Key to Our Program. If there is one word that can be considered the key to our movement that word is eugenics. We CREATORS not only believe in a sound mind in a healthy body, but we believe in a vigorous, healthy race, ever improving, continually advancing to ever higher levels of excellence.

What is Eugenics? Fifty years ago the word was much more used and understood than it is today. This would seem strange, because in the last 50 years we have made tremendous strides in all sciences, including the cell itself, a subject we explained in a previous chapter.

Contrary to Jewish Program. Why then is eugenics such a forgotten word? Because the very idea it embraces is contrary to the fiendish Jewish program of race-mixing, of mongrelizing the White Race into oblivion. The Jews want to blot out the idea and the very word so that it will not even come up for discussion.

Well Born. Eugenics comes from the Greek word Eugene, meaning well born. Simply stated, Eugenics means Racial Improvement by conscious, well-directed efforts.

It is part and parcel of our CREATIVITY movement to continually improve the racial quality of Nature’s Finest — the great White Race. This we mean to do by conscious, intelligent and meaningful direction so that each generation of our people will be finer than the previous generation.

Determining our Criteria. Just what criteria are our goals? This question, which all the Jewish mind-scramblers keep telling us is impossible to answer and impossible of agreement, isn’t really that complicated at all. If we were to look at it from the nigger’s viewpoint, or Hindu’s, or the Indian’s, or the Jewish viewpoint, yes, it would be impossible to agree. But we go back to that previously stated basic concept — never again through the serpent’s eyes — we CREATORS view everything from the White Man’s point of view, period.

Our Goals. Looking at it from our point of view — the only one that matters — we are for a future race that is:

  1. White and Cleansed of all traces of any of the mud races.
  2. Increasingly Intelligent. Whereas the average I.Q. of the White Race is now approximately 100, we could easily, in a few hundred years, raise that average to 150 and outstanding geniuses of reaching as high as 250, and beyond.
  3. Sound Minds as well as Intelligent. By this we mean mentally healthy, devoid of neurosis and other ailments of the mind. Intelligence and mental health are not synonymous, since many highly intelligent people suffer from mental illness. We mean to reduce this disability to a minimum in our future White society. We want our people vigorous, happy, optimistic and possessing well-adjusted personalities. We want them to enthusiastically be able to cope with, and enjoy life.
  4. Physically healthy bodies. We want to raise future generations of happy, healthy children, strong, athletic and devoid of the many defects that are creeping into our racial body as a whole. We want to eliminate those defective genes that are the seeds of present and future misery to parents and the race as a whole. We want future generations of children born to be free from hereditary defects as close to 100% as possible. We want them to grow up into strong, healthy, beautiful and athletic specimens of our fine race.
  5. We also want them to become aesthetically finer as each generation progresses — the men to be more handsome and virile, the women more beautiful and feminine.
  6. In NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION I predicted that when the White Race had wrested control of its destiny from the hands of the Jews and practiced genetic improvement that within the next century the average White Man and White Woman would not only be more handsome and beautiful (respectively) but also somewhat taller. On further contemplation, increasing tallness is not a change to be desired and is not one of our long-term goals. More intelligent, definitely. More handsome and more beautiful, yes. Healthier, absolutely. More athletic, yes. But taller is a relative dimension. A six-foot male would be short where the average is seven feet, and a seven-footer would be short if the average reached ten feet. The race could become endless. We could reach 10 feet, 15 feet, 20 feet, but it would be completely pointless and self-defeating. I believe therefore that height as well as size in general be left exactly where it comfortably is at present.

Temporary Opposition. Working against us in accomplishing these much desired goals enumerated we have aligned against us some of the most powerful forces in the world today. They are:

  1. The most insidious of all these forces is the International Jewish network whose historic goal has been for centuries — as it is today: to down-breed and mongrelize the White Race into oblivion; to pervert them into a morbid, resigned, dumb herd of beasts, easily manipulated and controlled. Unfortunately their program is powerful, well planned, well financed and in high gear today.
  2. The Christian Churches.  Every creed and tenet that Christianity has espoused for the last 17 centuries has influenced our thinking towards down-breeding of our race. Christianity continuously and perpetually agitates against the fit and the competent and directs our interest and sympathy towards helping the halt, the lame, the blind, the poor in spirit, the morons and the idiots, by such teachings as “Blessed are the poor in spirit” (morons); “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” To which we CREATORS say — not if we can help it. The very idea that we are all equal in the eyes of an imaginary spook is just another re-hash of the old Jewish equalitarian hoax all over again and must inevitably lead to race-mixing.
  3. Civilization itself. As we have discussed in a previous chapter, whereas in the laboratory of Nature the misfits are continuously being culled out, civilization saves the misfits through charity, medical aid and subsidization so that the misfits survive to breed more misfits. Whereas we CREATORS are wholeheartedly for civilization — the White Man’s civilization — we can so direct civilization that it will help up-breed the race rather than down-breed it. How we can do this we will come to a little later in this chapter.
  4. The misdirected advance in health technology produced by the genius of the White Race. Unfortunately, like many other things created by the genius of our race, this progress has been turned to the advantage of our enemies and towards down-breeding our own race. Like civilization, “medicine” works against Nature’s process of culling out the misfits, and conversely, saves the misfits to breed again and proliferate their defects into the gene pool of our race. On the other hand, this health technology and aid transferred to the backward mud races of the world has caused a population explosion the likes of which the world has never seen. Because of our medicine, our food, and our charity, the mud races of the world like the gerbils and the rats are reproducing at a phenomenal rate and literally crowding the White Race from the face of the earth. Again we want to state emphatically we CREATORS are not against the right kind of progress in the health sciences. We are for Salubrious Living, as I have detailed in earlier chapters. But once the White Race is again in control of its own destiny we are going to make damn sure that the health sciences will be used to improve the White Race, not down-breed it, and secondly, it will not be used to help expand our enemies, the mud races. We are also determined that such science will not be utilized to increasingly build a bigger and bigger load of misfits. We don’t want to have a future population composed increasingly of people who are dependent on drugs and artificial mechanical devices to sustain and prolong at best a miserable existence.
  5. The White Man’s Innate Tendency towards Compassion is the Achilles heel that has been his own worst enemy ever since Jewish Christianity conquered and destroyed the Romans. Whereas every other species in Nature instinctively rejects and culls out the misfits, the White Race stupidly does just the opposite.
  6. Present day birth control methods and attitudes. Whereas it takes a certain amount of intelligence to use birth control devices at all, again it is the least intelligent who have neither the discipline nor the know-how in applying them. As a result this has had a devastating effect on decreasing the birth rate of the intelligent segment of the White Race as a whole, whereas it has had no deterrent effect on the niggers, Hindus, Mexicans and other mud races.

* * * * *

Deterioration of Gene Pool must stop. These then, are the main forces aligned against us, although there are a number of other minor factors that contribute to the downgrading and pollution of our gene pool. The fact is our gene pool is rapidly deteriorating and we are heading for the slop pail — for a degenerate humanity. Our enemies intend that this should be so. Sir Cyril L. Burt, an English psychologist most active between World War I and World War II, observed that the English I.Q. is declining at the rate of 1.5 to 2 points per generation. This was before W.W. II. What has happened to England since World War II with the flood tide invasion of the mud races has been sheer disaster. But even at the pre-World War II rate we can see how even the British, a fine people, before the invasion of the mud races, were down-breeding themselves into morons in a few generations.

* * * * *

First Regain Control of Our Destiny. So far we have stated (a) our objectives and(b) the obstacles that lie in our path. So what can we do about it?

The first thing we have to do, of course, is for the White Race to regain control of its own destiny and smash that control from out of the hands of our Jewish destroyers. In order to accomplish this, CREATIVITY must and will become the universal religion of the White Race. Most of this, our WHITE MAN’S BIBLE, is devoted to accomplishing this objective, and accomplish it we will. Until we do, no other problems can be solved, and the White Race will be doomed to mongrelization, destruction and oblivion.

Program for Genetic Upgrading. In this chapter we want to outline more clearly how we mean to implement our Program of Eugenics once we have accomplished control of our own governments and our own destiny.

  1. First and foremost we will physically remove the alien mud races from our midst. This includes niggers, Jews, Chinese, or whatever, from all White countries, whether they be England, France, Sweden, Germany or the United States. They must be expelled just as the human body identifies and expels germs, bacteria, virus and foreign bodies from amongst its own cells.
  2. We must encourage the more desirable specimen of our own race to have more children. Those couples that are healthy, intelligent and endowed with the more desirable attributes must be encouraged to have bigger than average families. Since in our present degenerate society these very people have the smallest families, how can we encourage them? One step in this direction is racial awareness, as espoused in this, our WHITE MAN’S BIBLE. It is a natural urge for healthy couples to have good-sized families. It is Jewish propaganda about the population explosion (in which the Jews make the intelligent people feel guilty, whereas the dumb bunnies don’t care and just breed anyway) that has caused a major curtailment of family size in those very couples who should contribute to the betterment of our race. If this psychological stigma were reversed, it would greatly aid in promoting the finer species of our race. The other factor is our present economic madness. It is hammered home that every child should go to college (which is highly over-rated) that the more successful young couples face with dread the financial burdens they will have to assume by having even an average sized family. On the other hand what with aid to dependent children, welfare checks, and other government subsidies, the niggers couldn’t care less about their financial responsibilities and start breeding like rabbits from the age of 14 and up and let the harried productive White taxpayer foot the bill. As far as they are concerned the more little bastards they produce, the more welfare checks.

Twofold. So the Answer is twofold:(a) encourage our best White people to have larger families by making it accepted as a religious virtue, and(b) structure the economic system so that the most desirable couples will suffer no economic burden by contributing fine children to our race.

  1. Induce the less desirable of the White Race to have smaller families.

Eventually we will have to face up to the fact that even in a world completely devoid of mud races (what a beautiful day!) we will have to limit population growth. As we stated before, the multiplication factor of breeding is so phenomenal that starting with one pair of amorous flies in spring, under ideal conditions the world could be covered by a solid layer of flies 60 feet thick by autumn. The more proficient White Race of the future, being extremely capable of growing food and supplying its other needs, would soon overcrowd the world into an environment that would make life a miserable burden rather than a joy to behold.

No future overcrowding. This we must prevent, and the only answer, of course, is birth control. When we have reached an optimum population of White people that the then leadership considers desirable (say one billion, or whatever the times and conditions dictate) the population growth would then be phased out into a stable situation. It is claimed that families having an average of 2.3 children constitutes Z.P.G. Since at that time (as always) there would be an instinctive desire by many of the less desirable to exceed that number, we will eventually have to come to a Genetic Grading System, a system not unlike that now employed by the army for physical fitness. On the strength of their physical, mental and genetic fitness each candidate for marriage should be granted a genetic rating card stating the limit of the number of children they could have. Since two partners might have different ratings, this offers no particular problem, since their rating could be integrated into a final rating for the couple. These ratings also would have to be adjusted from time to time for the total overall population situation.

 All this may sound overly complicated, but with modern computers and the best interest of the White Race in mind, the White leadership of the times should encounter no particular difficulty whatsoever.

  1. Sterilization of the Incurable Misfits, idiots, and genetically diseased. This may sound harsh in today’s world of twisted thinking and sloppy sentimentality, a world that will cry crocodile tears about the fate of 50 whooping cranes but cares little about the mongrelization and extinction of the great White Race, Nature’s Finest. There is no greater sorrow or burden, parents (and society) can suffer than having an idiot born, or a defective child born, and the dismal prospect of nurturing it through its miserable life for the next 60 years or so.

* * * * *

Part of our Religion. This is what we want to accomplish. This is what the White Race of the future will wish to accomplish. It is best to set it down in writing and imbed it into our religion at this time. The eugenic program of our race is a tremendously important part of our religion and it behooves us to know where we are going.

Fantastic Potential. We the White Race alone are the proud bearers of the divine seed. We alone have that great potential that through a long process of evolution Nature has implanted into our genes. Just as the early American (White) pioneer saw it as his Manifest Destiny to build a White empire from the Atlantic to the Pacific, it is the Manifest Destiny of the present generation of the White Race to strive to fulfill that wonderful potential that Nature has so abundantly endowed into our very genes to the exclusion of all others. We must first of all survive, secondly, expand to take over all the good earth of this planet, and thirdly, improve our Genetic Qualities to ever greater heights — to become the Super Man of the future and a dazzling beyond.

Ancient Greeks Practiced Eugenics. The idea of eugenics is not new. The Spartans of ancient Greece back in the fifth century B.C. were already aware of it and practiced much of what we are proposing today.

It is my opinion that mentally, aesthetically and creatively the ancient Greeks of 2,500 years ago were the finest and most intelligent human beings that ever lived. It is our goal to not only catch up to their standards, but once having fully grasped and implemented our program of eugenics, to far surpass the level of the noble Greeks. And the best way to accomplish that is to have it imbedded into our very religion.

Tremendous blessing for White Race. What a blessing this will be for future mankind! How much more desirable will be a world of fine, healthy, beautiful, individuals easily being able to cope than a degenerating world of mud races (like India or Haiti) who live in filthy squalor, hunger and disease, yet breed to the limit of their miserable existence.

* * * * *

The Dark Alternative. In the next chapter we want to look at the other side of the picture, the black alternative — a world infested with niggers. We want to study these abominations of the lower rung of the “human” race and make sure we understand what it is that the Jews intend to “integrate” us with. In the chapter following the niggers we want to go directly to the greatest teacher of all — history, and see what happened in that once precious gem of the Caribbean, San Domingo, now Haiti, when the niggers took over a White civilization.