Our Primary Goal. In our creed we have stated repeatedly that the central goal of CREATIVITY is the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race. We have talked about the White Race, about our precious blood lines, and how we consider the White Race as the most priceless value on the face of the earth.

Genes Priceless. What is really central to all this is the key word: GENES. It is our genes that are most precious. It is the genes of the White Race that are in danger of being exterminated from the face of the Earth. It is our collective Gene Pool that the Jew is relentlessly trying to diminish in both quantity and quality, and finally destroy forever. It is the impassioned resolve of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR to prevent this horrible catastrophe from ever happening. Indeed, it is our major destiny to turn the tables on our destroyer, to render him harmless and make damn sure that neither the Jew nor any of the other mud races will ever again be in a position to threaten the Gene Pool of the White Race.

Potential Even Greater. In the blueprint of your genes is represented more clearly what you really are than the one physical version of yourself that evolved into reality. This is so for a number of reasons. What you are may not necessarily represent the full potential of what you could have been. There might have been unfavorable conditions due to radiation, drugs, lack of proper nutrition, etc., during the nine months before you were born and were still in the fetus stage. There might have been unfavorable conditions that warped or stunted or prevented your proper development after you were born. You might have been through some harrowing war experiences, been reduced to a nervous wreck, or lost an arm, or a leg, or an eye, or been permanently crippled in some other form.

Without necessarily going through experiences as drastic as cited above, any way you look at it, the average person through accident of environment, improper nutrition, or other factors, is usually less than the potential of his or her genes.

Genes Tenacious. Nevertheless, through all the stringencies of war, famine, fire and flood, bad nutrition, careless abuse of our minds and bodies, and the general rigors of living, our genes generally come through more or less unscathed and intact. By this by no means do I mean to imply that our genes can’t be damaged. They certainly can, and at no time in our history have they been more viciously assaulted through radiation exposure, LSD and other strange and dangerous drugs and other abuses that are prone to our technical age. But still, despite all the ravages of assault and modern technology, our genes continue to perpetuate an ideal blueprint of ourselves for the reproduction of future generations.

Sum Total of our Ancestry. Not only do our genes represent what we are, but in an extremely small package they represent the sum total of all the thousands of characteristics of the thousands, yes millions, of our ancestors who have lived before us, and only because of whom we are living today. Even the most complicated computer today would be hard put compressing so many thousands of characteristics of millions of different individuals and neatly putting them together into a tidy little miniature package such as our genes. When we consider that each cell in our body has a complete set of genes that are a duplicate blueprint of us and that the average adult body contains approximately one hundred trillion cells, we can not help but marvel at what a wonderful system Nature has designed. We do not mean to go into a biological treatise of chromosomes, genes and cells and the marvelous design inherent in them, since we have already dealt briefly with this fascinating subject in a former chapter.

Collective Gene Pool. What we are here interested in more specifically in this chapter is our collective gene pool, the total gene pool of the unique and incomparable White Race. When we speak of the most precious value on the face of the earth we are talking about the collective gene pool of our race. This we must guard, defend and protect above all else. It is irreplaceable, and once gone, can never again be restored.

Gene Pool Endangered. Although they are not all of the same quality, there are still five hundred million people, more or less, that carry the genes of the White Race in their chromosomes. With such a vast pool, you would think that our gene pool would be safe to carry forward our unique characteristics into all eternity. Nothing could be further from the truth. The bitter fact of life is that the gene pool of the White Race is now under heavy assault from all angles — outright shrinkage, pollution, dilution, and out and out degeneration, as we have pointed out in our chapter on genetics.

Fittest not necessarily survivors. Unfortunately, in Nature, it is not necessarily the “fittest” that survive, or the best, rather it is those species and individuals of species that are most fitted to survive. Certainly by our standards neither the cockroach nor the shark can be considered as intelligent, creative, productive, aesthetic, or any one of dozens of other criteria by which we would judge a creature to be “best.” Yet they have survived in their basic form for hundreds of millions of years, no mean feat of accomplishment by any standard.

Next two generations critical. Similarly it is among the races of mankind. The White Race, though it is superior in intelligence, creativity, productivity, in creating civilizations and many other great and remarkable aspects, still it has no insurance whatsoever that it will survive for the next hundred years, much less the next million years. In fact, it is questionable if we will survive the next two generations. And therein lies the great tragedy of the White Race.

Tragedy of the Romans. When in a previous chapter we looked at the history of the great Roman people of two thousand years ago, we found they had all the characteristics of a unique and remarkable race that should have lived forever. They were highly intelligent, creative, constructive, brave, aggressive, logical, practical, great builders, organizers and law givers, not to mention their matchless competence in the art of warfare. They were truly a unique and gifted people, both physically and spiritually. Yet by the end of the First Century A.D. when Rome was at her peak, the Romans, themselves were all but extinct. The race that had built the greatest civilization and the greatest empire themselves disappeared from the scene. Why? Because the very people who had built up the finest gene pool of all time were neither aware of their gene pool, nor did they instinctively take any measures to protect it.

Even dumb animals know better. This latter is most strange. Even the dumbest animal, bird, or insect, although it has no conception of a “gene pool,” will put forth strenuous exertions throughout the better part of their lives protecting and expanding its own gene pool. Not all succeed, and some species like the dodo and the dinosaurs are now extinct, as are the once wonderful Romans.

Arouse the White Race! What a difference it would have made if the Romans had had a race-conscious religion such as CREATIVITY! What tremendous genetic advances could have been made in the last two thousand years!

 So let this be a lesson to us. We may now be on our way to extinction, but the process is far from irreversible, if we but wake up.

 It is the all-consuming purpose of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR to wake up and arouse the White Race into action. We want to spell out the alternatives so clearly that even the most stupid and uninformed naivete can’t help but see the picture. We want to arouse every member of the White Race to become a fiery, fervent partisan in the defense of the White Race and in the destruction of its enemies.

Second Chance our Last. The glorious Roman race and its unequaled gene pool are gone. We, the living of the White Race, have a second chance, and this will probably be our last. Let us therefore rally and organize. We not only want to save our gene pool, but we want to expand it, and contribute ever finer qualities to it so that we will fulfill the truly great destiny Nature has in store for us.