Your fear of the Jews is highly paranoid

In the eleventh Chapter (Part 1) of NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION, I have written about the story of Esther as taken from the OLD TESTAMENT of the Jewish Bible. One of the most significant lessons that emerges from this analysis is the quotation of “And the fear of the Jews lay upon the land.” I observe that whether the story of Esther ever did or did not happen (I contend that it is fabricated, as is mostly everything else in the Jewish bible), that the fear of the Jews, nevertheless, is very real. Not only may it have been very real in ancient Persia, but it is even more so today than it has ever been. 

It has served as a very useful ploy for the Jews in every country they have taken over, or plan on taking over. The process is called paralysis by intimidation. If you can scare a whole population into non-resistance, then a small minority can take over and destroy a much larger majority. This larger majority, if it had the guts and intelligence, would easily tear their tormentors to pieces. 

It is similar to a circus ringmaster in a cage with say, 13 Bengal tigers. As he cracks the whip each tiger does his trained act and submissively jumps back on his proper stool when through. Although the individual tigers resent their domination by the ringmaster and may snarl and pointlessly paw the air a bit, they submissively obey their ringmaster. 

Now if these 13 tigers had the brains and the guts they would not need to be the nice submissive little pussycats every time the ringmaster cracks the whip. If they got their act together, they could easily, very easily, pounce upon the ringmaster simultaneously and tear him to pieces. 

The Jews are master-mind manipulators. They are the notorious master-sneaks of all time. 

They prey upon the foibles, weaknesses, fears and superstitions of the human mind. Unfortunately, the White Race has given them plenty of fertile soil to work with, and the Jew is having a field day. 

The one fear, as I have already mentioned, that has been especially crucial is the unreasonable, and I contend, highly overrated, FEAR OF THE JEWS. It is this strange and stupid paranoia that has perhaps done more, and is doing so today, than any other, to soften up the White Race for Jewish takeover and enslavement. 

Walk into any businessman’s office, or doctor’s office, or lawyer’s office (especially the lawyers) and mention the subject of Jews. Immediately they will freeze. Usually an ashen hue will spread over their face. They will squirm and look over their shoulder. Usually they are scared spitless. 

Why is this so? After all, we, the White Race, outnumber these Jewish parasites by a ratio of 30 to 1, fairly formidable odds, to say the least. Like the tigers in the cage — if we got our act together we could tear the Jews to pieces and get them off our backs, once and for all. 

Not that the Jews aren’t powerful. They are. They are well organized, they are vicious and they are powerful. But the point I want to emphasize is this — they are dangerous only because we have let them — because we have been too easily intimidated and are beset with fears, phobias and hangups that are out of all proportion to reality. 

Mankind and the White Race is plagued with a whole set of phobias other than fear of the Jews, to be sure — claustrophobia, fear of heights, fear of ghosts, and dozens more. To show how ridiculous most of these are let me relate a story of a woman who for 30 years was a victim of what is termed as agoraphobia. She had a compulsive fear of being outside her own home. This is a real and true story, and as recent as 1982. 

This woman, whom we will call May Klein, was at a certain stage of her life suddenly terrified of going outside of her own home. For 30 lonely terrified years she shut herself away in her two room apartment, scared to death of setting foot in the outside world. For 30 years, by her own admission, she locked herself up like a mindless zombie in a couple of rooms and whimpered in terror, the victim of an imaginary fear — a fear that was not real. 

How did she get into such straights? Thirty years ago when she was in a beauty shop sitting under a hair dryer she says that suddenly panic took over her whole body. She jumped up, threw some money on the counter and ran back home, with the pins still sticking in her wet hair. When she got home she threw herself on her bed, and cried her eyes out. Finally her panic subsided. 

For three months after that she had no problems. Then it happened again in a grocery store. She dropped her groceries and fled home. Over the next two years the attacks became more frequent, finally they were daily. In June of 1950, May disappeared into her two room apartment and there she stayed. Her father sent her money and her friends ran errands for her. This went on for 30 miserable years. Living all this time she did absolutely nothing — living like a terrified Rip Van Winkle, a prisoner of her own mind. 

By this time she was 65 years old, having wasted the most productive and creative years of her life in utter misery and isolation. It was a punishment that was self-imposed and totally based on a stupid and imaginary fear. 

The White Race could, and should, learn a serious lesson from the forgoing. And that lesson is that many of our own problems are self- imposed. Many of our fears are imaginary and perhaps we find ourselves in the mess that we are in because of our own confused and screwed-up thinking. 

It is my conclusion that this indeed is the crux of our manifold problems. Both in The WHITE MAN’S BIBLE and in NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION I have said it time and time again that our first and foremost task is to straighten out the White Man’s confused thinking. The problem of the Jews, the pollution of the world by niggers and mud people, would be solved in short order once we have straightened out the confused and irrational mental aberrations of the White Race. Among the foremost of these aberrations is the fear of the (non-existent) spooks in the skies, our inability to recognize our own worth, our idiotic proclivity to subsidize all the scum of the world, and a hundred other stupid and unreasonable positions to which we are prone. Not the least of these is our unwarranted and unreasonable fear of that miserable parasite on the back of mankind — the perfidious Jew. 

So we say — White man come out of the closet! FEAR THE JEW NO LONGER. After all, we outnumber them 30 to 1, pretty formidable odds. Furthermore, we are better fighters than they are. We are productive, creative and self-sufficient, whereas they are miserable parasites, dependent on a productive White Race. They need us to live, whereas we would be a thousand times better off as soon as we get them off our back. 

So let’s get them off of our back, post-haste. Come out of the closet and take a racial stand — for the White Race and against the Jews. Like the tigers in the cage, if we will only get our act together, we can tear the Jews to pieces and get them forever off of our back. 

The Church of the Creator has laid out the blueprint and is leading the way. We need your unflagging support, dedication and financial help. We must get out those first 10 million WHITE MAN’S BIBLES into the hands of our White Racial Comrades. Once we have done that much we can consider that we have broken the back of the Jewish power establishment and are well on our way toward grasping the control of the destiny of our own race back into our strong and steady hands. 

Do your part! Distribute this paper and our WHITE MAN’S BIBLES as if your life depended on it. IT DOES!

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Remember the Alamo! Never forget that when the mud races get in control they will slaughter the White Race as did the Mexicans at the Alamo, and as did the niggers in San Domingo forty years earlier.

* * * * *

Ask yourself this basic question: Is it morally justified to deceive yourself (and/or others) into a fool’s paradise if you think it will make you (and/or others) happy?

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