Profit in Merchandising Poisons. In reflecting back on the previous chapter on sugar we became keenly aware of how powerful financial forces can(a) make us sickly at a huge profit to themselves and(b) by means of their money power can subvert investigations and propaganda for centuries so that the victims never know the difference. But although sugar is a multi-billion dollar industry, it is only one product out of thousands that is making us sick, and only one product out of thousands that is tremendously profitable to the commercial interests that push and promote harmful drugs, chemicals and poisons to an unsuspecting public.

* * * * *

Billions in Illicit Drugs. There are other chemicals besides sugar that are tremendously profitable to the merchandisers of sickness and death. We are all aware of the tremendous expansion of the illicit drug traffic. Living in South Florida, I read every day of drug “busts” in tons of marijuana, or heroin, of quaaludes and a multitude of other hard drugs that are flooding America and destroying the White Race. Even so, the authorities admit that they are catching less than 5%; the rest goes through. So huge and so flagrant has this traffic become that it is not only a billion dollar “industry”, but it now runs into the tens of billions. Nobody knows the full extent in dollars. In fact it has become so huge and powerful that it now exceeds in dollar volume practically any other major industry of long standing.

Corrupted all Law Enforcement Agencies. Such a major force has the illicit drug traffic in this country become that it has corrupted all law enforcement agencies, and practically all government, be they municipal, state or agencies of the Federal government. Our schools and educational institutions have been the major targets, until they have now become dens of crime and iniquity rather than halls of learning.

Dope and Integration. In fact it is hard to decide whether dope or racial integration has been more disastrous in the breakdown of our educational system. But there is no doubt that forced integration, mingling with the niggers and mud races, has contributed tremendously towards the proliferation of hard drugs, disease and the destruction of our youth.

Destruction of the White Race Profitable to the Jews. It is not, however, the object of this chapter to dwell on the hard drug traffic, disastrous as it may be. I will make only this observation; the government is not trying to stop it. On the contrary. The Jewish power establishment is wholeheartedly pushing and promoting the drug traffic and for two major reasons (a) it is tremendously profitable and (b) they want to irrevocably destroy the White Race.  

Therefore we can expect no solution, no reversal of this scourge until such time, through the program of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR, we drive the Jews from all phases of power and influence and again firmly wrest control of the destiny of the White Race into our own hands.

* * * * *

The Legitimate Drug Racket. Having said this much about the illicit drug traffic, let me now get back to the medical-drug-chemical complex which operates openly and legitimately but does even more damage than the illicit drug traffic because it reaches more people. In fact it reaches everybody, including people like you and me who would never go near a sleazy dope peddler.

Three-Legged Combine. The culprits of this complex are like the three legs of a tripod, all supporting each other. The three legs are(a) the Medical profession,(b) the pharmaceutical and chemical companies, and(c) the Federal agencies “regulating” the former. Actually they all work in collusion and none could function without the other to shore them up.  All of these are highly legitimate and highly respected by the public. If the public only knew what this combine was doing to them!

The Medical Profession. Representing the medical profession basically are the American Medical Association (A.M.A.), the American Cancer Society (A.C.S.), and the National Cancer Institute (N.C.I.) although there are several smaller adjuncts. These are all under the control of Jews at the top.

The Pharmaceutical Companies are more diversified and vary from small national companies to huge international giants. Included in the chemical group is an even wider variety of manufactured products. These range all the way from chemical fertilizers, to industrial chemicals, to the huge petroleum and plastic giants. We must also include in the group the food manufacturers and processors, (of which the sugar companies are a part) since they too contribute mightily to the poisoning of our bodies and debilitation of our health. Together the commercial groups mentioned in this paragraph are the producers of the “legitimate” drugs and chemicals that are poisoning our bodies. They are, in fact, poisoning our whole planet, making it not only a place unfit to live, but, if continued into the future, will make it a planet in which it will be impossible to live. Almost without exception these huge trusts and monopolies are owned and controlled by Jews.

The third leg of this tripod is the government itself that polices the medical profession and the drug industries. Basically this is represented by the Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) and its various state counterparts. Our government too, is in the hands of the Jews.

News Media act as Protective Umbrella. So there we have the cast of characters. Spreading a blanket of respect and protection over this powerful tripod is the fourth estate — the news media. Without its benign support and protection the other three components would not be able to function. In fact, if the news media were honest and independent, it would readily expose and blow their whole shabby racket sky high in short order. With the press and news media running interference, however, and providing an all-pervasive cover, this unholy complex has the general public completely gulled and snookered, worshiping the hand that poisons them and takes their money.

* * * * *

Criminal Complex. There is a tremendous amount of ground to cover on this subject, but I do not want to take the space. In order to understand how this criminal combination operates, peddling its poisonous merchandise all in the name of health, let us look at the cancer racket as a typical example.

Milking the Gullible Public. Every year the American Cancer Society (A.C.S.) puts on a high-sounding, tear-jerking, heart-rending campaign to collect funds from a gullible public. Its noble and commendable aims ostensibly are to raise money to carry on further “research” to find a “cure” for cancer. Its praiseworthy goals are undoubtedly credible to a credulous public because the A.C.S. is without doubt one of the most efficient fund raiser “charities” on the face of the earth. Every year, year after year, they manage to extract over one hundred million dollars from the same gullible public. Every year, especially before the campaign begins, news stories are spread in the press of the great work the Society is carrying on, and how Dr. So and So, or such and such a research institute is on the brink of a marvelous breakthrough, or testing a miracle drug that has fantastic promises for a long suffering public.

Phony Battle. But [it] seems year after year it all remains just there, “on the verge”. Nothing but promises, promises, promises. Statistics show the following dismal picture over this century: In 1900-04 the death rate from cancer was 67.7 per hundred thousand population. In 1920-24 it was 86.9. Twenty years later it was 123.1. By 1950 it rose to 139.8. By 1977 it was 178.4 and in a single year (1978) it rose to 181.9. Is the Cancer Society winning the battle against cancer? Obviously not. The rate of deaths and disease is increasing despite the hundreds of millions they collect. In fact, it is now openly predicted that one out of four of the present generation will die from the disease.

How can the A.C.S. collect (and presumably spend) so much money on and for cancer research and have the situation get worse every year?

Plush Racket. The answer again is (as I pointed out in the previous chapter) money, money, money. The American Cancer Society has not the slightest desire in the world to find a “cure” which it knows doesn’t exist in the first place. The fact is it has a beautiful, lucrative racket. It has beautiful plush carpeted offices, a battery of telephones; a staff that is paid handsome salaries and a number of fringe benefits such as fund-raising balls; and best of all, it enjoys extraordinary prestige. If they were to suddenly find a “cure” (horrors be!) it would wipe out their whole reason for being and with it would go the plush offices, secure salaries, fringe benefits, prestige and all.

Closed Shop. Not only are they not looking for a “cure” they know doesn’t exist, but they want to make sure the deluded public never finds out the truth about the causes of cancer. If some small honest organization is working towards that end, they rapidly bring to bear all the prestige, money and muscle to discredit them, smear them and use the strong arm tactics of the A.M.A., the F.D.A., and government agencies to drive such do-gooders out of business.

National Cancer Institute. Whereas the A.C.S. is a so-called public philanthropic organization, the National Cancer Institute (N.C.I.) is a government agency funded with taxpayers’ money. It spends many times more than the A.C.S. In fact, its budget is approximately a billion dollars a year, dollars you pay, like it or not. It accomplishes exactly the same thing as the A.C.S. which is absolutely nothing positive, except to keep the people gulled from learning the truth about cancer.

The A.M.A. Working hand in glove and in collusion with the A.C.S. and the N.C.I. is the American Medical Association, the A.M.A. Let’s face it, the cancer racket is a very, very lucrative racket. The medical profession can and does extract an average of 35,000 dollars per patient (at today’s rates) before the poor victim dies from “treatments”.  Sometimes it is much more, running into hundreds of thousands. What with inflation and other factors escalating medical costs into the stratosphere we can be sure it will be much higher each passing year.Now we have already said that the way things are going one in four is predicted to die of cancer. Out of a present population of 220 million that means 55 million.Multiply that times 35,000 dollars plus and you can see what a lucrative racket this is to the medical profession, to the drug companies, X-ray technicians, hospitals and the whole system.

Not Interested in a Cure. Find a “cure”? Give up such a lucrative racket? Never! They would no more do so voluntarily than the hard dope peddlers would give up the marijuana or heroin racket, or U.S. Sugar would stop selling sugar because it ruined people’s health.

There is an Answer. And is there an answer to the cancer problem?  Of course there is! We have already spelled it out in Salubrious Living. Go after the cause! Stop poisoning the multitudes! Cancer is nothing more or less than the last stages of Toxemia — an abused body that has been overloaded with toxins and poisons to the point that it can no longer cope. As I have said any number of times before and will keep repeating — any organism that cannot excrete its wastes, dies.

Each Victim a 35,000-Dollar Plum. But will the “orthodox” doctor, the cancer specialist or any other member of the A.M.A. tell you that? What! And lose his 35,000-dollar prize plum?Not on your sweet life! As I have already mentioned earlier, each new cancer sufferer is estimated to be worth 35,000-dollars plus to the medical fraternity and allied trades. Instead the “specialists” insist on subjecting you to their concocted, routine “orthodox” treatment.

Cut, Burn and Poison. And what is their orthodox treatment? It is a horrible piece of sadism — a veritable torture chamber. They call it surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. We call it cut, burn and poison. It is brutal. An already enervated, weakened body overloaded with toxins and poisons is now subject to a deliberate brutal assault of the worst kind.

Treatment extremely harmful. Surgery does not remove the cause. It does enervate and weaken an already weakened system and spread the cancer more rapidly. Radiation is not selective. It kills good cells along with the bad. Chemotherapy is outright poison of the strongest and worst type injected into the body. How in the hell deliberately adding strong poison that would kill healthy people is supposed to help an already weakened, poisoned and overloaded system, nobody has ever explained to me or anyone else.

Horrible Mutilation and Pain. Does the treatment work? Well, for the doctor it works beautifully. What with health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and whatever assets the patient’s family had, the doctor and aides will get their 35,000 dollars, more or less. But for the patient it is horrible. It is a living hell. Their hair will fall out, they will repeatedly throw up, their skin will look like a dying zombie and they will be in great pain. It is outright criminal. If these con-artists weren’t protected by their ironclad union (the A.M.A.) such unwarranted criminal torture would be punished with 20 years in the penitentiary.

Does it cure their cancer? No, it does not. It severely aggravates their toxemic condition.

Shortens Life. Does it lengthen their life span? No, it does not. It shortens it, as anyone in their right mind could readily expect. A medical researcher, Dr. Hardin B. Jones of the University of California Department of Medical Physics after 2 years of studying this question revealed that people who develop cancer and refuse treatment continue living an average of 12.5 more years. People with cancer who submit to the orthodox treatment of cut, burn and poison live an average of only 3 more years. And, might I add those terminal 3 years are a torturous living hell at an expense of 35,000 dollars more or less.

No Secret. Doesn’t the medical profession know this? Doesn’t the A.M.A. realize this? Of course they must, and they do. Dr. Jones’ findings were by no means the first nor the last.

Everyone in the racket must be aware of it. But then there is that 35,000 dollar per [patient], and as long as the victims are gullible enough, why quit?

A Better Way. Is there an answer to cancer? Yes there is and we have spelled it out any number of times before — Salubrious Living. If we can teach our children to eat properly and quit poisoning themselves, cancer will become as rare as it is with the primitive tribes of the world — practically unknown.

This brings us to the next set of culprits — the drug companies and the food manufacturers — who manufacture the poisons we ingest.

* * * * *

Drug Companies and Food Manufacturers. Perhaps I should treat these two entities separately. I would like to write a whole book on each, but this has already been done and in this book, due to lack of space, it is not possible to treat any subject exhaustively. If I did I would have to write a whole encyclopedia, since in our religion of CREATIVITY we cover the whole spectrum — history, religion, race, health, environment and every other subject that has to do with the well-being and best interests of the White Race. Perhaps we will have such an encyclopedia some day, just as the Catholics have their Catholic Encyclopedia, and Jews have their Talmud. But my purpose is much more modest and that is to lay down the creed and philosophy for our members and point the direction in which our best interests can be realized.Once we have done that much, the more extensive details can be filled in later by an army of writers and researchers.

But to get back to foods and drugs. It is these that have made our people sick and debilitated, and are making us sicker every year.

Drugs and Food. In our lexicon a drug is not a food, and no decent food should have any characteristics of a drug. But in today’s world I think we are justified in lumping the two together, since more and more of our processed supermarket food is laced with drugs and chemicals, and is nutritionally empty. So the dividing line between our processed foods of today and of drugs is narrowing to the point where they are almost indistinguishable. Therefore I think it is only befitting that we treat them together. Sugar, which we have already gone into, is a case in point.

Processors and Wholesalers. Between the food that the farmer produces on the land and what you buy in the supermarket there is a vast array of industries each getting their cut of the food dollar. There are, of course, the legitimate costs of the transportation industries, but that cost is relatively small. The real money is with the wholesalers and the food processors who take the farmer’s produce and process and package it ready to be put on the supermarket shelf.

Processed to Death. This processing consists of many, many things — heating, shredding, blasting from guns, homogenizing, pasteurizing, grinding, adding, subtracting, coloring, bleaching, flavoring, adulterating, mixing and a thousand other processes, not the least of which is adding preservatives so it will have that ever so important shelf life. And, oh, yes, the packaging, that is very important. It must be in a beautiful package that will attract the customer’s eye, in competition with an array of others.

Junk Food. By the time you buy the package, it is loaded with toxic chemicals and stripped of most of the nutrients the farmer’s product had when it left the field. By the way, the farmer may get as little as 5 cents of the food dollar when you purchase that beautifully packaged piece of (now junk) food.

Enriched Food Worthless. On the package it will tell you how nutritious the stripped, adulterated “food” is, having been “enriched” with all these vitamins that are carefully listed.This, too, is a sham and a fraud.These additives are not organic and your body can’t use them. They are only so much extra garbage for the body to get rid of. Dr. Joe D. Nichols, of Atlanta, Texas has done much valuable work in teaching the public about the importance of nutrition and organic farming. He tells his patients never to buy “enriched” food. It is similar he says, to being held up at gun point by a robber on a wintry night in one of our big cities. Because it is cold the victim is completely clothed, heavy overcoat, muffler, gloves, heavy underwear and much more. The robber demands the victim’s wallet and watch. Then he orders him to completely undress. You can imagine the victim’s plight as he stands there naked and shivering on a cold winter’s night. The pistol-wielder then in a burst of generosity says “I’m going to make you richer and warmer”, and he reaches into his gunny sack and gives the victim an old tie and hat and one synthetic sock with a hole in it.

Nutritional Robbery. Was the victim “enriched,” or was he robbed?  It is similar with our processed, devitalized “enriched” foods that we buy in pretty packages in the supermarket.

The fact is most of the food has been stripped as naked as the robbery victim. It is devitalized, robbed of its organic vitamins, minerals and enzymes and has had any number of synthetic chemicals added to give it color, flavor and shelf life. It is junk food loaded with toxins, whether it claims to be “enriched” or not. And practically all have had sugar, sugar, sugar added. It is plastic food.

The Cause of Disease. There is the biggest cause of cancer along with our sedentary way of life, as I have described under Salubrious Living. Plastic food is also the cause of heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, a host of other degenerative and systemic diseases with which modern civilization is plagued. I have listed many of these diseases before. But will the average doctor tell you this? No, he will not. No doctor has ever asked me what I ate.

* * * * *

Medical Dictatorship. Now comes the question — how do they get away with it?

Well, for one thing the medical profession has one of the tightest, best financed unions in the country. It is called the A.M.A. Any member who does not go along with the accepted “orthodox” procedures proclaimed as holy dogma by the A.M.A. is hounded and railroaded out of business.  Such insurgent maverick as might disagree might also have his license lifted.

F.D.A. the Legal Strong arm. But you say, how can they do that? There is still the law and the courts. Aha, that’s where the strong-arm of the F.D.A. comes in. It has legal compulsory powers to enforce its views, shabby as they may be. It is always on the side of the “orthodox” A.M.A. views. As we said earlier, we have a tripod of collusion, the medical profession, the government and the drug companies. And over all is the protective umbrella of the Jewish press.

The Drug Companies. Where do the drug companies come into this picture? Well, of course, the drug companies have a tremendous multi-billion-dollar stake in all this. Again it is money, money, money. The doctors are their trained drug pushers. Without them the drug companies would be out of business. So it was and so it is in their interest to train and keep doctors drug oriented — benevolently called “medicine”.

Drug Orientation through Medical Schools. Their foresight in orienting the doctors to be drug-oriented is sheer genius. Even before the turn of the century through such rich and powerful foundations as Rockefeller, Guggenheim and many others they not only made huge contributions to medical schools, they even founded them. Again it was money, money, money. Having done so they made sure that each year the graduating doctors were thoroughly indoctrinated in the drug approach. This was much easier than it might seem. After all, they had thousands of years of history, tradition and superstition about the “magic of medicine” going for them. How could they lose? They didn’t. They had a good thing going that was as lucrative for themselves as the medical profession. The only loser was the public who is slowly being poisoned to death.

Breaking the Stranglehold. In the next chapter we want to discuss what we, the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR, can do to break out of this dilemma.