The Black Death. During the middle ages, Europe was swept again and again by the ravages of the Black Plague, also known as the Black Death. Some of these epidemics were so devastating in their toll, that one of these, during 1348-50, killed half the population of Europe.

With the advance of science and the discovery of germs, bacteria and viruses, the White Man has learned to conquer within easily manageable limits the formerly devastating ravages of communicable diseases, including the Black Plague.

There is, however, another manifestation of Black Plague today the White Race has not learned to control or conquer, and it is destroying us more surely and more completely than the Black Death of the Middle Ages ever did. The epidemics of the middle ages at least had several constructive and compensatory side effects: (a) it kept down the population explosion (b) it culled out the weaker and lesser elements of the population. Those who survived thereby improved the genetic quality of the total gene pool, and (c) it also developed a higher resistance to the disease itself among its survivors.

Meanwhile, today — Black Rot. The present-day scourge in the form of the Black Plague in the midst of the White Race has no such beneficial compensations. Today’s Black Plague is spelled niggers. It is more menacing, more deadly and more persistent than the Black Death of the middle ages ever was.Today the niggers in America (also England and elsewhere) are multiplying at an explosive and unprecedented rate. In America the heart of most of the formerly great cities, built by the genius of the White Man, are being taken over by niggers. In Philadelphia, New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, Oakland, Cleveland, Newark, to mention a few, black rot has set in. Our once proud capital, Washington D.C., has now deteriorated to the point where it is nearly totally black. It has turned into a dangerous, crime-infested black jungle, in which the black animals prowl and prey. Crime is rampant and unchecked, and the once White inhabitants who built the city have long since fled to the outlying suburbs. Even the Congressmen who must commute to the center of government, do so at a dire risk to life and limb.

Niggerization of Our Cities. City after city now has a black mayor, and each time such is elected, the Jewish press crows in jubilation and loudly applauds the “historic” event. What the Jews are really applauding is the breakdown and dissolution of the White Race. The Jews, who are not White, but Semitic and yellow Asiatics, hate the White Race with a pathological passion as they did the Romans of 2,000 years ago, and their most fervent goal is the mongrelization and destruction of the White Race.

* * * * *

Niggers are niggers. We use the term “nigger” deliberately in this book and recommend its usage in general conversation and writings by the members of our church. As we have stated in a previous chapter, the second dumbest creature on the face of the earth is one who can’t or won’t recognize its enemies and the dumbest of all is that creature which will actively collaborate with its enemies for the destruction of its own race.

Deadly Enemies. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR recognize the niggers as the foremost amongst our deadly enemies, with the Jews taking top priority. We regard all the colored races as a grave menace to our further existence on this planet whether they be black, yellow or brown. In summation we will use the term “mud races” in contrast to the White Race throughout this book. The whole collection of Chinese, Japanese, Jews, Polynesians, the mongrelized Mexicans, Indians, niggers and whatever, are distinctly non-white and are therefore relegated to that collection known as the mud races of the world. Nature has made them eternally our mortal enemies, whether we now realize it or not. It is the task of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR to make the White Race acutely aware of this fact, and arouse it into action.

* * * * *

Bottom of the Ladder. Among all these races, the black niggers of Africa are undoubtedly at the lowest scale of the ladder dubiously called the human race. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR disclaim any common racial denominator with the niggers, the same as we do regarding monkeys. We regard them as either sub-human, or humanoid, and recognize them as being closer to the animal kingdom than any species of humanity as exemplified by the White Race. We firmly vow to deliberately excrete them from the body of the White Racial Community and to forever prevent any penetration and admixture with our racial body. Any society that fails to excrete its wastes soon dies. To us, niggers are black poison, and we regard the Jewish goal of pumping the black blood of Africa into the veins of White America as the most heinous and dastardly crime ever committed in all of history.

Hostility, Contempt and Derision. One of the first steps in guarding our race from such a catastrophic abomination is to have the correct attitude towards the niggers. Webster’s dictionary defines “nigger” as “a vulgar, offensive term of hostility and contempt for the black man.” Very good. We’ll accept that. That is exactly how we feel about niggers and it describes precisely what the White Man’s proper attitude should be towards these animals. Our attitude towards niggers at all times must be one of hostility, contempt and derision. We must think in terms of: to hell with the niggers, to hell with the Jews.

* * * * *

Utter Savage. As we have said, the black African represents the lowest scale in the human ladder, if he can be included in the human group at all. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR believe he does not deserve the “human” classification and for good reason. Throughout recorded history over the last 6,000 years the African has invented nothing. He has not even so much as invented the wheel, although he had ample opportunity to copy it from the White Egyptians thousands of years ago. He has never learned to weave cloth, although that too he could have learned thousands of years ago from the White Egyptians. He has never domesticated a single animal. His only method of transporting goods has been his hard, burry head as a means of cartage. He has never progressed beyond the common mud-hut as a means of shelter, the construction of which is barely beyond that being built by beavers or muskrats. He has never produced a written language. Practically the only trade he has ever indulged in is the trading of ivory, beads and slaves, in other words, the sale and trading of his own kinsmen.

Niggers And Mongrels. The black African is shiftless, lazy and dumb. He is completely ignorant of the concept of responsibility and is prone to crime and violence. The average pure black African nigger has an I.Q. of about 40 points lower than the average White. This puts his average well below the moron line. The average American nigger, however, is a mongrel, or a mulatto, that most despicable of all the mud races, having assimilated large percentages of White genes. These mongrels have a somewhat higher I.Q. of about 80, thanks to their White genes.This puts these mongrels just on the borderline of the moron classification, with about half of them below and half above, depending on the amount of their White genes.

Prolific and Extremely Dangerous. The nigger has certain qualities however, that make him extremely dangerous to the further survival of the White Race. Whereas other races such as the Indians, have withered and died when overtaken by the White Man’s civilization, the nigger, on the other hand, has not only survived, but like the rat, has prospered and multiplied. He is tough, resilient and although useless in all other aspects, he is prolific in one field of production — that of producing more niggers.

For the above reasons, because the nigger is dumb, subservient and tough, he has been historically well adapted for slave labor under the directions of a superior race. For the same reasons he has been a very useful and extremely dangerous tool in the hands of the perfidious Jew whose age-old goal has been to mongrelize and destroy the White Race. It has been the Jew, for the last several thousand years, going back even to the Egyptian and Roman times, who has been foremost in the slave trade, and has dragged these black animals into the midst of every White civilization in order to mongrelize and destroy the White Race.

Destroyer of White Civilizations. Thus, historically, through mongrelization the nigger has been able to destroy every race and civilization that has been stupid enough to drag him into their midst.

The Jew is utilizing every financial, legal or propaganda means today to mongrelize White America, to pump the black blood of Africa into the veins of White America. The Jew is pushing this program with a vengeance and a fury unparalleled in history, and we might add, with astounding success. Race-mixing in America has become his supreme holy cause.

Must be purged. In the supreme interest for his own survival, the White Man must purge this poisonous element from his racial body and ship the niggers, all niggers, back to Africa.

Before he can do this, the White Man must first gain control of his own government and his own destiny. And before he can do that, the White Man must first of all straighten out his own thinking. This is what CREATIVITY is all about.

* * * * *

Prime Jewish Goal. Since the average White yokel is so completely confused and befuddled about the Jew-nigger relationship to the White Race, let us spell it out clearly. For thousands of years the Jews have waged unrelenting (although covert) warfare against all the goyim peoples of the world. Goy or goyim is their term for all non-Jews, and it is a derogatory term meaning “cattle.” But of all the races their prime target for destruction always has been, and is today, the White Race. Why the White Race? Because the Jew knows the intelligent and tremendously capable White Race might one day wake up, catch on to their treacherous swindle, organize its own awesome power and turn on the Jews, as did the people of Germany under Hitler. This is the eternal nightmare of the Jews, and the sooner they can reduce the White Man to a dumb mulatto, the sooner this danger to the Jews will be overcome.

Mongrelization. This remains the eternal and ultimate ambition of the Jewish race: to mongrelize, pull down the once proud White Race and make them subservient mulatto slaves.

Root Out The Enemy. It is the sacred and unflagging determination of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR to see to it that the Jew never attains his goal. On the contrary, it is our goal and purpose to root out and destroy the Jews and the niggers before they destroy us.

Organize the White Race. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR are determined to organize the awesome power of the White Race and make the world forever secure against the mongrelization and destruction of the White Race.

Niggers the Tool. The dangerous role the niggers play in this triangle is that they are the means by which the Jews plan to destroy the White Race. Since the Jew is a parasite, he does not want to completely eradicate the productive White Race and thereby destroy his goose that keeps laying the golden eggs. He wants to proliferate the niggers amongst the White Race, to promote race-mixing, intermarriage and finally the mongrelization of the White Race into a brown mulatto, dumb and subservient, but more capable and productive than the black African nigger. That way the Jew will still have the best of both races — dumb subservience and productivity for his own ends.

* * * * *

The Equality Swindle. There is no document in American history that has been of more help to the Jews in pulling off this diabolical piece of chicanery of race-mixing than the Constitution of the United States itself.

When the “Founding Fathers” wrote the Declaration of Independence they inserted in it a blatant lie, an error that has lived to plague us to this very day. Influenced by the Jewish propaganda of “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” from France, where the Jews were brewing a revolution, they wanted to insert in this historic document some blood-stirring cry of freedom. In a burst of generosity that was exceeded perhaps only by stupidity, they magnanimously inserted into the Declaration that much heralded phrase, “All men are created equal,” a lie in the face of history and Nature. Upon this ambiguous and deceptive fallacy the Jews have built a whole monumental network of lies for the mongrelization of the White Race.

Didn’t believe it themselves. We can be sure that the “Founding Fathers” themselves did not believe it. Nor did they in their wildest dreams intend that the equality pronouncement should include the black niggers as being equal to themselves or the White Race. They themselves owned hundreds of slaves and bought, sold and traded them as chattel. How could they possibly mean that they were equal to the White Race and to themselves?

Constitution considered niggers as chattel. Later, when the “Founding Fathers” wrote the Constitution (a group only partly identical to the writers of the Declaration) they did not regard the nigger as equal but still only as chattel, similar to cattle, land, machinery, etc. They did not give the niggers their “liberty,” nor did they give the niggers a vote, nor citizenship, nor any participation in government whatsoever. Is that regarding them equal? Hell, no. Equality with the niggers to them was an outrageous abomination, not a goal to be pursued. The best they did for the niggers in the framework of the Constitution was to give the White owners an additional voting “value” of three-fifths of the head count of niggers they owned in determining the number of Congressmen to be allotted to each state. That is all. No vote. No civil rights to the niggers themselves.

Endless Race-Mixing Propaganda. Today, two centuries later, we hear that same lie “all men are created equal” dinned into our ears in one form or another over and over again, on television, on radio, in newspapers, magazines, and every other means of the Jewish communication media. Of the billions of dollars spent on advertising each year, almost every ad we see on TV and elsewhere, the impact of the ad is so slanted that it does more in the effort to sell race-mixing than for the product advertised. Almost every ad we see on TV and elsewhere shows happily integrated blacks and Whites, with a little black nigger usually taking front center stage in the picture. Being hammered into our brains day and night, the young people especially are beginning to believe the outrage that race-mixing is the right and natural thing to do.

Pulling us down. The young people, being more impressionable and more easily deceived, are of course the prime target of the Jews. It is the young White people they want to pervert into marrying niggers. They want to drag us down to somewhere near the shameful level of the jungle dwelling cannibals themselves. While the Jew knows exactly what he is doing, the gullible White yokel doesn’t even have a faint suspicion.

Jews Supreme Racists. Whereas all this race-mixing propaganda is aimed at the Whites and the stupid niggers, the Jews push a completely opposite line to their own people. The Jews being yellow Semites, being racially aware and fanatically loyal to their own, preach racial aloofness to their own people. Through their synagogues, through their own Jewish press, through the thousands of exclusively Jewish organizations they warn strongly against inter-racial marriages, against inter-faith marriages, and not only with niggers but they also preach against inter-marriage with White gentiles.

No Race-Mixing for Jews. In short, the Jew, while viciously promoting the bastardization of the White Race, fervidly guards his own against it. In Israel anyone not born of a Jewish mother is a goy, a non-Jew, an outsider, and can’t be married or buried in Israel, nor can they become a citizen or enjoy any of the other civil rights of a born Jew. Racial solidarity is the order of the day, whether a Jew lives in Israel or anywhere else in the world.

Racial Awareness. We, too, must learn again those prime instincts for survival Nature has planted in our genes — racial awareness, racial loyalty, racial purity, racial solidarity. This is the Program of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR.

* * * * *

Getting Back to Sanity.As I have stated repeatedly, the White Man’s problem is not overcoming the black man, or even the perfidious Jew. The main problem is to straighten out the White Man’s own thinking and get him back to sanity. Once we have accomplished that much, the rest of the battle will be child’s play. Once we have restored the White Man’s sanity to where his natural instincts will again be performing in accordance with Nature’s laws, the battle will be as good as won. Ten million copies of this book and of Nature’s Eternal Religion placed in the hands of our White Racial Comrades would see us far along the road towards achieving this goal.

Awesome Power of Solidarity. The White Man, brought back to sanity, and freed from the clutches of Jewish propaganda, is the most powerful force on the face of the earth. In fact, the White Man, united and organized, is ten times more powerful than all the rest of the mud “humanity” put together.

It is the objective of this book to bring about this situation.

* * * * *

Lessons of History Clear. As we have learned, or should have learned, from past history, the very presence of niggers or any other mud race, in the midst of a White population leads to mongrelization and bastardization. It leads to the destruction of our race and also our civilization. This was proven in the history of Egypt, of India, of the Spaniards in Mexico and South America, and it is happening before our very eyes here in America. I have pointed this out at length in the early chapters of NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION, and need hardly repeat it here.

The Obvious Solution is to ship the niggers out — excrete them from our racial body — ship them back to Africa.

This solution is so imperative, so obvious and so sane that practically nobody argues against it — except, they say, it is impossible, we can’t do it.

To which we say, nonsense — it is no problem at all. The only roadblocks that exist are the artificial roadblocks put in the minds of our White Racial Comrades by Jewish propaganda.

The Plain Fact is We Must Ship the Niggers back to Africa, the sooner the better, if we are to survive. And we damn well mean to survive. So let us analyze the problem.

Fallacious Counter Arguments. The arguments against it by our befuddled White yokels are usually twofold, and one argument actually contradicts the other.

  1. We can’t possibly afford it.
  2. Yes, it would be a good thing, but you will never get the American people to do it.

Answers. In answering the first argument, the economics are so obviously in favor of shipping the niggers back to Africa, that there is hardly even a case for argument. Reputedly, if we can believe the government’s statistics, there are approximately 35 million niggers in the United States. (Actually there are many more, but this does not materially change the problem.) If we spent a thousand dollars apiece and shipped them back in style, this would cost only 35 billion dollars. This is a drop in the bucket when we consider that our yearly budget is more than twenty times that much and climbing astronomically each year, in large part because of the nigger problem itself.

No Economic Problem. The benefits from this historic move would be immediate and monumental.

  1. (a)This would be a one-time expense.
  2. (b)We would recoup this 35 billion in a few months by saving the welfare checks we would no longer be paying to the shiftless niggers.
  3. (c)The money we would save by the drastic reduction in crime itself would repay this cost in less than a year.
  4. (d)There would be tremendous savings in subsidized housing, forced busing, in aid to dependent children and a thousand other government programs now being squandered on the freeloading niggers.
  5. (e)Most important of all, we would save the White Race from mongrelization, save our civilization and save the White Race from genocide. This we must do even if the costs were a thousand times greater than they actually are.

This program would mark a triumphant rebirth of the White Race. The costs, as we have shown, would be recouped in a few months. The benefits would go on year after year, forever. What a happy day that will be! In any case, in a matter such as this, we must have no thoughts about the price. We must do whatever it takes. It is a bargain at any price.

No Physical Problem. Now as to the physical problem of transporting them, this too would be no problem for the ingenious and capable White Race. We could use 747 type planes, cargo planes, Liberty ships as in W.W. II, a number of which are still around and idle, and dozens of other ships.

We can and we must. Now we come to argument Number 2, that you can’t get the American people to do it. This, too, is a fallacious Jewish argument, implanted and promoted by the Jews, and it, too, can be overcome.

 In the first place, as we have repeatedly pointed out, it is a Matter of Survival for the White Race. It must be done if we want to survive, and we mean to survive at all costs. The White Race wants to survive. Nature tells us this is our highest right. We are damn well determined to exercise that right and nobody, but nobody, is going to stand in our way.

Morally a Holy Cause. But, say the idiotic bleeding hearts amongst us, it is immoral. No, my friend, it is not. According to our religion it is not only moral, it is a holy cause, a sacred responsibility.

Looking at it from a historic and moral point of view, let us just examine some ancient and recent history.

  1. (a)Throughout history (and even prehistoric times) land and territory has always belonged to those people that were strong enough to conquer it and hold it. This is the basic law of history and of Nature, and always will be.
  2. (b)The Jews themselves drove one and a half million Arabs from their homelands in Palestine, and drove them out into a dry, hot, barren desert to starve, or die of thirst. This was Arab homeland that their ancestors had lived on for 2000 years. We, the United States, helped the Jews do it and cheered them on with our aid when this atrocity was committed. Where were all the goddamned bleeding hearts then?
  3. (c)Taking the Jewish-Christian bible at face value, we find in the Old Testament the Jews drove the Philistines, the Hittites, the Canaanites, from out of Palestine and took over their land, and God goaded them on to do so. So God morally condones such conduct.
  4. (d)We Americans had no great moral compunctions about going to war and killing millions of Germans, although over 30% of the American population itself is of German descent, and the Germans are our own racial kinsmen. We bombed the German cities into rubble and killed as many as 50,000 men, women and children in one night’s raid on Hamburg; repeatedly fire-bombed the beautiful city of Dresden and incinerated 300,000 men, women and children in two days. This we had the gall and stupidity to do in spite of the fact the Germans are our White Racial brothers, constitute a large and constructive part of the American population and never were a threat to our existence, as in fact are the Jews and the niggers.
  5. (e)Nor do we seem to feel any pangs of conscience about the fourteen million Germans as they were driven from their native soil in Prussia and east Germany as the Jewish-communists committed murder, genocide and mass rape on the defenseless victims.
  6. Our hearts did not bleed as the White Belgians were betrayed by their own government and driven out of the Congo by the black beasts. Although we knew of the rape, pillage and murder that was going on, we nary shed a tear nor lifted a finger to help our White Racial Comrades.
  7. (g)With the conniving of the treacherous Jews, the Whites of Rhodesia and South Africa are being set up for genocide, the same fate as befell the Whites of the Belgian Congo, Angola and other areas, once colonized by our White brethren.

 This atrocity is being pulled off with the explicit help and complicity of the United States government. Is anybody getting excited, or shedding a tear for the genocide of the White Race in Rhodesia or South Africa?

Why bleed for the niggers? So why should we be all tears, blubber and bleeding heart for the shiftless niggers in America being sent back to their homeland?

But, ah, say the bleeding hearts, Africa belongs to the Africans, and the White Man is trespassing there. All right, if that is so, then America belongs to the Whites. Let’s use the same standards and get the niggers the hell out of here.


In conclusion let us summarize that:

  1. It is imperative that the niggers be shipped out of America back to Africa.
  2. There is no economic problem. It would be the greatest boon and the best economic investment this country ever made.
  3. Not only can we afford it, we can’t afford not to.
  4. There is no moral problem. We morally owe it to ourselves, to our children and to our future progeny.
  5. There are all kinds of historic precedents for moving people, both recent and ancient. If we could ship the niggers from Africa to America two hundred years ago, we can reverse the process today.
  6. There is no physical problem of transportation.
  7. The only real problem is purely in the minds of the White people. This we mean to correct by our creed and religion.

* * * * *

Our Position. Let us sum up and make our position abundantly clear.

1. The Jews have pursued a conspiracy for the mongrelization and enslavement of the White Race for thousands of years.

2. They are pursuing it today with renewed virulence, and ominously, with rapidly increasing success.

3. The nigger is the vital means of bastardizing the White Race.

4. The Jews are therefore madly pushing a program of upgrading the niggers and pulling down the Whites; multiplying and proliferating their numbers; promoting inter-racial marriages between niggers and Whites.

5. In order to implement this program the Jews need the help of deluded and/or traitorous Whites. (These traitors are called Chabez-goiby the Jews.)

To counteract this terrible catastrophe from happening, it is the program of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR:

1. To first of all straighten out the White Man’s thinking and bring him back to sanity.

2. This we mean to do by organizing the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR on a worldwide basis and placing this book, the WHITE MAN’S BIBLE, in the hands of tens of millions of our White Racial Comrades.

3. We mean to organize the awesome potential of the White Race for its own survival and its own benefits.  United and organized the White Race will be ten times more powerful than all Jews and mud races combined.

4. As soon as we, the White Race, again regain control of our destiny and our government we plan to ship the nigger post-haste back to Africa.

5. We mean to drive the Jews from power and render them harmless so that never again can they or anyone else threaten the survival and security of the White Race.

6. We mean to hang the traitors of our own race that give aid and comfort to the enemy.

Let History Teach Us. In the next chapter we want to further learn from history itself. We want to see what happened in that once beautiful gem of the Caribbean, once the “crown jewel” of the French Empire, San Domingo. We want to see what happens when the niggers multiply into an overwhelming majority, revolt, run amuck and murder the White builders of civilization. We can see for ourselves a seething example of what happens when they have “won their freedom” and set up a nigger Republic. Today Haiti is the poorest, filthiest and most tyranny-ridden republic in the Western Hemisphere. Today boatloads of filthy poverty-ridden Haitians are landing on the shores of Florida, bringing with them leprosy, syphilis and other diseases.