frontiersman, former Tennessee legislator and U.S. Congressman, now at 50, already a living American legend.

Makeshift and Disorganized. Like the split, makeshift, fledgling government of Texas, the command of the garrison at the Alamo was divided between Colonel Wm. B. Travis and James Bowie, with most of the men leaning towards Bowie in their loyalty.

Such was the disorganized situation when Santa Ana and his army of 6,000 arrived on February 23, 1836.

Colonel Travis gathered his men from the town of San Antonio into the Mission courtyard of the Alamo, since the chapel building was the only one in the town with walls suitable for any kind of defense. During the first day, Colonel James Bowie was severely hurt in attempting to mount a cannon, his chest nearly crushed. This left Colonel Travis in supreme command, a duty he discharged with valor and glory.

Request for Aid. Couriers sent out by Travis to enlist aid in their desperate situation bore little fruit. Colonel Fannin at Goliad with 400 volunteers got the message, but he either would not, or could not move. The only aid received on the tenth day of the siege was a small contingent of 32 volunteers from the town of Gonzales (raising the total to 182 in the Alamo). It was aid that could mean little in the success of the outcome. The Gonzales men knew it and their brave decision to help was a decision to die fighting.

Days of Heroism. After twelve days the Texas sharpshooters had exacted a heavy toll from the Mexicans, and despite the constant cannonading, despite the sleeplessness, despite the shortness of powder and shot, they had not had a single casualty among their men.

Storming of the Alamo. Early on the morning of the thirteenth day Santa Ana decided to storm the walls. His buglers played the famed “Deguello”, a primitive and ancient Moorish march, the signal cry that no quarter would be given, no prisoners taken alive. By 9 o’clock in the morning it was all over. Every Texan had been murdered, bayoneted and mutilated.

Glorious Legacy. But the Texans had not died in vain. They died as heroes whose story still inspires with tremendous pride the Texans of today and Americans in general. They will live on in history as did the gallant 300 who died defending the pass at Thermopylae in Greece twenty-three centuries earlier. Furthermore, they exacted an extremely heavy toll. Between 1500 and 1600 Mexicans died in those thirteen days.

Disaster and Revenge. But that is not all. Their death shocked all of Texas. It finally aroused the squabbling Texans to unite and take their independence by force. It did something else: It set off a deep and lasting rage in Texans that cried out for revenge. It was a victory in death.

Annihilation of Texans. There was more bad news for the Texans. In the now victorious Santa Ana the Texans faced an enemy cold-bloodedly determined to crush them so completely they would never rise again. Nothing less than total extermination of all the White gringos would do. He would teach those Americanos a lesson they would never forget.

Goliad sent no help. Ninety-five miles to the southeast of the Alamo lay the small Texas village of Goliad, garrisoned by 400 young American recruits under the command of Colonel James Fannin. It was this group that Colonel Travis had asked for help in defending the beleaguered Alamo. Colonel Fannin was a strange and vacillating man. Partly through indecision, partly through mishap, no aid was ever sent from Fannin to the desperate men in the Alamo. This was to cost the Texans and the garrison at Goliad dearly.

Goliad Captured. In his march to wipe Texas off the map a force of 1400 of Santa Ana’s men under General Jose Urrea arrived at Goliad on March 19, 1836, and surrounded Fannin’s garrison. After two days of fierce fighting, the Americans surrendered on the Mexican promise they would be treated with honor and sent on parole to the United States. For eight days Fannin’s men were held captive in Goliad and treated humanely. Then came Santa Ana’s order: The men were all to be shot.

Mexican treachery. Early on Palm Sunday, March 27, 1836 the Mexican troops marched the prisoners out of Goliad telling them they were to be freed on parole and sent to New Orleans. Suddenly near the San Antonio river and half a mile from the fort the Mexicans turned on the Americans and shot them down in cold blood. Only 60 managed to escape.

Panic. The news of Santa Ana’s slaughter hit the Texan civilians like a thunderclap, precipitating a frantic exodus from farms and settlements.

Houston biding his time. Meanwhile, Sam Houston was organizing the remnants of his tattered army, retreating before the Mexican onslaught, carefully picking his place and time.

* * * * *

Revenge. Only a few weeks later, April 21, 1836, Sam Houston with a force of 600 volunteers trapped Santa Ana’s forces at San Jacinto. With the rallying cry of “Remember the Alamo!” the furious Texans annihilated the Mexicans in a battle that lasted only 20 minutes. General Santa Ana was captured. In fact, it was probably the only important battle in American history where not a single enemy soldier escaped being either captured or killed.

Stupid Clemency. There is one footnote to this victory that should, however, be both a lesson and a warning to us. Instead of killing all the Mexicans for murdering the heroes of the Alamo, and again the slaughter at Goliad, Sam Houston struck an agreement with Santa Ana, who was after all, El Presidente of Mexico and its supreme military commander. Santa Ana could live if he would send his remaining troops home and surrender all Mexican claims to Texas. Santa Ana agreed.

Repudiated and Betrayed. Santa Ana’s successors immediately repudiated the claim and a year later Santa Ana was released, to fight against the Americans again 10 years later, as we shall see.

In the meantime, for 10 years Texas walked the road alone, under continual threat from Mexican invasion.

* * * * *

Lessons to be learned. The lessons that we, the White Race, can learn from this dramatic episode in the Winning of the West are several.

  1. Only by unity can we win.
  2. Only by struggle and sacrifice can we win domain over land and territory and rout the mud races.
  3. That when we allow the mud races (through our generosity, charity, stupidity or whatever) to win over us they can be brutally cruel and will try to exterminate the White Race whenever they have the opportunity.
  4. Unfortunately, it often takes a major tragedy to bring the White Race to their senses before they will unite and fight.
  5. Never allow a defeated enemy to come back later to fight again. We shall have more about this in the next episode of our history.


Mexico Seething with Revenge. With little or no help from the United States proper, Texas remained an independent “Republic” for nearly ten years, before it was finally accepted for statehood on December 29, 1845. This delay, as we stated in the beginning, was due to the idiotic squabbling in Washington between the different factions on the issue of slavery. With the Americanization of Texas in 1836, the relations between the U.S. and Mexico continued to grow more abrasive. Whereas the Mexicans were fuming over the loss of Texas (which they did not acknowledge) they were also seething for revenge. In Mexico City there was vainglorious rhetoric about marching on Washington. American contempt for Mexican anarchy and continuous revolution, on the other hand, brought forth a war fever to storm the “Halls of Montezuma” and teach these greasers a lesson. But mostly, behind all this was the basic American desire for those western lands that Mexico still claimed, but was unable to hold, and the Mexicans knew it.

A Man of Action. It took a President Polk to bring the issue to a head. While other presidents (and politicians) wasted their energies in the incessant factional squabbles about the slavery issue, Polk decided to act. We, the White people of America, owe him a huge debt of gratitude for his foresight, courage and determination.

On to the Rio Grande. In March of 1846 Polk ordered Brig. General Zachary Taylor’s army out of its camp at Corpus Christi to march southward to “defend the Rio Grande.” After 20 days “Old Rough & Ready’s” 3,000 men reached a place called Arroyo Colorado, about 30 miles north of the Rio Grande. A strong Mexican force warned them not to cross the stream, as it would mean war. Taylor’s men crossed the stream immediately. The Mexicans fled without a fight. Taylor’s men marched on to the Rio Grande where they looked across the 100-yard width of river at the Mexican city of Matamoros. Despite Texan independence they were now in territory still claimed by Mexico. He decided to build a fort opposite the Mexican city. The Americans were unaware that the Mexican Army of the North was awaiting them at Matamoros with at least as many men and twice as many cannon.

Poised for War. Thus two armies — and two nations — were poised on the brink of war, with the Americans daring the Mexicans to make the first move.

Mexican Forces Superior in Size. We must remember that at this time Mexico had a larger population than the U.S., an equal amount of territory, and a much larger army trained in the rigors of 35 years of warfare and a capital city that was four times the population of the city of Washington. The American army, on the other hand, had no real wartime experience for two generations, except for inconsequential Seminole Indian wars in Florida ten years earlier. Its total strength was only about 5,300 men spread paper-thin over some 100 outposts. Furthermore, except for Polk’s determination, the war at home caused wide and sometimes wild divisions of American public opinion. Many Americans, still mindful of the Revolution and the hated British soldiers had little use for “regulars.”

Blood is Spilled. In the meantime, while Taylor’s force was dwindling due to desertions and disease, the Mexican side was reinforced by a new contingent of 2,000 men, and a new general, Mariano Arista, took command. He had come to fight. Sending General Taylor a polite note that “hostilities have commenced,” his cavalry crossed the Rio Grande well upstream from Matamoros. When Taylor sent a cavalry patrol of 65 men to investigate, they were ambushed. The war was on.

Congress Drags its Feet. “American blood has been spilled”, General Taylor wrote President Polk. Two weeks later, May 9, 1846 the report reached Polk. On May 11 Polk sent a message to a divided Congress. Rather than asking for an outright declaration of war, he asked Congress “to acknowledge” a state of war already existing “by the act of Mexico herself.” After much bitter and heated debate, Congress finally “acknowledged” such state, and proposed to supply the President with 50,000 troops and 10 million dollars in order to bring the “existing” war to a speedy termination.

Volunteers Eager. It makes interesting reading to study the details of the war that ensued.Unfortunately, we do not have the space here to do so. Once war was declared, Americans eagerly volunteered for service, although never did the U.S. muster a standing army of 50,000 men at this time.

Two American Victories. With his decimated army of 3,000 men Taylor defeated the superior Mexican forces in two successive engagements — at Palo Alto, and at Resaca de Palma, both on the north side of the Rio Grande. On May 18, 1846 Taylor crossed the river and occupied the city of Matamoros itself, a city of 4,000. However, he had foolishly allowed the defeated remnants of General Arista’s army to escape and fight another day.

Taylor National Hero. The first news of Old Rough & Ready’s brilliant victories reached Washington on May 23, 1846, ten days after passage of the war bill. Taylor, the unknown frontiersman, became a national hero almost overnight. Volunteers rushed to the colors. By midsummer of 1846 Taylor had some 14,000 men on the Texas-Mexican border.

On To Monterrey. By mid August, Taylor decided to move inland to engage the enemy. Taking only 6000 troops with him he moved on Monterrey, a formidable fortress-city of 15,000 where he met General Ampudia’s superior Army of the North, now reinforced and well equipped. After three days of heavy fighting the Americans finally ran up the flag of victory on the Citadel. Their losses had been extremely heavy.

Mistaken Generosity. Defeated General Ampudia proposed an Armistice and General Taylor magnanimously accepted, allowing the Mexican troops to march out with their arms two days later.

This was the second time Taylor had made the same costly mistake — a mistake the White Race in general is only too prone in committing. When the opportunity presents itself, the enemy should be utterly destroyed so that it never will be able to fight again.

Ten years earlier Sam Houston had made the same charitable mistake — he allowed General Santa Ana to live after capturing him at San Jacinto. This treacherous and most brilliant of Mexican Generals was to be Taylor’s next adversary, a blunder which President Polk helped bring about.

Treacherous Santa Ana is Back. Santa Ana, prior to the commencement of hostilities, had been in exile in Cuba. This wily old fox was the one man who could successfully rally the Mexicans to effective resistance, and the Mexicans, realizing this, forgave all his earlier sins.The question was how to get him through the American blockade that now spanned the Gulf of Mexico.

Polk is Tricked. Polk, hoping to persuade the Mexicans to “sell” the disputed territories, believed Santa Ana when he sent Polk a note suggesting he, Santa Ana, was the only Mexican strong enough to conclude a negotiated peace and end the war. Polk followed up on the suggestion and allowed Santa Ana to slip through the Navy’s blockade.

Once back in Mexico City, Santa Ana had no intention of making peace. In short order he again captured control of the Mexican government and rallied the army to repel the gringo invaders. He was by far the best weapon the Mexicans had.

Within less than a month Santa Ana raised an army of 25,000 men. Meanwhile Taylor, with his depleted forces, marched southward towards Saltillo. With reinforcements of 2,400 volunteers under General Wool, Taylor prepared to meet Santa Ana, who was marching north to scourge and destroy the invaders.

Victory at Buena Vista. At the Battle of Buena Vista it was a matter of 4,500 American volunteers versus 15,000 Mexican effectives led by Santa Ana. After bloody and costly fighting all day on February 23, 1847 in which Taylor’s army several times was on the brink of being destroyed, the Mexicans retreated the next morning and headed south. It was Taylor’s last battle, and, the next election catapulted him into the office of President.

General Winfield Scott takes Over. In the meantime, Polk had decided to place General Winfield Scott in charge of the Mexican War. Using Lobos Island, 180 miles from Vera Cruz, as an amphibious staging area, Scott raced against time. He had to beat the deadly yellow fever scourge he knew would be more deadly to his men than the enemy. It was his objective to storm Vera Cruz, march his men to the higher attitudes before the summer heat and then on to Mexico City.

Landing at Vera Cruz. Starting in February of 1847, after interminable delays and foul-ups, finally at 5:30 pm. March 9, Scott landed troops on Collada Beach a few miles south of Vera Cruz. By 10 o’clock that night all 11,000 men had landed without a single casualty. It is still a puzzle to military historians why the Mexicans in plain sight allowed the landing without opposition.

Vera Cruz Surrenders. Vera Cruz itself was a military fortress with the harbor guarded by Fort Ulua, with walls 15 feet thick. In three days the Americans had surrounded Vera Cruz in a seven mile arc and cut off its water supply. By March 22 the American mortar batteries (set up under harassing Mexican fire from Vera Cruz) were in place and ready to reply. After several days of intensive bombardment in both directions, Mexican morale inside of Vera Cruz began to collapse. By March 28 Vera Cruz surrendered, and the garrison inside of Fort Ulua, dependent on the city for food, capitulated also.

Scott’s losses were minimal for the tremendous victory achieved — 13 killed, 55 wounded.

Yellow Fever. But the season was getting late. Scattered cases of yellow fever were already breaking out. By April 8 the first American contingents started on the road to Mexico City and higher ground.

Ambush at Cerro Gordo. In the meantime General Santa Ana had pulled his forces together and carefully chosen the most strategic mountain pass to waylay the Americans — a little town called Cerro Gordo. With 12,000 troops well entrenched on the hills, he met the Americans on April 18. After a full day of heavy fighting the Americans routed the Mexicans. The Americans suffered 431 casualties but the Mexicans suffered 1200 killed or wounded and 3000 prisoners. Later the prisoners were released.

American Victory. General Scott was jubilant. In a resounding victory at Cerro Gordo he had smashed the only enemy army between him and Mexico City 180 miles away. Surely now the Mexicans would negotiate for peace.

Truculent Enemy. But he was mistaken. The worst of the fighting was yet to come. Mexico was an ugly enemy — she would not fight and she would not surrender, or so it seemed.

Dissention in Washington. At home in the States the war of words raged on even more furiously. In Washington, politics flared full force. Some called for withdrawal to the Rio Grande. Some clamored for instant peace. Some argued for finishing it conclusively. The issue of slavery flared up again and was linked to the pro-war forces. Instead of giving General Scott and his valiant soldiers their full support, half the country abandoned them.

American Strength Eroding. Added to Scott’s problems at this time were the short-term (1-year) volunteers whose time was now up. Most of them opted not to re-enlist and 3,000 marched back to Vera Cruz to be shipped home, thus reducing Scott’s effectives to a mere 7,000. His supply lines from Vera Cruz were over-extended and reinforcements were meager and slow in coming. To add to Scott’s problems, President Polk sent a civilian peace negotiator, Nicholas Trist, who out-ranked Scott, with a sealed peace proposal to the Mexican government. Scott was outraged and he balked. He asked to be recalled.

Fierce Hatred for Yankees. But Mexico would not negotiate anyway. Scott’s spirits rose when 4,000 long awaited reinforcements finally arrived. On August 6, 1847 another 2,500 recruits under Brig. General Franklin Pierce (the future president) arrived at Puebla. This brought the Americans’ strength up to about 13,000, of whom 2,200 were sick and unfit for duty. Ahead of them lay the valley of Mexico City with 200,000 inhabitants defended by some 30,000 soldiers under Santa Ana, all filled with a fierce hatred for the Yankee invaders.

Victory and Deception. Having used Puebla as the staging area for the final assault, Scott’s men marched over the passes into the valley of Mexico on August 20 and immediately engaged the enemy. After a day of heavy fighting and severe losses on both sides the Americans shattered the Mexican army, broke the Mexican defenses at the bridges and had the city at their mercy. Santa Ana shrewdly proposed a truce of one year for discussion of “preliminaries of peace.” What he was really attempting was to buy time to again rally his forces. Scott fell for the ploy. Although he rejected a year’s time as too long, he agreed to a short armistice.

Santa Ana was delighted, and the truce went into effect August 24.

Big Mistake in Misplaced Trust. Scott made the biggest mistake of his campaign. Again trusting in the “sincerity” of the enemy, he was fooled. Santa Ana worked feverishly to reorganize his forces, deploy new cannon and batteries at strategic buildings and roads and build their defenses. Even the common American soldiers knew it was a foolhardy mistake. Instead of smashing the enemy once and for all, their commander “talked.” The men grumbled that after winning the greatest victory in the whole campaign, they would have to fight the battle all over again. They were so right.

On to the Halls of Montezuma. The “armistice” lasted two weeks.  By now Scott had fewer than 8,000 effectives and the enemy in home territory was well entrenched with 18,000. On September 8 the Americans again attacked to storm Chapultepec Castle and finally drive into the heart of the city itself. After a week of heavy fighting and severe losses on both sides the Mexicans ran up the white flag and asked to negotiate. This time Scott was not fooled. He intended to have the city and his troops marched to the Grand Plaza and ran up the American flag on the National Palace. General Scott arrived in full battle dress and the cheers of the American troops could be heard for blocks.

Victory Complete. Scott appointed General Quitman as Military governor and the campaign was over. One of Scott’s men, Capt. Rowell S. Ripley later blamed the two-week armistice as needlessly costing the Americans 1,652 men and officers killed and wounded.

* * * * *

Eternal Lesson. There is another episode in this war that should be a lesson and a warning to all race traitors of today.

American Traitors. When General Taylor’s army faced the city of Matamoros across the Rio Grande in 1846, Sargent John Riley of Co. K swam across the river and never came back. He joined the Mexican Army. In the months that followed, hundreds of others, moved by boredom, drink, or Mexican blandishments of free land, followed Riley’s example. Many were moved by Mexican propaganda that the Protestant Yankees were trying to destroy the Catholic church. Since over 20% of some regiments were Irish Catholic immigrants, this propaganda especially appealed to this group. They formed the San Patricio Battalion and fought against the Americans, and quite effectively so, since they were in most cases more technically adept than the Mexicans.

Court Martial. At least 65 San Patricios were taken at Churubusco, tried by court martial and sentenced to hang.

Hanged. As the U.S. troops charged the castle of Chapultepec, 30 of these deserters stood on mule carts, beneath a scaffold, with nooses around their necks, watching the flagpole at the top of the castle turret. The raising of the Stars and Stripes would be the signal for the executioner to motion the cart drivers forward and leave the traitors hanging.

General Scott had reviewed the cases of 65 deserters. Those that were not hanged were given 50 lashes, the letter D (for deserters) branded on their cheeks and left the grim job of digging the graves of those hanged.

Warning to All Traitors. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR take an even tougher stand. We contend that being a traitor to your race is even a more heinous crime than treason to country or army. We, too, shall have a day of reckoning with all those traitors who today believe they can betray the White Race with impunity. We, too, shall render good old-fashioned frontier justice to race traitors.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, in California. While Generals Taylor and Scott were waging the fight south of the Rio Grande, another contest was being waged in the far west for a rich prize — California, an area also claimed by Mexico, but almost independent of any control from Mexico City.Nevertheless, for several centuries it had been settled by a Spanish-Mexican population whose allegiance was still towards their kinsmen to the south. But White settlers were beginning to drift in, in ever increasing numbers.

Capture Rich Empire. The invasion of California by American officialdom really began surreptitiously in 1845 with a small “exploratory” expedition headed by John C. Fremont who was to make a “survey” of a pass through the Sierras to California. Before it was over, with other adventurers and military men such as Brig. General Stephen Kearny, Commodore John Sloat, Commodore Robert Stockton, they had captured a rich empire for the United States. This they were able to accomplish with relatively few forces, a few small pitched battles and only a small loss of lives. It makes fascinating reading, but we do not have the space to go into the details here.

* * * * *

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Suffice it to say here that after General Winfield Scott’s total victory and occupation of Mexico City on September 14, 1847, the Mexicans, hostile as they were, were forced to come to terms. One of the main problems was to find a responsible group that could be recognized as a government, since Santa Ana’s government had been overthrown and he had again fled the country. Finally such government was shaped under Manuel Pena y Pena. After much obstructionism from the U.S. government itself, negotiator Nicholas Trist, a stubborn man, concluded the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which the Pena government signed February 2, 1848. After much bitter debate it was ratified by the U.S. Senate on March 10, 1848.

White Race Wins Half of Mexico. Despite all the obstacles Polk had imposed on his negotiator, (Polk withdrew his peace proposals and instructed him to return home, orders Trist refused), much to Polk’s surprise, in the Treaty Trist had gotten him just about everything Polk had optimistically set out to obtain before the war ever started. Under the Treaty the southern boundary of the United States was established, running along the Rio Grande to the New Mexican border and from there reaching westward to the Pacific Ocean to a point below San Diego. In turn the U.S. would pay Mexico 15 million dollars and also assume the 3.25 million dollar claims of American citizens against the Mexican government. In short, Mexico ceded more than half of its territory, including California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and any claims it had to any of the other western land.

Oregon Claims Settled. Great Britain’s claim to Oregon had been settled by peaceful compromise in June of 1846, giving the U.S. the Pacific Northwest to the 49th parallel.

Polk one of the Greatest. We, the White Race, should therefore proudly give our due credit and honor to President James Polk, who did more in two years to expand the territory for the expansion of the White Race than any other president in history. This despite the fact that practically all other politicians of his decade were stupidly enmeshed in a mad hysteria about slavery, to the point where practically all opportunity for positive action was next to impossible. Our school children have not been told the full story of this glorious chapter in the history of the White Race. Probably for that very reason, because it was the most constructive and productive war in American history, the Jewish writers have downgraded Polk and the Mexican War as an insignificant part of our history.

Mexican War a Glorious Victory. Instead, the Jews keep rehashing the Civil War, the “nostalgia” of it all, the “colorful” generals, and so on, ad nauseam. The fact that the Mexican War was a most constructive and productive war and the Civil War a terrible ghastly blunder, perpetrated by the Jews themselves, is never pointed out. When they refer to the Mexican War at all, they portray it as one of a big bully (the U.S.) taking advantage of a weaker neighbor.

Mexican Resources Surpassed U.S. This, too, is a blatant lie. In 1846 Mexico had a population at least equal to the U.S. It had as large a territory under its domain. Its capital of Mexico City had a population of 200,000, more than four times the population of Washington, D.C. Mexico’s history dated back to 1519, a good three hundred years before the Anglos of the North even got started on their road to Manifest Destiny. Furthermore, at great disadvantage, the Americans had to fight this war on enemy territory far from home with greatly over-extended supply lines at a time and place where there were still no railroads, no telegraph lines, and when transportation and communications were still extremely slow and difficult. In every engagement, in every encounter, in every battle, the Americans were out-numbered in manpower and out-gunned in numbers of cannon and artillery. Any battle they would have lost on Mexican territory would undoubtedly have meant the total slaughter of the American forces. So it was hardly a war of unequals, as the distorted Jewish history books would have us believe.

Superiority of White Race over Mongrels. Yet in every battle the Americans triumphed over the Mexicans, even when they were outnumbered five to one, as they often were. Why did they triumph? The answer is in our genes, in the superior intelligence and fighting abilities of the White Race over the mud races: the mestizos, the mix-breeds and the Indians. Let us never forget this. There are many other lessons we can learn from this glorious chapter of our history, if we want to learn from history.

What We Can Learn from the Mexican War

  1. The most obvious and important lesson we must learn is that America, as every other country, empire, or civilization, was built by conquest. It was by force of battle, by spilling blood, by conquering the enemy that the White Man forcibly took the land from the Indians, or the Mexicans, and even won their independence from the British.
  2. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR regard the wars against the Indians and the Mexicans as of far greater significance than the war of the American Revolution against England. After all, Canada has prospered equally well, although it never formally broke away from England. Its smaller population is solely due to the fact that only its southern fringes lie in a hospitable climate.
  3. If the Mexican War of pushing back the mud races and settling it with White people was so productive in the past and was the “American way,” why scrap a winning formula? Why not apply the same successful program to the rest of the land areas of the world, not just for the U.S., but for the White Race as a whole? We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR propose that this is exactly what we not only can do, but must do, if we are to survive. We have the intelligence, we have the power, and Nature has given us the natural right to do so. In its credo the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR also furnishes us not only with the moral right to do so, but also the moral obligation to do so.
  4. For those insipid bleeding hearts (whose minds have been perverted by Jewish propaganda) we throw down this challenge: If you really believe that the White Man was wrong in conquering America, if you don’t believe in the American way, why don’t you set an example of demonstrating your convictions by deeds? Give your property back to a Mexican or an Indian, renounce your American citizenship and crawl into a hole and die. That’s the bottom line of your idiotic conclusions, whether you know it or not.
  5. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR take the contrary position. We take a position that both Nature and history have taught from time immemorial, and that is: Land and Race are Everything. Land and territory are worth fighting for and dying for. Land is essential to the life and the preservation of our race. The survival, expansion and advancement of race is the most vital goal in our existence. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR believe not only in expanding American territory, as did our glorious ancestors of 1846-48, but of following the same great “American way” of expanding the living area of the White Race all over the world, until the White Race inhabits every hospitable square mile on the face of the earth.

What we can Learn from the Mexican War about Dealing with our enemies.

  1. The war, first of all, between the Texans and the Mexicans, and ten years later between the United States and the Mexicans, was, first and foremost, a Racial War. It was a war of racial hatred between the inferior, mongrel Mexicans and the healthy expansion of the White Race.
  2. The Mexicans hated the White Race because they felt inferior and because they actually were (and are) inferior. The White Man at that time still had a healthy racial pride and instinct and did not want the inferior Mexican mixed-breeds to breed and proliferate in his territory.
  3. The Mexicans still hate us with the same fierce intensity as they did a hundred or two hundred years ago, and they always will. The reason is the same as to why the niggers and all the other mud races of the world hate us: they feel (a) inferior, and (b) threatened, and both for good reasons.
  4. When Santa Ana won a military victory at the Alamo by means of sheer numbers, their hatred and cruelty knew no bounds. Playing the ominous “Deguello” they not only massacred every soldier in the Alamo, but even then their fury knew no bounds. They hacked, stabbed and mutilated the dead bodies for an hour afterward, and even went so berserk as to shoot a number of their own men, though not a single American was still alive. Again, when Santa Ana defeated Colonel Fannin’s 400 men at Goliad, those that were taken prisoner were then mercilessly shot in the back to the last man (except those that managed to escape). With Texas wide open Santa Ana then systematically set about killing every White settler in their path, until Santa Ana was trapped and defeated by Sam Houston at San Jacinto.

The Ominous Lesson is this: if and when the Mexicans, or the niggers, or any other mud race, has the power over us to do so, they will mercilessly slaughter the White Race. The hatred they have for the White Race, aggravated by world-wide Jewish propaganda, is irreconcilable, just as the issue between the pioneer mother and the rattlesnake.

  1. Never Give Your Enemy a Second Chance. If Sam Houston after defeating Santa Ana at San Jacinto in 1836, had not parleyed with Santa Ana, had not negotiated, had not trusted Santa Ana to keep his bargain, but had hanged him instead (he had plenty of moral grounds for doing so after the Alamo and Goliad) then he would have saved the Americans and the White Race many, many lives. Santa Ana would not have been around to rally the Mexican forces and kill thousands of Americans ten years later.

Similarly, if General Taylor had utterly destroyed the Mexican forces at Palo Alto and at Resaca de Palma when he defeated them, he would not have had to fight some of the same survivors at Monterrey and Buena Vista again.

Similarly, if General Winfield Scott, who was otherwise a brilliant military strategist, would not have stopped to parley and “negotiate peace” with Santa Ana when he had defeated the Mexican army at the entrance to Mexico City, he would not have had to fight Santa Ana all over again two weeks later at a tremendous cost in lives.

Totally Destroy the Enemy. The conclusion we should learn from all these experiences (and thousands of other battles the White Man has fought) is this: when you have your enemy at bay, utterly destroy him while you have the opportunity so that he will never be able to come back and fight again. Don’t trust him, don’t negotiate, don’t be charitable, don’t be chivalrous, don’t be magnanimous or big-hearted. Just utterly destroy him.

* * * * *

Heroic Group. In the war against the Mexicans, there is one group of heroic men in the epic of the Southwest that deserves our particular mention. Because of their tenacity, their bravery and especially their dedication to the survival and expansion of the White Race, we CREATORS point with pride to that gallant cadre of White Men, the Texas Rangers. They were tough, relentless and untiring in waging war, pushing back and tracking down the Mexican and Indian marauders that tried to kill and drive out the early Texas settlers.

Tough Spearhead. Whereas we do not have the space here to give even a cursory history of this elite band of lawmen, I want to give them their just due in making it possible for the White Men and their families to first of all settle, and secondly, maintain their tenuous toehold on the precious soil they had won. When the Mexican War finally came to put the mongrelized Mexicans in their place, it was the hard core of former Texas Rangers that were the shock troops. In practically every major battle and every heroic victory, all the way from Matamoros to the Halls of Montezuma, the relatively small forces of six companies of Texas Rangers made a huge difference.

Strictly No Nonsense. When the war was over, the frontiers of Texas still remained under savage assault from the recalcitrant Mexican mongrels and their ancestral kinsmen, the savage Indians. Singly and in collaboration with each other, both the Mexicans and the Plains Indians continued their murderous raids on the Texas settlers for decades after the Mexican War was over. Especially tenacious among the Indian tribes were the fierce Comanches and the Cherokees. It was the job of the Texas Rangers to drive these enemies of the White Race out of Texas and make sure they stayed out. With such unstinting dedication and relentless energy did the Rangers do their jobs that both the Mexicans and the Indians soon learned their lesson the hard way — to come up against the Texas Rangers was to pay in blood — to leave their dead carcasses on the plains of Texas.

Texas Devils. So formidable a reputation did the Rangers earn for themselves that when General Winfield Scott’s troops entered Mexico City in triumph in 1847, it was the Texas Rangers that the Mexicans feared the most. They referred to them as “Los Diables Tejanos” — the Texas Devils. It was a reputation that stayed with them long after the Mexican War and a name both the Mexicans and the Indians learned to hate and to fear throughout the Winning of the West.

Federal government aggravated Indian problem. There is one other footnote in the history of Texas that is highly noteworthy to our struggle against the mud races. When Texas joined the union during the last days of 1845, the Federal government in Washington pre-empted the Indian problem. Whereas the Texans and the Rangers had taken a hard stand of expulsion towards the Indian predators, the Federal government reversed this policy and set up Indian reservations on Texas soil, made a number of meaningless treaties with them, and actually protected, fed them, and in various ways, subsidized these unwanted savages. Confusion and frustration ensued. The Indian problem was not solved, but on the contrary, aggravated, to the chagrin of the Texans.

Final Solution By Texans. The White people of Texas began to wonder just whose side the Federal government was on. For 14 years they tolerated this stupid nonsense. Finally in 1859 they took matters into their own hands — abolished every reservation, and drove the Indians out of their territory, a task ably performed by the Rangers. After that any Indian found in Texas was there at his own risk.

Credit and Discredit. It is to the eternal credit of the Rangers and the early Texas settlers that the Indian problem was liquidated once and for all, and no reservations or wet-nursing compounds for inferior red skins remained in Texas. Not to the credit of their offspring is the toleration and proliferation of the vast and growing Mexican element, which is now smothering the White Race in Texas and the Southwestern states, and, in fact, the Mexican disease is spreading to the rest of America.

Eternal Heroes. Among those of the Texas Rangers we CREATORS especially point with pride as having contributed greatly to the building of the frontier for the White Race are such famous names as Lieutenant Jim Rice, Colonel Henry W. Harnes, and especially those great heroes of the Mexican War, Captains Ben McCulloch and Sam Walker, who led many of the major attacks from Matamoros to Mexico City. Probably the greatest of them all is Colonel Jack C. Hays of the Rangers’ San Antonio Company. Their exploits and those of countless other Rangers which we unfortunately cannot list, read like heroic fiction in the annals of the White Man’s War against the treacherous Indians and their mongrelized half brothers, the perfidious Mexicans.

Our Goals those of Texas Rangers. In today’s continuing War against the Mexicans it is our intention to revive the spirit and the goals of the Nineteenth Century Texas Rangers. Their goal was — as is ours today — to drive every Mexican and every Indian from the territory of the White Man. What neither the Mexicans nor the Indians could win in the 19th century by force of arms, our treacherous Jewish government has aided them to achieve in the 20th century through sheer treachery: by means of immigration; by means of welfare; by means of subsidization; by allowing illegal Mexican aliens to invade our borders by the millions. We now have an intolerable situation where the mongrelized Mexican Indians are taking over not only the Southwestern states that the White Man won in the War of 1846-48, but are disseminating all over the United States into cities like Chicago and many others. By invasion and sheer breeding (the “Hispanics” are even more prolific than the niggers) they are crowding out the White Man in his own territory, surreptitiously swindling the White Man out of coming to grips by means of any war of confrontation.

Growing “Hispanic” Menace. To show how serious the Mexican problem is, let us look at some figures as of the year 1980. The population of Mexico itself is now 70 million miserable clawing creatures. By the end of the 20th century Mexico City itself is projected to have a population of 32 million, probably out-distancing even Tokyo as the world’s most populous city. The “Hispanic” groups in the United States are now stridently organizing for political muscle.They include in their ranks Mexicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans and Phillipinos, and claim to number 20 million. Not included in this group are another 10 million illegal Mexican aliens, who are invading our borders with impunity by the thousands every day. If we add up the 70 million in Mexico itself, the 20 million “Hispanics”, and the 10 million illegal aliens, this adds up to a formidable 100 million hostile, rapidly breeding mongrels who hate the White Man with a passion and are waiting for the day when they can wreak vengeance on the hated gringo whom they both envy and despise.

Projection into the Future. Now, as do rats and flies, these Hispanics, when fed and subsidized by the White Man, can double their numbers rapidly. The Mexicans are now in fact doubling their numbers every 20 years. This means that the way we are now going, that in 20 years there will be 200 million of these mongrels on our back. In 40 years there will be 400 million and in 60 years, 800 million fierce, clawing, vengeance-seeking hostiles in our midst. Sixty years is not that far away, but long before that time, unless we alter course, the White Race in America (and the world) will long have been wiped out by the rapidly breeding, clawing, hostile mud races of the world.

The War Continues. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR therefore want to urge and inspire every red blooded White Man to action — to take up again the war on the hostile mongrels where our heroic forefathers of the Mexican War left off. We again call the White Man to arms to revive again the spirit of the Texas Rangers whose motto was “the only good Indian was a dead Indian” and vowed to drive the mongrelized Mexicans and Indians forever from the soil and territory of Texas. Like the Texans of the Alamo we of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR declare war on the mongrels. Like the Texas Rangers, our goals must be to cleanse our land of the savages and the mongrels. The early Texans realized that in their vast territory there was an irreconcilable conflict of three races — the Mexican, the Indian and the White Race. They could never live together in peace and the White Man could only survive by either driving out or destroying the other two. As Texas Governor M. Bounaparte Lamar (1838-40) succinctly stated “The White Man and the red man cannot live in harmony together. Nature forbids it.” He realized the United States policy of moderation and forbearance towards the Indians had been a total failure and the proper policy was one of total expulsion.

Our Eternal Legacy. With this policy we agree, not only towards Indians, but also toward their racial kinsmen the Mexicans, as all other mud races. It is not our policy to make the world safe for “democracy,” a Jewish idea and swindle at best, but on the contrary to make the world safe for the White Race, not only in our time, but for our children and their future progeny, eternally and forever.

* * * * *


Exploding Birthrate. The birthrate of Mexicans today (and their Latino neighbors to the south) is the highest in the world, even exceeding that of the well-fed and subsidized niggers in the United States. They, the niggers and the other mud races of the world are a bigger threat to us than the hydrogen bomb. If we don’t soon face the wild and unchecked invasion of mud races into the White Man’s territory, we will soon be swamped into a cesspool of chaos.

Unchecked Invasion becoming a Stampede. It is hard to tell at this point in history whether the niggers, or the Mexicans, or the Cubans, or the Haitians are the biggest threat to the White Race in America, but let’s not waste time haggling about that question. The point is they all are, as are the tremendous influx of Chinese, Jamaicans, Vietnamese and millions of other mud races who are starving in their own countries and want to get on the backs of the White Man’s generous subsidy. They bring with them nothing but bad news — disease, poverty and mongrelization.

800 Million Mexicans in 60 years. Of them all the Mexican invasion is the most rapidly accelerating threat. This is partly due to our 2000 mile long common border. The population of Mexico today (1980) is seventy million, and as I have already pointed out, it is doubling every twenty years. In 60 years, as I have also pointed out (if the Hispanic element is left unchecked) the North American continent will be infested with 800 million Mexican-Hispanic mongrels.

Sixty years is not a long time. Need we go further? For centuries Mexico hasn’t been able to feed her people. As a result they swarm across the border into the United States by the millions each year to get on welfare, to feed and to breed. In the last decade or so they have made alarming inroads in the population of California, Arizona, New Mexico and other southwestern states. With the one-sided help of the Jewish anti-White Federal government, they have also gained tremendous political power. The Mexicans make no bones about their racial hatred and their social and political goals. On the school boards, on the municipal level, they openly brag that they will out breed and drive the gringo out of these territories that once belonged to Mexico. At this point neither the White Man nor the United States government is lifting a finger to stop this outrage. On the contrary — collaboration and betrayal are the order of the day.

Thinking Gone Berserk. Let us remember therefore, that the Mexicans are succeeding only because the White Man is letting them, and the White Man is stupidly letting them because his racial creed is all fouled up by Jewish-Christian propaganda, coupled with Jewish betrayal. It is up to the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR to correct this horrible tragedy and clear the White Man’s brain.

 At the heading of this chapter we called the Mexican War An Unfinished War. We couldn’t be more serious. We have a war of major proportions on our hands, a war in which the present government (as usual) is betraying the White Race and is on the side of our enemies. Whether we know it or not, it is a war we are losing (at present) but can easily reverse if we get our bearings straight. So let us clear away the mental cobwebs that shackle our thinking and adopt an aggressive, meaningful program. We have no time to lose.

What We Must Do.

1. The first thing we must do is seal our borders from any further invasion of the Mexican hordes. After all, they are violating our immigration laws and therefore are criminal invaders. Since they are swarming in by the millions, what is the difference if they are doing so as a military army or as civilian invaders? The results are the same — they are taking over our land and living space. Therefore I propose we get tough and enforce the laws we now have. Set up machine guns and mow them down mercilessly as they try to invade us. This will definitely put a stop to this outrage.

2. Change the immigration laws so that the immigration quota from Mexico is an absolute zero.

3. The next step is to aggressively comb the Mexican population for illegal aliens in our midst. Their very presence, too, is an outrage against our sovereign territory and all we need to do is strictly enforce the law as it now stands. Every illegal then must be booted back into Mexico and told in no uncertain terms that if they ever again cross the border or are found on U.S. soil they will be shot on sight.

4. Once we have accomplished that much, the next step is to forcibly ship back to Mexico all Mexicans of that racial origin, whether they are citizens or not, whether they were born here or not. Severe? Remember what Santa Ana did to the Texans when they had the power.

5. The next step is to adopt the same program as our great President Polk and courageous forefathers did in 1836 and again in 1846-48, and that is push the White Man’s boundaries farther southward.

We Now Have a Racial Policy. There will be one difference at this stage of history. Whereas the White Man’s instincts in 1846 were basically sound, he did not have a clearly formulated racial creed or policy. Now we do. When we now expand our territory, we must do it in planned steps, and every step we take must be cleansed of the mud races and settled and assimilated by the White Race before the next step is taken. These steps we must take in rapid succession until we again reach and regain the Panama Canal that the Jews in collaboration with White traitors have gratuitously turned over to the enemy.

If some of these steps may seem harsh to some of our still befuddled White Racial Comrades let us look at it this way:

  1. We have no choice. In the relentless struggle for survival that Nature has imposed on all her creatures the conclusion is obvious: either the Mexican will take over, (with our help) and eventually massacre a diminishing White population as did Santa Ana in Texas, or we push the Mexicans ever southward into oblivion.
  2. This is not a new program, but a program initiated by our courageous forefathers who built America. It is in fact 350 years old and is the bedrock on which America was built. We CREATORS call it the “American Way.” Do you want to argue against it and repudiate 350 years of American history?
  3. Let us look at it from the moral point of view of the Christian Bible. This book tells us that God is perfect and we poor dumb sinners are supposed to try to become more Godlike. Alright, let’s pursue that approach. What did God do when he didn’t like the people he created? He killed them all, he drowned them like a bunch of miserable rats in the “Great Flood,” except for Noah’s family. Then we can cite dozens of passages of the Old Testament where the Jewish God goaded the Jews on to take over the lands of the Canaanites, Philistines, etc. and encouraged them to “kill everything that breathes”. Then also we can cite today’s Chosen People driving the Arabs out of Palestine to the cheers of the rest of the “civilized” world. Shall I go on? So if that’s the Godlike approach, the moral and Christian way of dealing with a whole mass of people, why should we be condemned for taking a similar, but much milder approach to the mud races invading our territory and threatening our very survival?
  4. Now let us look at it from the point of view of the Eternal Laws of Nature, the position that the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR takes on all issues. The overriding Law of Nature is the survival of the species at all costs. Nature does not ask any questions as to what your methods are or what (temporary) moral code you espouse, or anything else. It plainly commends to each creature to care for their own and harshly punishes those that are too lax, or too laggard, or too stupid, with the ultimate punishment — extinction. This is the bottom line as far as we are concerned. Our religious creed is founded on the Eternal Laws of Nature, and our basic goal is the resultant conclusion of such laws: the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race.


Our Blueprint. Since the Winning of the West was the finest and greatest achievement in the history of the White Race, we want to weave this theme into our religious program. We want to remind and reemphasize to our White Racial Comrades of the spirit of work, hardship, fighting and colonization of the 19th century that produced the greatness of America. We want to remind our people that conquest and colonization is the American Way and to have some insipid bleeding hearts roadblock every action the White Race takes for its own survival will not only be condemned as being un-American, but will also be considered as treason against the White Race itself. We again want to remind any traitors of how General Scott handled the traitors at Churubusco.

The Western Heritage our Trade Mark. Therefore, instead of adopting say the Nazi style of military dress and format (which we also admire) we prefer the Western style of dress, in the manner of the cowboy, or the U.S. cavalry, or the Texas Rangers. We also will stress cowboy and country music, folk music, square dancing and other customs that reflect our early heritage. We will also encourage a revival of the architecture of the western frontier towns for our religious buildings. Why not? That is our real heritage and we want to emphasize that the foundations of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR are not only grounded in the history and heritage of the White Race itself but those foundations are also rooted in early America. They are not a foreign import but thoroughly American in every way. Our proud slogan must be: The Winning of the West is the blueprint for the Winning of the World.