A Privileged Profession. If there is one profession in this world that has had every opportunity to be successful and make good it is the medical profession. It has a closed shop, more tightly closed than any labor union, enabling it to keep everyone else out of its nefarious racket. It is one of the highest paid of all professions, and has a great reserve of wealth behind it. It has enjoyed the benefits of several other technological industries such as electronics, chemistry, physics, etc. It is coddled and protected by the law, its crimes being condoned by grandfather legislation. It has the advantage of burying its mistakes. It is imbedded in the schools, in the army, navy and air force, in the government. You are not born until a doctor certifies your birth and not officially dead until another doctor signs your death certificate.

Supported by Past Myths. Furthermore it has the myths and superstitions of ancient times supporting it, and in general, a large segment of the public grant it a prestige that it does not warrant. What more could any profession ask? If there ever was a profession that has had every opportunity to make good by deeds to vindicate its undeserved prestige, it is the medical profession.

Been Lying to its Clients. Yet with all these opportunities, advantages and prerogatives going for it, it has failed miserably. It has persistently deceived its clients and lied to the people, and recently, even more so in the last decade, people are beginning to realize that the medical profession, like the crooked politicians, have been lying to them. People are beginning to realize more and more that the so-called “orthodox” treatment of cut, burn and poison is not only useless but terribly destructive. All the prestige and propaganda of the previous centuries is now eroding and falling apart and the common layman is seeking alternative methods.

Medicine has Failed. Large numbers of Americans are seeking cancer treatments by fleeing across the border to Mexico, or the Bahamas, or other countries. There, in sometimes sub-standard, sleazy establishments or “hospitals”, sometimes in fairly modern “clinics”, they flock by the thousands not only trying to find a “cure” for cancer but also for arthritis and other degenerative ailments. There they receive a variety of concocted treatments and injections.

Some of the injections for arthritis, for instance, consist of some highly dangerous drugs such as cortisone, steroids, Valium and others. Some are revivals of the Hoxey Treatment, or the Gerson Therapy, or combinations of several. The A.M.A. loudly denounces these Mexican doctors as “quacks” and rip-off artists.

Only Themselves to Blame. In large part that denunciation is true, but the American doctors have only themselves to blame. It is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. If people are fleeing across the border to a more primitive civilization to find relief from their ailments it speaks loudly of the failure of the medical profession here in America. If the medical profession had delivered the goods there would not be the slightest opportunity for quacks, neither here at home, nor abroad.

The Real Quack. The fact is the orthodox medical profession as epitomized by the A.M.A. is itself the biggest quack and the biggest rip-off artist. It is a failure. Its treatment of cut, burn and poison is worse than no treatment at all, but terribly expensive and horribly painful, while they are doing the poor victim in. In fact, the whole drug approach (which is what “medicine” is all about) is a colossal total failure, a fraud on the public and a hoax of colossal proportions. It does nothing to cure, nothing to get at the cause, but acts merely to suppress the symptoms.

The Laetrile Cult. Another manifestation of this loss of confidence is that a large number of cancer victims have resorted to Laetrile as a preferred treatment and are working hard to make it legal in this country, so they won’t have to go to Mexico. In a way it has almost become a religious cult.

The medical profession, in collusion with the F.D.A., the drug companies and the news media have viciously fought back. The lay people on their part have organized vigorously into Freedom of Choice chapters across the country and a healthy movement is growing that is challenging the strong-arm dictatorship of the A.M.A. and the F.D.A.

Freedom of Choice. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR support the Freedom of Choice movement, not only as regards cancer but in any other category. Whereas we do not think that Laetrile is the answer to cancer, at least it is more or less harmless, therefore a thousand times better than the horrible cut, burn and poison torture treatment approved by the A.M.A. Remember, if you did nothing at all in the treatment of cancer your average survival span is another 12.5 years, whereas the cut, burn and poison treatment would cut that span down to 3 miserable torture-racked years. No wonder multitudes flee to Mexico to seek “quack” treatments.

Salubrious Living. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR believe the best answer to cancer is Salubrious Living, as I have stated before, but we vigorously support the Laetrile groups in their philosophy of Freedom of Choice when it comes to an individual choosing what treatment he or she prefers, or should they prefer no treatment at all.

Reject Vaccines. This also includes the choice to have, or to reject, all vaccines, shots, immunizations or any other claptrap that the medical profession in collusion with the government is so eager to foist on an uninformed populace. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR are against all vaccines, believe they are not only useless but definitely harmful. We believe they have killed many more people than they have helped, if any. We therefore reject them for ourselves and our children. We will not tolerate any of this unsubstantiated hocus-pocus to be perpetrated on us or our children, any more than we would tolerate the voodoo practices of an African witch-doctor.

Our Health Creed. In short we lay down the following creed as part of our religious belief:

  1. Our bodies are our own. We will utilize or reject any practice as we see fit, whether the A.M.A. approves of it or not.
  2. We will set up our own health facilities with personnel we choose as being best qualified, whether the A.M.A. approves or not.
  3. We contend that the A.M.A. and the F.D.A. are practicing a fraud on the public and that their drug approach is unsubstantiated by either scientific knowledge or empirical results. We contend it is nothing more than a fraudulent dogma arbitrarily chosen by the hierarchy as a deceptive means with which to victimize the uninformed and the gullible, and to commercialize on their despair in time of crisis.
  4. We contend that our constitutional rights in our religious beliefs supersede their fraudulent dogma and we refuse to be subservient to their commercially oriented dictatorship.

Rely on Our Own. In short, we CREATORS refuse to be coerced and treated by “witch-doctors” whose record is based on hundreds of years of failure. We insist on dealing with practitioners who will be of our own faith and our own choosing, not a gang of criminal reprobate Jews and their unwitting toadies.

The Real Answer. The answer to the health problem to us is clear.  By means of living right and eating right, the body need never degenerate into a state of toxemia in the first place. By practicing Salubrious Living no one would have their body either poisoned or undernourished.In the second place, if some of our White Racial Comrades have arrived at this information too late, after the damage has already been done, then we suggest that fasting is the most effective and natural way to detoxify the body and restore it to health. Thirdly, following this up with a regimen of proper diet and other aspects of Salubrious Living is the best assurance of keeping that hard won health.

Build Our Own. Obviously, we are not going to be able to reform or convince the A.M.A. and the orthodox medical profession. Therefore our program must be for our members to boycott the Jew-dominated Medical profession, and build and establish a chain of health resorts where Salubrious Living is taught, where fasts are supervised, and where organic, unpoisoned and uncontaminated foods are for sale. As our numbers grow, we will accomplish the same thing as reforming the A.M.A. We will gradually phase them out of existence.

Our Poisoned Environment. I have repeatedly emphasized that the way to build health is to follow the program of Salubrious Living, that in large part consists of eating right, that is, wholesome raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. I have also pointed out how the whole Medical-Drug-Chemical Complex has subverted our health and poisoned our food and our bodies. In the next chapter I want to emphasize that eating a wholesome fruitarian diet requires food organically grown on healthy soil, food free from pesticides, herbicides and other poisons. We will see what these same chemical poison spreaders have done not only to our soil and our farms, but how they are poisoning our whole environment, our whole Planet Earth.