Basics for survival. The second dumbest creature on the face of the earth is the one who cannot recognize its enemies. The most stupid of all is the one who will defend and collaborate with the very enemies that are destroying it and its own kind.

In the early 1960’s, I saw a science program on television that I have never forgotten. At that time, it had not especially dawned on me that the Sermon on the Mount, advocating such advice as “love your enemies”, “turn the other cheek”, “resist not evil”, was a real bad, suicidal message.

Nature Lesson. The program that has stuck in my mind demonstrated a flock of newly hatched baby chicks, not more than a few days old. They were contained in a circular pen, probably about 20 feet in diameter, with the walls not more than a foot in height. At the center of this circular pen, was a vertical pole probably 8 feet in height, with a horizontal arm extending out from the top of the central pole so that the arm could sweep horizontally over the pen in a rotary motion.

The first scene showed the little chicks peacefully feeding in the pen.  Then a wooden bird, having the outline of a flying duck, was attached to the end of the arm. The arm with the duck on the end of it was then swung round and round over the young chicks, simulating a duck flying over their heads.

Completely unperturbed, the little chicks went on pecking at their food. When a wooden bird, with the outlines of a flying goose was substituted for the duck, the same results ensued. The little chicks couldn’t care less.

Next, a wooden bird having the outlines of a hawk was similarly passed over their heads.

Immediately the little chicks screamed with fright and scuttled for cover in a hutch in the center of the pen. This, despite the fact that there was not even a mother hen to warn them, or relate her experience to the little chicks. 

Instinct inborn. Inborn in those little chicks was the instinctive recognition of the hawk as its natural enemy, instinctive fear and instinctive reaction to flee and take cover. Without any training, without any conscious thought processes, even a dumb chick, a few days old, recognized a clear and present danger — the chicken hawk — even though it was only a simulated wooden outline of their enemy passing over their heads.

This lesson impressed me considerably, and although at that time I had not recognized its full significance, I never forgot it.

Natural Enemies. Since then I have noted, from other forms of animal, bird, insect, or reptile life, that just about every creature has one or more natural enemies, and that each and everyone of them instinctively can recognize them almost as if they were picking them up on radar. A newly born fawn not only instantly recognizes the presence of a mountain lion in close proximity, but also knows what to do to avoid being detected. It will, therefore, lie still and low in the grass and try to blend into the landscape. Since the fawn has no odor, it hopes it will not be detected by its predatory enemy.

 Similarly, practically every other creature, through sight and sense of smell, instinctively recognizes its enemies in short order and usually knows what to do to protect itself. Failure in this tremendously important function is fatal. A ground squirrel recognizes coyotes, dogs, hawks, eagles and several other natural enemies in a flash, and will usually dive for cover into its hole in the ground. Other birds, animals, fish, etc., use camouflage, a cover, and basically, fight or flight, as some of the many ingenious ways in protecting themselves from their enemies.

White Man’s Instinct Subverted. So now we come to the species with which we are most concerned — the noblest and most intelligent of all creatures — the White Race. It, too, was born with natural instincts to recognize and protect itself from its enemies. However, when we examine the history of the White Race over the last two thousand years, its record in this area is so sorry that it is absolutely shameful. If you were to ask the average White Man who his natural enemies are, he wouldn’t even know what you were talking about, much less know how to protect himself.

Our Natural Enemies. And who are his natural enemies? Number one on the list is the International Jew, the whole Jewish network, the Jew as an individual. Number two is the mass of colored races, whom we shall designate simply as the mud races.

Dumb and Confused. About the dumbest creature in the world is the one that will not only refuse to defend itself against its enemies, but will rally to the defense of the very enemy that is actively engaged in a program to destroy it. As a famous doctor (about whom we will have more to say in a later chapter) said: “Alas, no fool is a bigger fool than the fool that fools himself.”

The present generation of the White Race fits this description to a “T”. Whereas, the Jew, for thousands of years, has waged conscious, deliberate, planned, effective warfare for the destruction and/or the mongrelization of the White Race, the present generation of the White Race has been so confused, so befuddled, so indoctrinated with bad, erroneous ideas about race and religion, that the White Man himself is the Jew’s best and most effective ally in his own self-destruction.

Origin of our Confusion. How did this come about?  Well, it’s a long story, and that, mostly, is what this book is all about.  Briefly, let me say here that when the Jew sold the ancient Romans, the epitome of the White Race of that era, on Christianity, it was then that the big breakthrough was made. When the Jew convinced the Romans to buy the poisonous advice contained in the Sermon On The Mount, namely to “love your enemies”, “turn the other cheek”, “resist not evil”, then the Romans became ripe for destruction.

Death of the Romans. We all know what happened to the Romans shortly after they were “converted” to Christianity. With their instincts deadened and their thinking perverted into worrying about the spooks in the sky instead of struggling for their own survival and advancement, they soon shrank into oblivion. They faded from the scene of history. They paid the penalty of allowing themselves to be mongrelized and not recognizing their eternal enemy, the Jew.

Such are the consequences of not recognizing your enemy, and, of course, you can’t defend yourself against an enemy you can’t, or won’t, recognize.

Our Avowed Purpose. It is the purpose of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR to again revive the healthy instincts with which Nature endowed even the White Race and to bring it back to sanity so that our people will not only recognize their enemies, but also learn to exercise their instinctive urge to overcome them. With all the remarkable attributes of intelligence, creativity, productivity with which Nature has so generously endowed the White Race, it will then have no problem promoting its own survival, expansion and advancement.

White Race must Regain its Senses. But first, the White Race must, like all the other creatures, again learn to recognize its enemies, or it is certain that it will soon be as extinct as the dodo and the dinosaur.

Let us again make this clear: our every position is and must be from the White Man’s point of view. From the White Man’s point of view the Jews, the niggers, and the mud races are his eternal natural enemies. This is as basic and unalterable as the conflict between the pioneering mother and the rattlesnake.

Either Or. At this crucial stage of world history, either the White Race will survive, or the Jews and their enslaved mud races. It will be one or the other, and this, too, is a grim unalterable fact of life, whether we like it or not.

It is the supreme purpose of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR to see to it that it will be the White Race that shall survive.

* * * * *

Must also know how to defend ourselves. There is one more basic idea that I want to make abundantly clear at the outset. Looking at every issue from the White Man’s point of view and clearly recognizing our enemies lays a firm basis for our philosophy, but it is not enough. We must now also know how to successfully defend ourselves from our enemies and overcome them. The key word is successfully

White Teamwork. The answer to that problem, too, is simple and basic. The answer to it is Teamwork. We must employ Racial Teamwork. Next we must organize. We must be dedicated to Racial Loyalty organized into White Teamwork.

Basic to even the most ignorant. This is so obvious and so basic that even the most ignorant nigger is aware of it. The Cubans are aware of it. In May of 1980 and first two weeks of June they risked their necks and hauled more than 115,000 of their mongrelized brothers across the Straights of Florida in small boats, regardless of rough weather and in defiance of our immigration laws. The Jews have been intensely aware of racial teamwork for thousands of years and have made a highly sophisticated science of it. Strangely enough, the White Race, the most intelligent of all races, has never deliberately practiced it on a racial level, and has in fact been programmed to shun it lest they be accused of being “racists”. The White Man is highly skilled in teamwork in sports, in music, in science, in Christianity, in medicine and in any number of other fields, but on a racial level, never.

Must learn this lesson. So let me explain the basics of this principle to my White Racial Comrades so that they may learn this lesson and learn it well.

When a rookie joins a major football team, (or basketball team, or baseball team) the first lesson that is thoroughly drilled into him is that he is not an independent individual, but a member of a team. This basic idea is drilled into him relentlessly so that he not only plays by the game rules but more importantly, he plays by the team rules. He either learns and practices teamwork or he is kicked off the team, no matter what other talents he may have. It is not enough that on the football field he may be a good runner, a good passer, a good receiver or a good blocker, he must do his given part in a carefully orchestrated team play. He must be aware of the other players’ moves, the team’s strategy, the opponents’ moves, when he must block, when he must let someone else carry the ball, and dozens of other intricate maneuvers, all of which add up to teamwork. And teamwork adds up to victory.

Team Players are Winners. If a team were composed of the best individual players in the country but all played as independent prima donnas they could easily be clobbered by a mediocre team which had learned the basics of team play. And so it is in life, in business, and even more so with our own racial survival.

Let me illustrate one more example where there is no room for indulging in idiotic theories, and where coming out second best means catastrophe.

Army warfare another example. Let us picture two armies, approximately equal in size, in opposition to each other, squaring off for battle. The one army is well trained, well disciplined, has a strategic battle plan worked out in advance and is ably led by a top command who not only knows what its battle plan is, but has the nerve, the ability and determination to carry it out.

On the other side you have another army similar in size that strongly believes in democracy, believes in freedom of choice, believes each individual soldier is entitled to his own opinion and the freedom to do as he pleases. Each foot soldier is strongly aware of this philosophy and supremely jealous of exercising his prerogatives to damn well do as he pleases.  Comes the day of battle, and each recruit has his own ideas about how this battle should be fought, or if it should be fought at all. You have, in short, a disorganized mob. As their well organized opponents moved in on them they would be slaughtered. All their theoretical fantasies of freedom, of individual dissent, etc.  would be wiped out with them.

Racial survival at stake. And so it is with racial survival. We must learn Teamwork as lesson Number One. We must quit playing silly games about how damn individualistic we all want to be. Whatever abilities and talents we have must be contributed to the best interests of the survival of the race. If we don’t we will be wiped out by inferior races who have learned the lesson of teamwork better than we have.

Unqualified Freedom a Myth. No one is absolutely free in life and the Jews have learned to repeatedly bait and hook the goyim with some of the same deceptive catch words. The idea of liberty and freedom come foremost in this category. In the Protocols of the Elders of Zion they brag about how they used the slogan “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” as the catch phrase with which to launch the French revolution, noting that the goyim were too stupid to notice the built-in contradictions in the phrase. They boast further they have used the same idea, basically the idea of Freedom and Liberty as a means of sowing ferment and confusion in numerous prior revolutions and also subsequent revolutions, using this idea as bait with which to first undermine authority, then overthrow it.

Responsibility, duty come first. The facts of life are such that nobody is free to drive on the left side of the road in the name of freedom of choice, to run through red lights when the impulse moves them, or to cause children to be brought into this world to starve because he feels free to either work or loaf. The fact is everybody in life has a multitude of responsibilities which he is obligated to not only accept, but must also be capable of discharging efficiently throughout the span of his lifetime. A good White Racial comrade must think in terms of duty, responsibility, honor, not only towards himself but also his family, his community and his race. The very ideas of responsibility and unlimited freedom to do as one damn well pleases are in direct conflict with each other, and freedom as an unqualified entity does not exist for any creature or species on the face of the earth, much less for members of a highly complex society such as any responsible member of the White Race would prefer to live in.

Racial Socialism: Racial Teamwork. In NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION I have tried to explain this partially under Racial Socialism, in which I try to explain first of all the importance of teamwork amongst our White Racial Comrades if they are to survive, and secondly, that socialism as such is nothing more or less than Organized Society. I further point out that despite all the idiotic stigmas that the misguided Kosher Konservatives have placed on the word “socialism” that every organization, per se, whether it be a church, a school, or a Boy Scout troop, is inherently socialistic. I repeat: socialism is organized society, and as such, like the weather, it can be good, bad, or indifferent, depending on its individual nature. Cicero, the great Roman philosopher and writer summed it up succinctly: “We are servants of the law in order that we may be free.”

Anarchy the cruelest tyrant of all. I repeat: there is no such a thing as unqualified freedom — there is only anarchy. A classic example of morons who believe they have the freedom to do as they please is the recent example (May, 1980) of the niggers in northwestern Miami, looting, burning, beating and killing as they saw fit. Such destruction can last only temporarily. Then comes the heavy price of retribution for such insanity. We must remember our theory of freedom to do as we please is also the anarchist’s freedom to do likewise to us, and this might include looting your house, burning it down, and killing you and your family.

Creativity is White Teamwork. In CREATIVITY we follow the experience of history. Eternal struggle is the price of survival. The winners of such struggles are those who organize, who have a battle plan, who practice racial teamwork. In CREATIVITY, as we unfold our creed and program, we endeavor to furnish the White Race with all these essentials, and more.

Summary. Let us sum up by saying the following:

  1. In Creativity we emphasize responsibility and duty over a libertine philosophy.
  2. We favor the producer over the consumer.
  3. We have learned from the hard experience of history that all libertine societies end in anarchy, and that anarchy is the cruelest and most destructive of all tyrants.
  4. We believe in the fullest exercise of freedom within the context of organized society and responsibility toward that society.
  5. We believe that the freest individuals are those within the framework of an organized White government, free from alien control and free from pollution of alien races.
  6. We believe history and experience have shown that only on the basis of recognizing our enemies, destroying and/or excluding them and practicing racial teamwork can a stable lasting government be built for the progress, prosperity and advancement of the White Race.

* * * * *

Having established these few basic ground rules, we will now return to the subject of restoring our physical and bodily health, as we promised two chapters ago. After all, in order to survive means to fight, and in order to be a good fighter you must be in excellent health. The sickly, the weak and the puny do not fare well in the struggle for survival. The Salubrious Health of each member of the White Race is also one of the Prime Goals of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR. In the next several chapters we will explore how we can bring about this happy state of well-being — Salubrious Living.