Robust Energy. In all the glorious pages of the White Man’s history, there is probably none that shines forth as brilliantly as does the saga of the White Man’s drive westward to span the American continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific in the nineteenth century.

Superb Accomplishment. In terms of accomplishment; of expanding the White Man’s territory and numbers; in terms of building cities, railroads, farms, roads, harbors, telegraph and telephone lines, and many other basic fundamentals of our White civilization; in terms of pushing back the inferior savages and creating productive new living space for the White Race; in terms of organizing and creating political institutions, stability and government over former wildernesses; in these and many other areas of achievement, none can rival the phenomenal accomplishments of the raw and brawling push westward that was the shining American epic summed up in “The Winning of the West”.

Manifest Destiny. The White American loudly proclaimed he had a “Manifest Destiny” to do so, and had an exuberant feeling of accomplishment in his very soul. Had the White Race of the nineteenth century had a racial religion like CREATIVITY, it would have done the job even better — faster, more thoroughly and more permanently.

Our Blueprint. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR are making the unbridled White Man’s spirit of conquest and expansion as exemplified by the building of America and the WINNING OF THE WEST an integral part of our own dynamic philosophy. We are building on it as our blueprint, a grand model and point to it as an explicit moral justification for Winning the World for the White Race.

Highest Moral Virtue in our eyes. We categorically state: that if the building of America and the Winning of the West was morally wrong, then we might as well condemn the White Man’s right to life, his right to survival, his right to inhabit this earth, as also morally wrong. We condemn such an attitude as both insane and suicidal. If the White Man’s philosophy and program of pushing the inferior savages ever westward and building a future homeland and nation for the White Race in the 19th century is morally correct, then the White Man’s program for doing so in the rest of the world — Africa, Australia, etc., is equally correct today, in the twentieth century, and ever beyond.

What Traitors can do. Anyone who denies the White Man’s right to build America in the 19th century is a hypocrite and a traitor to the White Race. Any White Man whose heart bleeds for the savage Indian can readily make his own restitution. He can assuage his Jew-scrambled “conscience” by renouncing his membership in the White Race, selling his property and giving the proceeds to the Indians, and committing hari-kari. How many hypocrites blabbering about the rights of the Indians (and other mud races) are willing to back up their insane postulations with this kind of action? When put to the crucial test, there is none, except perhaps a few who have been driven to the edge of insanity by an overdose of Jewish propaganda. However, I know of none.

* * * * *

Analyze our Strengths. Let us briefly review the phenomenon that is America and analyze the factors that made it the most productive, the wealthiest, the most powerful nation in all history. In this review let us also include our White Racial Comrades in Canada, who are really part and parcel of the White Man’s conquest of the North American continent, and we will include them equally when we speak of America and Americans.

Last Bastion of the White Race. Today, in the fourth quarter of the 20th century, America stands as the last bastion, the last stronghold of the White Race. Although it contains less than 6% of the population of the world; although only approximately half of even that population is now White, still America produces as much in terms of goods and food as the rest of the world combined. If we subtracted the productivity of Whites in Europe and elsewhere, the productivity of food, clothing, technology, machinery etc. would so far outstrip that produced by 30 times the number of inferior mud races that we can hardly be considered as living on the same planet.

Conclusion. Therefore, let us proceed to the inevitable conclusion:

  1. In America, the White Race, by conquering and pushing before it the inferior redskin savages and the mongrel Mexicans, has produced the finest, most affluent and advanced civilization the world has ever witnessed.
  2. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR not only approve of this accomplishment both morally and ethically, but loudly APPLAUD IT as the finest, most productive accomplishment in the brilliant history of the White Race.
  3. That this great and tremendous accomplishment must serve as the future prototype for the White Man’s winning of the world.

Part of Our Creed. We adopt it as part and parcel of our religious creed, and whereas the Winning of the West was accomplished in a more or less haphazard and unplanned fashion, we hope to dramatically improve on our next phase, the Winning of the World. We mean to give it a plan and a purpose and make it a Holy Crusade to which the entire White Brotherhood will give its total dedication and effort.

The Mexican Problem. A large part of the Winning of the West was not only a matter of subduing and destroying the savage Indians but also a matter of conquering the Mexicans who already held a large area of land in what is now Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico and part of the Rocky Mountain states. The Spanish Conquistadors had preceded the White Anglo-Saxons into these areas by a good 300 years. By the time the Anglos came along these areas were still only sparsely settled, and the population had degenerated into Mexicans — a mud people consisting mostly of Mestizo mix-breeds and Indians.

We shall explore this most interesting and significant piece of history in the next chapter.