The Egalitarian Idea. The biggest hoax of the Christian Era, next to Christianity itself, is the modern idea that “all men are created equal.” Although Christianity didn’t exactly invent that idea, it did more than anything else to lay the groundwork for this dangerous lie, a lie which is now slowly poisoning the minds of the White Race itself and preparing our race for extinction.

Christianity Once Condoned Slavery. Strangely enough, for more than a thousand years of its existence, Christianity did not even take issue against the institution of slavery as such. In fact in many Biblical passages it condones slavery. The Old Testament, which is three quarters of the (Jewish) Christian bible also fervently advocates racial segregation, racial superiority, with the Jews (of course!) being God’s chosen. The rest of mankind as far as the Old Testament is concerned are hostile inferiors, to be destroyed.

Paved the Way. Yet Jewish Christianity did prepare the way for a large portion of today’s White people accepting the ridiculous hoax that we are all equal — the egalitarian thesis. How did Christianity help bring this about?

Well, in the first place, the Jewish-Christian bible is a mass of contradictions that has something to say positively and negatively on all sides of every issue. It is like a musical instrument — you can play on it any tune you choose. By picking out those particular passages that suit your argument and ignoring all other passages that contradict it, you can have God and the bible on your side to back up your argument, any argument, whatever it may be.

Jewish Catchwords. The egalitarian thesis is relatively new to history, compared to Christianity’s 1900-year span. It began to be promoted in earnest by the Jews over 200 years ago when they were preparing for the French Revolution. In order to destroy the French elite and the leadership of the French people the Jews fostered the catchwords “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.” As they point out in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, these words are self-contradictory, and the idea impossible of fulfillment. As they also point out, the people are too dumb to realize this contradiction, and always fall for the bait. The Jews soon inveigled the Christian preachers to help spread the idea. As the Jews have often pointed out, they always first enlist the aid of the stupid preachers to help spread their corrosive ideas. The passages that were now emphasized were that “we are all God’s children”, that “we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord”, that “we all have a soul”, that Jesus came to “save all sinners”, and a lot of similar drivel.

Promoted by Preachers. But the idea caught on, thanks to the stupid preachers who didn’t know what they were talking about or whose nest they were feathering. In one of the most unfortunate faux pas of history the Founding Fathers of the United States began their Declaration of Independence by stating “We regard these truths to be self-evident —” and then went on to declare something that was not self-evident at all, but a blatant lie against the Laws of Nature itself “— that all men are created equal.” This was as stupid and contradictory as saying, “We all know that obviously two and two makes seventeen.” Anyway, the Jews and the preachers had done their job well, and even the Founding Fathers, intelligent as they were in so many other respects, had also been somewhat infected by this blatant lie, and the White Man would pay dearly for it in the future.

Double Talk. That the Founding Fathers obviously didn’t believe their own propaganda is evidenced by the fact that nearly every one of the writers of the Declaration of Independence and later, writers of the Constitution, themselves owned passels of niggers as slaves. This included people such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. In fact when the Constitution was written the niggers were not given the vote, or any other civil rights, but counted as 3/5 for their White masters in determining the apportionment for Members of Congress for each state.

Jews had a Field Day. In any event, the fat was in the fire. The Declaration of Independence was now ballyhooed to the skies as being as incontrovertible as the bible itself and the Jews had a field day from there on in.

Revolution in France. In France they succeeded in turning that country upside down and killing off most of the French leadership. This was not only limited to killing the King, the Queen, and the nobility, but anybody that either was, or potentially could become, a leader. The Jews’ motto always has been “kill the best.” This was then followed by twenty years of warfare among the White European nations, further bleeding France to death and killing off the cream of the White manhood of France, and also of Europe. France has never recovered and never been the same since. The Jews tightened their control over this unfortunate nation and its leadership has ever since been unstable as a chicken with its head cut off.

Civil War in America. In America this idea too soon bore its evil fruit and the chickens soon came home to roost. Through the aggressive promotion of propaganda by the Jews and again aided and abetted by the Christian preachers, this young land of promise was soon to be plunged into a vicious civil war, all in the cause (supposedly) of the equality of man, to “free” the niggers, and in the name of human rights. The real aim the Jew had in mind was, of course, totally different. It was to divide and conquer America, and we have expounded on these causes further in our first book, NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION.

Total Mongrelization the Goal. But the worst consequences of this infamous lie, the equality of man, are yet to come. The final end result is to be the total mongrelization and destruction of the White Race and thereby giving the Jew the insurance for all time to come that the surviving stupid, mongrelized herd will never have either the leadership or the intelligence to ever again challenge his unlimited control. The White Race will be gone, and the remaining brown “Melting Pot” (into which the Jews do not mix) will be dumb, servile, easily enslaved, and kept in eternal bondage.

The ultimate Jewish vision is to have the Jewish jackboot pressing down on the neck of the goyim, with the face of the goyim down in the mud.

That, my dear White Racial Comrade, is the aim and the end result of the noble sounding but treacherous Jewish catch phrase that “all men are created equal.”

* * * * *

White Man Confused. Since, like our Founding Fathers, so many of our White Racial Comrades of today are still confused and confounded by this treacherous Jewish idea of “equality,” let us examine it further, so that we may smash it and demolish it for all time.

Contrary to Nature. This blatant lie is an affront to the Laws of Nature itself. If we look at the different species of Nature we find inequality everywhere. The species are unequal to each other, and single individuals of the same species are also unequal. For instance a lion is not equal to a mouse, and among the lions themselves, some are strong and aggressive, some are weak, sickly and timid. It is the same among the mice. Not only do we have a whole subdivision of many sub-species of mice all over the world, like kangaroo mice, field mice and dozens of others, but again they differ widely in the same species, with Nature forever culling out the weak and defective in order that the best may survive, procreate and upgrade the species.

Order of Primates. It is exactly the same with the species of “mankind”, if you will pardon the expression. Mankind is a species of mammal, and to further narrow the field down, belongs in the Order of Primates. I believe it is much more useful to look at man as a member of the primate order than as “mankind.” The latter, it seems is a confused blanket cover for a host of sub-species that somehow are set aside from other mammals, because supposedly we have a “soul”, although nobody really knows what a soul is. However, when we look at man as a member of the primate order, the picture becomes much clearer in defining the differences in the species all the way from the bottom to the top.

Primates Unequal. So let us start with the whole spectrum of primates as such. At the lower end of the spectrum in this order of mammals we have apes, monkeys, lemurs, gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans, etc.

Now anybody who has been to a zoo knows from first hand observation that these primates are far from equal. They are not the same in size, shape, color, intelligence, strength, nor the same in the primitive social orders they establish in the wilds. A gorilla is bigger and stronger than a chimp, but a chimp is regarded as more intelligent and a faster learner. But then there is a wide variety among the chimps themselves as there are among the gorillas, and so on ad infinitum. Only an idiot or a lunatic could conclude that Nature bestows equality on all her creatures.

Niggers Unequal. If we proceed (only slightly) up the primate ladder from the apes we come to the tribes of the niggers, which again vary all the way from the Australian bush men, to the Papuans of New Guinea, to the African bushmen, to the African Swahilis, and so on to hundreds of other tribes who are different sub-species of the same original race. As soon as we point to these different tribes it becomes obvious to even the most casual observer that the different nigger tribes even in the continent of Africa itself are highly unequal. The African bushmen are small midgets about four feet tall, whereas the Watusi are tall and athletic, many of them being seven feet tall.

Niggers Sold Their Own. Nor are all these niggers equal in intelligence or temperament. Some are stupid, and others are even more stupid. Some are docile, some are warlike. When the Jewish slave traders sent their ships to the Gold Coast of Africa to pick up slaves, the more aggressive tribes on the coast would round up the more submissive niggers of different tribes further inland and have the merchandise ready and waiting for sale.

Darwin Misquoted. There is one other factor we should clear up at this point. As soon as we point out that “mankind” is a branch of the order of primates, the Christians (as they have been programmed) jump up to “disprove” Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and how contemptuous they are that “they” did not descend from apes or monkeys. Now Darwin never said we descended from monkeys or apes. He observed, and logically so, that all primates probably had a common ancestor, just as all members of the cat family such as lions, tigers, lynx, etc., probably had a common ancestor. There is a difference between these two ideas. For instance, if you have a cousin, you have a common set of ancestors, namely, one set of grandparents.However, this does not mean that you are a descendant of your cousin, or vice versa. Need we go further?

Niggers Lowest. Continuing up the “human” ladder from the niggers, undoubtedly the very lowest, we have a variety of mud races of different mixtures, types and varieties. It is neither necessary nor in our interest to classify them here, nor to even set them in their proper pecking order. Anyone with a modicum of common sense and minimum of analytical ability can tell a nigger from a Chinese, from an Indian, from an Eskimo, from a Polynesian, and knows they are not the same physically, nor in intelligence, nor in temperament, nor in morality, nor in culture, nor a hundred other categories and characteristics we may wish to examine. Nor is one China man the equal of another, nor one Indian the equal of another. If all Indians were the same, we would never have found hundreds of different tribes on the American continent, all the way from Mayans in Mexico to the Iroquois in the Great Lakes area. Nor if all Indians in the same tribe were equal would there ever have developed even the lowest of social orders, namely the tribe, consisting of Chief and Indians. Without inequality there could never have been any chief, only a disorganized conglomerate of equal (equally dumb) Indians.

Impossible to “Uplift” Niggers. There is one further thought I would like to interject at this point. “Humanitarians” (heavily backed by Jews) for the last few centuries, ever since the egalitarian idea began to take hold, have fervently promoted the idea of making the niggers and the mud races equal to the White Race, financially, culturally and intellectually. This is, of course, impossible, and a travesty against Nature to even try. We could make the niggers financially equal to us by foolishly selling “all thou hast” and giving it to the niggers. In fact through (Jewish) government coercion we are now doing just that. But culturally and intellectually it is impossible, because it just isn’t in the niggers’ genes to ever reach our level of intelligence and culture, no more so than it is possible for gorillas to do so.

Not our Obligation. Nor is there any reason we should try. The Jew is pushing hard to bring about “equality” by having us (not them!) interbreed with the niggers. This is genocide for the White Race and a heinous crime against our illustrious ancestors, our future generations, and, of course, a treacherous betrayal of the present generation.

Uplift Apes to Level of Niggers Instead. If these bleeding-heart “humanitarians” (wretched traitors that they are!) want to “uplift” the “less fortunate” in the world, why not start lower down on the primate ladder, and let them try to “uplift” the apes, who are even “less fortunate”, more “deprived” than the niggers. Why not try to bring the apes up to the level of the niggers and have them interbreed? If we are going to start “uplifting” and interbreeding, why not start at the lowest rung of the ladder where the “need” is greatest? It would be one hell of a lot better than “monkeying” with the genes of Nature’s Finest, Nature’s Elite, the great and magnificent White Race. Let these contemptible “humanitarian” race-mixers try that idea on for size. Let them interbreed apes with niggers and then listen to these traitorous swine scream.

White Race Our Only Concern. Why should we be interested in uplifting niggers any more than we would be interested in uplifting apes? We CREATORS aren’t. There is only one race we, the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR, are interested in “uplifting” and that is the White Race and the White Race alone.

White Man Builder of All Civilizations. Historians are fond of claiming any number of civilizations that have come and gone and crediting different “peoples,” (never the White Race) with these accomplishments. This is a superficial rendition and completely unfair to the White Race. As I have pointed out in the first few chapters of NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION, every civilization that was ever built, whether half-baked or full fledged, was built through an incursion of the White Man, whether it be the ancient Hindu civilization, the Chinese, the Mayan, or what have you, the White Man moved into an alien race, dominated it, built a civilization. Because the White Man did not properly cherish and protect his genes, but foolishly interbred and intermixed with the inferiors, those civilizations then stagnated and declined, never to be revived.

Repeatedly Destroyed by Mongrelization. The lesson is clear. It is the White Man’s superior genes, and his alone that have built every civilization. Those civilizations then perished as the genes of the White Race were submerged and dissipated in a sea of more rapidly multiplying mongrels. Read again the tragic history of the repeated mongrelization of the great White Race in NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION.

Needless Tragedy. This is what is happening to the White Man again in America and throughout the world. The White Race is being mongrelized and civilization is again on a down hill slide to destruction. This time, since it is a world-wide phenomenon, it might be terminal, irreversible, gone forever. Whereas in Egypt this mongrelization process took three thousand years, in India (4,000 years ago) it took approximately six hundred years, in America at the rate we are going with the Jews utilizing our modern technology to accelerate the process, it could be all over in a generation or two. What a horrible, needless tragedy!

Dedicated to Averting Mongrelization. It is the purpose and goal of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR to see to it that this tragedy will never again happen. It is our very reason for being — to bring the unique White Race to a realization of its great worth; to clearly expose the danger to its very survival; to clearly point the finger at the culprit — the super-parasite of all times, namely the destructive Jew; to isolate this poison and to destroy it. It is our unequivocal goal to wrest control of our destiny back into our own capable hands, and once having done so, to propel the great White Race forward, higher and higher so that one day the White Race will expand, prosper and colonize all the good lands of this Planet Earth, sans niggers, sans Jews and sans mud races.

Regain Our Senses. In order to accomplish this great and glorious goal we must first of all regain our senses. We must again get back to the fundamental Laws of Nature which tell us loud and clear — take care of your own. We must rid our minds of all the Jewish plethora of poisonous ideas that spell our own destruction. We must chuck overboard the destructive idea that all men are created equal. We, the White Race, must realize the obvious — we are at the very top of Nature’s ladder of creation and are her crowning glory.

Pride and Exclusivity Essential. If this sounds like a proud statement, it is meant to be. Nothing is achieved without pride, and no one will defend that which they do not value. The White Race must fanatically treasure its most precious value — its gene pool — at all costs. In so doing we must have only one viewpoint — the White Man’s point of view. As we stated in a previous chapter, never again will we look at the world through the snake’s eyes. The White Man’s point of view must be the criterion for all our attitudes and actions. Slushy sentimentality and fuzzy thinking can have no place in the White Man’s war for survival. We must clearly recognize our enemies and be ruthless and aggressive in their destruction. We must realize the overwhelming fact of life — it is either Them or Us. They have given us no choice. Only one or the other will survive.

The CHURCH OF THE CREATOR wants to make damn sure that it will be the White Race that will survive.

* * * * *

Other Mud Races. Now that we are thoroughly familiar with the abominable nigger and have a fair idea of what a dangerous and despicable animal he is, let us take a look at some of the other mud races that are a dire threat to our racial body.

Poisoning our Gene Pool. The Jew today is forcibly injecting millions of sick, impoverished, alien mud races into our body politic and racial blood stream. He is doing this viciously, deliberately and forcibly, poisoning our gene pool, and denying any future to our descendants except a mongrelized hell.

Robust Men of Action. Let us take a look at the racial attitudes of our forefathers, especially in the first half of the 19th century before their minds became poisoned with the Civil War propaganda. Let us take a look at the glorious episode known as Manifest Destiny and The Winning of The West. Then let us look at the direct no-nonsense approach they took towards the inferior Mexicans to the south of us, how they managed to distinguish between “friendlies” and “hostiles” and how by force of arms they won a great and glorious empire.