The Total Approach. Our basic premise as spelled out in the initial chapter of this book was an enunciation of the total approach — A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR believe in a total solution, in treating the whole problem, in getting down to the cause.

The Soil. History and experience has demonstrated an organism cannot have any healthy components if one or more of the other components are sick. We believe in getting to the cause, the root of the problem, not merely suppressing the symptoms. We now come to the fourth component of our four dimensional philosophy — the environment, which broadly speaking consists of the land, water and air. In this chapter we want to examine more specifically the soil and the land which supports and nurtures all.

Basic Nutrition. We have already stressed the importance of nutrition in maintaining our health, or in recovering our health from illness. We need to eat food that is:

(a) Raw or in as near a natural state as possible rather than lifeless, processed food.

(b) We need the whole food.

(c) We need to eat food that is naturally nutritious in the first place, which means it must be organically grown.

(d) It must be free from contamination of poisonous chemicals as far as possible.

Living Soil. In order to raise food that is nutritious there is one very important prerequisite — we must have soil that is healthy and alive. It must be naturally fertile, itself amply supplied with all the necessary minerals and nutrients that go into producing healthy nutritious plants. It is initially from plants that we derive all our food — whether those plants be wheat, carrots or tomatoes, or grass or grain that we feed cattle, swine, sheep or poultry. So all food and nutrition derives from the soil — be it good or bad — and our food is only as good as the soil on which it is grown.

Our Depleted Soil. The shocking fact in America (and elsewhere) is that we have wantonly destroyed our most precious natural asset — our soils. Just as we are now eating more and more synthetic, artificial (plastic) food, so are we killing our soils by trying to extract the last remaining nutrition from it by means of artificial and unnatural chemicals, so-called chemical fertilizers.

How it Happened. Let us go back and examine how we got into such straits. When we talk about rich virgin soil, we are talking about living soil — soil that replenished itself year after year for endless centuries. Such living soil is composed of minerals, decayed matter, humus, earthworms, insects, bacteria, fungi, algae and molds and millions of microscopic plant and animal life interacting in perfect ecological balance to create new fertility and growth each year. Nature’s Law of Return states that which we take out of the soil we must put back, or the soil will become bankrupt. When we take out those nutrients and minerals year after year by planting the same crop without putting anything back we naturally deplete the soil until it can no longer support a viable crop and the farmer goes broke. Such a process used to take less than two generations. The farmer in such a case would forsake his bankrupt and barren land, and move elsewhere and start all over again on new land.  This used to be the pattern when we had sufficient virgin land to open up.

The Green Revolution. Now this is no longer possible. There is no more new land to open up. We have used up all the available land. Then shortly after W.W.II the chemical manufacturers came along and offered the farmer what sounded like a bright new idea — chemical fertilizers — and the “green revolution” was on. The farmer was told for every dollar he spent on fertilizer he would get a return of three or four dollars back. He could double his yield of corn, or wheat, or vegetables, or whatever.

Poison to the Soil. Let me repeat again that all man-made chemicals are poison. Not only for human beings, but for birds, animals and also plants. Like all other creatures of Nature — plants thrive best on these natural substances by which they have evolved over the last several million years. These substances have been decayed animal and vegetable matter (humus), essential minerals, and water. They did not include synthetic man-made chemicals.

Law of Return. Let me also repeat again Nature’s Law of Return.  What you take out of the soil must be replaced or the soil will become bankrupt. You cannot flout the Laws of Nature.Temporarily it may seem we can give ourselves a shot of “speed” and seemingly increase our energy output, but Nature soon takes her revenge.

And so it is with the chemical farming “revolution”. It did not exactly start in the last half of the 1940’s. The groundwork was laid and had already started in the 1920’s. But it was after W.W.II that it swung into full fury “to supply food for a hungry world”. Little did the farmers know they were about to be sold a shoddy piece of goods on a massive scale.

The Chemical Salesmen. As the productivity of our farm land declined through poor farming practices and with it the loss of fertility, the huge chemical complexes were ready to come to the “rescue”. They had a solution not only for increasing the fertility, but a solution for the insect problem, and even herbicides to combat the weed problem. Their salesmen came around to the farmers and convinced them that for every dollar they spent on chemicals, (i.e., fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides) they would make three or four extra dollars in return.Where they were getting 50 bushels of corn to the acre, with chemicals (the salesmen were eager to sell) they could reap 100 bushels to the acre. With a proposition like that, the farmers went for it hook, line and sinker. And initially it did double productivity and keep the insects down.

Drug Addiction. Then after a while the farmers began to notice that their soil behaved like the typical drug addict. It had to have more and more of the fertilizer to produce the same effect. Like a drug addict, they were “hooked”. Soon it became apparent they weren’t getting back three or four dollars for every dollar spent. In fact they weren’t breaking even. The fertilizer bill was becoming prohibitive, but the yields were declining year after year. And the insects were coming back in larger numbers as their plants became weaker and the soil poorer. In fact, new insects they had never encountered before were now also attacking their crops.

Farmers going broke. While the Jew-owned chemical industries were reaping billions, the farmers were going broke.

Let us again repeat: you can’t flout the Laws of Nature. Several things were happening to the farming business, all of them bad. The cost of farming had skyrocketed. Productivity declined. Insects were back. Worst of all, by the use of these chemicals the farmers were killing the “living soil” we mentioned in the last chapter. The poisonous chemicals were killing the micro organisms and the earthworms that are so essential in producing the humus and nutrients that the plants must have. Living soil had been turned into dead, sterile soil. On top of that this type of “forced feeding” had leached the soil and depleted it more rapidly of those essential minerals that were still in the soil before the poisoned chemicals were used, and also burned up what little humus was left. In short, the soil was ruined, it was barren, dead, infertile, poisoned. This is the final end result to the soil itself.

Sick Soil, Sick Plants. But the damage did not end there. We said in the last chapter that people can only get wholesome nutrition from healthy plants. Food experts found that even at the beginning of the chemical cycle when an acre would produce 100 bushels where it had only produced 50 before, that that same 100 bushels an acre corn was not of the same quality, nor was it as nutritious as corn that had not been chemically fertilized. Quantity might be up, but proteins, essential minerals and other nutritive qualities were down. It was the same with wheat, vegetables or any other crop. The calories are there, but the nutrition was not. Remember how it all starts from a healthy soil? Well, chemicalized soil is extremely unhealthy soil. It is poisoned soil. And the longer this abomination against Nature continued the poorer became the soil, the poorer became the yield and the poorer the nutritive food value of the plant. In short, sick soil, sick plants, sick people.

Drugged Farms. This is the situation the farming industry finds itself in today. Like our present generation of increasing drug addiction, the farms have been drugged, the soil has been drugged, and our food is drugged. All this in the name of the greedy Jewish chemical industries who sold the farmers a sick bill of goods.

Killing our Planet. Nor does the damage end here, by any means. This so-called “scientific” farming is a broad vast assault upon Nature, an ecological blunder whose dire ramifications extend far beyond the farming industry itself. In fact, its poisonous tentacles encroach upon every phase of our ecology and the world we live in. It affects our streams, rivers, lakes and oceans. It affects our soil, our food and our air. It affects not only mankind itself but also birds, animals and fish, in fact our entire food chain from the bottom to the top. It is polluting our soil, our water, our food and even our air. If left unchecked it will kill much of the life on this planet, and certainly will kill mankind.

Nitrogen Poisoning. The basic fertilizer that is sold to the farmer is NKP, known as commercial fertilizer. It is synthetic, not organic and consists of inorganic salts, nitrogen, potassium and phosphate, minerals that plants need and use. But in their synthetic form they act as drugs do to humans — they initially “spike” the soil and the plant, but soon take their toll, as we have described. But they also cause nitrogen poisoning in the foods that humans eat, and many of the “crib deaths” of infants are now suspected from this very form of nitrogen poisoning.

Lakes and Rivers. The poisoning of our lakes and rivers is equally devastating. Lake Erie is now practically a dead lake, as are many other smaller lakes. Much of the propaganda we hear is that this is caused by the dumping of sewage systems into our lakes and rivers. Whereas it is true that such sewage effluents are a significant cause of pollution, they are not the major cause. No, the major cause is the vast tonnage of chemicals — fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides — that are dumped on our farm land, and with the run-off during rains these poisonous chemicals, along with much topsoil, drain into the rivers and lakes. There they kill and poison fish and other marine life, which in turn affects the birds and other wild life that eat them. Of course the birds and land animals get another dose on the land itself as the airplanes sweep up and down the fields spraying their deadly poisons of DDT, parathion, malathion, chlordane, benzene, lindane and dozens of other highly dangerous and toxic chemicals and carcinogens.

The Whole Food Chain. Not only do the fish, birds and animals ingest these poisons directly from the plants, air and water, but so does man. This reminds me of the story of an observer who was standing by with the farmer in Arizona as his field of lettuce was being sprayed with deadly parathion. “Do you eat that lettuce?” asked the observer. “Hell no”, replied the farmer, “we ship it to New York.”

But while he was shipping his poisoned lettuce to New York for others to eat, he was probably eating other fruits and vegetables with pesticide on it from farmers in other states.

Poisoning must stop. This poisoning of our land, our living soil, must stop. The poisoning of our fruits and vegetables and grains must stop. The poisoning of our air, our streams, our lakes and oceans, not to mention our wells and ground water, must also stop. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR regard it as our solemn duty to not only restore the health of our racial gene pool, but also to stop the poisoning of our environment.

The Answer. How can we stop this vicious process? The answer is relatively simple: stop the use of commercial fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides. Stop poisoning our food, air, soil and water. Again I must emphasize that in order for us to have the power to do this, the White Man must first of all wrest control of his destiny from the greedy and treacherous Jews who are now in control and making billions of dollars irresponsibly poisoning people, birds, animals and, in fact, our whole environment.

In order to reverse the damage already done to our precious soil, we have a long term job ahead of us, even after we do regain control of our destiny. But the job is not insurmountable, and we can and will do it. The answer is Organic Farming.

In the next chapter we will pursue this subject in more detail.