Meanwhile, The Planet. So far we have been concerned mainly about restoring fertility to our good farmlands. But on a huge scale all over the world and including the United States an even more ominous process is going on year after year. The scientists have a word for it — they call it desertification.

Desertification. The desert is taking over. One third of the world’s land mass is now desert, although much of this land in historical times was rich farmland. Each year deserts claim an additional 27,000 square miles or 70,000 square kilometers. The total area that is now threatened amounts to a staggering 14,500,000 square miles, or 37,600,000 square kilometers.

Civilization. Two centuries ago the French philosopher Francois Chateaubriand observed that forests came before civilization, the deserts after. Whereas deserts existed long before the advent of man, nevertheless it has been the stupidity, ignorance and irresponsible exploitation of the land surface by man that has caused the rapid increase of desert expansion over the last few thousand years, an increase that has accelerated ominously in the last fifty years.

Causes. Briefly some of the chief causes have been:(a) the denuding of the original forests;(b) overgrazing by livestock, in which sheep and goats have been the most destructive;(c) the over-cultivation of marginal land that should never have been invaded by a plow;(d) poor farming methods, wrong crops, etc., as discussed in a previous chapter; and(e) saltification of irrigated lands;(f) chemical farming;(g) miscellaneous.

Vanished Granaries. The coast of North Africa and Egypt once were the granaries that fed the Roman Empire. Now that granary has vanished into the desert. Tunisia has lost half its arable land, Egypt is 96% desert and Algeria is desperately fighting a losing battle against the ever encroaching desert. Similar processes are going on all over the world, including the United States.

Poverty. Whereas greed and ignorance and the over-exploitation of the land has spelled disaster and desertification in many parts of the world, of late another ominous factor has entered into the picture and that is the population explosion, especially in Africa, Asia and South America. The mud peoples of the world, many living on marginal land and using the worst farming methods of all, have become the worst offenders and also its most vulnerable victims. It is hard to believe, but the desert lands and its fringes that now cover a third of the land mass of the world precariously support 720 million poverty ridden creatures, a sixth of the world’s population. These miserable humans, constantly living on the edge of starvation most of the time, are more than any other group despoiling and denuding the already overburdened fringes and rapidly pushing the desert in ever widening areas.

Vicious Circle. The desert-making process is a vicious circle that somehow feeds on itself. As vegetation is stripped from the land, the surface dries out and reflects more of the sun’s heat. Drought increases, as does the infertility and barrenness of the land. Wind erosion sets in and kills off the last few hardy plants that remain and we now have desert where once perhaps a forest or lush grassland existed.

Escalating. This is happening in thousands of areas all over the world. On a global scale the United Nations says the amount of land that each year is being turned into desert is almost equal to the size of the State of Maine. Moreover, the land that the U.N. says is in future danger of desertification equals the total area of the United States, the Soviet Union and Australia combined.

Coming Food Crisis. This is a most serious threat in the face of the burgeoning population explosion on this planet. Looking at the situation strictly from the White Man’s point of view alone, this is a dire threat to our future food supply, since we look to the whole planet for our future expansion. It is, therefore, a threat so serious we can no longer ignore it. It is a threat caused by the White Man’s short-sightedness in demography, in looking out for the future expansion of his own kind, and stupidly, yes, criminally, subsidizing his enemies and expanding the fecund but incompetent mud races of the world.

Population Explosion. The enemy is not just changing climates. The enemy is over-expanded populations and their scrawny animals, chopping trees for fuel, clearing marginal lands, cultivating their fertility away and grazing grasslands to death.

Let us look at what is happening in a few places of the world, a few examples out of thousands that would tell a similar story.

* * * * *

In Africa. Mauritania is a primitive backward country in Africa, typical of many in this savage black continent. It sits on the southern frontier of the Sahara desert, a region called the Sahel. Before 1968 approximately 65 percent of its million people were nomads, and its capital of Nouakchott had a population of 12,300.

In 1968 a drought struck Mauritania and the Sahel region, an occurrence that comes in repeated cycles. As many as 250,000 people and millions of animals died over the next six years. The number of nomads decreased from 65% to 36% with hordes of starving skeletons flocking into the capital, Nouakchott, swelling its population today (1979) to about 135,000.

Subsidized Mud People. The people are tired, hungry, dirty and diseased. Some aid stations have been set up by (guess who?) some of the charitable White countries, trying to render medical aid and food in a hopeless situation. Are they really doing any good or are they merely prolonging and proliferating the misery? The answer is the latter — expanding and proliferating misery.

Disaster to the Land. In the meantime what is happening to the land? Whereas the northern part of Mauritania has always been more or less desert, now the southern part is rapidly becoming a desert also. During 1950 when the area had good rains, the livestock herds were rapidly being over-expanded. This, thanks to the help of the charitable United States and other White Countries, who were bent on modernizing these nomad savages. Not only did the livestock herds grow but the people rapidly multiplied, again thanks to White medical aid, food and other charity. The short-sighted natives indiscriminately cut down trees by the millions for firewood until there were few left. Their too numerous livestock overgrazed the pastures. Now there is neither grass nor trees in an area that previously could produce a good supply of food, had it been properly managed. In fact, had it been left alone in its nomadic state, it would have been far better off, since the wandering nomads from time immemorial kept their herds limited in size, and kept them moving so that the grass and trees had ample time to recover.

Hunger, Disease, Ruined Land. Now the area is racked with hunger, disease, scrawny starving cattle and people, and the land is ruined for centuries. Desertification has taken over.

* * * * *

Upper Volta. Another black country in the Sahel area is Upper Volta (Now known as Burkina Faso as of August 4th, 1984.). Its “capital” is Ouagadougou, and it devours firewood at an unprecedented rate. A relentless stream of bicycles and carts stream into the capital loaded with firewood scoured from the surrounding countryside twenty or thirty miles away.

White Man Financed Wells. Only a generation ago the Upper Volta area too was inhabited by nomads and their moving herds, which left the land in a fairly stable condition. Then in the 1950s some White aid organizations (mostly from the U.S.) thought it would be so kind and wonderful to aid these poor backward peoples by drilling wells for them. (I personally remember receiving a number of such letters soliciting money to help drill wells in Upper Volta. How crazy! I thought, as I tossed them in the wastebasket.) Nevertheless, even without my support, numerous wells were drilled with the White Man’s money. Whereas the nomads and their herds previously kept on the move and gave the grasses time to recover, now they lingered at the well site, and overgrazed the land. They, too, overbuilt their herds during the “good rains” of the 1950s. The nomad population as in Mauritania has shrunk with the drought. Hunger and starvation is rampant and the starving population is crowding into the capital of Ouagadougou, cutting down what trees remain in the countryside and hoping for more aid from the United States, and that Allah will take care of them.

Back to Desert. In the meantime, the formerly life-sustaining land is devastated and ruined.The desert is moving in, wells, Allah, and all.

* * * * *

To Asia. We now move to the Asian continent and the country of India. The Great Indian Desert has been called the “overcrowded desert,” and nowhere do so many people subsist so miserably on such inhospitable land, relying on anunreliable monsoon. Historically, the rigors of the desert made this one of the highest mortality areas in the world. But, again, U.S. technical aid to the rescue! The high death rate has dropped sharply, but the high birth rate persists, crowding more and more people on less and less productive land.

Superstition, High Birth Rate. We are going to look at a small locality in this area called Rajasthan. The combined pressure of a high birthrate and low mortality rate have put severe pressures on its marginal resources. The religious beliefs and superstitions of its people further imposes a severe handicap on its farming productivity. Besides believing cows are holy, they have a superstitious resistance to killing any animal, even rodents.

Gerbils. Now this area, as so much of India, is severely overrun with a rodent known as the Indian desert gerbil, and the gerbils have been increasing even faster than the people of Rajasthan. The mud fences the men build to keep goats from their fields become perfect rodent hotels, and the seed that farmers spread on the fields is breakfast in bed for the gerbils. In the range-lands, which now average about 200 gerbils per acre, six gerbils will eat as much as one sheep. Two hundred gerbils will therefore eat approximately as much grass as 34 sheep. With a stupid situation like this, with an exploding people and gerbil population, what possible solution can there be?

Back to Desert. But let’s get back to the land. In fields scourged with gerbil burrows, these rodents persistently keep flicking sand from their burrows, excavating and exposing moist soil. This cools their burrows and reduces their water needs. That habit can expose more than 100,000 kilograms (the weight of a hundred compact cars) of soil per square kilometer each day. Most of this sand ends up in new dunes in an area that ignorance, overcrowding, over-straining is rapidly driving into useless desert land. Another large area is rushing headlong into desertification, and with it hunger and starvation.

* * * * *

Australia. We could go on citing local situations similar to the above all over the world, some including bad destructive farming practices even in the United States. In Australia, the rabbit introduced from Europe in 1859, has multiplied like the plague. (Under ideal conditions it has been calculated one pair of rabbits can become 13,718,000 in three years.) Overgrazing by sheep along with the rabbit plague are speeding up the desertification of that continent which was at best, desert or semi-desert to start with, except along narrow coastal regions.

Elsewhere. In southern Chile where there is ample rain the land has been denuded of trees. The topsoil is washing into the ocean. The land is desertifying. The rich San Joaquin valley of California has been mining its underground water for a hundred years. With wells now reaching down more than 2000 feet they are reaching the end of the line. In the Imperial Valley much of that fertile land is becoming poisoned with saltification from the irrigation water of the Colorado river, and will become useless unless different methods are employed. In Arizona, which has experienced a population boom beyond its ability to support, the present short-sighted policy is dropping its water table sharply in its aquifers. Trying to supply water for an expanded agriculture and a massive spread of residential developments, one scientist warned that Arizona is now consuming its children’s water supply.

And so the desertification process marches on at an ever-increasing rate. As we said in the beginning of this chapter, an area the size of Maine becomes added to the deserts of the world each year.

* * * * *

The White Race must take charge. Is there anything we can do about this relentless march towards turning this globe into a desert, or is the situation hopeless? The answer is there is plenty we can do, and only the White Race can do it.

Face Reality. As in all the other problems we have enumerated throughout this, our White Man’s Bible, the first and most important thing we must do is change the White Man’s thinking to a sane, realistic approach regarding the problems that beset us from every direction. We must face reality, then go about in a deliberate, planned (even if ruthless) manner to solve the problems.

Save Ourselves. The first attitude we must change is the idiotic idea that it is the White Man’s burden to save, feed and subsidize all the scum and mud peoples of the world. This stupid and suicidal idea is as crazy and impossible as the Hindu’s hang-up about letting the gerbils run rampant and giving them breakfast in bed. This whole idea of “compassion” for the “less fortunate” is destructive and suicidal for the White Race and the White Race alone. No other race practices it. No creature in Nature is stupid enough to subsidize any inferior species at the expense of bleeding and shrinking its own kind. This treacherous idea is promoted by the Jews, the liberals, the Christians, and in general, the inferior at the expense of the superior, and especially at the expense of the White Race.

Can’t Subsidize the World. Therefore when we talk about compassion let us ask, “compassion” for whom? Are we willing to subsidize the niggers and the misfits of the world so they can multiply like rats and crowd our own children and grandchildren off the face of the earth? How about compassion for our own future offspring, where compassion really belongs? Remember, the niggers won’t have compassion for us. When they get the upper hand (in conspiracy with the Jews) they will massacre us, kill us. (We will have more to say about this in the chapter on San Domingo.) So will the Iranians. So will the Mexicans. So would the Indians if they ever get in the predominant position they were once in. So would every mongrel, or half-breed, or mud people on the face of the earth. We can feed them and subsidize them till hell freezes over, but they will always hate us! And when they are numerous enough and powerful enough (thanks to our stupidity and charity) they will slaughter us wholesale. The only people in the world that can save the White Race is the White Race itself. Bleeding and weakening ourselves by trying to feed and subsidize the world of mud races is the most stupid approach imaginable in trying to save ourselves. In fact, untilCREATIVITY CAME ALONG, VERY FEW WHITE PEOPLE EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT SAVING THE WHITE RACE.

Multiplication Factor. So let us get down to the realities of Nature and look at the tremendous implications of the multiplication factor. It is said that one pair of amorous flies, starting in spring, and if allowed to breed and multiply without restrictions of food and other necessities, could by fall of the same year cover the earth with a solid layer 60 feet thick. If further allowed to proceed unhampered, in short time they would create a ball as large in radius as the distance from earth to sun. Given just another few years that ball would soon be expanding at the speed of light. That’s how the multiplication factor works.

Or let us look at the rabbits in Australia. Starting in 1859 as we mentioned and having no natural enemies except man, they soon took over the continent. In fact by the 1890’s (a relatively short period) the combination of a drought and overgrazing by the billions of rabbits reduced South Wales sheep population from 13.6 million to 3.6 million, mainly from starvation. Remember my saying that under ideal conditions one pair of rabbits could in three years multiply to 13,718,000 rabbits?

Limited by Starvation. Now niggers don’t breed quite as fast as flies, rabbits, gerbils or rats, but almost. The nigger population of the vast continent of Africa before the White Man brought scientific medicine and agriculture to that primitive continent remained relatively stable. It never exceeded 200 million, a relatively small number for that huge and productive continent. The reason there never was a population explosion is simple. It was starvation, lack of food.The niggers never were able to expand beyond the starvation level. But when the White Man feeds and subsidizes the nigger (or the Mexican, or the Hindu, or the Indian) the population explosion is almost as rapid as that of the rat or the gerbil, and the consequences for the White Race are even more devastating. 

Insane, Suicidal Course. Yet this is exactly the stupid course the White Race, under the drugged hypnosis of the Jew, has been pursuing. The consequences are catastrophic, not only abroad but right in our own homelands of America and Europe. So let us realize another ominous fact of reality: We can’t feed the world in ever-increasing numbers. We are only feeding a future cataclysm. Not only hundreds of millions but billions of people are going to starve. Other billions are going to die from violence in the struggle for food and survival.Because of the insane course we have pursued of subsidizing the mud races, the coming upheaval is inevitable. We can’t stop it. The only thing we can do now is decide who is going to eat and who is going to starve, who is going to die and who is going to survive.

Survival of the White Race. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR want to prepare the White Race both psychologically and physically that it will not be us, the White Race, who goes down. At present we still have the strength and the numbers to save ourselves, provided we face reality instead of living in a fool’s paradise, and provided we take action now. Remember, the biggest fool is the fool that fools himself.

There is no way in the world we can avoid the coming fight, and we ourselves are going to bleed and die in large numbers, even at best. The real question is: are we going to be in a position to survive as a race in the coming upheaval?

Get our Thinking Straight. We can if we get our thinking straight, and here are a few ground rules that are as basic as the Laws of Nature itself.

Take the Initiative. When a fight is inevitable, it is better to take the initiative and fight a war of aggression while we are still in a position of strength. It is much better than being slowly bled to death (as we are now) and finally in weakened condition, being cornered like a starved rat. It is far, far better to take the initiative for our own survival now than being overwhelmed by impossibly superior numbers of mud races, numbers we ourselves were guilty of building up through our stupid programs of aid and subsidization.

The Answer. Therefore we must immediately do the following:

  1. Organize the White Race into an implacable and powerful ramrod for its own defense and survival with a racial religion at its core.
  2. Get the Jew off our back and grasp the reins of power into our own hands.
  3. Stop subsidizing the niggers, Jews and mud races of the world both at home and abroad. Let the bastards starve! We don’t want to support them, feed them or subsidize them any longer, and we can’t even if we wanted to. We must realize that the inferior mud races are not worth saving, that we can’t save them even if we wanted to, but if we are so foolish as to try, we ourselves will go down the drain with them.
  4. When we are forced to make a choice between the superior and the inferior, we must always see to it that the superior survives, the inferior is sacrificed. This must be our cardinal rule not only among races, but even among our own kind.
  5. Resume expansion of the White Man’s living space as we have done throughout history and especially in the same dynamic American way as we won the West during the 19th century. Nature gives us every moral right to do so and our religion CREATIVITY not only underscores this right, but emphasizes that it is our moral duty to do so, for ourselves, for our future offspring and for the obligation we have to our glorious ancestors who have brought us this far.
  6. Once we have control of our own destiny again, we can then set about restoring the fertility of the arable soil of the world by means of a deliberate, planned program of good Organic farming and soil conservation, as we have discussed in this and earlier chapters.

* * * * *

Restoring the Planet. Whereas this latter may be a long and costly program, it is not at all impossible to roll back the desert and restore the fertility to the damaged arable lands of the world. Once the White Man again has control of his own destiny, he can do anything, he can work wonders. Not only can we easily feed ourselves without the use of poisonous chemicals, but we can live in peace, comfort and luxury. Our advancing technology and progressive genetic improvement will see to that.

 In fact, there is no problem the White Man can’t solve, once he gets the Jew off his back. But unless we have the guts, the will, the determination and the energy to do so, none of the multitude of other problems will ever be solved.

So let us get into the battle. Are you with us, White Man?

How to Organize. In order to survive, the White Race must learn to control and govern itself. We must organize ourselves effectively and in order to do this we must utilize White Racial Teamwork.

In the next chapter let us see how Nature organizes and governs a multitude of 100 trillion living organisms, 25,000 times as numerous as all the 4 billion inhabitants of this Planet Earth.

As I have said repeatedly — you can’t improve on Nature. She has been around forever and her wisdom is unsurpassable. How does she organize and govern such a huge multitude? In the next chapter we will see. If we have eyes to see, ears to hear and brains to think with, we can learn much from the Master Teacher — Mother Nature herself.