The Slop Pail. Back on the farm in Canada when I was a kid, we used to throw all our leftover scraps from the table into a big pail, along with soap water from washing the dishes, as well as any other garbage that ensued. We called it the slop pail and fed it to the hogs, the only animal that would tolerate such garbage for food.

The slop pail might also have been called the Melting Pot, the current racial image the Jewish press and power establishment is trying to slop off on the White people of America — as the American Dream.

American Dream Now Perverted. The American Dream! How it seems to have changed in the last century! When writers like Horatio Alger used to eulogize about the American Dream, they were portraying wonderful American success stories. They were stories of rags to riches, stories of the poor boy from the farm (or the city), becoming rich, successful and honored. They were stories of some poor White immigrant coming to America penniless, creating a new invention, or a new business and becoming successful beyond his fondest dreams. They were stories of White people who were achievers, doers, who were successful, who climbed above the common herd through sheer energy and ability.

Coming Nightmare. How that has changed today! If we are to listen to the Jewish peddlers of race-mixing, be it in the press, in politics, on T.V., or any other media of brain scrambling, the American Dream has changed into what for the White people is a horrible nightmare. Today the ideal situation we should all be striving for, according to these Jewish poison-peddlers, is equality, racial equality. Their proposed Utopia is a quagmire of a racially mixed society where everybody is equal, with the niggers more “equal” than the Whites, and the Jews on top of the heap calling the shots, and being more “equal” than anybody.

Integrated Scum. The type of society they envision is a society of total integration, total miscegenation, a multi-racial society where the niggers and the scum are proud to be “Americans” and the Whites are ashamed to be White. It is a United States where all the scum of the world can flock to — Cubans, Chinese, Phillipinos, Mexicans, Hindus, Haitians, niggers from anywhere. “Give me the wretched refuse from your teeming shores”, as the Jews have so cunningly inscribed on the Statue of Liberty. The idea is to invite everybody in, climb on the welfare bandwagon, and encourage the scum of the world to multiply like rats. All this, of course at the expense of the hard working, hard pressed American Whites, who (according to the Jews) should be ashamed that they ever built such a marvelous country in the first place.

Let’s face it, my White Racial Comrades, the Jew is successfully turning America into His Dream and Our Nightmare — to make America the Melting Pot, in short, a slop pail only fit for pigs and niggers.

The Answer. What can we do about it? Again I must reemphasize the crux of the problem. The crux of all our problems, and I mean all, is the racial problem. We must first and foremost solve the racial problem or else all is lost. In order to do this we must take the following steps:

1. We must reject the Melting Pot idea in the loudest and strongest terms. This Jewish idea means total integration, total miscegenation, total extinction for the great White Race.

2. We must be overwhelmingly clear in our own minds that the Jews, the niggers and the other mud races in our midst are alien, poisonous elements in our racial body. No multi-racial society has survived for long, and the White Race in such a society is always the casualty. Look at Haiti (formerly San Domingo) again. Look at India. Look at Mexico. Look at the Bahamas. Read again the history of Egypt, India, Greece, Rome, in our first book, NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION.

3. Once we have clearly fixed the idea in our own minds that Integration spells the Death Knell of the White Race, then we must become fervent missionaries in sounding the alarm and alerting our White Racial Comrades of the fate the Jews have in store for us.

4. We must rally and organize all our White Racial Comrades around the idea of White racial survival. We must polarize around the racial religion as set forth in this book and in NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION. Distribute these White Man’s Bibles to your fellow White Racial Comrades as if your life depended on it. It does.

5. Once we are organized, we must drive the Jews from power, politically, financially, and from every other field.

6. Once we have accomplished this much the war is pretty well over, and we will be in a position to do what we should have done a long time ago — ship the niggers back to Africa and the other mud races back to wherever they came from.

7. We will then be in the position to proceed with the rest of our CREATIVITY program — to expand the Territory of the White Race and further pursue our basic goals, namely the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race.

There is our program. It is the only program that will save America from becoming a Jew designed Melting Pot, or as we have already stated, a slop pail filled with garbage only fit for hogs.   

In order to bring all these ideas together the White Race must have a solid fundamental Racial Religion around which all good White Racial Comrades can polarize. That is what we want to emphasize in the next chapter.