Once the Crown Jewel of the Caribbean. The westerly third of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola in the West Indies is today called Haiti. It is the only completely nigger “republic” in the Western Hemisphere. It has had independence since 1804, only about 25 years less than the United States itself. Before 1789 this small piece of real estate, under the ownership of French and other European planters, was as rich, or richer, in productivity as all the thirteen American colonies combined.

Now a Pest Hole. By 1804, fifteen years later, San Domingo, as it had been called under French rule, lay in shambles. The White population had been brutally tortured, murdered and exterminated down to the last man, woman and child. Anarchy, misery, poverty, starvation and cannibalism has been rampant ever since. It is now, and has been for over a century and three-quarters the most backward, poverty-ridden “republic” in the Western Hemisphere despite its bountiful climate and once productive soil.

* * * * *

Powerful Lesson for us. It behooves us to summarily study the turbulent history of Haiti, because I believe that there, in telescopic version, we can view the possible future destruction of the White Race in America. The same forces are at work, the same issues are at stake, and the same methods are being employed — all concentrated on the focal point of Jewish goals — the destruction of the White Race. We should (and we must) learn a powerful lesson from its history.

Year of 1789. Let us use the year of 1789 as the point of departure in the history of San Domingo. At the time, as we have indicated, San Domingo was a thriving prosperous French colony, considered as the “Crown Jewel” of the French colonial system. It was, in fact the richest colony anywhere in the world. The population had only forty thousand Whites, mostly French, with a smattering of adventurous and hardy Dutch, Germans and other nationalities. By this time there also existed approximately 27,000 mulattoes, many of whom were freed men and property owners. Add to this racial melee approximately 450,000 black African niggers, most of which were African born, and as savage and docile as their cannibal kinsmen on the Dark Continent itself.

Most Prosperous. Under the genius and direction of the White plantation owners the colony enjoyed an outstanding prosperity. In fact, despite a large proportion of this small area being mountainous, in 1789 it was considered as undoubtedly the most prosperous of all the European colonies. Furthermore, its prosperity was increasing by leaps and bounds, the planters having doubled their investments and productivity in the three previous years. It supplied not only France, but half of Europe with sugar, coffee and cotton.

Jewish Havoc in France. We will remember that it was about this time the Jews were fomenting the French Revolution back in France itself, with cries of “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity,” — Jewish catchwords, as the “Protocols” point out, with which to disarm and destroy their enemies. These Jewish ideas were soon exported to San Domingo in order to wreak havoc and destruction on that thriving and prosperous colony. They were skillfully employed to massacre the White population and turn the remaining shambles over to the savage niggers.

 The new revolutionary French government in Paris did more than just export their revolutionary ideas.

Hybrid Government and Poly-racial Subjects. Whereas this crown jewel of the French colonial empire enjoyed vigorous growth and prosperity, the hybrid civil and military administration called a government was a frightful mixture of tyranny and anarchy. The colonists themselves were hot with discontent. Added to this ferment was the multi-racial admixture of the population. The scarcity of White women had made illicit relations between the White colonists and the female blacks inevitable from the first. The resultant mulattoes stood out as a definite caste midway between the Whites and the blacks and were known as the “free people of color.” Numbering some twenty-seven thousand and possessing a considerable share of the island’s wealth, they were a factor of strategic importance, although in 1789 they did not possess the right to vote.

Blacks predominate. The most numerous by far however were the African slaves themselves, numbering, as we said, approximately 450,000. As has been stated by observers of the times, African slavery was the curse of San Domingo. They were described by a contemporary writer as “quarrelsome, boastful, given to thievery and lying.” “The Africans,” he says, “usually remained indolent and lazy” and addicted to many absurd superstitions. More than half the slave population was born in Africa, but there remained very little difference between these savages and the native born variety.

Racial Hot-bed. This was the racial hot-bed of 1789. The mulattoes hated the Whites and were intensely jealous of their superiority. They also hated the niggers and looked upon them with scorn and disdain. The niggers harbored a pathological hatred for both the Whites and the mulattoes. The Whites themselves (as usual) were badly divided into various factions, but were united in strictly drawing the color line. Sitting on this dangerous cauldron of rebellious savages and hostile mulattoes, the Whites realized that any breach of the color line meant the destruction of themselves and their property and the White population lived in continuous fear of a black uprising.

Jewish Incendiaries. Into this prosperous but seething cauldron came the Jewish wreckers from Paris. Themselves never planters, but mostly slave traders and exploiters, they were ready to wreak havoc on this prosperous “Gem of the West Indies”.

The way they did it should be a harsh but extremely valuable lesson to our White Racial Comrades of today. The policy for destruction of San Domingo was MADE IN PARIS, STEP BY STEP.

Revolution in France. When the news of the storming of the Bastille in Paris on July 14, 1789 reached San Domingo, it sent shock waves reverberating through the island. The government in the French homeland was highly precarious and the populace bent on revolution. The Jews had laid the groundwork with their various political organizations, one of which was the powerful Jacobin Club, a Jewish forerunner of today’s Communist party. Another Paris organization that had an ominous bearing on the White colonists in San Domingo was an organization called “Amis des Noirs” — Friends of the Blacks.

The first move the new National Assembly in Paris made was a number of Decrees in March, 1790, which authorized each colony to formulate its future status and frame a constitution for its own government. Instead of stabilizing the situation, it sharpened political division among Whites and plunged them into a state of rancor beyond all likelihood of reconciliation. The resultant charter satisfied no one, and back in France this colonial constitution was roundly condemned.

Vote to the Mulattoes. This discord and dissension laid the groundwork for the second step.By the opening months of 1791 there came a turning of the tide, and the wave of revolution in Paris was rising fast. With the maneuvering and agitation of the “Amis des Noirs” and other Jewish factions, the National Assembly by the Decree of May 15, 1791, breached the color line in San Domingo and gave the vote and the right to office to mulattoes. From here on out there was set in motion a series of events from which there was no turning back.

Forebodings. When the news reached the island the mulattoes were ecstatic, while the Whites were steeped in forebodings of disaster. They knew this decree was only temporary and by its very language it condemned slavery and was foreshadowing its end.

Furious White Resistance. The White colonists were shocked into action and rose in a delirium of furious resistance. Governor Blanchelande was as shocked as the rest and sent word to Paris that “a frightful civil war and loss of the Colony to France may well result.” “The decree is regarded as murderous to the colony” he wrote back to Paris on July 31, 1791.

Appeal for Help. On February 20, 1792 the Colonial Assembly on the island drew up an appeal for 20,000 troops from France. But the Jacobins and the “Amis des Noirs” set themselves solidly against it and prevented the dispatch of any real aid to San Domingo.

San Domingo was doomed. A returned colonist from Bordeau described the situation: “You may announce that it is all over with San Domingo. One of three things will follow: the Whites will exterminate the whole mulatto caste; the mulattoes will destroy the Whites; or the negroes will profit by these dissensions to annihilate both the Whites and the mulattoes. But in any case San Domingo should be erased from the maps of France.”

Stab in the Back. The National Assembly in Paris threw further fuel on the fire. It rescinded the former decree and decreed that the colonists should decide their own requirements for franchise. This further infuriated the mulattoes. Then in a sweeping Decree of April 4, 1792 it again gave the franchise to all mulattoes and free niggers as well. It went further: it sent three Civil Commissioners from Paris to enforce the decree.

When this news reached the island the White population was crushed in despair.

Niggers Revolt. It was the beginning of a long dark epoch of horror, murder and slaughter. Plantations were burned. The black niggers revolted, the mulattoes took one side, then the other.

Civil War. Anarchy and destruction of a magnitude that we cannot describe followed this decree. This was soon followed by a further decree giving the franchise to all the savage African blacks, but this made little difference. Civil war, torture and extermination were unleashed and the Jewish Civil Commissioners not only did not abate the tide, but fomented the turn of the tide against the Whites for the next ten years.

Help from Napoleon. This death and destruction ensued until Napoleon Bonaparte firmly grasped the iron reins of power in France. Being resolute as well as a practical man, he determined to end this idiotic farce. He sent his brother-in-law, General Le Clerc, with two fleets and 20,000 French soldiers to restore order and save the colony. They set sail on December 14, 1801 and the first contingent arrived January 29, 1802.

The niggers by this time were running rampant over the island and had huge organized armies led by veteran leaders such as Generals Toussaint, Christophe, Dessalines and many other lesser sub-lieutenants, all dedicated to the massacre and extermination of the White Race.

Island Recaptured. When Gen. Le Clerc and his seasoned White troops arrived, they launched an aggressive and brilliant campaign to recapture the island, and restore White supremacy. In short order they recaptured the cities, forts and strong points of the island. Black insurgents were pursued into the woods and the mountains and hunted down. The black leaders soon surrendered and allied themselves to the new French authority in servile submission, and proclaimed undying loyalty.

Troops struck by Yellow Fever. Then came spring and summer of 1802 and with it the hot, malarial climate that was the bane of unacclimated Europeans. By mid-May yellow fever struck. The horror that smote the doomed army was unparalleled in the whole history of the West Indies. “The ravages of the disease are indescribable” wrote Gen. Le Clerc to his brother-in-law Napoleon. “At present I am losing 160 men a day.” Le Clerc himself was a sick man and most of his trusted aides were dead or dying.

Situation Desperate. The black leaders who had sworn undying loyalty to the French army were now beginning to defect and planning a massacre of the deteriorating and declining French forces. The situation of the French became desperate. Le Clerc was pleading for Napoleon to send reinforcements and a replacement for himself since he knew he was a dying man. Despite the desperate situation he did what he could to juggle what strength and resources he had left to keep the explosive black savages under control.

By August 6, Le Clerc reported that four fifths of his army was dead. The balance were weak and emaciated. He begged and implored Napoleon to send 12,000 fresh, acclimated troops immediately or all would be lost.

By November 2 of the same year he had arrived, Le Clerc himself was dead. Insurrection was again raging all over the island.

More Help. Napoleon had not abandoned the colony. He sent over a new Governor General named Rochambeau and 10,000 new troops which joined up with the remnants of Le Clerc’s contingent. The French position was greatly improving. Most of the first arrivals that had survived were now acclimated against the dread disease. In any case, it was the winter season again and the disease abated.

Rochambeau now determined to recover the lost ground. It was now a war of race, black against White, and the struggle assumed a most ferocious character.

Drastic Measures. Rochambeau and the White colonists decided that if they could ever hope to recover the island they must take drastic measures. It must be a war of extermination. They must exterminate all the black inhabitants over 12 years of age, since, they reasoned any adult black that for 12 years had been a soldier waging war against the Whites would never again go back to work in the fields and would to the end of his days be a potential insurgent and assassin. They must be replaced by fresh slaves from Africa. The same thing applied to the women, who were more cruel than the men.

With ruthless energy Rochambeau pursued his task. Through March and April of 1803 the rebels were steadily rooted out of the open country and pursued and hunted down even into the mountain hideouts.

Rochambeau’s triumph grew clearer every day. Napoleon was recruiting 15,000 fresh troops to maintain the army during the coming summer.

English Intervene, Aid Blacks. But history intervened. By May 12, 1803 the uneasy Peace of Amiens gave way to a new war with the British. The English war sounded the death-knell of San Domingo.The English fleet not only cut off further aid to the embattled French army, but the English at once aided the black rebels and the flame of insurrection burst forth with renewed fury. Scattered French garrisons of the coast towns were overwhelmed and slaughtered by the savage black troops under the leadership of Dessalines. By November 10, 1803 Governor General Rochambeau sailed out of the harbor of Le Cap and surrendered his sword to the waiting English Admiral.

French Finished. It was all over for the French. Of the 50,000 soldiers sent over in two short years to save the colony, only a few thousand ever saw France again, and these only after years in English captivity. The 10,000 sailors dead of yellow fever were sorely to be missed on the day of Trafalgar.

Whites Ruthlessly Exterminated. With the destruction of French authority, the extermination of the remnant Whites proceeded with cruel rapidity. Dessalines, the acknowledged black war chief, lost no time in declaring San Domingo an independent black republic. In December of 1803 he revived the Indian name “Haiti” to mark the complete break with the colonial past.

Black and Mulatto Warfare. For the next year a fierce struggle ensued with the other black and mulatto chiefs, but in the end Dessalines triumphed over all his enemies and in October of 1804 he proclaimed his victory by crowning himself “Emperor” in the style of European monarchs.

Whites Invited Back. The departure of the French army was not quite the end of the White presence in San Domingo, now called Haiti. When the French army left in November of 1803, Dessalines, in order to keep the economy from total collapse, promised protection to all White civilians who chose to remain. This favorable treatment even induced a considerable number of colonial Whites to return to the island. No sooner had Dessalines firmly established himself on the throne as Emperor when these unfortunate victims discovered the mistake of their lifetime.

Massacre of the Whites. Scarcely had the New Year of 1805 begun when orders went forth to massacre the White population. The horror and brutality of the ensuing butchery was indescribable. The murder of the Whites that began in the first days of January was finished en masse by March 18. All deaths were executed with extreme cruelty. Men and women were hewn down by sappers, who hacked off their arms and smashed in their chests. Some were poniarded, others mutilated, others disemboweled with knives, still others stuck like pigs. All were massacred down to the last woman and child.

Black Anarchy. The White race, with the help of the Jewish traitors out of Paris, had perished utterly from the land and the French “Jewel of the West Indies” had now become a rampant anarchy, the black “Republic of Haiti”.

* * * * *

We will skip most of the history of this fetid black pest-hole for the next 175 years, except to fill in a few outlines, since it embodies nothing but anarchy, terror, filth, and abject poverty.

Back to Slavery. After Dessalines crowned himself “Emperor Jacques I” in October 1804, and massacred all the Whites by March 1805, there was no one on the island to make the niggers work. Dessalines decreed forced labor (slavery), far more cruel than the blacks had ever suffered under the Whites. He was so hated by his own people he was assassinated in 1806, two years after he crowned himself.

 Out of the resultant anarchy two nigger states emerged: the north ruled by Henri Christophe (as “Emperor” Henri I) and the south ruled by the cruel hand of Alexandre Petion as a president for life. There was continued rivalry and warfare between the two. In 1818 Petion died or was murdered and Christophe took over.

Christophe was an unusually vigorous nigger, having some White blood in him. He became exceedingly vain, arrogant, pompous and cruel. Resentment and insurrection flared up against him. Realizing the hopelessness of his situation, he committed suicide in 1820.

 The rest of the history of Haiti to the present day is a meaningless continuation of further anarchy, cruelty and filthy poverty, an overpopulated island of stone-age savages, unable to maintain the White Man’s civilization and unable to govern themselves, and worst of all, unable to feed themselves in a productive land.

* * * * *

Lessons We Must Learn. We, the White Race must learn some harsh and inescapable lessons from the history of Haiti, if we are to survive. In the tragedy and extermination of the White Race on this most desirable piece of real estate set in the tropical breezes of the West Indies we can see the prelude to the fate of the White Race here in America and elsewhere in the world. These lessons are:

1. No multi-racial society can long survive as a civilization.

2. In any multi-racial society, the instinctive hatred between the races is permanent and irreconcilable. It is unbridgeable. It only needs the opportunity to flare up into open massacre.

3. As in Egypt, as in India, as in Haiti, there is always interbreeding between the races. The resulting mulattoes are the driving wedge for equality with the superior Whites. Mulattoes will join with niggers to destroy the Whites, then the niggers will turn on the mulattoes and destroy their superiors, in the end reducing the population down to its lowest denominator.

4. Niggers given “independence” and left to their own devices are incapable of governing themselves (except on the level of a primitive tribe) or even of feeding themselves above a starvation level.

5. Mulattoes out-breed the Whites, and niggers out-breed mulattoes.

6. The triumph of niggers over Whites is always and only accomplished by the treacherous conniving of the Jewish race. It is they who exploit and aggravate White divisiveness and then plan and execute the destruction of the White Race. The niggers are their most effective ploy and tool with which to accomplish this goal.

7. Slavery has been a curse for the White Race.

8. We never needed the niggers at any time, as is proven by the building and Winning of the West. In today’s highly developed technology the niggers are a most useless and dangerous parasite on the backs of the White Race.

9. We must rid ourselves of the niggers in our midst and ship them post haste back to Africa.

10. Niggers are absolutely poison in the midst of a White society.

11. In order for the White Race to survive, the White Man must have a strong sense of racial consciousness and must close ranks against not only the niggers, mulattoes and mud races, but above all against the Jews.

12. Basic to all this is the need for the White Race to have a racial religion around which to polarize his racial loyalty. This the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR is providing in CREATIVITY, our religious creed. In it the White Man has the Total Program, the Final Solution, and the Ultimate Creed.