Basic Requirements. In order to survive, whether it be an individual or race, there are two prerequisites they must have:(a) they must have a purpose and program; and,(b) they must have the energy, zeal, motivation to pursue that purpose. The two go together in order to sustain and perpetuate a viable organism.

In translating this into terms meaningful to the White Race, we can summarize these forces as goal and soul. Without them, our race cannot and will not survive.

Today’s White Race floundering. Today, the White Race has neither. It has no purpose or racial goals, nor does it have a racial soul. It is floundering aimlessly toward self-destruction and oblivion. Not only does the White Race not realize its unique and outstanding worth, it doesn’t even recognize that it exists as an entity. That Nature’s finest, its most intelligent and creative creation should be so devoid in these most basic of essentials, is a crime against Nature itself. No creature survives for long in defiance of Nature’s laws. Those who temporarily do so are punished by her inexorable laws. Extinction and oblivion is the fate of those so foolish as to try.

Unlimited Potential. What we of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR are much more interested in than anything the White Race has performed in the past is the tremendous potential of the White Race of the future, once it becomes consciously aware of this explosive potential.

The future potential of the White Race is, or can be so tremendous, so glorious that it defies the imagination. Yet today, tragically, the White Race is on its dismal path to extinction and oblivion. It is the purpose of this book to change that tragic but avoidable course. It is the goal of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR, through its dynamic new religion, CREATIVITY, to Awaken this great Slumbering Giant, to revitalize its inner soul and to give the White Race Goal and Purpose. In fact, that goal and purpose are of such dizzying heights that it will take future generations to fully appreciate the true purpose of our religion.

Soul of the White Race. But first of all, let us make clear what we mean by soul. We do not mean some ephemeral ghost that flits in and out of human bodies. In fact, we of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR, do not believe in ghosts at all, or in any other form of the supernatural, whether they be spirits, gremlins, demons, hobgoblins, or whatever. When we talk of the soul of the White Race, we are talking about the innate, inborn inner feelings, desires, aspirations, qualities, preferences, characteristics that belong to the White Race and the White Race alone.For example, it is characteristic of the White Race to be creative, to explore, to build, to organize, to pursue knowledge and learning, to create civilization, to establish empires, to desire and institute law and order, to have a sense of fair play, to enjoy and appreciate beauty, to create beauty in the form of art, music, architecture, and many other manifestations. Niggers, on the other hand, are innately devoid of any of these, and have more the brute soul of a dumb animal.

Inner Urge imbedded in Genes. There are many other innate attributes that are inherently characteristic of the White Race. These characteristics are imbedded in its very genes and passed on from generation to generation as long as the race remains uncontaminated.

It is this Inner Urge that we, of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR, define as our soul.

Expressed in Religion. Usually, the soul of a race is manifestly expressed in its religion. Unfortunately, this is not true of the White Man’s past religion, Christianity, which was foisted on him by a hostile alien race, an Asiatic Semitic race. We will have a great deal more to say about this later.

Goal and Energy. In this chapter, we want to lay down the ground rules: without a goal and program nothing is accomplished. Without the energy, the urge, the motivation, nothing is accomplished, even though we have our goals established. The two must go together: a worthwhile goal; and the energy, drive and motivation to accomplish that goal.

Parasitic Jews survived because of their religion. The most outstanding example of a race where the goals, purpose, soul and religion have been functioning in almost total blend is that of the arch-enemy of the White Race. The Jewish race, over the last several thousand years, has been frantically striving in unison to accrue unto itself all the wealth and riches of this world; to destroy, to down-breed and enslave all the other peoples of this planet and convert them into subservient slaves to do their bidding. They have been fanatically loyal to their race, they have been extremely aggressive in pursuit of their goal, and zealously persistent in adhering to their religion. Their soul is that of a parasite, living on the backs of other people, and their religion, Judaism, was tailor-made for the successful aggression of a parasitic race.

Unswerving Goal of the Jews. As a result, the Jews, although never building a country or a civilization of their own, have, over the last five thousand years, neared the pinnacle of their ultimate goal: the control and enslavement of all the people on this planet earth. How they did so makes a gruesome, but fascinating story. We will have much more to say about this story in later chapters.

We need no others. We want to point out here that the White Man, in contrast to the Jew, is the most creative, productive and intelligent creature that Nature has ever produced. Unlike the Jew, the White Race does not need any other race to help it flourish.

In short, the White Man has all the wonderful attributes in order to flourish, to achieve unimaginable new heights in all fields of civilization and to forever improve his own genetic excellence. He has them all — except what this chapter is all about — goal and soul. This is an unnatural situation, and only a temporary one, a situation we are determined to remedy.

Finding our Racial Soul. By helping the White Man find his own racial soul, by giving the White Race a religion in harmony with its inherent Natural urge, to spell out the natural goals and programs as set forth by Nature herself — this is the great purpose of this book.

In summary of this chapter, we explicitly spell out in one short phrase what Nature’s goal for the White Race basically is and must be for all time: the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of its Own Kind — the White Race.

That is what CREATIVITY is all about.