This Unique Planet Earth. When we survey the development of life on this Planet Earth over the last 3.7 billion years, more or less, we can’t help but be astounded at its strange and unrelenting progress, slow as it was. In fact, it is most amazing that starting with a simple one-celled animal in the seas, life developed at all. If we were to search the whole universe, traveling at the speed of our rockets to the moon, it would take us billions of years, undoubtedly, before we would find another planet as hospitable to life as this Planet Earth, if any such exists at all.

 So let us realize one astounding fact: to be part of the life on this Planet Earth is a most unique phenomenon, the likes of which neither we, nor any of our future progeny are likely to ever see elsewhere.

Competition for Survival. But even more amazing is how, once life began in the far distant and murky past, how that one-celled amoeba then began, through the process of evolution, slowly, ever so slowly, to evolve and diversify into millions of variations, each species and subspecies attempting to upgrade itself, in order to be better able to fight the battle for survival. In this keen competition not all succeeded, and millions of species in the past, as they lost that battle, perished on the scrap heap of evolution.

Civilization a Recent Phenomenon. One of the broad species that has survived (so far) is mankind. As we look back into our relatively recent ancestry of the primates, the modern White man is of comparatively recent vintage dating back only perhaps 40,000 or 50,000 years.Civilization itself can be regarded as no older than 10,000, (depending on where we draw the line). Compare this with the hey-day of the mighty dinosaur, which flourished 50 to 100 million years ago, and you can see why we say recent.

Our Only Concern. When in this discourse we speak of modern man, we are speaking only of the White Race. We are not concerned with niggers, hottentots, aborigines nor their lower cousins in the primate group such as monkeys, chimpanzees or gorillas. We are only interested in the White Race. It was in the White Race that Nature reached its highest pinnacle of evolutionary development over the last 3.7 billion years. Never in all those billions of years of life on this planet has Nature ever developed a creature as intelligent, as productive, as creative, as conscious of its existence, as when Nature created the White Race.

Let us never forget this overwhelmingly astounding fact.

After blundering along into millions of different channels; after millions of species that have come and gone; after hit and miss, trial and error, all our lowly ancestors starting with the one-celled amoeba, Nature finally produced the amazing White Race. This, in barely the last instant of time, if we reckon time in terms of the geological yardstick.

Genes our Blueprint. The blueprint for the White Race is spelled out in our genes. This blueprint evolved slowly, ever so slowly, through the process of selection, the process of elimination and survival of the fittest. The fortunate results are not something any other species or sub-species can copy, or duplicate, or manufacture, or devise or steal. That blueprint is ours — to keep, to defend, to propagate and to elevate and upgrade to even greater heights in future generations.

We have the Great Prize. The blueprint is in our genes. It is locked in our genes. Let us never forget this. Not in billions of years has Nature handed any other creature such a sublime prize as the White Race now possesses. Not in a billion billion billion miles in any direction from our little Planet Earth would you likely find another such prize. Perhaps nowhere in the whole universe could we find another duplication. Think about it. How tremendous!

Prize Highly Perishable. Now we come to the crucial question. Such a high prize, it seems, is also extremely perishable and easily lost in the fierce competition for survival on this planet.When Nature handed us this outstanding prize (the epitome of the universe) she did not, however, give us any guarantee whatsoever that we would keep it forever, or survive for long. Nature did not even give us a guarantee that we would last as long as the dumb species of shark, which has survived for 250 million years, or the small-brained dinosaur, now long extinct, but which did have a life span of at least 75 million years. She did not even guarantee us the next million years, or thousand years or even the next generation. The suicidal way the White Race is deporting itself in this last half of the 20th century it is extremely doubtful that it will survive intact for another few generations, at most.

Now in Jeopardy. This despite the fact we are the most successful mammal in the history of evolution. Never has any mammal so successfully dominated the surface of the globe, nor had in its power the control, expansion or extinction of almost all other creatures. Yet, despite all these overwhelming advantages, the life of the White Race itself is now indeed in dire jeopardy.

Expansion of mud races subsidized by the White Race. The dire peril we find ourselves in is one which we ourselves have helped our most vicious enemies to forge. Let us speak plainly. The most deadly threat the White Race faces is the tremendous expansion of the mud races led by the arch enemy — the treacherous Jew. That ominous population explosion which is now taking place is not being shared by the White Race. On the contrary, whereas the mud races are expanding like a swarm of locusts, the White Race itself is steadily shrinking. Why are the mud races expanding at such an explosive rate? Why? Because of (a) the White Man’s ever advancing technology and abilities to charitably produce food for the ever increasing hostile hordes, (b) the White Man’s stupid Christian ethic of subsidizing these ominous hordes, and (c) the White Man’s failure to realize his own unique worth, as we have outlined in the first part of this chapter.

Back to Reality. So let us come to our senses before it is too late. This is the goal and overwhelming objective of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR: to bring the White Race to its senses, to arouse the White Race to fight for its survival; to organize it; to give it goal and purpose — so that this supreme marvel of Nature will live on for millions of years, and become greater, finer and more superb as each generation passes.

Our Potential. In order to do so we must first of all realize how far we have come; our unique place in this universe and in Nature’s scheme of things; the dizzy heights we have already reached, and how, with our present technology and intelligence we can swiftly and deliberately climb even faster and higher than any of our ancestors ever dreamed of. We can not only become finer and greater in our accomplishments, but we can now become supermen, physically, mentally and spiritually. This is really the crux of our position: it is not so much what we are today, but what we could easily and readily become with our present-day knowledge. The choice is ours and the way is open.

In realizing our own worth we must also take a candid inventory of our strengths and weaknesses.

Our Weakness. Let us briefly list our weaknesses again (we have done so repeatedly in this book). It is our alarming blindness to realize our unique worth and distinction that separates us from the Jews, niggers and other mud races. Add to this our blind willingness and idiotic zeal to aid and subsidize our enemies, our profligate tendency to deliberately throw away our own tremendous advantages in favor of our enemies, all in the name of charity and fair play, and we find ourselves in the most precarious position of extinction we have been in since the beginning of evolutionary history.

The Solution. None of this need be. Nor is our position (at this time) irreversible. We must realize the following assets we still possess even now:

  1. There are still more than 500 million of us on this planet (depending on what criteria we use in drawing the line).
  2. We are innately the most Intelligent and Resourceful Race of people, and the greatest fighters, the world has ever known.
  3. Unlike the Jews, who are innately parasites, we are extremely Self-Sufficient. Unlike the niggers and other mud races, we are incomparably capable of producing more than sufficient food for our own needs, as well as clothing, shelter and other material comforts. In short, whereas the Jews, niggers and mud races need us to survive, we, the White Race are extremely self-sufficient, and need no one else. In fact, we would fare a thousand times better if we were rid of all the billions of parasites that are now sucking the life and sustenance from our work, productivity and intelligence.

Clear the cobwebs! So in conclusion, dear White Racial Comrades, let us arise! Let us clear the cobwebs from our brains!  Let us organize. Let us awaken our slumbering brothers and sisters and forge the White Race into a mighty fighting force so that we can realize the brilliant future that Nature destined for us in the first place. We and we alone have the genes. It is our sacred duty to protect our gene pool, to expand it, and upgrade it in each succeeding generation.

This is our creed and the program. This is the purpose for which the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR was organized in the first place. Let us march forward!